Đồng nghĩa của prohibited

Alternative for prohibited

prohibits, prohibited, prohibiting

Đồng nghĩa: ban, bar, deny, deter, disallow, foil, forbid, prevent, restrict, thwart, veto,

Trái nghĩa: allow,

Tính từ

Not to be permitted or allowed
banned barred forbidden proscribed taboo verboten illegal outlawed vetoed contraband disallowed embargoed illicit impermissible interdicted not allowed tabu criminal crooked haram illegitimate no-no not permitted refused restricted shady tapu unlawful wildcat off limits against the law closed down no go non licet not approved out of bounds out of line unauthorized unauthorised unsanctioned felonious unlicensed excluded actionable wrongful unwarranted unofficial lawless black-market bootleg dishonest precluded ruled out unconstitutional unacceptable lawbreaking under the counter under-the-table overruled debarred under the table prosecutable dirty violating off-limits fraudulent not acceptable malfeasant bent heavy improper smuggled hot censored indictable culpable corrupt disqualified punishable racket dodgy wrong inadmissible not legal under-the-counter guilty unspeakable ineffable unapproved unutterable rejected unmentionable uncertified unaccredited rude indecorous impolite offensive closed frowned on disapproved of disbarred nefarious delinquent disapproved ineligible reserved villainous closed-down closed-up disentitled out unwarrantable irregular extralegal beyond the pale clandestine immoral furtive wicked miscreant flagitious adulterous not on sub rosa against the rules off base out of the running outside the law contrary to law in violation of law out-of-bounds undemocratic unallowed bootlegged controlled unclean unpermitted dishonourable criminalized closed off blameworthy dishonorable not accepted criminalised prevented bogus unjustified pirated penal shut out eliminated disgraceful shocking shameful scandalous convictable chargeable off the record obscene indecent not advisable unfit unqualified no-go inaccessible indescribable immodest unprintable condemned responsible not sanctioned embarrassing X-rated unthinkable anathema over the line appalling filthy disreputable atrocious distasteful not to be spoken of unentitled that dare not speak its name legally disqualified unethical disorderly iniquitous unsavory anarchic terrorist black unruly dark bad seditious disruptive mutinying insurgent insurrectionary vile insubordinate anarchical mutinous rebellious noncompliant peccant vicious revolting unrighteous nonconformist sly sinful evil savage anarchistic barbarous ungoverned uncivilised disobedient rotten unsavoury turbulent violent unregulated unpeaceful uncivilized nihilistic disordered racketeering excessive recusant uncultivated warlike infringing contumacious piratical criminogenic transgressing traitorous smoking gun without law and order unprincipled base depraved reprobate degenerate reprehensible unscrupulous dissolute heinous foul erring perverted infamous abominable monstrous ungodly despicable outrageous odious detestable warped scoundrelly unjust perverse egregious morally wrong dissipated unholy diabolical fiendish profane dastardly unfair rascally sacrilegious execrable blasphemous debauched hateful discreditable underhand mean impure unconscionable amoral offending devious contemptible sordid errant irreligious low impious low-down censurable malicious horrible fallen godless ignoble deceitful debased peccable shameless abandoned beastly sinning aberrant blamable deviant knavish condemnable