Đồng nghĩa của lithe

Alternative for lithe

lither, lithest

Đồng nghĩa: elastic, flexible, limber, plastic, pliable, supple,


Flexible and able to bend easily
supple agile flexible limber pliable lissom pliant graceful lithesome nimble willowy lissome loose-limbed spry bendy deft featly feline gracile light light-foot light-footed lightsome acrobatic fit loose-jointed loose slight elastic sprightly active springy dexterous lively adroit elegant plastic nippy athletic fleet dextrous malleable quick fleet-footed bendable quick-moving twinkle-toed flowing nimble-footed swift brisk zippy ductile tensile slinky smooth skilful skillful stretchable workable whippy gymnastic energetic skilled rapid stretchy adept sinuous soft adaptable delicate balletic rubbery dainty prompt flexile bouncy mercurial winged rubberlike moldable stretch easily bent buoyant extensible light on one's feet sporty sporting proficient fictile mobile handy wide-awake vigilant sleek light on your feet sensual double-jointed yielding resilient vigorous easy nifty beautiful exquisite lovely effortless elasticated able fluid fast speedy sylphlike natural fluent tripping sportive bright rebounding stirring quick-thinking frisky vivacious easy-moving bustling spirited ready spright clear-headed responsive precise in good condition fine tensible recoiling gracious flowy twinkle toes artistic practised practiced irrepressible extendible expandable tempered lightning splitting dizzy snappy breakneck hot smart galloping fast-moving rattling blistering breathless hasty rapid-fire whirlwind flying swift-footed quick on the draw quick on the trigger barreling expeditious meteoric screaming expeditive speedball light of foot fleet of foot on the double in nothing flat like greased lightning wiry mouldable compromising forgiving tractile spongy tractable formable formative extensile bending bendsome puttylike like putty going every which way animated expert express alacritous hurried spanking neat efficient accelerated sharp masterly vital perky artful high-speed jaunty immediate gay peppy capable sparky animate airy bouncing mettlesome kinetic pizazzy jazzy racy pizzazzy nimble-fingered pert polished slick accomplished crack alert full of beans instant wizard full of life masterful virtuoso full of vim and vigour clever ace bravura chipper talented workmanlike frolicsome apt zappy fast-track peart effective instantaneous dashing crackerjack cracking headlong accurate supersonic bright-eyed and bushy-tailed mean playful wicked sparkly experienced sudden wick habile rathe timely ingenious tasty full of energy finely judged vibrant punctual zingy swinging abrupt summary whistle-stop hyper precipitate rushed volant harefooted up-tempo unhesitating as lively as a grig speeding alive and kicking velocious hypersonic as merry as a grig turbo facile PDQ flat-out canny dynamic professional impressive direct gifted diligent astute cunning competent bubbly good genius zestful jumping on-the-spot blithe on the go high-spirited go-go full of pep industrious overnight early quickie precipitous without delay short-lived ultrarapid ultrafast double time confident moving hurtling urgent crisp straight decisive exact daring versed proper dapper painstaking resourceful sly furious strict categorical pro sure-footed fast-paced willing scintillating fairylike breezy keen grooving practical shrewd having the know-how cheerful effectual clean inch-perfect outgoing sparkling fast-tracked ultrasonic quick-fire cute fleeting crafty chirpy effervescent quickened upbeat exuberant merry quick as a wink youthful skittish zesty rocking having know-how blithesome clever with one's hands good with one's hands adept physically having good hands happy jocund fun pronto short peremptory double-quick unexpected barrelling fun-loving functional prevenient shaking a leg like mad very fast like crazy anticipatory healthy operating functioning operational serviceable operative occupational working split-second utile practicable alive well-oiled utilitarian tantivy going master compleat whiz peerless busy demon strong hot tamale occupied enlivened eventful eager deedful fresh forceful on the move full of zip full of get-up-and-go


