Đồng nghĩa của complicated

Alternative for complicated

complicates, complicated, complicating

Đồng nghĩa: complex, confound, confuse, involve, mix up,

Trái nghĩa: simplify,


Difficult to understand or deal with
complex involved elaborate intricate convoluted labyrinthine knotty tangled detailed perplexing puzzling thorny cumbersome difficult impenetrable involute sophisticated tortuous tricky abstruse baffling baroque bewildering byzantine confused confusing cryptic daedal fancy fiddly labyrinthian arduous hard inscrutable involuted obscure problematic problematical serpentine tough troublesome undecipherable unfathomable dense enigmatic entangled interlaced jumbled knotted mixed recondite Byzantine hi-tech Daedalian difficult to understand full of twists and turns Gordian Daedalean complicate delicate awkward incomprehensible ticklish mysterious mystifying sticky sensitive deep spiny prickly hairy profound touchy esoteric catchy tricksy inexplicable dodgy taxing confounding arcane opaque unaccountable controversial multifaceted nasty unclear beyond one ambiguous wildering hidden abstract worrying heavy challenging occult paradoxical subtle advanced mazy inextricable trying multifarious dark chaotic formidable dicey hard to understand uncertain mixed up precarious vexed mystic mind-bending befuddling mystical Delphic gnarly devious disconcerting cabalistic messy secret muddled circuitous winding serious concealed risky irksome demanding bothersome cabbalistic vexatious ornate meticulous hermetic hermetical surprising concerning ravelled fathomless critical painstaking emotive raveled extensive nettlesome volatile over one's head little known beyond comprehension enigmatical thorough manifold mixed-up compound ramified particular misleading labored refined insoluble unintelligible maze-like intense strenuous unanswerable rarefied drawn-out minute heterogeneous variegated many-faceted embarrassing dainty nice long-drawn-out laboured disorienting exact high-tech upsetting uncanny nuanced acroamatic orphic impossible dangerous unstable unpredictable uncomfortable insolvable careful precise rocky pedantic sibylline secretive hazy bamboozling oracular recherché unsolvable fine clear as mud above one's head out of one's depth long-winded plotty layered scrambled inordinate weird strange unintuitive private state-of-the-art perplexed amazing mazelike searching penetrating radical peculiar odd funny intertwined interwoven loaded vague stunning astonishing eye-popping staggering inner uphill terrible reticular effortful weighty murky unpleasant labyrinthial labyrinthical labyrinthiform labyrinthic labyrinthal bemusing frustrating new clever gimmicky hypermetric pluridimensional contradictory inconsistent daunting harassing ungraspable stupefying astounding magical miscellaneous multiplex mosaic multiple multiform conglomerate motley composite compounded mingled indivisible inseparable tender contentious severe drastic disarranged disorganized muddling impossible to understand indiscernible fiendish roundabout indirect like herding cats provocative untold operose problem heated complete sweeping extreme revolutionary incognizable indecipherable sphinxlike unknowable oblique kid-glove Greek to me sinuous twisted varied disordered full of surprises beyond you blurring unsettling echinated briery annoying stimulating pointed elite divisive scandalous veiled kittle rococo inaccessible as clear as mud unsteady clear as dishwater multidimensional muddlesome mistakable major clandestine unstraightforward hard to follow shadowy devilish disorganised capricious temperamental mercurial chancy changeable kaleidoscopic inconstant fickle variable covert shrouded verbose lengthy overlong deceptive irreducible hair-trigger high-level higher-level particularized perverse cunning indissoluble impossible to separate devil of a very devil of a can of worms clouded cloaked full studied finical fussbudgety choosy finicking choosey picky old-maidish exacting pernickety fussy fastidious finicky perfected unrevealed top-level mind-boggling onerous fierce concentrated intensive grievous stormy te intolerable rough oppressive laborious harsh solemn grave nebulous anagogic cloak-and-dagger black circumstantial skilful imposing skillful prodigious gingerbread vexing rambling thought-provoking difficult to follow hard to solve hard to explain beyond one's grasp overdone overworked particularised touch-and-go little-known Alexandrian scholarly academic out-of-the-way blow-by-blow inefficient high tech highly wrought heightened unwieldy wasteful undependable quirky nitpicking persnickety punctilious slow-moving slow badly organized iffy distressing disturbing hazardous perilous worrisome questionable uneasy dubious disagreeable humiliating compromising incommodious unsafe cringeworthy discomfiting cringey painful parlous flustering suspect cringe-making high-risk bitter unsettled inconvenient troubled fraught with danger tight dire bleak forbidding grim unchancy treacherous awful punishing shameful tense debatable demeaning degrading barro unsound unfriendly spartan hostile discomposing discountenancing agitating unnerving equivocal shaky moot scratchy toe-curling excruciating exasperating fraught open to doubt full of problems beset by problems intractable vulnerable discomforting shaming mortifying scary unhealthy wicked jeopardous erratic fluctuant stressful rugged threatening eventful incalculable insecure ignominious lively disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making disputed unpropitious discommodious distracting discommoding dishonoring inopportune troubling rattling unseemly charged bristly barbed debated contested tickly galling torturous briary thistly brambly irritating dolorous bumpy afflicted doubtful embarrassed undecided undetermined unresolved unconcluded itchy confronting distressed afflictive wearisome untimely sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked trouble in contention ongoing at issue in dispute causing discomfort ill-fitting dubitable disputable nervous anxious setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose open to question open to debate hot-button suspicious shady fishy queer doubtable nerve-racking restless creepy disquieting nail-biting distressful nerve-wracking up in the air yet to be decided much debated fractious indecisive open arguable uptight apprehensive emotionally charged up for grabs unhandy clunky cumbrous cranky impractical clumsy bunglesome ungainly ponderous unmanageable burdensome lumbersome a devil hard to use


