Đồng nghĩa của humiliating

Alternative for humiliating

humiliates, humiliated, humiliating

Đồng nghĩa: disgrace, dishonor, embarrass, insult, mortify, offend, shame,

Tính từ

Liable to humiliate, degrade, shame or embarrass someone
embarrassing crushing degrading humbling mortifying shaming ignominious discreditable disgracing inglorious chastening debasing deflating demeaning discomfiting quashing shameful squashing undignified barro blush-making cringe-making cringeworthy dishonouring dishonoring humiliatory opprobrious toe-curling bringing down bringing low disgraceful dishonourable contemptuous offensive scandalous dishonorable disparaging belittling unworthy scornful derogatory abusive abject slighting scurrilous pejorative denigratory deprecatory ignoble disdainful insulting uncomfortable awkward rude uncomplimentary lowering vituperative disreputable disrespectful derisive cheapening reprehensible discrediting wretched insolent cringey depreciative improper sensitive vulgar delicate tricky derogative detractive compromising contumelious disconcerting troublesome infamous flustering depreciatory contemptible unseemly unrespectable impertinent unbecoming infra dig decrying derisory denigrative indecorous exasperating defamatory disturbing hurtful slanderous libelous libellous unacceptable indecent distressing appalling upsetting difficult vitriolic thorny sticky depreciating sorry ticklish invective dicey vexatious problematic knotty unsuitable discountenancing discomposing scurril vituperatory truculent scurrile wounding perplexing objectionable blameworthy menial impudent affronting trying louche shady shy shoddy notorious discourteous unladylike ungentlemanly inconvenient shocking unbefitting dodgy hairy uncivil shabby unfitting detestable unpleasant bringing shame uneasy excruciating incommodious unrefined unceremonious despicable exceptionable damaging personal untoward inappropriate outrageous catty calumniatory injurious critical calumnious disapproving spiteful censorious despiteful malevolent reproachful maligning unheroic unsuccessful patronizing condescending sneering failed patronising inelegant low base beneath you lacking dignity irritating annoying displeasing culpable deplorable restless nervous tense beneath your dignity bad unjustifiable wrong regrettable unfortunate indefensible provocative vexing provoking galling unmannerly anxious embarrassed unprincipled remiss untimely problematical painful censurable crude obnoxious impolite coarse venomous hateful gnarly indelicate saucy pert pushy cheeky brazen forward malapert sassy brash unflattering detracting indiscreet aspersive diminishing unfavourable tasteless libeling denigrating dismissive injuring excoriating hurting offending abasing malign defaming libelling vile reviling malignant reproaching damning negative crass nasty vilifying mean blasphemous traducing mud-slinging biting repulsive ridiculing miserable pitiful in bad taste fault-finding deprecating malicious aspersing minimizing sarcastic unfavorable minimising confusing agitating touchy corrupting downgrading discommoding unpropitious equivocal inopportune bewildering troubling impossible disagreeable rattling discommodious distracting puzzling worrisome

