Đồng nghĩa của snared

Alternative for snared

snares, snared, snaring

Đồng nghĩa: catch, hook, trap,

Động từ

To have taken control of with one's hands
took grabbed held clenched grasped gripped clasped snatched wrested caught nabbed seized snagged caught hold of clung to clutched got hold of grabbed hold of held on to took hold of secured bagged acted upon nailed pounced on jumped at seized on leaped about taken capitalized on snapped up acted on took advantage of maximized maximised gotten hold of put to advantage put to use captured taken advantage of grabbed at grasped with both hands apprehended used exploited ensnared made the most of pursued detained trapped arrested abducted utilized kidnaped collared kidnapped appropriated entrapped accepted milked built on taken up derived benefit from played on gained from followed up on carried off turned to account laid hold of profited from cashed in on jumped on utilised took up profited by took captive took into custody grabbed with both hands welcomed with open arms snapped something up took action on accepted eagerly took prisoner took hostage seized hold of taken hold of benefitted from took possession of swooped down on swooped on holden taken action on taken into custody taken captive gone for went for gone for enthusiastically went for enthusiastically showed enthusiasm for shown enthusiasm for taken possession of taken hostage taken prisoner availed oneself of conquered took control of annexed clinched squeezed grappled laid hands on embraced hung on to prest pressed caught at enfolded enclasped plucked pluckt enveloped hooked latched on to snatched at hugged strained crushed reached for enclosed received fastened put the snare on held tightly kept close grasped hold of held close bought eagerly bought quickly cuddled clamped beared clawed at owned possessed carried folded latched had clung clinged got intercepted commanded wrapped wrapt embosomed laid acquired gloved griped constricted contracted took a grip of leaped fastened on leapt tightened stayed near had in hand cherished glommed made a grab for taken a grip of handled compressed fastened round held tight folded in arms hung onto glommed onto grabbed tightly followed the course of clutched at jumped cradled wrung harbored bit loved welcomed held fast scrunched doubled up nestled come into possession of harboured picked followed closely locked wielded got a purchase cleaved accolled colled held onto hung on clapped a hand on palmed adhered bore borne own gotten gat bitten drew together drawn together came into possession of lay close took in arms taken in arms lain close locken grope gripen gotten your hands on got your hands on wringed wrang

Động từ

To have instigated the curiosity or attention of someone
interested attracted appealed to drew engrossed excited fascinated intrigued tempted captivated entertained enthralled lured tantalized titillated affected amused aroused concerned distracted engaged gripped hooked involved perked up pleased pulled touched mattered to mesmerised mesmerized moved riveted rivetted tantalised turned on beguiled bemused caught one's eye diverted enchanted grabbed immersed piqued absorbed absorpt aroused one's curiosity bewitched captured one's imagination engaged one's attention floated someone's boat held held one's attention lit someone's fire occupied preoccupied sat up tickled someone's fancy whetted one's appetite arrested busied enwrapped held your attention caught your eye drawn aroused curiosity holden charmed allured enticed magnetized spellbound magnetised seduced hypnotized entranced wiled hypnotised enraptured won over swept off feet killed transfixed caught witched won persuaded invited delighted captured caught up wooed bedazzled put under a spell coaxed stimulated dazzled overwhelmed inveigled cajoled enamoured monopolized enamored courted wowed held spellbound caught the eye of held in awe monopolised impressed astounded ravished gained seized stupefied influenced ensnared solaced induced infatuated beckoned enslaved gratified pulled in sucked in brought in tickled gladdened slayed held the attention of satisfied whetted the appetite of appealed amazed bowled over knocked out cheered decoyed stunned obsessed fixed fixt disported engulfed led on baited betrayed solicited stirred fixated inclined regaled filled transported endeared carried away inspired humoured subjugated set at ease thrilled turned one's head rooted to the spot tickled pink come on hit on bid put off guard steered tied up subdued caught hold of roused humored knocked dead taken slain kept slew maintained took bound bewildered mollified called appeased awed astonished converted placated misled petrified paralysed conciliated overcome struck pacified propitiated overawed sweetened dumbfounded deluded compelled gentled assuaged floored enveloped tricked staggered besotted befooled stroked confused gorgonized halted immobilized recreated prompted led leaded disarmed worked up caught someone's eye made an impression on introduced made merry soaked drawn attention become lost stopped in your tracks overpowered obtained cherished assimilated vamped grabbed the attention of riveted the attention of kindled stopped someone in their tracks brought around dragged stirred up paralyzed showed inspirited demanded exerted influence on soft-soaped got wheedled picked up tossed a party roped in blandished made a fool of enthused secured had a get-together hogged trained applied drew attention cracked up summoned nurtured sweet-talked blinded tickle to death refreshed enlivened made someone's mouth water comforted stopped dead come on to tickled your fancy kept busy palsied ecstasized called forth immobilised prized fractured convinced cornered brought forth held on to fired interested greatly exerted a pull on signed urged animated elated indulged treated to provoked elicited indicated partied dazed asked won the affection of came on unarmed made a hit with commanded swept someone off their feet swept you off your feet drug employed blarneyed upped on subjected laughed it up kept alive flattered into sent treasured smooth-talked consumed initiated roped relaxed rooted entrapped tickled the fancy of aroused the curiosity of kept up valued intoxicated bounden overcame stricken besotten frozen froze argued into bade gotten gat given pleasure to gave pleasure to drawn in drew in came on to tickled to death gave the come-on to given the come-on to gave a party given a party became lost taken up sewed up took up sewn up attracted attention got started shown gotten started taken somebody's breath away took somebody's breath away blew away blown away