Involving the use of exaggerated or flowery writing or language
inflated grandiloquent bombastic rhetorical flowery magniloquent pompous pretentious florid oratorical ornate orotund fustian verbose highfalutin turgid grandiose overripe euphuistic purple affected overwrought elaborate aureate wordy extravagant overdone declamatory lofty prolix ostentatious fancy showy fussy ranting ornamented puffed complex decorated detailed involved hyperbolic excessive exalted overestimated rhapsodical high-flown la-di-da big eloquent articulate scholarly formal erudite mouthy effusive overblown silver-tongued high-sounding sonorous rhetoric bombast tumid pedantic magnific windy puffed-up long histrionic learned overwritten baroque busy rococo beautiful embellished elegant adorned gingerbread over-elaborate bedizened gingerbreaded flashy overdecorated gingerbready overelaborate high-wrought flash bedecked wedding-cake resplendent jewelled superficial metaphorical opulent decorative fancily decorated highly wrought tawdry gilded luscious glossy bright jeweled flaunting magnificent glamorous ornamental sparkling splashy gaudy embroidered fine sumptuous dazzling meretricious colored brilliant lavish glitzy rich coloured variegated flamboyant convoluted luxurious pleonastic laboured hyperventilated Ossianic posh plush sophisticated classy labored exaggerated exquisite curlicued high-class strained hifalutin intricate figurative very elaborate deluxe towering extreme devilish stylish swish garnished refined cultivated artistic overstated beautifying snazzy fancy-pants handsome dignified swanky aristocratic grand ritzy select chic stately choice delicate superior redundant diffuse euphemistic swollen impressive bizarre arty garish grotesque undue overdue insane overweening stiff immoderate intolerable inordinate plethoric exorbitant unconscionable overextravagant steep overmuch unmerciful skillful skilful highly decorated gilt gee-whizz with all the extras with all the options with bells and whistles cluttered palatial gorgeous luxury splendid glittering costly attractive graceful contrived crowded pretty tasteful fashionable embellishing elitist snobby swank snotty high-hat upmarket lavishly appointed persnickety toffee-nosed snooty snobbish plushy lush potty expensive over-detailed overworked discerning polished cosmetic adorning enhancing classic modish untidy over-embellished over-ornate mixed-up messy muddled disarranged staged disorderly nonfunctional non-functional urbane courtly smart distinguished palatian Lucullan stuffy spiffy quality cultured lovely dashing aesthetic charming majestic excessively ornate excessively ornamental furbishing dressy patterned festooned garnishing accessory heightening decorating decking for show prime fanciful jazzy special nice suave noble decorous froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy custom chichi dainty rare comely genteel debonair august schmick recherche esthetic stylized high-quality setting off a la mode well-designed well-bred well-dressed over the top OTT