Tính từ

Extremely unpleasant
vile bad nasty base low mean foul wicked offensive shocking appalling disgusting evil horrid loathsome revolting ugly disgraceful nauseating repellent repulsive unpleasant vicious vulgar wretched abominable corrupt dreadful horrible perverted repugnant sickening atrocious contemptible despicable disagreeable hateful obnoxious odious sinful unsavoury degenerate depraved dirty distasteful execrable off-putting abhorrent debased iniquitous shameful sordid dark deplorable dishonourable heinous monstrous shabby sorry debauched diabolic diabolical dissolute low-down miserable reprehensible reprobate yucky abject coarse damnable degrading devilish fiendish God-awful gross gut-churning hellish icky ignoble nefarious obscene rotten sick-making worthless beastly black bogging currish detestable dishonorable ignominious immoral lousy low-minded noisome noxious paltry scurvy sick snide unethical unlawful unrighteous unsavory villainous vomitous wrong disgustful egregious flagitious impure loathly yucko abandoned awful degraded filthy sleazy stinking terrible vomit-inducing infamous discreditable objectionable scandalous unprincipled unworthy disreputable blameworthy opprobrious beyond contempt shameless unspeakable inexcusable beyond the pale unforgivable indefensible intolerable notorious louche criminal embarrassing dastardly shady shy inglorious shoddy knavish outrageous unrespectable exceptionable dishonest unscrupulous barbarous squalid impious cheap cruel tawdry improper murderous inhuman servile lawless felonious crooked irreligious amoral scoundrelly bent maleficent heartless ungodly unseemly illicit illegal illegitimate indictable roguish underhand seedy seamy warped rascally malfeasant sacrilegious slavish humble menial irreverent brutal savage no-good dangerous godless sleazoid poor indelicate decadent not cricket merciless ruthless sadistic blasphemous callous brutish inhumane bestial bloodthirsty harsh cold-blooded pernicious profane unholy indecent wanton incorrigible licentious profligate self-seeking black-hearted morally wrong good-for-nothing useless petty shiftless feckless no-account incompetent poxy trashy common pitiful plebeian lowly transgressing ruffianly blackguardly unsuitable inappropriate dirty rotten thievish unrefined unbecoming undignified avaricious skanky peccant culpable undesirable indecorous unbefitting venal mercenary calculated covetous wrongful out of place erring fallen sullied tainted guilty out of keeping injurious deleterious damaging baneful nocuous adverse hurtful mischievous prejudicial baleful harmful peccable wayward ill detrimental in poor taste disrespectful sinister idolatrous ferocious deceitful malicious devious malevolent violent underhanded unfeeling shifty unkind defiled delinquent forbidding unfair slippery unconscientious unconscionable sly scheming inexorable spiteful tyrannical two-faced heathen scungy bad news pitiless self-indulgent vitiated dodgy exploitative hard-hearted crafty questionable vengeful vindictive corrupted conscienceless unbelieving disbelieving barbaric meek gloomy deferent dismal hangdog grovelling humiliated dejected outcast subservient self-effacing groveling rancorous errant wrathful remorseless fierce scornful disparaging despiteful libertine mean-spirited demonic scrofulous virulent evil-minded contemptuous grisly gruesome disdainful pagan irreverential atheistic infidel bloody fell brute truculent homicidal grim butcherly sanguinary lewd miscreant untamed contaminated putrid perverse faulty insubordinate demoralized demoralised libidinous wild