Composed of a notably small degree of body fat
slender lean thin skinny svelte slim spare bony fatless boney willowy sylphlike rangy slight lanky spindly lissom size-zero graceful gracile gaunt trim scrawny angular scraggy wiry lank rawboned emaciated attenuated skeletal attenuate pinched gangling gangly anorexic macilent raw-boned slightly built narrow undernourished hollow-cheeked underfed underweight skin-and-bones anorectic snake-hipped twiggy starveling spindle-shanked haggard clean-limbed as thin as a reed lissome fine cadaverous light ultrathin stick-like wasted stringy beanpole scraggly thin as a rake skin and bones as thin as a rake looking like a bag of bones skin and bone half-starved sinewy slinky delicate fleshless wizened tapered hairline paper-thin needlelike gawky slim-jim tapering no fat skin-and-bone like a bag of bones malnourished lithesome wispy frail spindling weak aciculate acicular very thin like a rail meagre reedy weedy waifish stalky puny sticklike meager beanstalk fragile twiglike starved featherweight like a skeleton like a matchstick stick stark without an ounce of fat tall shrunken shriveled shrivelled leggy starving drawn small long-limbed long-legged peaked undersized hollow-eyed little withered hungry famished awkward wan ungainly rattleboned spidery tenuous lightweight atrophied ethereal skeleton lumbering peaky elongated pint-sized feeble small-boned deprived of food shadow limber dainty diminutive tiny rickety rarefied threadlike consumptive skeletonlike lantern-jawed underdeveloped pygmy uncoordinated inelegant petite Lilliputian undersize dwarfish bantam not heavy shrimpy ungraceful graceless elfin loosely built loosely jointed loose-jointed all skin and bones thin as a rail pint-size fun size flexible long wraithlike gossamer sapped taut stilted extenuated shrunk off-color pale sickly ill-fed slimline sleek over-thin muscular phthisical agile raddled straggling straggly jerky irregular squiggly diminished sharp subtle stilt pole airy macerated thin as rail fit stringbean worn to a shadow loose-limbed not large looking like death warmed up unco bulimic remote faint devastated midget sickly-looking flimsy sickly looking without appetite short ghastly ghostly outside lymphatic etiolated ruined battle-scarred desolate war-torn wrecked sallow meek peewee squat runtish homuncular stunted stubby dwarf shrimp mere a slip of a … dead shadowy improbable unlikely distant corpse-like minute ravaged bag of bones pocket wee dinky smallish toylike subnormal broomstick pocket-size pocket-sized half-pint lightly-built


Lean, thin, and having little flesh
meager skinny scrawny bony lean scraggy angular emaciated gaunt lank gangling lanky gangly rawboned beanpole beanstalk starved willowy underfed withered narrow bare broomstick little rattleboned tenuous hungry skin and bones very thin skeletal pinched thin spindly spare wasted haggard cadaverous attenuated slim slender rangy undernourished weedy underweight twiggy shriveled shrivelled raw-boned size-zero skin-and-bones puny slight reedy stalky attenuate fragile twiglike featherweight wizened stick delicate rickety slinky small rarefied threadlike fleshless lightweight wan ethereal anorexic macilent peaked looking like a bag of bones all skin and bones thin as a rail weak drawn stringy gawky tall stick-like hollow-cheeked starveling thin as a rake spindle-shanked as thin as a rake skin and bone as thin as a reed like a bag of bones frail undersized feeble underdeveloped over-thin shadow stilt subtle pole hollow-eyed slightly built pint-sized raddled lantern-jawed stilted spindling extenuated peaky without an ounce of fat skeleton looking like death warmed up long-legged leggy loose-jointed svelte sylphlike light meagre gracile anorectic boney fatless ultrathin waifish sticklike scraggly like a skeleton like a matchstick atrophied half-starved shrunken consumptive famished phthisical skeletonlike thin as rail wiry long-limbed awkward sapped skin-and-bone etiolated sallow lissom ungainly inelegant uncoordinated trim ungraceful lumbering graceless loosely built loosely jointed wraithlike taut sharp sinewy hairline fine paper-thin needlelike slim-jim worn to a shadow muscular malnourished no fat ghastly graceful like a rail ghostly stark lymphatic shadowy dead sickly snake-hipped clean-limbed corpse-like unco bag of bones drained thread-like refined extended thinned lengthened slimmed like death warmed up deathly elongated stretched out thinned down spun out drawn out