Causing emotion, excitement, and enthusiasm
mind-boggling exciting stimulating stirring thrilling rousing exhilarating electrifying inspiring intoxicating breathtaking galvanising galvanizing charged exhilarative electric galvanic kicky amazing astonishing wonderful overwhelming stunning challenging spectacular startling stupendous baffling complex confusing difficult puzzling staggering surprising mind-blowing heart-stopping hair-raising mind-bending rip-roaring eye-opening moving dramatic invigorating envigorating heady emotional lively eye-popping gripping animating fascinating inspiriting incredible sensational wondrous awesome spirited astounding awe-inspiring spine-tingling inspirational captivating enlivening energizing riveting stem-winding anthemic dynamic energetic energising enthralling magnificent enchanting arousing jaw-dropping striking impressive emotive impassioned animated passionate provocative refreshing emotion-charged soul-stirring shocking provoking motivating stimulative remarkable miraculous marvelous marvellous fabulous out of this world action-packed uplifting vigorous exhilarant sexy powerful thought-provoking exalting enthusiastic hearty explosive encouraging unbelievable knife-edge mind-altering cliffhanging awakening prodigious fantastical wild brilliant fantastic dazzling intense memorable beautiful empyreal unique sensorial amazeballs bewitching heart-stirring glorious galvanical inflammatory agitational brisk heartrending heartbreaking strong imbued suffused fraught laden loaded full saturated pervaded permeated filled potent vitalizing compelling elating hallucinogenic compulsive suspenseful stupefying inconceivable hallucinatory psychedelic nerve-racking edge-of-the-seat adrenaline-charged motivational affecting heartening bracing revitalizing cheering gladdening splendid outstanding eye-catching grand never to be forgotten gee-whizz unforgettable picturesque arresting persuasive impactful ripping adrenaline-fueled boisterous rollicking riotous uproarious vibrant influential triggering instigating inciting meaningful piquing affective poignant touching instigative impelling intriguing interesting sparkling entertaining giddy revitalising quickening animative tonic elevating exhilaratory piquant tense adrenalizing exalté appealing hectic titillating extraordinary giving one food for thought jolting far-out resplendent like a dream come true blissful unimaginable fabled beguiling splendorous heavenly sublime out of the ordinary ethereal special divine unheard-of charming portentous majestic far out tremendous enlightening fairy-tale fairytale-like dream-filled magical volatile buzzy adrenalized power-driven magnetic AC plug-in DC juiced motor-driven absorbing electrical electronic rechargeable battery operated theatrical shaking trembling some blinding theatric awe-striking shivering quaking vibrating shuddering frantic blood-tingling exquisite swinging delightful fab large boss mad zero cool


