Đồng nghĩa của indelicate

Alternative for indelicate

Trái nghĩa: delicate,

Tính từ

Having or showing a lack of sensitive understanding or tact
indiscreet tactless undiplomatic brash graceless ill-advised imprudent inadvisable injudicious insensitive unwise impolitic rash foolish ill-considered careless hasty misguided incautious ill-judged foolhardy reckless inexpedient irresponsible unthinking short-sighted inconsiderate inappropriate maladroit thoughtless stupid unsubtle silly untactful impulsive unpolitic wrong-headed gauche crude gruff clumsy harsh rough bungling inept unpolished blundering awkward vulgar heedless precipitate overhasty untimely wrong undesirable boorish crass unwary negligent senseless improvident blunt unsuitable hare-brained ill-conceived asinine risky uncivil sharp unperceptive spur-of-the-moment unguarded ill-timed hot-headed dumb temerarious inane unadvisable unconsidered childish unsound naive immature unfortunate unintelligent misconceived unsensible unadvised pointless improper inconvenient unrecommended harebrained leaving self wide open playing with fire off the deep end not recommended unseemly ill-thought-out garrulous infelicitous nosy crazy crackpot mechanical unmindful madcap badly planned daft crackbrained half-baked confused cock-eyed hotheaded instinctive unconscious inadvertent absent-minded off the top of one's head unintended neglectful remiss automatic spontaneous involuntary unpremeditated unintentional unwitting reflex intuitive oblivious witless feckless vacant unmeant brutish unreasoning outrageous napping unheeding unsophisticated coarse uncouth tasteless callous straightforward heavy-handed like a bull in a china shop impetuous mindless irrational headlong inattentive wild devil-may-care offhand slapdash casual harum-scarum indifferent regardless unthought-out premature unobservant unreasonable unreasoned impromptu precipitous unconcerned idiotic hurried nonsensical sloppy forgetful brainless sudden passionate adventurous illogical snap determined precipitant nonchalant venturesome venturous lax unstudied daredevil blind unplanned headstrong nonrational slipshod unwatchful unprepared unsafe furious daring audacious cursory uncircumspect off-the-cuff superficial jumping to conclusions slack disregardful undiscerning knee-jerk ad hoc trivial uncaring insouciant lackadaisical throwaway indiscriminate extemporaneous credulous rushed blithe bold hell-for-leather over-adventurous meaningless fiery frenzied insuppressible tearaway scatterbrained frivolous impractical reactive feather-brained helter-skelter passing quick flighty unalert unvigilant off-guard imbecilic kamikaze clueless moronic ignorant empty-headed shallow ad-lib damfool uncritical lightweight myopic near-sighted derelict untroubled parenthetical lazy short-term imperceptive ludicrous delinquent unjustifiable unworried lamebrained incoherent groundless laughable improvised futile idiotical simpleminded irreflective airy lamebrain extempore unscientific fruitless birdbrained neglecting overbold demented insane ridiculous unrehearsed kooky loony nutty improvisational gadarene dim-witted half-witted oscitant extemporary wacky flying behindhand careless of uncontrolled off-the-wall cavalier offhanded dozy unreflective pell-mell drive-by over-venturesome abrupt death-or-glory swift unexpected featherbrained fast and loose uncareful asleep at switch any old way down and dirty badly thought out off the cuff not thought through mistaken random cool gratuitous prejudiced wholesale unquestioning suicidal short-range no-nonsense resolute restricted unsagacious direct astigmatic limited misjudged unthoughtful shortsighted wanton abstracted giddy implicit undiscriminating overconfident unsympathetic ditsy default barbarous barbaric unduly quick spur of the moment deaf apathetic listless self-destructive detached incidental uncreative unimaginative adventuresome overventuresome dispassionate without preparation off the hip off the top of head uncalled for unsmart breakneck carefree capricious absurd unheedful incurious slovenly relaxed off one's guard lacking foresight bull-in-a-china-shop out of control whimsical uninhibited laid-back violent emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed happy-go-lucky failing to take proper care eager fierce ardent easy-going unpredictable abandoned preposterous impassioned vehement unbridled unrestrained peremptory flippant hectic unmeditated perfunctory speedy unreflecting swaggering breezy uncautious wary fervid subitaneous restive heedless of illegitimate invalid mad inconsequent inconsequential implausible baseless untenable fallacious unfounded weak arbitrary jumping the gun winging it inattentive to disregardful of flakey specious unstable freaky cockamamie barmy distraught raving aberrant reasonless disconnected sophistic delirious disjointed paying no heed to neglectful of blind to unheeding of regardless of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention oblivious to fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth flaky asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out not careful asleep on the job without regard going off deep end free and easy unarranged on-the-spot improvisatory extemporized asleep at the switch out to lunch unscripted uncontrived natural flawed ad lib incorrect faulty contradictory extemporised undesigned glib simplistic trifling barratrous dilatory indolent ad libitum schematic insubstantial simple not planned blameworthy culpable slothful tardy defaultant inconsistent daydreaming reprehensible slow woolgathering uninterested fainéant facile frothy flimsy empty surface sketchy oversimplified puerile hollow off beam way out off the wall vain skin-deep petty wishy-washy piddling unscholarly farcical one-dimensional paltry not well thought out without foundation without basis not making sense at fault asleep on job any which way