Tính từ

Cast down in spirit or hope
abject servile cringing fawning groveling grovelling obsequious craven humble submissive crawling creeping ingratiating sniveling snivelling subservient toadying toadyish low mean slavish sycophantic bootlicking unctuous soapy sucky brown-nosing slimy self-abasing menial ass-kissing oily Uriah Heepish smarmy deferential arse-licking obedient compliant obeisant oleaginous sycophantish greasy unresisting truckling kowtowing flattering docile base passive prostrate forelock-tugging excessively deferential apple-polishing suckholing ignoble brownnosing spineless subordinate cowering acquiescent subject yielding self-effacing meek unassertive timid resigned parasitic mealy-mouthed reptilian under one's thumb lowly reverential beggarly despicable accommodating biddable dutiful duteous ductile pliant mild subdued spiritless downtrodden lamblike resistless longanimous complacent parasitical crouching respectful enslaved stipendiary sneaking compliable conniving creepy arse-kissing cringey slick smooth sycophant scraping saponaceous bowing adulatory gushing effusive gushy bowing and scraping smooth-tongued glib suave eating crow eating humble pie malleable amenable tractable manageable non-resisting all over someone patient forbearing supine under someone's thumb inferior nonresisting nonresistant law-abiding soft disciplinable agreeable domesticated comformable pliable conformable obeying governable controllable trainable surrendering obliging teachable amiable giving-in placable bowing down uncomplaining complying tame handleable dominated subjugated browbeaten bullied dancing oppressed intimidated repressed at one's mercy in one's power in one's clutches a slave to at one's beck and call in one's pocket nagged constrained uxorious henpecked treated like dirt led by the nose tied to someone's apron strings under the thumb subjected to nagging ground down without a mind of one's own wife-ridden in fear of one's partner under someone's heel complaisant cooperative persuadable gentle easy willing manipulable quiet tolerant polite persuasible adaptable peaceable unassuming impressionable suggestible regardful long-suffering flexible orderly workable susceptible reverent well-behaved modest peaceful retiring good disciplined indulgent easy-going unresistant unprotesting cowed tolerating lenient accepting courteous attentive easily influenced shy influenceable calm enduring easygoing forgiving devoted stoical milky restrained diffident mannerly considerate deferent cool easily handled receptive timorous stoic gullible hesitant responsive weak serene fearful well-mannered awed frightened moldable apathetic inactive tranquil good-natured civil non-resistant go-with-the-flow demure supple transformable bendy assenting cowardly admiring laid-back quiescent gracious thoughtful weak-kneed mellow docious decent unobtrusive ready idle loyal faithful unpretentious philosophical game appreciative non-violent well disciplined unflappable solicitous proletarian plebeian unconfident unambitious conciliatory common nonviolent insecure well trained trusting lowborn sleepy motionless civilized genial susceptive shrinking plain well behaved lumpen baseborn low-life vulgar prole lower-class venerating suasible flat charitable kind unsure apprehensive compassionate easily swayed moderate obscure sympathetic lax poor ordinary simple self-conscious merciful civilised unwashed dull mundane withdrawing prosaic everyday good-tempered like putty in your hands well mannered good-humored rolls with punches putty in hands cast down with the patience of Job good-humoured scared administrable conformist assentient accordant consentient seemly domestic consenting tameable tamable controlled acceding conscientious open agreeing conforming approving adoring loving trained untroublesome convenient amendable fatalistic reconciled under someone's control ingratiatory well-trained courtly chivalrous gallant decorous credulous convincible devout tender rulable adapted well-disposed phlegmatic cordial satisfied adjusted renouncing relinquishing accommodated down-to-earth dedicated responsible punctilious mousy acquiescing assentive observant under control pacific submitting putty in one's hands filial laissez-faire wormlike average declassed commonplace placid backward bashful sheepish supplicatory childlike usable ruly selfless easily persuaded wimpish boneless obligatory binding pabulum Milquetoast nothing wishy-washy zero tentative encourageable pious worshipping worshipful solemn easily manipulated spongy easily led putty like putty in one's hands lithy wussy unforthcoming aw-shucks warm soft-hearted at peace able to be influenced sheeplike honouring hearsome honoring unquestioning mim understanding composed sensitive pleasant warm-hearted tender-hearted generous friendly upholding worshiping incumbent on affable uninvolved non-participating wrapped around finger on a string equable chilled easy-oasy permissive imperturbable even-tempered unexcitable mild-mannered jejune vapid forbearant like a lamb to the slaughter honest persistent persevering honourable correct honorable righteous equanimous untiring mild-tempered unruffled self-possessed inexcitable lifeless honey-tongued insincere silver-tongued smooth-talking impassive philosophic fortitudinous solid high-minded worthy moral virtuous lawful ethical principled proper right-minded non-aggressive reactive unassured nervous anxious self-controlled self-restrained saccharine nauseating slippery endearing cloying insinuating wheedling cajoling winsome winning sickening disarming static reflexive bearing flaccid disinterested unreceptive asleep latent stolid poker-faced moony deceivable clean-living upstanding upright self-doubting not self-assured lacking in confidence wimpy lacking confidence uncertain lacking assurance lacking self-confidence not confident dupable clement insinuative timeserving charming serving silken inert pampering naive liberal unsuspicious mollycoddling deludable unoppressive pardoning benign temperate unburdensome humoring spoiling excusing light condoning fleeceable low-born low-bred straight just respectable hands off humouring peasant low-ranking going through motions walking through it above board lethargic indifferent deprived enervated sluggish lazy negligent careless effete indolent lymphatic listless languid uninterested slothful torpid heedless slack unresponsive dormant unoccupied lackadaisical sedentary do-nothing tired