Being advanced in development
advanced forward progressive modern state-of-the-art avant-garde sophisticated innovative revolutionary higher developed foremost innovatory latest new newest up-to-date ahead complex evolved futuristic groundbreaking intricate leading newfangled pioneering prime recent supreme cutting-edge radical refined trailblazing avant breakthrough elaborate ingenious pre-eminent excellent exceptional extreme flash improved late nifty paramount precocious principal snazzy leading-edge ultra-modern up to date forward-looking forward-thinking highly developed new-fashioned newly discovered recently developed up to the minute up-to-the-minute far ahead far along high-end well ahead well along ahead of the times contemporary modernistic fresh neoteric original inventive ultramodern novel high-tech cutting edge current innovational creative space-age hot high present-day unconventional unfamiliar unorthodox trendsetting disruptive ground-breaking red-hot experimental unusual mod designer unprecedented off-centre fashionable imaginative new age brand-new trendy modish left-field established stylish different go-ahead unique just out in vogue uncommon visionary technologically advanced leading edge originative perfected in au courant ahead of its time way-out modernized hip now offbeat in fashion all the rage never-before-seen settled modernised singular up-and-coming untried updated happening unknown strange hi-tech popular smart modern-day with it latter-day nouvelle enterprising topical a la mode out-of-the-box out of the ordinary mature liberal enlightened seminal future brand new enhanced voguish dynamic complete chic vanguard highly-developed cool lead 21st-century drastic rare head untested surprising exotic atypical involved faddish unaccustomed in-thing clever inspired unheard-of Promethean breaking new ground science fiction industrialized mould-breaking innovating spearheading gimmicky bleeding edge landmark avant garde unwonted alternative artful today matured present nontraditional timely transformational extant in style industrialised immediate quite recent grown variational extensive out of the common resourceful latter high-level with-it deviceful ongoing bohemian eccentric later the latest this season's new-fangled ambitious entrepreneurial inspiring special refreshing far-out twenty-first century distinctive artistic funky peculiar odd present-time self-regulating robotic automatic enthusiastic vigorous vital spirited driven energetic underground beat hot off press à la mode twenty-first-century bang up to date the newest germinal strategic well-thought-out multifaceted formative well-designed well-planned well-built swinging full-grown full-blown full-fledged automated artificially intelligent powerful difficult daring go-getting bold courageous audacious adventurous intrepid rising high-powered natty far cry mistakenly trendy new wave intelligent kicking hot off the fire last-ditch hot off the press kicky sweeping thorough tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' contemporaneous plugged-in major tricky gumptious capable of learning fundamental unhackneyed better upgraded first game-changing world-shattering bettered forefront augmented better-quality revised remodeled ameliorated enriched reformed computerized technological in first place at the front digital headmost multimedia computerised front amended repaired elaborated reorganized corrected renovated mended reorganised remodelled SOTA fixed up bolstered up value-added made better sharp big groovy elegant snappy swish supercool exclusive swank du jour all the go on fleek classy swell in thing existent de rigueur culty popularized popularised dashing schmick chichi instant prevalent favored faddy favoured latest thing last word existing contempo swanky vogue prevailing upscale hep turned-on favorite def crowd-pleasing favourite le dernier cri glamorous attractive high-class high-toned dapper ritzy massive debonair coeval tasteful customary dressy trig downtown live rakish large pop swagger well-liked at this moment in the mainstream a go-go relevant concurrent coincident trim prompt high-fashion understated flattering commenced started sought-after pressing newborn in the news in favour already usual alive living genteel ad hoc in demand fancy of late in duration going on even now in process under consideration de nos jours for the time being actual dap just released in favor well turned-out up abreast showy hottest earthy fab breathing hippest sexy cosmopolitan lively appealing impressive crisp spruce exciting period young concomitant gnarly last-word desired well groomed well dressed down on trend well turned out smartly dressed celebrated bang up-to-date active just issued synchronous surrealistic high-style ultra modern coexistent posh jaunty shiny big thing simultaneous coexisting newsworthy twenty- first century as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox legendary liked well-known wanted preferred desirable coincidental coetaneous craze fad chi-chi well-dressed well-groomed clean vivacious burning urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious dressed to the teeth fine uptown beautiful jazzy flashy bling steezy slick dressed to kill fancy-pants polished coterminous on the cutting edge in the latest style dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad in with it new look just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished widespread commercially successful successful well put together coextensive important synchronic awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware next at present time on hand on front burner buzzworthy common knowledge switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on in the know tuned in up on in on wise to hip to zeitgeisty subjective interesting nominal thematic nowadays being begun occurring recently appearing recently the new balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult Age of Aquarius crystal healing just now styleworthy more recent most recent


