Đồng nghĩa của subnormal

Alternative for subnormal

subnormal /'sʌb'nɔ:məl/
  • tính từ
    • dưới bình thường
    • danh từ
      • người kém thông minh (dưới mức bình thường)

    Tính từ

    Below average in quality
    substandard inferior deficient poor insufficient second-rate below average bad unsatisfactory suboptimal subpar mediocre lousy imperfect inadequate shoddy rotten rubbish wanting dissatisfactory unsound wretched below par below standard dreadful execrable terrible dismal lamentable junk deplorable pathetic paltry low-grade low-quality atrocious dire diabolical flawed unacceptable crummy shabby abysmal appalling lame junky awful base average disagreeable miserable pitiful ordinary cheap useless lemon crude unexceptional sub-par pedestrian third-rate rubbishy under par ropy duff leaving much to be desired not up to snuff second-class poorer direful middling indifferent contemptible sorry downmarket worthless pitiable bargain-basement dodgy poxy low-rent two-bit grotty sad hack tawdry trashy pants dime-a-dozen déclassé the pits coarse a load of pants good-for-nothing not up to much schlock schlocky common low-end faulty defective low piddling lacking disappointing weak reduced inefficient limited impotent ineffectual little feeble inappreciable meager insubstantial abject inconsiderable sparing meagre ineffective restricted hopeless under-strength cheapie trifling nasty unworthy unsatisfying negligible offensive wack unsuitable unimpressive crumby punk displeasing off wrong trivial ill bush sour minimal insignificant distressing damaged not up to scratch minor-league minor league not up to par second rate tenth-rate bush-league small potatoes from hunger not satisfying jerry-built poor-quality no good impaired not cutting it gimcrack bum cheapjack trumpery sleazy cheesy cut-rate el cheapo frightful tacky woeful laughable tatty disgraceful chronic cruddy horrible abominable very bad bodger valueless tinny God-awful egregious not much cop incompetent sucky cheap and nasty shameful mean inept horrendous disastrous shocking flimsy pits gaudy twopenny-halfpenny grim odious low quality poor quality grubby tinhorn unpleasant ratty amateurish futile unproductive godawful cheapo loathsome vile distasteful detestable horrid garbage hideous gross unavailing amiss half-pie meretricious despicable scurvy unprofitable empty profitless petty inconsequential unfortunate not good enough regrettable naff nugatory barren inutile dirty Brummagem measly brummagem repulsive grievous slipshod piss-poor revolting derisory unspeakable incomplete run-down sketchy cheap-jack broken intolerable careless sordid calamitous damnable not up to standard stinking pointless less-than-stellar rough no great shakes two a penny of poor quality of low quality of a sort a dime a dozen beastly dime-store counterproductive ignoble scant scanty hateful repugnant dud repellant repellent obnoxious fruitless lowbrow foul scandalous sickening rancid abhorrent vain disgusting unfinished godforsaken rinky-dink showy hellacious heartbreaking uncomfortable inappropriate bootless uninviting insufferable scummy scabby unfit broken-down meaningless ghastly for the birds low cost tragic anticlimactic inefficacious marred negligent reprehensible thin inoperative unfructuous null unimportant unusable a dead loss bogus nothing sterile waste abandoned unessential out of order harmful unable commonplace piffling makeshift poorly sick tinpot tasteless vulgar bungling unsuccessful catchpenny outrageous dilapidated dreary nauseating evil noisome fulsome noxious obscene ugly nauseous kitsch scroungy thrown together short disreputable objectionable Mickey Mouse strictly for the birds end-of-the-pier exiguous bleak depressing garbagy pinchbeck tattered brassy patchy unsaleable scarce of little value nickel-and-dime shy puny inexpert desolate seedy dubious questionable