Đồng nghĩa của freshened

Alternative for freshened

freshen /'freʃn/
  • ngoại động từ
    • làm tươi
    • làm mát mẻ, làm trong sạch
    • làm mới
    • làm ngọt (nước...)
    • nội động từ
      • tươi mát, mát ra
      • (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) mới đẻ con, lên sữa (bò cái)
      • ((từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ), (thường) + up) tắm rửa thay quần áo
        • to freshen up after a long trip: tắm rửa thay quần áo sau một cuộc đi dài


    Past tense for to give new life to, or to restore to a healthy condition
    refreshed restored revitalised revitalized revived enlivened roused envigorated invigorated reinvigorated braced energised energized fortified reanimated recharged recreated refreshened regenerated rejuvenated renewed repaired resuscitated revivified stimulated inspirited titivated activated cleaned dusted neatened sweetened tidied woke up waked up woken up bucked up freshened up livened up pepped up aired out cleaned up blew away the cobwebs blown away the cobwebs spruced up renovated breathed new life into rekindled exhilarated resurrected rewakened rewaked kick-started reawakened strengthened modernized vivified cooled quickened updated modernised improved animated reconditioned cooled down awakened rallied aroused enkindled encouraged reinforced bounced back replenished regained uplifted rewoke rewoken recovered cooled off brought around cheered touched up put new heart into put new life into put some spark into refurbished overhauled reconstructed prodded prompted brushed up revamped reactivated redeveloped relieved brightened restarted reestablished re-established made whole brought back to life healed cured rehabilitated perked up amended remodeled remodelled rescued chilled refrigerated galvanized reproduced vitalized reorganized boosted rehabbed recalled changed stirred triggered retreaded spruced reorganised excited galvanised brought back built up brought to put new strength in given a shot in the arm to come to life put new heart in put new life in put finishing touches on gave a shot in the arm to given new strength to gave new strength to done up did up made cold turned cold topped up jogged refitted rebuilt redecorated transformed retouched bolstered comforted refurnished mended helped enhanced repainted polished electrified motivated made over reenergized unwound reinstituted relaunched overcome gladdened brought round solaced pleased recuperated consoled rediscovered filliped fired jump-started nerved spiked heartened rewrought glossed reworked perfected modified reinstated reintroduced gentrified hardened zapped restituted reclaimed changed radically produced tarted up vamped up fixed up brought up to date zipped up juiced up gingered up jazzed up amped up made healthy given a boost to gave a boost to smartened up patched up given a new lease of life to performed CPR turned on gave new life to made young again made someone feel young again brought something up to code added some zest to stirred up snapped out of it picked up gave a new lease of life to made younger propped up restored vitality to breathed life into rounded off finished off made good got going again came to life raised from the dead made improvements snapped up given new life to overcame did done sprung up sprang up gave a shot in the arm given a shot in the arm gave face lift to given face lift to gave a face-lift given a face-lift went over given something a facelift gone over gave something a facelift gave a new lease on life given a new lease on life given the kiss of life to gave the kiss of life to given mouth-to-mouth resuscitation gave mouth-to-mouth resuscitation fixed upgraded remade patched serviced set to rights set right revised rectified reinvented doctored corrected reformed resumed put back reconstituted put back together brightened up furbished redone redid face-lifted refashioned replaced developed brought up to code reincarnated rebranded gussied up bettered reopened summoned up revolutionized restated reaffirmed come again put right resurged set up brought into the twenty-first century put to rights streamlined adjusted reinstalled contemporized relit relighted furnished redevised redesigned revolutionised emended redeemed fettled innovated ameliorated sorted out brought to mind returned to re-created straightened out remastered fit technologized righted reequipped reequipt redressed rationalized tuned recast inspired created again evoked established again started again prepared beautified introduced again maintained reindustrialized cheered up retrieved rationalised remedied fiddled with debugged fired up buoyed up put in power again kitted out put back into its original condition put in order rose again put pep into let sunshine in made better remarketed tuned up reshaped restored to working order risen again turned around restyled lit again provided brought into effect again dressed up spiffed primped smartened decked came again painted reignited rewired refinished repapered rearranged repeated emendated vamped saved copied redrafted reenforced altered reexperienced tinkered clouted botched conditioned equipped fitted sustained become livelier cobbled glued readied relived reassured emboldened cleansed reconnected converted variegated reskinned recollected recaptured revisited cued appointed sparked dynamized salvageed salvaged meliorated solved sorted recycled remembered enriched refined felt happier become more cheerful got better replayed refound regulated confirmed resolved reerected customized restructured realigned pieced together pimped out pimped up returned re-formed stiffened waked made lively awaked wakened up wakened doctored up customised squared mitigated gotten into shape got into shape made well worked on worked up recalibrated dug up poured it on made more lively gave a new look to returned to power shaped up helped out cleaned up one's act restored to life fitted out gained convalesced made up for dealt with attended to marched into the twenty-first century dragged into the twenty-first century rehired returned to a former position spiced spiced up looked up summoned back found again vivificated given a new look to got working rigged out lived through again red-penciled squared up braced up red-pencilled buoyed aided got the latest version of conjured up made as good as new lit a fire under reinvested discovered again experienced again made fit for use leaded into the twenty-first century diverted livened decked out entertained called up made confident reelected made more exciting began again begun again rewrote redrawn redrew rewritten equipt seen to saw to became livelier done over did over added to taken care of took care of given courage to gave courage to gave a facelift to given a facelift to gave life to given life to gave a lift given a lift awoken woke woken awoke given back gave back went through again gone back to gone through again went back to gave facelift shook up shaken up given facelift gave a face-lift to became more cheerful gotten better given someone a cue gave someone a cue shaken took a turn for the better taken heart gotten into the mood took heart shook taken a turn for the better got into the mood