Over-concerned with procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense


Having one or more bends or angles
twisted crooked contorted wry bending crazy curled curling curved curving curvy devious lopsided serpentine sinuous tortuous twisting winding windy twined wrenched awry bent braided coiled convoluted gnarled intricate involved knotty knurly tangled tortile wound meandering twisty indirect snaky anfractuous circuitous zigzag snaking wavy bowed irregular flexuous roundabout rambling warped distorted coiling looped spiral arched undulating meandrous deviating zigzagging hooked curvilinear turning looping spiralling crimped spiraling kinky kinked misshapen rounded turned mazy crinkled curly bendy serpentiform wandering deformed askew knotted labyrinthine rugged jagged bumpy rough skewed frizzy out of shape sweeping humped uneven helical angled arced spiraled twisting and turning loopy aslant corkscrew involute arciform round knobbly rolled frizzed oblique ringletted ringletty crippled spiralled knurled gnarly knobby nodular inclined errant sinuate ogee ambiguous erratic full of twists and turns writhing curvilineal folded recurved entwined furled snakelike voluted slinky strained permed fuzzy leathery bowing arching twining veering warping vermiculate lithe wiggly tacking squiggly gyrating wriggly catawampus topsy-turvy incurving angular screwy agee deviative vagrant flowing waved jointed articulated weather-beaten wrinkled arthritic excursive crimpy crinkly crisp wiry crinkling waving oscillating transverse fluctuating waggling serrated sloping diagonal remote detouring digressory misleading obscure confusing removed confounding straying out-of-the-way digressing diverting thrawn weathered wizened stooped frizzled sprained disfigured pretzeled stooping hunched asymmetric asymmetrical slouchy droopy slumped wilted drooping limp matted matty unsymmetrical doubled over ironic mocking sarcastic slanting slanted tilted tipping slantwise sardonic dry swirling atilt circling crescent lumpy pitched droll listing cock-a-hoop vaulted nodose nodulous arcuate falcate concave domed aquiline convex falciform tortured scoffing scornful derisive satirical sneering double-edged curviform swirly circular embowed curvaceous arrondi enbowed elliptical biflected sigmoid declinate S-shaped flexural wreathed incurved compass incurvate circumflex humorous pawky sarky witty skewwhiff mordacious cynical