Tính từ

Offensive, embarrassing, or tasteless
vulgar coarse indecent crude gross rude improper obscene blue unseemly earthy indecorous bawdy embarrassing low offensive Rabelaisian racy ribald dirty filthy impure lewd risqué smutty suggestive tasteless unrefined lascivious licentious naughty nudge-nudge off-colour raw salacious unbecoming untoward X-rated barro fruity immodest off colour raunchy saucy bad-mannered base brutish callow impolite lowbred off-color outrageous unblushing uncouth untactful near the bone near the knuckle profane foul crass pornographic rough nasty spicy adult wanton gamy trashy vile locker-room inelegant gutter scatological porny unprintable stag scatologic inappropriate boorish lowbrow unpolished titillating immoral prurient sordid sexy foul-mouthed uncultured wicked graceless cheap salty broad raffish ill-bred uncultivated rough-hewn erotic tactless common rugged roughneck steamy porno distasteful depraved incult ungentlemanly unladylike indiscreet disgusting shameless scurrilous scandalous uncivil in bad taste porn explicit churlish loutish off unmannerly juicy gamey insensible ill-mannered awkward discourteous blasphemous colourful undignified illiberal off-colored colorful hard-core unfitting oafish unsuitable unacceptable abusive in poor taste debased uncivilized close to the bone ungraceful insensitive discreditable clumsy unsophisticated lecherous corrupt tacky dishonourable shocking shameful sleazy tawdry gauche out of keeping undiplomatic lustful unclean unchaste dishonorable provocative unbefitting uncivilised unworthy mean gruff disreputable arousing wrong unwholesome sexual inept ignoble loose rustic libidinous barbaric unsavoury ungodly degenerate stiff obnoxious unsavory loud low-minded incorrect inapt vulgarian unfit taboo inapposite barbarian perverse incongruous unhappy amiss unapt infelicitous malapropos rakish sinful malodorous scabrous skin sick ungracious exciting odious unvirtuous blunt rank inconsiderate ignominious contemptible soft-core blundering out of place philistine shady carnal concupiscent purple bad uneasy dissolute uncomfortable low-down-and-dirty thoughtless ignorant disgraceful cloddish stilted maladroit tempting Fescennine seductive hard corrupting unceremonious stimulating stupid exploitative repulsive cheeky brusque randy malicious profligate curt lowdown and dirty mucky foulmouthed lowering bearish gaudy lubricious wrongful questionable lurid provincial unsubtle heavy sickening unconventional shoddy lusty ungallant debauched ungainly rustical uneducated degrading sensual hot iniquitous evil yobbish harsh wretched despicable gruesome primitive outlandish dishonest poor wooden impolitic injudicious ill-judged devilish gawky obtuse plebeian squalid unlovely savage abhorrent undecorous abominable lumpish barbarous disrespectful out of the way beyond the pale low-down loud-mouthed unpleasant ill-chosen forward bold daring mature undesirable ruttish fresh brazen revolting unrestrained sizzling illicit Philistine sooty lively entertaining bashful nauseating unrighteous unequitable reprehensible unrightful unjust vicious scurvy ill-suited unsuited ridiculous craggy slippery villainous sneaking fractious rogue grody corporeal voluptuous fleshly bizarre unmannered sketchy sly rascally sexually suggestive brash insulting seamy louche seedy gritty fast libertine incontinent goatish amoral mannerless dirty-minded profaned desecrated parochial backward immature ithyphallic Cyprian not pure plebby hooligan in the gutter low-down and dirty out of line barnyard excessive troglodytic low-bred untimely unhandsome unfair unworthy of undue uncomely unseasonable unsettling affronting vilifying colloquial vituperative derisive unutterable unscrupulous ungenteel impertinent clownish disgracious rough and ready sleazoid classless hick hillbilly backwoods unprincipled lacking in propriety ill-advised tough flashy garish common as muck clodhopping slobbish grubby grimy reprobate dour severe brutal bluff Neanderthal rowdy ruffian execrable slavish humble snide infamous servile abject petty currish detestable menial paltry ostentatious flash showy forbidding fierce stern austere roughcast grim inviting meretricious naff tatty uncalled-for heavy-handed cruel untutored intimidating louring grievous steely stark inhuman tantalizing alluring kitsch loathsome sorry lowly pitiful ugly worthless flinty onerous ungentle artless bitter hardhanded oppressive godless ornate useless hideous pretentious foolish unsightly unclassy trivial artificial makeshift wild lumbering clunky gangling dense murderous cheap and nasty inexpert unskilful irreligious impious unholy demeaning witless asinine sheepish farmyard debasing shaming belittling cheapening humiliating mortifying irreverent atheistic slinky passionate sensuous like a bull in a china shop with two left feet unworldly bovine doltish inglorious shy geeky come-hither piquant coquettish sexually arousing amorous sexually exciting flirtatious heathen pagan sacrilegious non-theistic socially lacking lacking in social grace embarrassed nerdy socially anxious lacking in social graces socially incompetent socially inept self-conscious ill at ease socially awkward vacuous thick mindless kinky tarty fiendish demonic pig-ignorant intriguing tantalising enticing encouraging bewitching interesting beguiling enchanting intoxicating heady infernal satanic diabolical malevolent unhallowed