(of a person) Possessing strength and athleticism
powerful athletic fit muscular tough healthy ripped burly muscly physical sporty vigorous buff Herculean manly shredded active agile beefy brawny energetic hunky husky jacked lusty nimble robust stark strapping strong sturdy thewy masculine manful well-built able-bodied built full-bodied sinewy stalwart well-developed hardy hearty thickset powerfully built broad-shouldered trim aerobicized herculean fighting fit two-fisted hale and hearty in good shape in good trim mesomorphic in trim well-proportioned in tip-top condition bursting with health in good health in fine fettle in rude health as fit as a fiddle as fit as a flea as strong as a horse as strong as a lion as strong as an ox rugged stout hefty solid hulking mighty solidly built bulky firm stocky hale sound substantial big forceful well muscled heavy muscle-bound powerhouse staunch well in good condition iron vital fit as a fiddle chunky meaty capable in shape wholesome red-blooded tenacious well knit well-conditioned beefcake right as rain hard toned fleshy peppy dynamic flush well-knit bouncing gingery well-made unyielding sturdily built bruising hulky pumped up virile enduring able macho whole studly in the pink muscled resilient hard as nails hardened jock hard-bitten finely honed lean lively blooming portly gorillalike hunk broad gigantic butch bursting with good health strenuous tall big and strong tiger musclebound wiry ropy stringy swole heavily built well set-up built like an ox abled fast tight slim fine toned up as right as rain in top form clinging cast-iron toughened inured unflagging acclimatised resistant acclimatized fresh indefatigable physically fit seasoned potent unshakeable immovable rude influential important roaring rough flourishing thriving significant forcible alive and kicking as strong as a ox secure fixed durable steady reinforced stable puissant heavy-duty well-founded in fine feather resolute dogged determined aggressive gritty obdurate stubborn obstinate feisty doughty cynical as tough as old boots tough as old boots hard-nosed self-assertive self-confident high-powered


Having many curves and turns
sinuous winding curving serpentine tortuous meandering twisting windy coiling undulating bending crooked curling snaky curvy snaking anfractuous crazy curled curved devious flexuous meandrous ogee sinuate turning twisted zigzag zigzagging mazy serpentiform twisty circuitous convoluted deviative flowing indirect vagrant twisting and turning roundabout rambling wandering spiraling bendy spiralling labyrinthine wavy deviating ambiguous irregular looping spiral bent jagged coiled oblique intricate gyrating involved wriggly erratic full of twists and turns distorted wiggly curvilinear askew squiggly awry errant kinked vermiculate out-of-the-way obscure meandry writhing maze-like entwined snakelike slinky bowed arched warped hooked wavering involute curvilineal rounded sweeping loopy bowing warping arching twining veering tacking asymmetric asymmetrical jointed articulated contorted excursive unsymmetrical uneven topsy-turvy knurly incurving kinky angular screwy crippled catawampus agee tortile curly aslant slanting slanted skewed lopsided tilted oscillating transverse fluctuating inclined crinkled sloping waggling serrated diagonal tipping slantwise remote detouring digressory confusing removed confounding straying digressing misleading diverting atilt circling corkscrew swirling pitched listing cock-a-hoop rippled crinkly rolling undulated undulate bumpy undulatory plangent unstable waving undulant deviant divergent circular implied circumlocutory backhanded evasive periphrastic long-drawn-out sidelong unforeseen eventual subsidiary duplicitous long discursive complicated understood underhand sinister long way home inferred unplanned sneaky sneaking long-winded tacit hinted at digressive ambagious circumlocutionary collateral digressionary digressional desultory leaping maundering obliquitous lengthy roaming verbose elliptical implicit inexplicit vague roving episodic diffusive non-linear diffuse taking the long way complex traveling travelling nomadic unstraightforward tricky deceptive overlong long way going around back road winding around cunning byzantine difficult perverse long way around by way of difficult to follow

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