Đồng nghĩa của implicated

Alternative for implicated

implicates, implicated, implicating

Đồng nghĩa: entail,

Động từ

Past tense for to connect or involve in an unfavorable or criminal way with something

Động từ

Past tense for to interweave or cross one with another
intertwined interwove interweaved interwoven interlaced twisted entwined weaved wove woven intertwisted laced inwove inweaved inwoven wreathed plied enlaced writhed wrothe writhen knit braided plaited twined entangled knitted tangled linked browden interlinked winded wound knotted snarled meshed coiled criss-crossed intermingled connected interknitted interwound raveled ravelled interconnected mixt mixed pleached interwreathed interlocked crisscrossed interleaved twisted together worked incorporated wrought joined surrounded blended convoluted embraced united merged blent introduced crossed matted interworked encircled included fused twirled looped spliced entwisted winded round twisted round reticulated wrapped round integrated coiled round married gyrated curled wrapped wrapt spiralled spiraled platted threaded intermeshed enmeshed networked intervolved winded together twined together weaved together corkscrewed meandered snaked zigzagged curved alternated twisted and turned interplaited thridden thrid immeshed ensnarled bound tied yoked netted coupled fastened combined interspersed associated ensnared intermixed pleated mingled engaged jumbled bounden hooked intertangled fit together mated entoiled joined together lashed disheveled dishevelled tied up folded made a bow in made a knot in tied a knot in grafted intersected met dovetailed enchained cohered hitched trapped interdigitated muddled kinked secured darned snared complected cued bound together scrambled tethered entrapped tousled jammed homogenized melded amalgamated interfused unified fixed together synthesized consolidated commingled commixed admixed coalesced tied together tatted corded padded embroiled homogenised synthesised conjugated bended bent involved make fasted clenched laced up done up did up scrolled twilled lapped made a hitch convolved made a knot creased knitted together felt curled around felted made a bow sinuated snarled up rotated made serpentine caught up mixed up turned wrapped around fluted tressed tangled up tucked locked spired locken

Động từ

Past tense for to accuse or bring criminal charges against
incriminated accused blamed indicted involved inculpated charged criminated defamed denounced entrapped framed impeached alleged arraigned attacked attributed branded cited convicted fingered named pointed the finger at prosecuted stigmatised stigmatized grassed on informed against set up blackened the name of brought charges fitted up gave away given away held accountable pinned on ratted on served summons pinned the blame on pointed the finger sticked the blame on dropped somebody in it laid the blame on put on trial for imputed hung something on betrayed faulted recriminated sued censured arraigned for indicted for prosecuted for impeached for recriminated for laid charges against filed charges against made accusations about preferred charges against taxed with incriminated for pointed finger at let have it brought to trial for lodged complaint laid blame on exposed summonsed reported charged with pegged taxed denunciated slurred apprehended libeled slandered arrested complained summoned reproached libelled pointed a finger at censured with informed on implicated in imputed blame to held answerable for laid at door stuck on dobbed in held accountable for condemned for held responsible for blamed for attributed liability to tried for laid the blame on someone for filed claim dragged into court took to court for taken to court for assigned guilt to accused of did done blown the whistle blew the whistle blown the whistle on whistle-blew blew the whistle on whistle-blown attributed to served with a summons called subpoenaed faced with charges ordered served with a writ commanded

Động từ

Past tense for to be relevant or important to
concerned involved affected applied to impacted on pertained to born on interested had to do with impacted dealt with had a bearing on included related to embroiled encompassed enmeshed entailed entangled had an impact on touched had relevance for had something to do with touched on addressed addrest referenced covered regarded referred to connected with bore upon born upon borne upon pertained occasioned related treated belonged applied appertained canvased referred had reference to appertained to concerned itself with had relevance to contended with looked into corresponded with pointed at had a relation to delved into had a reference to had a connection to pointed to taken in took in belonged to went into went over gone into gone over beared fit connected discussed examined scrutinized told of reviewed analysed reported on analyzed studied explored documented detailed talked about bore borne tackled deliberated on investigated provided details of probed recounted expounded on alluded fitted suited touched upon sifted through inquired about scrutinised embodied talked through debated conferred on described informed of comprised of dug into commented on explained depicted brought up joined befitted associated combined vested corresponded to inhered with connected to centered upon had an effect on given details of gave details of gave a rundown of gave details on gave the facts on given a rundown of looked at given details on gave an account of given the facts on given an account of took on taken on spoke about spoken about

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implicated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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