abortive scruffy dingy no-account undesirable impermissible inadmissible needing squalid reject failing worse unhappy entry-level gloomy sombre drab dark cheerless of no value malfunctioning undistinguished uninspired catastrophic low-down disheartening joyless sullen morose drear piteous solemn somber weak sauce very poor non-successful sneaking heartrending injured bottom-rung warped destitute of no financial value blemished failed purposeless idle improper no-good silly half-baked indigent forlorn glum scungy depressive impoverished sepulchral comfortless dishonorable to no avail otiose fallible scurrilous indefensible stinky irremediable downer bummer dishonourable rueful unfruitful forceless withered spineless neutralized void beyond the pale drossy indecisive unable to do something for toffee powerless god-awful to no effect defeasible neutralised innocuous frowzy out of sorts off-colour crook off colour ne'er-do-well tinsel corny cheeseball rickety bad quality slovenly mingy minor ramshackle down scale dissatisfying second-best kitschy badly built garish desperate throwaway unskilful dinky doubtful second class ropey down-market twopenny tricky cheap-looking chintzy disturbing disconcerting disquieting poopy tragical harrowing distressful stupid unwelcome of negligible value downscale excruciating meritless upsetting niggling picayune chicken minute nominal piddly slight footling pimping peanut plastic pretentious inglorious so-so iffy underwhelming without value yucky uncultured low-class unfashionable insalubrious unsophisticated incapable fair unreliable cataclysmic hellish rebarbative disgustful loathly inproficient unproficient melancholy shlocky unsightly shlock gruesome gut-wrenching run-of-the-mine passable medium run-of-the-mill run-of-mine would fetch nothing off-color of no worth of little worth craptacular unfulfilling ignominious leaving a lot to be desired small-time outclassed bog-standard uninspiring ridiculous absurd ludicrous foolish-looking affecting unseemly raunchy icky diddly grody blah bad news fallacious grungy not good erroneous not the best bathetic uninteresting unavailable emasculate slack-spined no go no way not effective run down unable to do something to save one's life de minimis not oneself off-form under the weather incorrect frail botched of little financial value insupportable exceptionable degenerate blameworthy overwhelming unbearable mournful horrifying dolorous afflictive opprobrious disillusioning despisable heinous disdainable ill-suited unsuited from hell unreasonable cowardly discreditable down at heel scrappy tainted crippled condemnable out snide currish unsellable not proper unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt inacceptable unappealing skimpy falling short villainous hateworthy scratched partial torn cracked deformed beggarly swinish outcast crass low-minded beyond contempt unassembled rare undersupplied infrequent unequal underprovided fair to middling immature not all it's cracked up to be ten a penny undeveloped inexact rudimentary outta gas found wanting third string not enough second string second fiddle not on not cricket won't do over the fence not quite the done thing vicious faultful bottom-of-barrel disfigured not functioning minus not working not make it not cut out for few bugs dumbed down in a state of disrepair hamstrung inexpedient feckless no use senseless hollow null and void invertebrate banal wanky chaffy discouraging unpromising funereal morbid filthy absent missing of no benefit dreich lugubrious saturnine unrefined not acceptable unpolished sunless plutonian tenebrous lonesome black tenebrific elegiac elegiacal omitted gone unfulfilled less bereft devoid cooked away needed bankrupt deprived Cimmerian poverty-stricken burned out in default cut off out of gas not worth a hill of beans not up to expectations too little too late