Tính từ

Not appropriate to
unbefitting inappropriate unsuitable unseemly unbecoming indecorous untoward inapt infelicitous malapropos inapposite unfit wrong unfitting incongruous unsuited inopportune incorrect inexpedient inept unapt untimely inapplicable undue unseasonable awkward inadvisable discordant inharmonious unwarranted irregular discrepant erroneous inadmissible imprudent inaccurate uncomely indecent abnormal preposterous ludicrous odd false immodest naughty ill-timed ill-advised uncalled-for out of place out-of-place out-of-season off-base out of line at odds bad form improper perverse amiss graceless injudicious unhappy malodorous rough improprietous uncouth ungodly undesirable impolitic unacceptable indiscreet incautious lacking in propriety ill-judged beyond the pale out of keeping ill-considered ill-suited out of order insensitive tactless irrelevant incompatible ineligible immaterial misplaced misguided unprofessional unqualified impertinent inadequate objectionable unfitted inadequate for not up to scratch ineligible for ill-suited to unsuitable for unequipped for unfitted for unprepared for inappropriate to ill-adapted not designed not designed for not germane unsuited to ill-adapted to unworthy not qualified not good enough not up to snuff immoral dishonourable illegitimate unethical dishonest corrupt unscrupulous crooked not cricket against the rules dishonorable not suitable tasteless unladylike unfortunate ungentlemanly regrettable inapropos disproportionate off inconsonant left-field ill-chosen ill-fitted in poor taste foot-in-mouth in bad taste not proper way off inefficient uncool useless ineffective extraneous irrelative unworthy of not equal to not good enough for no good not pertinent unallowable invalid unreasonable impermissible prohibited forbidden precluded disallowed ill-favored excluded unsatisfactory unadmittable unwelcome not allowable exceptionable barred incompetent censored not acceptable banned unadmissible unwanted not appropriate beside the point ill-favoured

