Đồng nghĩa của modernized

Alternative for modernized

modernizes, modernized, modernizing

Đồng nghĩa: develop, modernise, overhaul,

Động từ

Past tense for to restore or build up something again, especially after damage or destruction
reconstructed rebuilt remodeled remodelled renovated restored reconditioned overhauled refurbished fixt fixed reworked rewrought remade revamped refashioned reorganised reorganized repaired rehabilitated patched redid redone doctored recast regenerated rejuvenated reformed reconstituted recreated rehabbed reestablished reoriented restructured reproduced reshuffled reassembled replaced retooled remoulded remolded made over fixed up did up done up built up re-established re-formed breathed new life into pieced together altered changed transformed revised adjusted updated modified amended adapted redesigned upgraded varied mended refitted metamorphosed reshaped rejigged transfigured innovated patched up serviced transmogrified transmuted altered dramatically realigned fettled maintained shook up improved made far-reaching changes in turned upside down revolutionized fiddled with shaken up renewed revolutionised stirred up tuned up retreaded broke with the past broken with the past gave facelift given facelift modernised put back reinvented resumed redevised reinstated created again revitalized reopened revived resuscitated established again restated reawakened refreshed reaffirmed revitalised returned to repeated copied reinvigorated converted remanufactured built reerected replenished re-created tweaked restyled refined customized reorientated made alterations to permuted permutated tailored made adjustments to touched up become turned corrected mutated customised reconnected turned over new leaf turned one around turned the tables shifted gears switched over turned the corner began again begun again went over gone over becomed becomen became

Động từ

Past tense for to give new life, energy or strength to someone or something
reinvigorated revitalised revitalized restored revived renewed rejuvenated resuscitated revivified stimulated reanimated enlivened recreated freshened braced renovated repaired inspirited exhilarated vivified cheered quickened updated replenished regained prodded prompted cooled jogged breathed new life into brought around brushed up refurbished revamped reconditioned reconstructed remodeled remodelled fixed up overhauled rehabilitated refreshed rebuilt redecorated mended refitted improved made over brought up to date regenerated upgraded spruced up redeveloped done up did up recovered spruced vamped up reconstituted fixed fixt rehabbed recharged touched up set to rights rekindled refreshened resurrected refurnished patched retreaded tarted up brightened up brought up to code rewrought reworked invigorated rewakened rewaked kick-started reinstated reawakened envigorated reestablished recast doctored retouched put new life into brought something up to code put some spark into energized strengthened smartened up uplifted rectified restituted energised reactivated pepped up amended bucked up furbished reformed transformed waked up gentrified serviced re-established face-lifted gussied up freshened up fortified given something a facelift gave something a facelift bettered developt developed ameliorated enkindled redone redid rewoke rewoken rallied aroused animated helped corrected reorganized awakened roused refashioned refined encouraged relieved brightened converted remade revised adjusted reclaimed emended redeemed cleaned up reorganised customized brought back bounced back put new heart into brought into the twenty-first century put to rights debugged made better set right made good put back into its original condition made whole put in order tuned customised woken up woke up recycled reinstalled bolstered perked up decorated enhanced topped up holp holpen altered tidied groomed given new strength to gave new strength to meliorated adapted redesigned changed reshaped revolutionized cooled down built up enriched restyled given a boost to gave a boost to reequipped tidied up beautified reequipt did done cleansed retrieved perfected cleaned reorientated remoulded reoriented restructured remedied brought back to life remastered permuted tailored varied permutated regulated patched up made alterations to made smarter sorted made neater made tidy vamped made young again gave new life to made someone feel young again rescued given a new look to resolved given a shot in the arm to added some zest to gave a new look to made younger propped up restored vitality to re-created recalled red-penciled red-pencilled upcycled gotten into shape straightened out reintroduced pimped out jazzed up tarted fiddled with got into shape got going again cured tuned up salvageed neatened smartened made fit for use salvaged remolded pimped up made adjustments to dolled up given new life to revolutionised gave a shot in the arm to rearranged reerected blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs seen to saw to gave a facelift to given a facelift to added to gave face lift to given face lift to gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life gave a face-lift given a face-lift gave a face-lift to went over gone over done over did over modernised galvanized stirred inspired boosted galvanised restarted excited stirred up incited activated gladdened buoyed emboldened vitalized heartened spurred instigated reinforced cheered up motivated livened up comforted buoyed up steeled kindled consoled filliped moved relaunched reinstituted chirked up geed up reenergized raised from the dead gingered up brought to come to life reassured pushed healed triggered assured sparked reproduced piqued goaded enheartened jumpstarted fired up fired wakened saved raised your spirits lift elated psyched up lit a fire under rediscovered urged spiked electrified impelled restored to life jump-started breathed life into zipped up livened summoned up amped up rebooted hit the ground running given a new lease of life to juiced up gave a new lease of life to recrudesced borne up bore up empowered incentified applauded impassioned disinhibited swayed enforced came to life incentivized spurred on egged built whipped up boosted up cheered on reenforced raised ignited revved up pumped up provoked relit relighted nudged praised pricked stiffened the resolve of raised the morale of boosted someone's morale spirited someone up lifted the spirits of bielded stimulated spiritually reexperienced changed radically produced unwound relived brought round waked overcome solaced awaked pleased recuperated whetted lifted recollected recaptured revisited titivated gave shot in arm given shot in arm fanned remembered led leaded made healthy boosted moral thrilled dusted sweetened replayed refound tempted titillated elevated performed CPR raised someone's spirits conjured up promoted precipitated dispatched actuated sprung increased vivificated innervated innerved lit up snapped out of it called up dug up brought to life given the kiss of life to blazed a trail brought to mind gave the kiss of life to returned to exalted made alive summoned back found again lived through again informed discovered again aired out experienced again driven drove drave druv given hope to gave hope to given confidence to gave confidence to overcame awoken woke woken awoke sprung up sprang up gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm sprang grew grown gave life to given life to gave a buzz given a buzz shook up shaken up went through again gone back to gone through again went back to given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation

Động từ

Past tense for to become improved or more advanced
progressed developed developt advanced evolved grew grown improved matured upgraded augmented refined updated ameliorated expanded modernised revolutionised revolutionized transformed blossomed built up flourished increased made progress prospered throve thrived thriven built came along come along came of age come of age came on come on gained ground got better gotten better got on gotten on made headway made strides moved on scaled up shaped up took steps forward taken steps forward worked up bettered grew up grown up rolled up became better become better ripened straightened up made first rate turned over new leaf extended spread moved forward forged ahead unfolded strengthened enhanced honed enriched elevated meliorated boosted perfected optimized fine-tuned fortified enlarged unrolled elaborated moved changed pushed optimised pulled ahead furthered cultivated stepped up got ahead beefed up moved forward in leaps and bounds altered emerged metamorphosed differentiated adapted headed proceeded transmogrified reformed got along picked up multiplied paced trucked continued speeded sped shot derived educed moved ahead leveled up levelled up pushed forward pressed on pushed on pressed forward pushed ahead moved onward marched on covered ground opened out worked one's way worked out adapted yourself went places drove forward driven forward gone places drave driven druv drove went gone gone off went off shotten gone forth went forth gotten somewhere got somewhere went forward gone forward

Động từ

Past tense for to add or substitute new parts or components to some device, structure etc.

Tính từ

Belonging to, or occurring in, the present
contemporary current modern latest newfangled recent present extant trendy advanced immediate modernised new progressive fresh modernistic updated voguish fashionable hip hot modish ongoing topical ultramodern designer happening mod nouvelle modern-day present-day up-to-date brand-new hi-tech in vogue present-time up-to-the-minute avant-garde cutting edge cutting-edge forward-looking high-tech in fashion latter-day leading edge new age new-fashioned up to date up to the minute a la mode au courant just out leading-edge state-of-the-art twenty-first-century with it hot off press space-age ultra-modern red-hot bang up to date à la mode stylish now neoteric novel in in style all the rage trendsetting chic smart newest cool flash swinging prevailing concurrent with-it coincident prevalent late today concomitant contempo snazzy natty nifty go-ahead kicking kicky tony fly spiffy sassy stylin' leading groundbreaking newly discovered innovative contemporaneous innovatory popular pioneering ground-breaking recently developed faddish in-thing never-before-seen plugged-in last word de nos jours twenty- first century sharp big groovy snappy elegant swish supercool exclusive swank classy on fleek du jour in thing all the go funky revolutionary swell futuristic sophisticated de rigueur existent dashing schmick culty popularized popularised radical chichi instant latest thing favored faddy favoured avant existing def hep vogue upscale turned-on swanky favorite glamorous le dernier cri massive high-toned crowd-pleasing favourite high-class trailblazing hot off the press ritzy dapper attractive debonair offbeat tasteful coeval rakish customary dressy downtown highly developed swagger live well-liked trig pop brand new a go-go large at this moment in the mainstream hot off the fire forward unconventional latter unique alive ingenious sought-after newborn in demand in favour complex breakthrough usual fancy alternative prompt genteel the latest 21st-century commenced started trim relevant high-end high-fashion understated flattering already in favor in the news up abreast pressing ad hoc forward-thinking in duration going on even now in process under consideration living actual dap showy of late for the time being just released well turned-out hottest gimmicky period young lively cosmopolitan forefront appealing impressive sexy nontraditional far-out earthy fab hippest surrealistic quite recent exciting gnarly breathing down bleeding edge last-word active spirited landmark burning automated enlightened dynamic posh future desired the new fine flashy polished disruptive enterprising just issued synchronous vivacious bling coexistent on trend SOTA ahead of its time fancy-pants on front burner simultaneous coexisting bang up-to-date twenty-first century jaunty shiny celebrated styleworthy urbane sleek ostentatious pretentious uptown beautiful jazzy steezy slick coincidental high-style big thing last-ditch common knowledge ultra modern zeitgeisty well put together well-dressed well-groomed clean coetaneous crisp spruce craze fad chi-chi balanced holistic planetary astrological supernaturalist spiritual mystic occult coterminous legendary liked widespread well-known wanted preferred commercially successful successful desirable well groomed well dressed dernier cri latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad new look dressed to the teeth dressed to kill well turned out smartly dressed coextensive next at present time on hand first up-and-coming in with it higher synchronic developed foremost on the cutting edge in the latest style evolved prime ahead intricate supreme nowadays being begun refined crystal healing awake perceptive familiar observant conscious savvy knowledgeable versed knowing informed apprehensive aware occurring recently complicated elaborate pre-eminent just now newsworthy Age of Aquarius as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox just completed immediately prior just done immediately prior to just finished appearing recently excellent paramount improved extreme precocious exceptional principal switched on hep to on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on wise to hip to original in the know different vital timely important far ahead well along far along well ahead inventive unusual creative ahead of the times buzzworthy unorthodox unprecedented imaginative avant garde subjective interesting nominal thematic innovational unwonted uncommon untried originative atypical out-of-the-box out of the ordinary out of the common unheard-of unaccustomed unfamiliar left-field unknown strange this season's new-fangled most recent

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