diabolic murderous treacherous sullied tainted roguish profligate cruel wanton sinister underhanded decadent stinking wayward licentious corrupted not cricket two-timing devilish indefensible maleficent answerable unmanageable dreadful untrustworthy abhorrent irreverent straying degraded naughty malevolent deviating ignominious loathsome polygamous bigamous unhealthy disgusting incorrigible liable brutal libertine vitiated pernicious injurious black-hearted blackguardly misbehaving terrible transgressive wild dangerous ruffianly unregenerate reproachable rowdy opprobrious infernal notorious undesirable swindling inhuman deplorable blameful inexcusable undue intemperate blameable lewd inequitable mischievous lascivious raffish venal fallible wretched cheating unworthy repugnant uncontrollable callous double-dealing sick lecherous loose unwholesome rakish demoralized bribable unpleasant at fault prurient louche damnable mercenary lowlife rakehell jackleg prejudicial perfidious faithless rakehelly objectionable caitiff scurvy to blame snide demoralised defiled open nasty heartless harmful unvirtuous questionable in error two-faced low-life in the wrong self-indulgent gone to the dogs fast and loose on the side secret serious mistaken deceiving malign rough intolerable vice-ridden atheistic antisocial inappropriate accursed facinorous groundless cutthroat Machiavellian imputable scungy buccaneering scurrilous satanic malignant faulty blundering flagrant glaring putrid gross triable litigable tortious shy unrespectable shoddy unforgivable unreasonable unnecessary undeserved beyond contempt pillaging plundering thieving exceptionable ill-famed hideous hellish no good convicted uncharitable undignified abject unbecoming sorry ill-reputed cowardly accountable hardened uncalled for good-for-nothing incriminated lamentable servile currish shabby inelegant menial paltry worthless rapacious wolfish impeached reprovable deleterious damaging demeritorious amiss baneful hurtful nocuous adverse noxious baleful detrimental ill tough threatening caught censured biased prejudiced off-color low-minded accusable doomed bad news discriminatory on one's head ruthless merciless deserving blame partisan inhumane risqué contrary troublesome difficult froward unfeeling unkind forbidding slippery bloodthirsty tyrannical shifty brutish bestial unconscientious sadistic scheming inexorable spiteful discriminating partial unequal bigoted thievish smutty salacious corruptible pitiless rancorous disparaging exploitative hard-hearted mean-spirited wrathful demonic crafty scrofulous evil-minded self-seeking vengeful contemptuous grisly conscienceless cold-blooded squalid scornful despiteful harsh virulent vindictive gruesome disdainful grafting buyable gangland underworld weighted distorted intolerant coloured slanted preferential profiteering tricky obnoxious unorthodox badly behaved shifting erratic stray heretic unreliable meandering errable unfaithful extortionate suborned loaded unbalanced uneven arbitrary out of control hollow-hearted on the take unchaste false one-sided petty grievous unrightful non-objective uncalled-for colored off straight and narrow hedonic pervy sleazy libidinous fast lustful concupiscent promiscuous riotous unrestrained indulgent flagitous twisted unconstrained sicko sybaritic kinky unnatural swinging voluptuary violated easy drunken deteriorated dirty-minded fast-living in the fast lane gone bad pleasure-seeking night owl lacking restraint in the gutter high living