    Tính từ

    Smaller than average in size
    small little diminutive undersized slight puny pygmy pocket dwarfish bantam dinky Lilliputian smallish shrimpy toylike undersize fine pint-sized pocket-sized pocket-size pint-size half-pint fun size tiny miniature wee mini petite minute teeny teensy-weensy short stunted compact midget teeny-weeny elfin minuscule itsy-bitsy toy dwarf microscopic baby peewee dainty underdeveloped feeble stubby runtish insignificant infinitesimal fragile undeveloped runty fun-size little-bitty small-fry minor small-boned meager homuncular peanut itty-bitty meagre teensy bitsy bitty vest-pocket knee-high to a grasshopper pygmyish low dwarfed nanoscopic small-scale weeny pygmaean atrophied underweight squat sawn-off tiddly trim neat cute dear adorable ickle titchy measly lilliputian button knee high to a grasshopper lesser adorbs secondary minor-league small-time natty bush-league portable frail weak weakly underfed trifling negligible minuscular minikin minimum pee-wee sickly handy abridged potted reduced thin undernourished concise condensed skinny capsule slim second rate teeny weeny twiggy delicate yea big spare slender reedy attenuate gracile weedy stick skeleton broomstick picayune nothing unsubstantial unsound scrawny runt niggling infirm zero useless two-bit zilch shrimp unconsequential inferior worthless slightly built size-zero small time lightly-built not heavy imperceptible insufficient inconsiderable inappreciable sparse skimpy limited cramped scant light infant snub fleeting junior embryonic truncated hasty shriveled babyish young immature brief wizened shrivelled short-lived hardly any not large not big weensy microscopical atomic microminiature little bitty eensy micro eensy-weensy very small pintsize bite-sized pintsized miniaturized miniaturised scaled-down scrubby bitesize nano bijou spindly bite-size stocky invisible squatty lank mite poky tincy teentsy microbic molecular piddling piffling minim exiguous nanosized teenty smaller bonsai flyspeck boxy narrow with no room to swing a cat knee-high youthful dumpy model invisible to the naked eye fubsy very little nickel-and-dime not worth bothering about runted scrub shot undergrown itsy bitsy incy wincy tincy wincy teensy weensy shallow munchkin yea high small fry meek mere a slip of a … low-lying not long low-slung not tall knee high to a gnat sawed-off close to the ground stalky rangy wasted gaunt skeletal beanstalk scraggy rawboned lanky gangling wan starved ethereal featherweight haggard bony angular rickety attenuated cadaverous slinky lean emaciated rarefied gangly beanpole threadlike fleshless lightweight twiglike pinched all skin and bones thin as a rail

