Đồng nghĩa của amateurish

Alternative for amateurish

Đồng nghĩa: amateur, inexpert, unskilled,


Suggesting or reflecting the efforts of an amateur
inexpert amateur bungling clumsy crude unprofessional unskilful blundering dilettante dilettantish gauche incompetent inept inexperienced jackleg maladroit nonprofessional unaccomplished unskilled unskillful useless bodged botched bumbling bush-league insipid shoddy slapdash slipshod sloppy substandard untrained incapable unqualified awkward unfit ineffectual inefficient unable unfitted cack-handed unproficient ham-fisted ham-handed inadequate cowboy inapt floundering unhandy unpractised green unworkmanlike untalented inferior wanting raw unapt unequipped butterfingered unco unsuitable skill-less deficient ineffective ungainly undependable no good inadept lumbering not up to scratch Sunday backyard clodhopping foolish stumbling muddled oafish menial avocational careless unpolished insufficient fumbled graceless heavy-handed botching lay incapacitated manual hopeless all thumbs lacking blue-collar all fingers and thumbs inproficient unreliable not cut out for undexterous talentless unartful gawky ungraceful klutzy hack sciolistic fumbling rude unsophisticated handless left-handed weak uncultivated second-rate inelegant mutton-fisted without finesse shambling not professional bad ignorant nonexpert slack immoral unfitting wrong dishonourable dishonorable lacking finesse suboptimal subpar unschooled half-baked loser uneducated untaught negligent lacking ability can't hack it couldn't organize a piss-up in a brewery unversed labouring pathetic disqualified uninitiated ineligible helpless unadapted not good enough undeveloped laboring less capable a dead loss not much cop unable to do something for toffee not equal to not have it leaving much to be desired out to lunch not up to snuff not up to it unpracticed not up to uncoordinated gangling cloddish clownish lubberly clunky gawkish untoward weedy lumpish unadept blunderous untactful spastic accident-prone heavy ponderous hulking like a bull in a china shop splay ill-shaped elephantine with two left feet feeble inefficacious losing poor naive uncool vulnerable not up to something not know one's arse from one's elbow unequal to the task dependent frail not equal to something butterfingers out of one's depth unsuited unwieldy bulky cumbersome impotent unprepared not cut out incapable of ill-equipped unqualified for untrained for incompetent at unable to do something out of one's element can't make the grade unfortunate two left feet