Động từ

To have prevented oneself from
helped avoided refrained from stopped averted dodged evaded prevented abstained abstained from bypassed circumvented controlled deflected desisted diverted ducked eluded escaped forbore got around passed up precluded resisted restrained from shied from shirked shook off shrank from sidestepped skipped skipped out on skirted stayed away stayed away from steered clear steered clear of withstood broke the habit of fended off forbore from got out of held off kept from neutralised shunned warded off anticipated arrested blocked checked checkmated compensated for counteracted counterbalanced deterred eschewed forbade forbid forestalled frustrated halted headed off hindered impeded interfered with made up for negated neutralized nullified obviated offset offsetted provided shook stalled staved off stove off ceased declined denied yourself desisted from did without forwent gave up kicked left off refused renounced withheld from hampered constrained restricted obstructed made impossible ruled out gotten around shaken off shrunk from forborne shaken done without given up forborne from broken the habit of gotten out of holpen forgone holp quit cut out cut off quitted shut off discontinued dropped packed in laid off ended knocked off packed up let up finished abandoned put an end to suspended concluded terminated broke off broken off cut short lay off put a stop to canned given over gave over broke broken brake broke up broken up wound up brought to an end passed axed closed relinquished elapsed determined called a halt to dead-ended called it a day laid off of winked out interrupted lapsed expired belayed belaid called it quits died brought to a halt pulled the plug on surceased canceled cancelled rejected abjured cut passed on jacked in dispensed with shut down got off quit cold set aside cut it out left alone put the kibosh on swore off sworn off forsook forsaken snubbed spurned repudiated curbed paused ditched scrapped had done with ignored forswore forsworn stopped oneself from restrained oneself from refrained turned down brought to a stop packed it in come to an end gone went rebuffed dismissed resigned from repealed rescinded waived disapproved sacrificed overlooked completed revoked knocked back aborted abolished went without gone without reprobated eliminated stayed intervened killed baulked at said no to called off scrubbed intermitted gotten off pulled out of reined in remitted come to a stop kicked over cut into come to a halt closed down kept off put paid to forlet not accepted let alone quit cold turkey put the lid on prevented yourself from escaped from left out kicked the habit nipped something in the bud come to a close wrapped up said goodbye to cut dead nipped in the bud come to a standstill prevented oneself from knocked something on the head parted with put a cork in closed out withdrawn withdrew came to an end closed off withheld denied yielded surrendered dissolved stood down from chucked repulsed ceded forewent foregone barred extracted marginalized excised deleted exsected carved usurped removed ousted extirpated severed abrogated excluded isolated disavowed abdicated failed held back from brought to end demurred resolved stilled disregarded discounted resigned caught disturbed demurred at stemmed hobbled annulled staunched abated scratched shelved hesitated deselected nixed faltered adjourned brushed aside wavered sundered phased out immobilized recessed checked out from backed off from forfeited balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled bucked given a rest came to a stop died away laid aside left faded away refused to take advantage of gave a rest disunited brought to standstill resisted the temptation to wiped out got shut of wound down rounded out came to a halt parted from turned your back on achieved petered out winded something up fizzled out drawn to a close surceased from checked oneself gave a wide berth to kiboshed eighty-sixed looked down one's nose at missed switched off dissevered hung it up pulled up finished with stopped trying stopped work passed by wiggle-waggled sewed up ultimated fetched up come off cried off drew to a close disjoined jacked something in opted out of settled succeeded came to a standstill gave something the chop came to a close backed off marginalised had nothing to do with not touched crowned held at bay not heeded downed tools opted out stemmed the flow given something the chop died down given a wide berth to ended up separated rounded off immobilised finished off hung back consummated brought to a close negatived disposed of pulled the plug jilted rested called it quits on held up sat out parted spelled disconnected wrapped divorced retired from wrapt held back come to rest stopped doing shilly-shallied interposed balked at topped off culminated brought to a standstill sewn up brought up dusted off ceased to indulge in withholden yolden yold carven corve extraught frozen froze backed out of broke into broken into lain by lay by got done got shot of gotten shot of gotten done taken the cure gotten on the wagon took the cure got on the wagon drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on came to rest drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand threw in the towel thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge thrown in the towel gave something a miss given something a miss gave the thumbs down to thrown out came off threw out given the thumbs down to gotten rid of blown off did away with got rid of blew off done away with bagged it went cold turkey gone cold turkey taken away took out took away taken out wrote off withdrawn from threw up written off withdrew from thrown up broke with forgot about broken with forgotten about given the red light shook one's head gave the thumbs down given the thumbs down shaken one's head gave the red light