    Past tense for to refresh
    aired ventilated aerated cleansed deodorised deodorized fanned oxygenated cleaned cooled depolluted exposed purified refreshed let breathe perfumed disinfected aerified sterilized decontaminated sanitized fumigated air-conditioned aromatized sanitised sterilised scented fragranced aired out sweetened distilled pasteurized depurated deterged autoclaved circulated antisepticized pasteurised washed incensed odorized charged inflated imbued anointed laced filtered clarified refined cleared sieved strained sifted sanitated fined liquated boiled made pure garbled winnowed vaporized cleaned out smoked deloused rectified detoxified filtrated cauterized purged expiated rarified elutriated absolved atoned edulcorated chastened sublimated remitted exculpated exonerated ruffled wafted percolated waved winded wound opened vaporised made sanitary cauterised smoked out freshened up given air gave air blew blown air-cooled gotten rid of impurities got rid of impurities given air to gave air to separated processed condensed concentrated screened treated riddled rarefied made sterile reduced boiled down desexualized changed incapacitated griddled bathed neutered extracted castrated fixed emasculated gelded gelt thickened altered compressed unsexed bolted evaporated spayed rendered cut cleaned thoroughly made clear cleaned up made clean reclaimed desalted heated melted down cut down cut to the bone operated on detoxicated extraught desalinated disinfested fractionated sublimed neutralized permeated osmosed penetrated metastasized neutralised bleached melted spade made safe solidified panned parted precipitated pressed expressed cooked trimmed infused volatilized steamed rinsed scrubbed laundered soaked through scoured leached become clear made germ-free lustrated expurgated strengthened evaporated and condense vaporized and condense pressed out squeezed out GIed restored obtained removed impurities from rinsed out separated out turned out got rid of impurities from molten became clear gotten to the meat got to the meat taken out took out drew out drawn out


    Past tense for to spend time improving one's appearance, often in front of a mirror
    primped preened prinked arranged brushed combed smoothed tidied beautified dolled up groomed gussied up pranked prettied smartened titivated admired adorned fussed plumed prepared slicked smartened up spiffed spruced trigged decked out dressed up freshened up prinked up spruced up figged up fixed up fussed over tarted up trigged up got dressed up gotten dressed up put on your gladrags put on your best bib and tucker refurbished decorated made up touched up pimped up pimped out did up done up prankt prettified dressed embellished arrayed put in order improved trimmed bedecked ornamented caparisoned prettied up glamorized garnished attired spiffed up appareled apparelled clad clothed glamorised bedizened draped neatened cleaned up decked drest got up tricked out invested robed habited garbed costumed festooned graced enrobed vestured toileted gowned suited cleaned made pretty made attractive gilded gilt rigged out enriched enhanced made neat swathed covered fitted out embossed blazoned fancified emblazed bedight furbelowed engarlanded put make-up on fit put clothes on fancied up set off togged out togged up accoutered put on best clothes primmed sleeked washed gotten up housecleaned tidied up outfitted garlanded rigged overdressed revamped straightened up dusted garmented gentrified glammed up hanged hung cleared up straightened sorted out wreathed organized vacuumed brightened swept accoutred applied make-up applied cosmetics emblazoned did done enwrapped turned out bejeweled bejewelled bedighted accessorized tricked up got ready habilitated suited up mopped dolled oneself up dizened togged bundled up painted coated did oneself up elaborated breeched fitted embroidered organised accessorised endued liveried jacketed trapped out donned mantled disguised appointed bedraped equipped tarted oneself up vested polished endowed dandified done oneself up equipt given something a facelift gave something a facelift did out done out shook out shaken out

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