Of very poor quality
duff bad inferior faulty inadequate poor substandard unacceptable unsatisfactory careless defective deficient dreadful imperfect negligent shoddy abominable atrocious awful deplorable disgraceful frightful hopeless laughable terrible worthless diabolical execrable lamentable lousy miserable rotten sorry useless abysmal appalling bum crummy ineffectual pathetic ropy woeful chronic dire God-awful incompetent pants pitiful pits poxy rubbish egregious broken inept inexpert second-class second-rate not up to scratch third-rate not up to par a load of pants not up to snuff wretched wanting dissatisfactory suboptimal subpar mediocre trashy rubbishy low-grade unskilful wrong lame wack paltry punk off bush crumby bush-league sour ill cheesy cut-rate low-rent common sleazy schlock junky schlocky gimcrack cheap cheapjack coarse bargain-basement trumpery el cheapo incapable lacking unfit ineffective inefficient unproficient unequal impotent unqualified powerless inapt not much chop unfitted no great shakes weak not good enough leaving much to be desired not much cop no good unseemly impermissible exceptionable objectionable distasteful offensive intolerable insupportable displeasing disagreeable obnoxious improper inadmissible unsuitable inappropriate undesirable dismal insufficient insufferable abject unimpressive reprehensible horrible stinking pitiable dodgy dubious contemptible cruddy low meager unreasonable questionable nasty repugnant meagre disastrous horrendous damnable odious grotty garbage loathsome tatty condemnable scurrilous horrid crude out cheapo vile gross irremediable sad disappointing indefensible stinky won't do low-quality over the fence inacceptable not on unappealing tenth-rate below standard less-than-stellar from hunger below average poor-quality not quite the done thing below par poor quality half-baked second rate not cricket uninviting two-bit of poor quality not up to standard beyond the pale of low quality reject out of order under par shabby unjustifiable unworthy unsound outrageous inexcusable unpardonable unforgivable regrettable direful flawed unjustified sub-par unwarrantable scandalous base blameworthy junk unwarranted not up to much bodger subnormal dime-a-dozen jerry-built average indifferent lemon middling ordinary unconscionable uncalled for unexceptional pedestrian censurable tawdry dishonourable distressing the pits excessive dishonorable unprovoked vulgar shameful poorer downmarket inexpiable culpable rude remiss shocking tinny detestable disreputable hack ignoble discreditable good-for-nothing déclassé opprobrious degrading impolite unsatisfying indiscreet without justification unjust unspeakable indelicate gratuitous crass unfortunate insulting immoderate half-pie grubby dirty groundless rough cheap and nasty iniquitous tasteless low-end baseless unfounded sickening despicable revolting ignominious tacky humiliating disgusting untenable without cause not acceptable without reason a bit much senseless preposterous unrefined flimsy damaged calamitous very bad uncalled-for grim piss-poor sucky unfair uncouth tactless irregular unnecessary tinhorn beastly undiplomatic grievous for the birds unsustainable hateful sick disrespectful poorly harmful shaky too much piddling trifling indecorous derogatory discourteous sinful negligible hurtful invalid ill-founded heartbreaking provocative impudent impertinent affronting insolent inglorious wounding shy trivial minimal illogical horrifying abhorrent amiss scummy scurvy ratty scabby mean provoking slighting wicked blamable criminal absurd specious implausible a bit thick unpleasant insignificant uncivil vexing unmannerly unbearable mournful irrational repulsive gruesome out of line impaired valueless feeble upsetting end-of-the-pier indecent unwelcome downer bummer godawful failing fallacious weak sauce bereft scant strictly for the birds minor-league minor league in bad taste small potatoes of a sort not satisfying out of sorts off-colour crook off colour inordinate undue extreme below the belt not done doubtful unarguable undefendable refutable slovenly uncomfortable incorrect out of turn over-the-top dissatisfying very great unhappy infamous desperate naff commonplace ropey dilapidated puny melancholy sneaking iffy needless injudicious criticizable unpermissible unallowable not the done thing tragic repellant repellent stupid shady unrespectable louche notorious not cutting it disturbing disconcerting disquieting thin yucky second-best unprincipled monstrous ridiculous foolish off-color overwhelming dolorous afflictive shlocky hideous ghastly unsightly sordid godforsaken seedy shlock blah cheapie less than ideal underwhelming cheap-jack immoral heinous second class raunchy icky diddly grody bad news grungy not good erroneous not the best hellish rancid rebarbative disgustful hellacious loathly not quite the thing unbecoming arbitrary run down down at heel anticlimactic found wanting not okay insubstantial inconsiderable too little a bit off over the top unbefitting unceremonious unfulfilling demeaning undignified unladylike unfitting ungentlemanly bathetic uninteresting leaving a lot to be desired craptacular debasing shaming belittling lowering cheapening mortifying not all it's cracked up to be falling short disillusioning untoward beyond contempt abusive annoying irritating OTT lowbrow exasperating graceless personal galling embarrassing disparaging contemptuous nauseating gaudy ungrounded unmerited errant lowbred bizarre sketchy patchy incomplete erring short absent unfinished missing restricted scarce limited needing unpolished reproachable scanty omitted empty gone unfulfilled less devoid cooked away needed destitute bankrupt deprived delinquent blameable reprovable burned out in default cut off out of gas not up to expectations too little too late demeritorious guilty unholy at fault