Tính từ

Intended to make someone feel humiliated
withering scornful contemptuous devastating disdainful mocking sneering biting blasting blistering dismissive mortifying scathing searing stinging supercilious superior blighting hurtful snubbing arrogant crushing full of contempt sarcastic derisive disparaging slighting jeering contumelious sniffy derisory scoffing insulting haughty snide insolent abhorrent snotty snooty proud disrespectful condescending demeaning decrying pejorative belittling degrading depreciative denigratory uncomplimentary derogative depreciatory deprecatory derogatory detractive denigrative sardonic cavalier snobbish opprobrious overbearing egotistic uppity cool high and mighty on your high horse defiant hypercritical cynical despicable malicious abusive lordly aloof hoity-toity patronizing indifferent lofty highfalutin hifalutin prideful uppish averse rejecting high-and-mighty unsympathetic patronising scouting despising antipathetic repudiating contemning toplofty turning up your nose at looking down your nose at taunting vain imperious cheeky temperamental snippy hard-nosed upstage bold cold-shoulder disapproving hard audacious high hat dog it on high horse pompous presumptuous rude pretentious stuck-up cocky huffy overweening conceited high-handed toffee-nosed critical vainglorious deprecating bumptious self-important toploftical stiff-necked impudent vituperative egotistical defamatory offensive smug negative slanderous libellous libelous scurrilous chesty huffish self-asserting high-hat assumptive self-assertive puffed up boastful irreverent swaggering detracting uncivil important snobby narcissistic impertinent peremptory overconfident deprecative discourteous bloated stuck up ridiculing discrediting blasphemous egoistic egoistical masterful presuming brash bossy fancy-pants immodest bigheaded swellheaded swollen-headed unflattering biggity domineering full of oneself invective big-headed biggety self-opinionated self-conceited satirical maligning debasing out-of-line hubristic censorious egocentric teasing pontifical bragging jibing autocratic blustering opinionated denigrating know-it-all self-affected selfish self-promoting self-serving self-engrossed self-congratulatory self-centered elitist self-righteous self-contented self-adulatory self-glorifying self-centred vitriolic caustic orgulous assuming ostentatious damaging vituperatory scurrile scurril truculent sarky contemptible impolite forward brazen spiteful depreciating sassy affected crusty self-satisfied insubordinate vulgar catty sacrilegious profane impious nervy smarty shaming aweless smart-alecky injurious reproachful magisterial pillorying jumped up wise guy assured ironical lampooning nasty unfavourable perfunctory ironic mean on an ego trip shameful undignified snidey unkind lowering iconoclastic detractory ungracious fault-finding unfavorable diminishing deflating saucy pushy fresh disgraceful affronting flip minimizing ignominious abject unworthy unpleasant judgmental inconsiderate brassy calumniatory dishonouring hateful irreverential unhallowed lippy ungodly unholy vilifying minimising mordacious cheapening inglorious calumnious damning reviling infra dig dishonourable menial flippant high gracious unmannerly grandiose traducing tyrannical self-aggrandizing despotic bringing shame dishonorable downgrading malevolent dishonoring despiteful too big for your boots sure cocksure too big for one's breeches confident self-assured too big for one's boots holier-than-thou self-confident self-respecting blusterous pert malapert offhand unenthusiastic dimissory stooping wounding uncharitable yelling dictatorial scolding repulsive casual curt personal la-dee-da complaisant quizzical ambitious unconcerned insouciant uninterested discreditable mud-slinging epithetical raucous putting on airs shrewish unceremonious bad-mannered loudmouth puffed-up authoritarian refined castigating satiric abrupt brusque glib terse cursory off ill-mannered ill-bred insinuating aspersing dyslogistic disadvantageous sniping harsh honourable honorable take-it-or-leave-it pococurante offish upbraiding full of yourself snarky ill-natured calumniating reproving castigatory careless unhandsome unmannered thoughtless churlish uncalled-for cutting obloquious violent berating foul obnoxious sharp-tongued rough misbehaved unfilial profanatory disgracious ridiculous absurd ludicrous cockamamie pathetic silly cockamamy laughable risible comical farcical preposterous scandalous wretched corrupting unbecoming gally smart venomous on one's high horse pessimistic sceptical aspersive la-di-da for the birds libeling excoriating offending malign defaming libelling disgracing injuring hurting abasing vile malignant reproaching above oneself unbelieving distrustful reserved distant detached suspicious doubtful disbelieving misanthropic disillusioned doubting incredulous disenchanted hardened jaundiced world-weary hard-bitten hard-boiled black misanthropical bleak mistrustful skeptical wry nonbelieving

Tính từ

Annoying or bitterly humiliating
galling annoying irritating aggravating exasperating maddening vexing irksome provoking vexatious bothersome disturbing displeasing infuriating nettlesome rankling abrasive carking chafing frustrating nettling peeving pesky pestiferous pestilent pestilential pesty plaguey plaguy rebarbative riling tiresome troublesome trying disagreeable acid afflictive distasteful harassing plaguing unpalatable upsetting infernal difficult grating wearisome unpleasant confounded nagging cussed worrisome distressing awkward burdensome troubling tedious inconvenient niggling antagonizing antagonising disappointing unsettling worrying perturbing unwelcome jarring enraging teasing painful disconcerting wearing irking enough to try the patience of a saint enough to drive you up the wall agitating challenging thorny demanding taxing mean tricky harrying ugly wicked incommodious unnerving objectionable wretched repugnant boring discouraging forbidding puzzling knotty traumatic troublous discommoding bedevilling discomposing discomforting festering antipathetic unpleasing agonizing unamusing tormenting afflicting unsatisfying unattractive impossible punchable agonising uncongenial bedeviling harsh grievous deplorable lamentable problematic concerning sickening accursed disquieting nauseating stupid idiotic discordant onerous grotesque offensive unsuitable inappropriate inharmonious unaesthetic formidable embarrassing weighty insensitive stridulous ill suited stridulent dry harsh-sounding embittering stressful out of place charged tense uneasy harrowing crushing sticky nerve-racking exacting oppressive intolerable tickly flustering torturous discomfiting bitter toilsome prickly fraught dolorous bumpy rough hard testing tough pressing severe hefty exigent distressful confronting distressed itchy uncomfortable scratchy heavy shocking causing discomfort ill-fitting

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