Implausible or untrue
tall unlikely exaggerated far-fetched implausible improbable dubious outlandish fanciful incredible misleading overblown preposterous questionable unbelievable absurd dishonest doubtful dubitable embellished extravagant fabricated false fantastic fishy illogical outrageous sensational suspect suspicious untrue untruthful bizarre farcical farfetched hyperbolic impossible incoherent laughable ludicrous nonsensical shady spectacular unconvincing arguable debatable disputable distorted embroidered equivocal flimsy histrionic iffy inconceivable incongruous mind-boggling undependable unimaginable unrealistic unreliable untrustworthy beyond belief blown up cock and bull far out hard to swallow out of the ordinary ridiculous cock-and-bull unthinkable fantastical incredulous unconceivable laboured strained uncompelling not likely unsubstantial labored hard to believe hard to take astonishing astounding extraordinary remote staggering breathtaking unimagined weak unreasonable phenomenal untenable insupposable uncredible incogitable not in the least likely scarcely credible out of the question not able to hold water rings phony highly unlikely fabulous reachy puzzling thin obscure problematic unplausible faint slight rare unheard-of strange untoward contrary for the birds full of holes full of it won't wash too much won't hold water outside chance less likely irrational crazy feeble poor senseless insane unreal wild foolish inadequate groundless unsound inane wacky unpersuasive shaky mad specious unjustifiable unsatisfactory faulty lame pathetic invalid fallacious silly unfounded tenuous fatuous indefensible baseless amazing hare-brained nutty flawed beyond the bounds of possibility shallow harebrained inconsequential cockeyed unworkable queer weird idiotic impracticable peculiar risible difficult to believe stupid unsustainable daft loony singular unusual cockamamie barmy insufficient unfeasible off the wall kooky half-baked odd insupportable unique vain unimpressive remarkable pointless exceptional unapt imbecilic asinine zany off-the-wall unheard of eccentric lunatic screwy contradictory mind-blowing unviable paltry trifling unreasoning hollow transparent elaborate unattainable unacceptable whimsical unjustified illegitimate inconsequent nonrational whacky superficial forced impractical inept sophistic futile slim defective unsuccessful ill-founded uncommon wrong balmy incomprehensible unwise comical prodigious shocking uncertain stupendous cock-eyed doubtable surprising funny bewildering stunning miraculous off brainless frail looney wondrous cuckoo kookie meagre striking meager featherheaded unwarrantable eye-popping non-viable unsubstantiated inconclusive way out spurious trivial vague inexcusable unforgivable sketchy unsuitable unpardonable irreconcilable ineffectual frivolous erratic capricious unachievable unreasoned unobtainable contrived puerile unnatural controvertible reasonless erroneous unsupported ineffective goofy unwarranted insubstantial ineffable unrealizable overdone artificial undoable outré curious self-contradictory unspeakable unknowable meaningless monstrous grotesque insuperable insolvable unsolvable romantic ungrounded wishful untold unutterable unscientific derisory abnormal inexpiable insignificant useless hopeless offbeat inconsistent marginal contemptible assailable weakly insoluble mystifying baffling arbitrary flat unordinary overwhelming negligible small irresponsible unconfirmed grandiose inaccessible unthought of oddball outside infeasible slender potty simpleminded flakey mindless tremendous shonky awful awesome portentous wonderful eye-opening sublime freaky aberrant phony undreamed of witless daffy flaky without foundation unexpected ill-conceived cockamamy dotty screwball dippy lunkheaded crackpot bubbleheaded phoney batty distant tiny demented make-believe hundred-to-one without basis inconsiderable amazeballs not on fragile hardly possible marvellous marvelous off beam beyond the realm of reason contrary to reason not to be thought of weak-minded half-witted idealistic unicorn counterintuitive foundationless unarguable undefendable refutable tame vaporous nebulous inadmissible without justification uncorroborated likely unreachable unwinnable unsupportable incorrect unthinking crackbrained hokey unbacked injudicious derisible airy beyond possibility threadbare moronic puny jerky fool slang tomfool sappy fruitless profitless imcomprehensible sophistical vapid unstable distraught raving disconnected delirious disjointed nominal isolated unhinged deranged extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful not expected off your head casuistic unproved maniacal beyond reason won't fly extremely difficult to believe perverse irrelevant unconnected exorbitant reckless slim and none extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible inefficient flabby faltering unpleasing outstanding supernatural impressive awe-inspiring confounding ponderous unmaintainable unverifiable unmanageable unsanctionable caricatural lacking substance bad uncalled-for unbalanced legendary immense weak-kneed undecided speculative unsettled unsure not following reaching hilarious dicey fractional imperceptible diminished minute excessive dodgy scatterbrained lamebrained rad indescribable not making sense derisive over the top unendurable underhand shifty mysterious O.T.T. a bit much OTT top drawer beyond one's wildest dreams out-of-this-world inapprehensible undreamed-of overdramatic high-flown sensationalized long shot fat chance notable momentous on thin ice touch-and-go problematical murky crooked bent dark disreputable jaw-dropping unforgettable eye-catching arresting inflated overstated special unwonted uncustomary noteworthy conspicuous past belief open to doubt temporary fleeting brief exceeding uncanny extraordinaire unprecedented serious especial unco atypical preternatural unaccustomed aberrated freak anomalous out-of-the-way not understandable not convincing unfamiliar uncivilised inordinate unconscionable sensationalised extortionate barbarous uncivilized heavy flash gnarly forby beyond wildest dreams ambiguous irregular not quite right devious not kosher unbelieveable recondite mercurial off beaten path never to be forgotten out of this world wackadoodle nonconformist infantile crazy-ass freakish wackadoo beyond your wildest dreams highly coloured imprudent dreamlike surreal rum funky quixotic quirky weirdo foolhardy forlorn insurmountable irresoluble last straw paradoxical irresolvable spaced-out off-kilter little minimal imaginary out of bounds impervious inexecutable impassable irrealizable short-sighted beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate illusory faraway far outlying ambitious visionary scarce illusive suppositious different extreme hallucinatory no-way no-go not possible beyond one out of sight not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you


