Đồng nghĩa của bushy tailed


(predicative) In good health
well healthy fit fine in good health able-bodied as fit as a fiddle bright-eyed chipper full of life hale hale and hearty healthful hearty in good condition in good physical shape in good shape in shape physically fit robust sound strong able all right as fit as a flea blooming bursting with health fighting fit fit as a fiddle in excellent shape in fine feather in fine fettle in good trim in rude health in the pink in tip-top condition sound in body and limb thriving up to snuff vigorous whole alive and kicking bouncing fresh glowing hardy husky in good form luxuriantly right as rain solid as a rock strong as an ox together trim up to par well-conditioned wholesome aerobicized flourishing sturdy active muscular potent safe and sound rosy-cheeked firm lusty tough lively unimpaired athletic stout normal restored virile OK in good kilter fit as a flea in top form in good physical condition the picture of health stalwart strapping buff powerful energetic brawny burly rugged shredded flush beefy rosy ripped ruddy florid in trim good solid flushed well built rubicund radiant sanguine jacked sinewy vital healthy-looking thewy blushing full-blooded substantial muscly Herculean hard hunky reddish rubescent hefty as strong as an ox red stark cured red-blooded forceful staunch toned pinkish powerfully built mighty healed right high-coloured erubescent dynamic pink peppy nimble spirited rehabilitated gingery thickset uninjured red-faced iron mended sprightly undamaged well-built solidly built vibrant safe durable full of vim full of beans bright-eyed and bushy-tailed recovered sporty red-complexioned physical agile lithe disease-free invigorated perky animated roseate hunky-dory capable well made vivacious spry broad-shouldered bright unblemished unharmed indefatigable efficient strenuous powerhouse abled effective resilient hardened toughened sane resistant chunky hulking inured unhurt cast-iron hard-bitten as strong as a horse seasoned stiff secure aflush high-colored incarnadine as right as rain young rested better A1 strengthened balanced healthier proper okay two-fisted herculean bursting with good health refreshed manly untroubled mesomorphic well-proportioned energised ok health-conscious relieved in remission masculine upright nondisabled manful stocky stable in peak condition as strong as a lion up to scratch soothed tiptop full-bodied well-developed built fitter slim muscled vitalized energized well-nourished upstanding comfortable meaty embarrassed fine and dandy green toned up well-made very well not disabled beaming intact bloody beetroot burning flaming feverish coloured colored enduring acclimatised unflagging acclimatized tenacious bulky stouthearted decisive strong-arm enthusiastic rude unscathed shamefaced suffused fast bombproof built to last roaring rough salutiferous alright as right as a trivet big happy well-fed wide-ranging undecayed well constructed rigorous flawless well-constructed perfect cancer-free beefcake chiseled chiselled as strong as a ox hanging together holding together muscle-bound rigid inflexible out of danger in one piece alive and well out of the woods out of the wood big and strong leathery hard-wearing unbreakable strong-featured functional sunburnt indestructible blowsy shining ruby bronzed fair tough as nails hard as nails heavy-duty steeled molded made to last cohesive dense conditioned tight withstanding moulded long-lasting sparkling high-spirited operating functioning effervescent zippy jaunty playful youthful clear strong as an lion buoyant intense tireless strong as an horse zestful handy operational serviceable alert operative on the go occupational working diligent industrious upbeat feisty go-getting bouncy spanking forcible wick spunky alive utile practicable quick persuasive take-over enterprising steamroller snappy exuberant take-charge driving dashing brisk hard-driving youthful-looking raring to go well-oiled ball of fire full of energy dewy utilitarian

Trái nghĩa của bushy tailed

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