    Tính từ

    Smaller than average amount
    meager meagre reduced minimal inadequate derisory insignificant insufficient negligible nominal paltry pathetic inappreciable inconsequential pitiful trifling measly small minimum mingy miserable fractional inconsiderable infinitesimal lean marginal modest scant scanty scarce sparing sparse insubstantial deficient base beggarly limited low lowly skimpy little trivial piddling exiguous ordinary stingy disappointing restricted minor unimportant nugatory petty piffling spare poxy short picayune piddly slight slender lamentable ungenerous worthless slim light skimp token puny dinky diminutive contemptible shabby tiny poor minute frivolous niggling footling Mickey Mouse meaningless of no account of no consequence nickel-and-dime irrelevant pimping immaterial no-account incidental superficial de minimis not worth mentioning foolish peanut chicken of no importance pointless fiddling small-fry minuscule valueless lightweight of little account not worth bothering about silly of little consequence useless empty of little importance pitiable wretched shallow mean nonessential hollow futile inferior casual idle of no moment vain unsubstantial miserly small-bore sorry inessential non-essential secondary imperceptible lesser peripheral unproductive unnecessary inane ineffectual flimsy senseless frothy small-time shoestring barren not worth speaking of pettifogging unavailing trite flighty ineffective ignorable twopenny-halfpenny cheap puerile trashy profitless unprofitable neither here nor there of no value penny-ante fruitless sad woeful extraneous microscopic featherbrained unsatisfactory banal mere bootless second-rate insipid two-bit wanky null nothing sterile beside the point all the same of no great concern lousy ridiculous giddy scatterbrained dizzy lower ditzy unsuccessful goofy birdbrained abortive subordinate harebrained smaller despicable inefficacious ditsy vapid momentary evanescent junior yeasty scrimpy pants unconsiderable purposeless nondescript narrow otiose lightheaded fatuous everyday chaffy light-headed light-minded rubbishy low-ranking purportless no-good junky unusable time-wasting inutile to no avail no big deal of minor importance bogus of no matter empty-headed no great shakes skin-deep waste counterproductive of no merit ignoble mediocre abandoned unessential inappropriate perfunctory insulting absurd ludicrous outrageous laughable risible preposterous mild subsidiary symbolic twopenny peppercorn neglectable hand-to-mouth scratch inconsequent unreal motiveless not enough aimless minor-league lilliputian jejune loitering idling wee confined bare tenuous thin dead asinine of no use toytown tinpot zero zilch zip indifferent no use flippant unhelpful of little import undemanding feeble defective no biggie two bit unconsidered wimpy big zero small potatoes entry level of no significance runt shrimp lame without depth unintellectual set sleazy common shoddy unconsequential no big thing nanoscopic thin on the ground unfructuous of no benefit deplorable rubbish a dime a dozen two a penny not worth a hill of beans a dead loss not much cop commonplace impalpable indistinguishable insensible barely perceptible inapposite wet diddly rinky-dink too little too late abject drossy featherweight imponderous incompetent failing intangible vague ephemeral indiscernible subtle invisible shadowy inaudible unnoticeable imponderable fine unobservable unperceivable gradual undetectable indistinct inconspicuous atomic vanishing crummy glib simplistic impertinent irrelative inapplicable diminished tangential schematic simple slighter fewer matter of indifference a matter of indifference makes no difference inconsiderate not to the point foreign not pertinent no never mind not germane shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable facile cursory surface sketchy ignorant oversimplified uncritical not as great less declined minus shortened negative not so much depressed not so great impotent powerless frilly lacking substance unthinking unintelligent wishy-washy half-baked unscholarly farcical one-dimensional baulked failed misfired thwarted lighthearted frustrated foiled in vain no-win misleading hopeless unnotable not a prayer void without success on a treadmill delusive in vicious circle to no purpose going nowhere shuck delusory balked moving heartbreaking touching piteous affecting poignant distressing plaintive harrowing stirring disturbing disquieting heart-rending doleful tragic upsetting agonizing forlorn tender melting rueful heartrending mortifying distressful mournful to be pitied gut-wrenching agonising commiserable

    Tính từ

    Mentally deficient or underdeveloped
    retarded arrested lagging limited stunted underdeveloped dim dull dumbbell dumdum dummy imbecile pinhead simple slow stupid touched underachieving yo-yo backward birdbrained defective dim-witted dopey dumbo exceptional feeble-minded gorked half-witted held back lamebrained mentally defective moronic numbskull opaque retardo sappy simple-minded slow-witted weak behind undeveloped delayed late checked dense underprivileged dilatory languid unhurried dragging dillydallying poky laggard pokey dallying sluggish tardy snaillike leisurely creeping dawdling snail-paced crawling poking unintelligent witless mindless brainless ignorant dumb empty-headed thick doltish vacuous obtuse unsmart oafish dozy weak-minded foolish idiotic dull-witted thickheaded imbecilic boneheaded stolid dunderheaded naive chuckleheaded brain-dead senseless pinheaded fatuous wooden-headed lamebrain bonehead gormless soft knuckleheaded dorky airheaded lunkheaded thick-witted softheaded bubbleheaded dopy dof dotish dead from the neck up slow on the uptake half-baked dunce-like vapid chowderheaded glaikit divvy cretinous lumpish gullible blockish dippy pea-brained crass bovine muttonheaded blockheaded pig-ignorant as thick as two short planks uncomprehending imperceptive insensitive thick-skinned daft log-headed hebete woodenheaded thick-skulled numskulled impassive braindead boorish fat-headed not the full shilling lethargic torpid soft in the head fatheaded thick as mince slow on uptake unwitting unknowing silly inexperienced unaware unmindful incompetent nescient oblivious innocent insensible clueless ill-informed unacquainted impractical in the dark uninformed incognizant unconscious green inane anencephalic anencephalous thoughtless deficient nitwitted addle-brained

    Tính từ

    Smaller than the smallest normal number but larger than zero, thus serving to fill the underflow gap

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