Động từ

Past tense for to catch or get hold of
caught seized bagged captured entrapped landed netted trapped ensnared hooked collared copped corralled enmeshed ensnarled entangled entoiled got gat gotten glommed grabbed grappled immeshed meshed nabbed nailed nobbled rapped snagged snatched tangled springed sprent wired arrested decoyed snapped up pulled in rounded up caught up got hold of gotten hold of got your hands on gotten your hands on secured gained grasped won taken took achieved acquired laid hands on laid hold of trammeled trammelled attained lift gripped snarled wrested embroiled clutched obtained earned yanked apprehended involved lassoed reapt reaped scored detained brought in picked up pulled down procured plucked pluckt appropriated ambushed abducted pinched wrenched nicked lifted prehended garnered implicated took hold of taken hold of grabbed hold of clinched annexed bound mixed up reeled in seized hold of carried off set back clasped clenched held gotten one's fingers on got one's fingers on swiped pulled lured deceived seduced enticed tricked allured beguiled jagged fettered snapt enchained snapped intertwined accomplished drawn drew received commandeered extricated prised kidnapped kidnaped inveigled treed cornered led on betrapped benetted realized busted waylayed ambuscaded run to ground waylaid got a hold of gotten a hold of beached took captive taken captive taken into custody took into custody grabbed away swung had sucked in roped in laid for boxed in embrangled broiled gone for went for scooped amassed blagged realised picked off caught hold of took a grip of taken a grip of setted a trap for clapped hands on clapp hands on run to earth taken by force took by force clutched at came by bounden bogged down hauled in laid a trap for stretched for pounced on hung up come to have clung knocked down clinged sticked come into stuck mired floundered tangled up felt someone's collar holden ran to ground took in taken in swang swungen ran to earth taken prisoner took prisoner took possession taken possession went after gone after came to have came into taken hostage took hostage caught at clung to latched on to hung on to collected hijacked grasped hold of put the snare on tugged jerked tweaked twitched squeezed brought gathered skyjacked prest pressed pulled at expropriated laid fastened round possessed oneself of carried griped tugged at snatched at intercepted gloved confiscated taken possession of took possession of picked embraced fastened on carjacked borrowed shanghaied cherished harboured fastened harbored clapped a hand on gained possession of come into possession of glommed onto reached for gathered up hung on held tightly held to ransom taken receipt of took receipt of grope gripen taken over took over came into possession of stole stolen

Động từ

Past tense for to steal, especially in small quantities, or articles of small value

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