Lacking in experience
young inexperienced green new undeveloped fresh naïve unfledged uninitiated unproven untrained amateur callow ignorant immature inept inexpert naive tenderfoot unacquainted unfamiliar uninformed unlearned unpractised unqualified unskilled unskillful verdant innocent nonprofessional raw sophomoric unconversant undisciplined unprofessional unschooled unseasoned unsophisticated untested untried untutored unversed jackleg unaccustomed underdeveloped unpracticed unworldly lacking experience wet behind the ears wide-eyed just starting out fledgling dewy youthful virgin first-time untaught non-technical unequipped uneducated unchartered unlicensed incompetent incapable uncertificated dilettante lay non-professional illiterate novice untamed nescient uncultivated unprepared not trained wild unproved unused rookie unfamiliar with unripe undemonstrated juvenile kid prentice adolescent ingenuous rude spring chicken wet behind ears born yesterday unacquainted with unconversant with childlike developing budding experimental strange novel unformed puerile unknown uninitiate unripened not used a stranger inexperienced in primitive unversed in naif new to unpractised in unsuspecting unaccustomed to a stranger to unused to dewy-eyed unrehearsed junior gullible inexperience unpolished girlish artless boyish newly arrived tenderfooted simple unacclimated unadjusted unadapted simpleminded naïf maturing unverified uncertified unconfirmed unwary vulnerable impressionable incognizant aw-shucks childish vernal unsuspicious unknowing unapproved inconversant tender uncritical alien foreign not ready for unhabituated to not up to strange to having never met unattempted unheard-of unprecedented original prototype speculative unestablished trial exploratory test pilot unsubstantiated conjectural unessayed inexperienced at uninstructed newcome unexpert a novice at a newcomer to a newbie to too green in the experimental stage not used to not given to


Having mediocre, common or inferior qualities
average ordinary unexceptional mediocre commonplace run-of-the-mill indifferent undistinguished pedestrian uninspired unremarkable humdrum prosaic bland unexciting unmemorable amateur common customary familiar forgettable lackluster lacklustre middling normal regular standard usual vanilla banal boilerplate everyday mainstream routine typical general insignificant workaday garden jake nowhere plastic second-rate standard-issue bog-standard garden-variety plain vanilla a dime a dozen cut-and-dried cut-and-dry middle-of-the-road not much cop bush-league half-pie middle of the road nothing special not so hot not up to much not very good run of the mill ten a penny no great shakes OK nothing to get excited about nothing to write home about common or garden passable fair adequate tolerable so-so fair-to-middling medium moderate inferior run-of-the-mine run-of-mine second-class fairish decent all right okay fair to middling respectable satisfactory dull O.K. serviceable meh good not bad conventional in-between unimportant immaterial enough uneventful inconspicuous plodding poor modest of no consequence traditional acceptable boring sufficient unspectacular allowable presentable fairly good admissible sufficiently good good enough fine moderately good nothing out of the ordinary not too bad characterless intermediate colourless colorless mean unexceptionable unimpeachable reasonable livable goodish tidy of poor quality pretty good better than nothing plain stock mundane quotidian simple habitual accustomed uninteresting prevailing established natural prevalent popular wonted ornery uninspiring unpretentious set garden variety nondescript expected trite hackneyed orthodox predictable frequent lowly ubiquitous settled accepted unnoteworthy staple drab household homespun day-to-day unimpressive stale characteristic representative unoriginal stereotypical archetypical generic basic regulation dreary current daily fixed classic archetypal humble corny homely derivative majority overused stereotyped insipid widespread public going dime-a-dozen formulaic old hat par for the course overworked tired monotonous tame acknowledged white-bread hacky standardized universal worn out typic standardised unimposing plebeian recognized received vulgar matter-of-course chronic bog standard unambitious platitudinous recognised unaspiring overdone straightforward time-worn limited overall gray grey tedious cornball dime-store small suburban true ruling collective anaemic shared played out pervasive featureless low unimaginative ho-hum practical classical casual terrestrial informal clichéd discreet anemic nothing unvaried unassuming proverbial rife nitty-gritty dry worn-out predominant methodical blah widely held median constant anonymous no-frills next present trivial lamestream periodic orderly valid scheduled grind unextraordinary soulless family domestic anodyne two a penny central seasonal whitebread businesslike plain-Jane useless canonical irrelevant inconsiderable paltry random non-autistic conformist core off-the-shelf obvious starch formal inconsequential pointless piddling worthless fair enough admitted meaningless whatever readily available well worn widely available ready-made one-size-fits-all mimetic familiar tune boiler plate acquired honored pabulum diddly lusterless zero actual practicable irksome prosy square prose yawn clean mimic blank expressionless deadpan derived imitative dominant primary indistinctive neutral faceless noncommittal apish non-disordered honoured of little consequence of little importance not worth mentioning of no importance of no great concern of no account matter-of- fact small-town conservative provincial parochial non-specific mass wide neither one thing nor the other well established slavish inherent symptomatic consistent bourgeois unsophisticated broad anticipated foreseeable indicative foreseen reliable emblematic prescriptive flat epigonic epigonous parish-pump insular inward-looking blinkered middle-class national blanket communal overarching global joint outright distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic proper steady distinguishing empty tiresome wearisome canned individualistic native cliched comprehensive rampant in keeping in character emulative stodgy uncreative total sweeping epidemic nationwide societal wholesale neurotypical rural country repetitious repetitive unvarying lifeless true to form to be expected blending into the background methodic rigid mechanical systematic automatic prescribed matter-of-fact turgid only to be expected on the cards time-honoured … all over true to type stupid numbing wearying mind-numbing jading drudging arid heavy jejune dusty tiring old slow weary leaden monochromatic ponderous stuffy broad-spectrum across-the-board in circulation across the board in force in vogue broad-brush all-round all-around dim banausic truistic wishy-washy monotone inane lumpen baseborn low-life lowborn ignoble prole proletarian lower-class inelaborate unextravagant unaffected unadorned unexcessive unobtrusive unembroidered economical unornamented meek mild submissive withdrawing obsequious dutiful declassed reverential servile gentle unwashed obscure cast down base subordinate retiring menial docile unradical unstudied cheap unembellished inexpensive unostentatious unextreme most common