Tính từ

Not of polished manners
impolite disrespectful rude discourteous ungracious bad-mannered boorish churlish ill-bred rough uncivil unmannerly ill-mannered insolent loutish unrefined indecorous ungentlemanly ungallant unladylike uncouth audacious brassy cheeky derogatory impertinent impudent inconsiderate insulting offensive pert brash crude fresh ignorant lippy thoughtless uncalled-for unhandsome unmannered vulgar contumelious disgracious irritable malapert mannerless moody oafish sullen underbred insensitive tactless unkind undiplomatic uncharitable sharp short unceremonious curt brusque crass presumptuous graceless blunt coarse offhand unchivalrous abrupt disparaging uncomplimentary uncaring smart-alecky ungenteel flip inaffable antisocial asocial unmindful unthoughtful indiscreet disagreeable abusive selfish self-centered unpleasant arrogant manlike tomboyish mannish unwomanly hoydenish unfeminine cocky self-centred surly brazen smart alecky mouthy gruff overbearing out-of-line insubordinate disdainful peremptory intrusive crabbed yokelish bounderish disregardful uncourteous apathetic sassy cavalier rustic inurbane crusty unthinking careless intolerant unconcerned unsympathetic heedless callous heartless incautious hasty reckless unfair unfeeling unconsiderate misbehaved gross badly behaved untactful uncivilized bold unfriendly low-bred uncivilised loud-mouthed uncultured loud blundering regardless injudicious unperceptive tart uncultivated bearish off ill-behaved ill-humored offish gauche unpolished ill-humoured hostile terse exclusive unaware prejudiced inappropriate tacky raunchy raw cheap roughneck common self-assertive self-confident vivacious inhospitable unfortunate contemptuous un-PC irreverent indecent ungentlemanlike flippant scornful derisive politically incorrect sacrilegious aweless saucy snippy profane unfilial blasphemous nervy impious profanatory frank hurtful outspoken impolitic cruel bluff plain-spoken uncalled for speaking as one finds calling a spade a spade

Tính từ

Lacking in humility
immodest bold forward brazen shameless presumptuous impudent indecorous fresh indiscreet unashamed unblushing cheeky coarse familiar free overfamiliar presuming pushy bold as brass brass-necked indecent improper unseemly naughty saucy unabashed insolent barefaced audacious brash blatant rude brassy impertinent cocky sassy unembarrassed nervy pert overbold wise arrant flagrant smart-alecky flip smart assuming contumelious abandoned brazen-faced bumptious procacious overconfident boldfaced wanton cool malapert confident flippant hardened disrespectful depraved profligate outrageous bald-faced incorrigible dissolute unprincipled reprobate cocksure arch brassbound lewd immoral unchaste high-handed bold-faced assumptive off-base defiant brazenfaced irreverent unshrinking forthright unrepentant undisguised gritty snippety self-assured coming on strong unapologetic amoral cute smart-aleck smarty-pants facetious corrupt feisty overt lippy in-your-face unreserved insubordinate unconcealed remorseless transparent impenitent forceful spirited arrogant discourteous unmannerly insulting impolite mouthy without shame intrusive not backwards in coming forwards bad-mannered unconcerned overweening ill-mannered ill-bred aggressive over-free daring uninhibited undismayed undaunted direct overassertive overfree uppity overfriendly thrusting spunky tawdry hotshot loud flashy gutsy meretricious bantam unduly familiar obtrusive as bold as brass fearless unflinching unawed bare-faced chatting up making passes at making advances towards self-assertive abashless composed unshamed poised unrestrained unaffected over-assertive