To have made something more complex
confused confounded convoluted obfuscated muddled befuddled clouded discombobulated distorted garbled muddied obscured blurred jumbled perplexed twisted beclouded befogged embroiled raveled ravelled darkened disoriented entangled tangled intricated made a mess of made complex made difficult made more difficult made unclear muddied the waters rendered uncertain complexed sophisticated complexified embarrassed upset set hurdles mixed up disordered messed up fouled up thwarted disorganized mussed disrupted discomposed disarranged mucked cluttered concealed botched bungled fuddled mired snarled up snarled mucked up made difficulties confuscated scrambled repressed fogged disarrayed disturbed misrepresented rumpled tousled shuffled mystified hid involved dislocated misarranged disheveled dishevelled disjointed clogged interfused ruffled rattled fuzzed up psyched out spoilt folded blundered muddied up muddied the waters of jumbled up snagged loused up messed handicapped deranged tainted elaborated tarnished overshadowed infolded interrelated bedevilled spoiled thrown into disorder stirred up fumbled obnubilated combined impeded rendered unintelligible fuzzed made waves falsified muffed made obscure misled clouded the issue screwed up interweaved made complicated snafued threw into disorder got into a tangle perturbed ambiguated mixed multiplied led astray eclipsed colored fouled coloured equivocated made intricate opened can of worms bedeviled misinformed threw off thrown off hidden added fuel to fire interwove interwoven thrown up smoke screen threw up smoke screen threw a veil over thrown a veil over overcast misted shadowed shrouded hazed dimmed blackened bedimmed overclouded bleared dislimned shaded veiled clouded over cast a shadow over adumbrated murked puzzled flummoxed cloaked bamboozled screened masked addled deepened loured dulled grayed greyed filmed clouded up blotted out made hazy smeared beat stupefied dusked gloomed enveloped smudged benighted mantled faded blacked out misted over shielded blinded made indistinct made dark cast a shadow on made dim made vague made darker distracted from become cloudy become shaded become hazy cast a shadow grown dim blocked out become blurred put out of sight become indistinct grew dim grown dark grew dark baffled bemused streaked obstructed bewildered covered vexed vext blanketed blocked enshrouded foxed mazed gravelled graveled buffaloed buried camouflaged misted up bedarkened disguised suppressed unfocussed unfocused closed in posed encased ensconced curtained obliterated stained blotted spotted besmeared become fuzzy dazzled become dim grown darker opaqued become less sharp grown blacker inumbrated pettifogged hindered become black become vague blemished got became blurred covered up steamed up become obscure became indistinct kept out of sight become covered in condensation steamed extinguished made black glared grew darker discoloured made less distinct dazed occulted become misty cached become gloomy bemisted formed mist showered belied grown black stonewalled blocked off the light to discolored papered over grew blacker wrapped turned black fogged over wrapt sheltered umbraged glazed over become clouded overhung enveloped in shadow became hazy filmed over become overcast grew black made cloudy became cloudy toned down made blacker became shaded fogged up blanked out beaten became overcast became gloomy gotten gat became vague became fuzzy became dim became less sharp became misty became clouded became covered in condensation became obscure became black


Past tense for complicate

Trái nghĩa của complicated

complicated Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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