Động từ

Past tense for to prohibit or interdict the use, participation or inclusion of
forbid forbade forbidden banned outlawed interdicted proscribed barred disallowed vetoed enjoined embargoed restrained tabooed criminalised criminalized debarred blocked cooled corked excluded forfended froze frozen gridlocked halted inhibited killed made illegal nixed ruled out spiked stymied zinged bottled up boxed in hung up held up jammed up locked up passed on placed an embargo on put down shut out tied up kept lid on put chill on brought to screeching halt put a lock on put a stopper in put half nelson on threw cold water on thrown cold water on poured cold water on prevented precluded stopped put a stop to put an end to rejected obstructed restricted hindered impeded checked thwarted dismissed denied blackballed boycotted put the kibosh on obviated forestalled refused eliminated counteracted curbed warded off estopped foiled excepted defeated disqualified averted banished baulked deterred frustrated arrested ostracized held back put paid to balked blacked suspended quashed ostracised nullified repudiated hampered suppressed withheld avoided disapproved retarded staved off stove off turned down circumvented counted out opposed disregarded countered let limited blacklisted canceled cancelled derailed rebuffed set aside beat cut off stonewalled cut repressed closed out crimped invalidated passed by headed off scuppered cut out negated put an embargo on steered clear of put a brake on disentitled nipped in the bud put the lid on interrupted declined cramped negatived declared ineligible scotched bated expelled interfered with spurned spoiled spoilt fettered ruined trammeled trammelled passed up stalled said no to warded stood in the way of defended against left out knocked back withholden thrown out threw out disenabled overruled censored shut down declared illegal destroyed gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to overturned forbid to censured squashed evaded disabled deprived quit kept out circumnavigated put the chill on discounted bypassed hamstrung hamstringed omitted dashed shut off skirted sidestepped ignored wrecked disrupted iced out slowed put the stopper on upset ceased crushed froze out frozen out reprobated shut out of declared null and void put out passed discountenanced discouraged neutralized baffled encumbered handicapped slowed down locked out intercepted revoked shot down crippled missed out stifled snubbed outwitted stumped held off hobbled gave the red light to given the red light to turned aside fended off passed over shut the door on neutralised annulled chilled put on brakes put an stop to let slide cast aside put off left out in the cold upset the applecart put a damper on put on hit list condemned done for did for redlit doomed redlighted sentenced unfitted curst cursed illegalized declared taboo outvoted plugged rendered reversed disowned countermanded incapacitated placed injunction on placed an injunction on said no escaped exiled closed down officially forbid closed up letten leet disclaimed disavowed abjured removed ousted bounced disbarred forbidden to extinguished ended disfranchised impaired eighty-sixed paralyzed weakened paralysed downed ruled against ejected evicted quitted dropped disacknowledged discontinued quelled occluded sidelined discluded denied access to constrained disappointed stoppered discarded deflected penalised penalized dissuaded from repulsed smashed shattered beaten made it impracticable for burnt made impossible burned made it impossible for dissented shunned bridled shackled refused to admit not counted missed declared incapable kept stayed juked ditched crashed unsettled kept back begrudged refused admittance prevented from entering sent to Coventry contravened disfellowshipped damped disfellowshiped refused permission to recanted abolished dished queered clogged embarrassed smothered handcuffed short-circuited hog-tied manacled dissuaded forced out elided made something punishable snookered confronted saved helped pre-empted not gone for made impracticable reined in struck checkmated discomfited voted against overleaped overpassed deselected skipped pretermitted overleapt disadvised dampened scared diverted bit fazed bitted reduced sandbagged withheld patronage fouled up banjaxed dammed stemmed the flow of slighted gave something a miss licked imposed sanctions not bothered closed one's doors to declared something a punishable offence kept off screwed up kept from failed to include turned your back on anticipated refrained from conquered kept in kept at bay dispensed with skipped over not considered given something a miss held in held aloof from dashed one's hope not made the cut overcome cold-shouldered had nothing to do with refused admission to washed one's hands of turned off cramped one's style failed to mention refused to employ rendered null and void brushed off refused entrance to refused to take part in considered undesirable brought to an end left off factored out staved stove held down talked out of stayed away from given the red light gave the red light gotten out of got out of overthrown overthrew officially forbidden overrode overridden thrown threw taken wind out of took wind out of taken down took down threw away thrown away holp holpen drove out driven out given thumbs down gave thumbs down stricken gotten rid of got rid of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works of given the run around gave the run around overcame took out taken out forgot about forgotten about acted like a wet blanket gave the cold shoulder to given the cold shoulder to given the brush-off to gave the brush-off to gave a wide berth to given a wide berth to abstained from thrown over gave thumbs down to given thumbs down to threw over balked at gave the thumbs down given the thumbs down

Động từ

Past tense for to impede the work or ability of, especially intending to cause failure
obstructed hindered impeded hampered inhibited blocked checked curbed restrained frustrated encumbered restricted handicapped trammelled trammeled fettered cramped shackled retarded delayed hamstrung hamstringed halted hobbled barred forestalled limited manacled handcuffed balked baulked embarrassed stalled interrupted slowed derailed cumbered stayed bridled stonewalled borked interfered sabotaged crabbed sandbagged throttled obscured screened complicated held up held back interfered with hog-tied short-circuited slowed down tied up hung up put a brake on stood in the way of got in the way gotten in the way got in the way of gotten in the way of weighed down monkeyed with set back shut out arrested thwarted stopped stymied foiled prevented deterred curtailed crippled opposed constrained clogged bottlenecked baffled muzzled crimped burdened neutralized neutralised choked contravened debarred resisted counteracted loused up boxed in threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works threw a spanner in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of entangled shut down confined cramped one's style tied disrupted bound caught braked suspended scuppered discontinued put off chained cut off dragged one's feet shut off bounden stilled ruined circumscribed controlled brake regulated paused constricted held shelved moderated detained decelerated stood fenced frozen froze netted ensnared enmeshed captured debilitated inconvenienced leashed imposed limits on setted limits on straitened snagged dammed rattled fazed discomfited brought up pulled up entrapped disconcerted intermitted fetched up hemmed in tethered tied one's hands come to a standstill kept back not moved petered out stood off fouled up screwed up warded off closed off gave a hard time given a hard time saddled with holden drawn up drew up came to a standstill

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