Tính từ

Rather rude, curt or abrupt in speech or manner
blunt bluff frank brusque forthright straightforward plain-spoken abrupt curt short unceremonious candid direct outspoken downright unequivocal gruff harsh point-blank sharp terse undiplomatic bald bare brutal caustic crisp explicit rude simple stark unadorned upfront brusk crusty hard-hitting impolite short-spoken snippy tactless to the point trenchant undisguised unembellished unqualified unvarnished discourteous uncivil unpolished brief honest matter-of-fact no-nonsense snappy uncompromising pulling no punches not beating about the bush straight-shooting straight-talking calling a spade a spade straight from the shoulder not mincing one's words speaking one's mind snappish brisk tart rough offhand abrasive surly churlish unmannerly monosyllabic peremptory not afraid to call a spade a spade decisive vigorous businesslike cavalier dusty plain open straight unreserved plainspoken unambiguous forthcoming sincere free-spoken truthful openhearted unguarded up-front freehearted uninhibited outright up front ingenuous clear transparent out-front categorical free foursquare guileless round ungracious artless real unconcealed naked laconic clear-cut unmistakable bare-faced natural pithy lay it on the line from the hip like it is patent genuine crude realistic warts and all impatient breviloquent barefaced obvious concise saying what one thinks brazen call a spade a spade aboveboard unrestricted clipped succinct express flat-out true to life straight-out absolute definite distinct manifest unexaggerated upright impetuous complete apparent snippety crystal clear speaking as one finds pointed talking turkey compact certain summary compendious straight-from-the-shoulder bold unevasive epigrammatic blatant man-to-man specific vocal elliptical unsparing unveiled aphoristic unfiltered evident exact thumbnail plain-speaking sententious gnomic palpable bad-tempered apothegmatic telegraphic capsule elliptic lucid point blank straight to the point perspicuous ill-tempered raw unfeigned compendiary short and sweet short-tempered bearish off open-and-shut calling spade a spade laying it on the line flat tetchy unadulterated positive unrestrained severe undissembling condensed total incisive unstinting unambivalent pure undeniable economical nonambiguous unmitigated overt well defined definitive undissembled precise unreticent utter luculent emphatic easy familiar naive scrupulous heart-to-heart fair neat literal pellucid univocal sheer ringing decided luminous understandable broad out-and-out on the level not beating around the bush bald-faced boiled down clearly expressed bright-line cut to the bone in a nutshell on the nose open and shut testy gritty brutally honest irascible forward imperious unfriendly authentic petulant grumpy off-the-record basic thoughtless hearty vociferous glaring graceless flagrant unconstrained callous inelegant rushed bad-mannered ill-mannered crabbed intolerant good-natured genial approachable fundamental heartless strident opinionated square unmodified communicative sullen grim friendly tight no beating around the bush ill-natured blustering cheery loud impertinent sharp-tongued innocent synoptic economic crotchety crabby grouchy taciturn above board speaking straight from the shoulder hard austere no lie sour cross not pulling any punches for real cold unornamented plain vanilla undecorated in few words in a few well-chosen words unbiased unprejudiced ill-humoured offish out of sorts patchy threadbare worn frontal unpretended parrhesiastic angry boorish boisterous nasty morose saturnine truculent ill-humored on the up and up common right up front over-literal lacking subtlety lacking nuance unimaginative unmixed telling it like it is indubitable incontrovertible indisputable entire mere unblurred rank bodacious dead categoric crashing deadly profound blank very thoroughgoing cotton-picking consummate thorough unconditional stone plumb dreadful regular perfect arrant blooming comprehensible incontestable uncontestable unquestionable undisputable intelligible pure and simple lucent crystal limpid uncorrupted wholesome no catch detailed close cryptic taut lean easily understood black and white self-evident cut-and-dried crystal-clear no holds barred no ifs ands or buts no strings attached no fine print nailed-on straight out black-and-white all-out comprehensive minute exhaustive sure accurate stated easily understandable

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