Failing to give the proper care and attention that is required
careless lax negligent slack scrappy shoddy slapdash slipshod slovenly unconsidered cursory disorganised disorganized hasty hurried perfunctory wild derelict disregardful erroneous imprecise inaccurate incorrect inexact lazy neglectful neglecting remiss sketchy wrong scatterbrained sloppy hit-or-miss slap-happy error-ridden thrown together couldn't care less heedless inattentive indifferent irresponsible lackadaisical casual apathetic delinquent unmindful unconcerned thoughtless nonchalant tardy improvident insouciant disinterested laid-back unheeding uncaring offhand regardless incautious indolent reckless slothful carefree behindhand uninterested idle unreliable blithe forgetful oscitant spiritless loose passive feckless untrustworthy undependable messy incompetent weak devil-may-care cool feeble fainéant untidy unthinking good-for-nothing inert lethargic haphazard limp unsystematic listless inefficient ineffectual shiftless easy uncircumspect unobservant unaccountable incurious unthorough inept pococurante improficient faulty inefficacious ineffective dormant unprepared half-hearted free and easy faineant blithely unconcerned without care unorganized unmethodical enervated languid yielding sluggish dilatory inactive aimless inadvertent spineless permissive lymphatic unthoughtful daydreaming relaxed easy-going impassive torpid unorganised effete leisurely lukewarm supine lousy shabby abstracted dull otiose unmeticulous asleep at switch asleep on job languishing do-nothing energyless easygoing inconsiderate disregarding can't hack it unfit incapable inexpert inapt half-baked not cut out for extravagant untrained prodigal unskillful unqualified shooting blanks unskilled barratrous failing blameworthy culpable slow defaultant woolgathering inconsistent reprehensible unfastidious ignoring overlooking omitting slighting detached imperfect botched threadbare junky procrastinating dispassionate languorous lifeless blasé unheedful failing to show proper care and attention careless of one's duty at fault useless couldn't-care-less unenergetic vigourless vacant failing to take proper care superficial all over the shop worthless desultory dreamy any which way any old way unworkmanlike undisciplined mopish all over the place passionless bloodless summary passing mechanical fleeting token quick brief fly-by-night absent neutral phlegmatic bored leaden unenthusiastic insensible uncurious complacent hopeless futile blah sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean moony cowboy rapid dismissive wooden out of it lacking energy hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive easy going laid back spring fever meaningless no-good unambitious unpurposed fustian uncareful unenterprising no-account acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant phoning it in walking through it going through the motions procrastinative disorderly badly organized workshy quiescent unprofessional laggard unoccupied quiet peaceful sleepy sedentary motionless tired unresponsive asleep at the wheel asleep on the job soft lenient overindulgent vague indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental oblivious any way paying no mind

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