Đồng nghĩa của rectified

Alternative for rectified

rectifies, rectified, rectifying

Đồng nghĩa: adjust, amend, correct, fix, regulate, remedy,


To have made something into something else
changed altered modified adjusted amended edited molded redesigned revamped revised reworked rewrought adapted modulated refashioned tempered tweaked made over moderated morphed reconstructed redid regenerated remade remodeled remodelled remoulded renovated reorganized restyled retooled alternated diversified fashioned freshened up improved moulded readjusted rearranged reconfigured rejigged remolded reorganised replaced reshaped revolutionised revolutionized tampered with translated warped affected commuted made innovations recast reconstituted refined rejiggered reordered reorientated reoriented tailored permuted turned around emendated made adjustments to made alterations to redressed rehashed remixed reshuffled became different redrafted reviewed reworded rewrote shuffled tampered tuned arranged made different ordered reconciled regulated corrected set right fixed fixt repaired mended emended reformed renewed remedied lift rebuilt bettered upgraded rehabilitated restored fixed up overhauled reconditioned updated debugged enhanced touched up polished ameliorated helped rejuvenated redeveloped patched serviced red-penciled red-pencilled refurbished refitted straightened out retouched put right set up developt developed raised lifted rephrased converted elevated rescripted restituted perfected revitalized doctored righted modernized modernised revitalised rewritten progressed honed advanced increased boosted augmented clarified redacted reinstated holp holpen censored cut recovered reestablished reinforced turned the corner meliorated revivified varied rebranded remastered enriched furbished cured transformed uplifted customized reenforced permutated recalibrated done up put to rights brought back put back together made better re-created remediated brought up to date did up re-established set to rights proofread amplified fine-tuned customised redone heightened cultivated recuperated purified sharpened transmuted transfigured metamorphosed checked condensed subedited mutated reinstalled made strides picked up made perfect shaped up qualified perked up sorted assembled strengthened reinvigorated evolved transmogrified expurgated bowdlerized resurrected built on promoted abridged shortened annotated rehabbed healed brushed up diverged shaped alchemized transposed transubstantiated restructured redrew redrawn smartened up approved changed for the better redecorated fettled improved on excelled worked on transcended shifted metamorphosized redeemed reclaimed styled patched up vamped up tightened appreciated brought into the twenty-first century squared switched assigned doctored up revived discarded furthered draughted rescued brought something up to code reported resolved excised analyzed got working stirred up deleted retreaded transferred featured turned over new leaf turned upside down reanimated struck out analysed cooked beefed up boiled down made up trimmed brightened up optimized breathed new life into compiled bowdlerised brought up to code cleaned up prepared for publication interchanged refreshed massaged switched over changed completely butchered fortified optimised ironed out blue-pencilled blue-penciled forwarded checked over paid one's dues made up for turned composed made good mitigated denatured tidied up tuned up made as good as new spruced up prepared become different salvageed maintained smartened scrubbed face-lifted restored to working order finished published made fit for use assuaged turned the tables salvaged spliced shifted gears prescribed spruced drafted risen rose took off taken off seen to saw to shope shapen sung different tune sang different tune went over wrote over gone over written over flown speck flew speck given a new look to gave a new look to gotten into shape got into shape


Past tense for to put right
corrected amended reformed remedied fixt fixed righted improved repaired adjusted squared revised cured emended redressed ameliorated bettered debugged harmonised harmonized healed made right mended put right red-pencilled red-penciled resolved retrieved set right dealt with made good settled sorted out doctored laundered put to rights recalibrated scrubbed patched up cleaned up dialed back fixed up went over gone over picked up shaped up straightened out straightened up cleaned up act made up for paid one's dues set the record straight turned things around set to rights solved put in order ironed out restored cleared up set straight made better offset found a solution to worked out found an answer to compensated for smoothed over made amends for unravelled unraveled balanced reconciled recompensed counteracted put on the right track compensated regulated made reparation for found the solution to offsetted disentangled put an end to helped neutralized untangled upgraded redeemed composed annulled turned around straightened negatived negated expiated canceled neutralised cancelled evened out balanced out made restitution for made amends thrashed out hammered out made redress for answered reconstructed relieved changed eased fathomed cracked alleviated mitigated fiddled with counterpoised unscrambled atoned meliorated countervailed counterbalanced appeased counterchecked paid for canceled out cancelled out nullified figured out atoned for made restitution made reparation sussed out counterweighed equilibrized worked through gotten to the bottom of got to the bottom of made recompense for set off made up made good for reached an agreement about hit upon holp holpen edited altered redrafted rewrought rescripted reworked reworded regularized avenged retouched remodeled reorganised reclaimed reorganized modified reviewed remodelled polished patched overhauled reconditioned rewarded benefited benefitted unsnarled deciphered boosted raised allayed controlled explained extinguished clarified quelled relaxed contained conciliated paid dues touched up made over enhanced troubleshooted serviced deloused diagnosed troubleshot vindicated frustrated invalidated mollified palliated cooled calmed extenuated refined decoded ended tidied up regularised recompensed for evened up rebuilt rehabilitated requited promoted elevated advanced enriched perfected eliminated removed renewed aided absolved excused purged unriddled softened mellowed assuaged sorted equalized leveled out restored the balance licked divined unlocked brainstormed taken care of took care of smoothed tweaked puzzled out got realized realised attended to removed errors obviated brought to an end turned over new leaf riddled out thought out doped out found the answer to done penance for did penance for squared up bucked tipped the scales decided on become better stabilized equalised contravened brought around stabilised outweighed stepped up made improvements to lessened counterweighted responded cleaned up one's act countered squared things equiponderated reduced made recompense worked the bugs out of crossed found the key to panned out determined a solution to halted made out worked on made a dent found out counterworked rewritten rewrote done over did over went straight gone straight did justice done justice got with it gotten with it broke broken brake sewed up sewn up forgave forgiven undone undid thrown light on threw light on gotten gat became better gone against went against did away with done away with got to the bottom got right gotten to the bottom gotten right gotten around got around did penance done penance negotiated mediated arbitrated made friends placated buried the hatchet eradicated expedited elucidated unfolded put back together put away agreed erased reached an agreement compromised settled differences simplified seen to saw to umpired arbitrated in worked interpreted revealed penetrated wrought sussed gotten rid of got rid of disclosed revamped renovated fettled refitted got straight dissolved tidied ciphered retreaded cleared arranged made head or tail of made reasonable made plausible illuminated illustrated refurbished made as good as new restored to working order gotten working again done up did up gave a face-lift given a face-lift got working again

Trái nghĩa của rectified

rectified Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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