Đồng nghĩa của crowned

Alternative for crowned

crowns, crowned, crowning

Đồng nghĩa: crest, decorate, glorify, head, honor, peak, reward, ridge, summit, tiara, top,

Trái nghĩa: discrown,


To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished concluded achieved finalized fulfilled consummated nailed accomplished did effectuated executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off rounded out sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated put the finishing touches to put finishing touch on put the finishing touch to put the final touches to put the tin lid on climaxed closed setted the seal on attained culminated effected clinched made good followed through with put into effect brought to a close put lid on reached put the lid on topped it off put away carried through done sewn up discharged refined produced made bagged gotten through gone through with done thoroughly went whole hog went the limit gone whole hog gone the limit called a day buttoned down folded up determined knocked off made short work of brought to perfection mopped up idealised wrapped capped off added the finishing touches to cleaned up idealized reached the summit of got out of the way gotten out of the way taken care of canned took care of implemented brought about put through pulled off brought off perpetrated put into action administered put into practice enacted prosecuted enforced applied negotiated put into operation observed engineered conducted compassed committed met wrought imposed put in force kept succeeded in managed followed complied with satisfied acted upon filled transacted delivered on caused obeyed inflicted engendered contrived made to happen made happen delivered wreaked hit scored conformed to acted in accordance with followed through on lived up to abided by acted out created honored operated heeded redeemed exercised administrated worked honoured exacted catalyzed rendered dispatched catalysed stuck to made it dealt with notched up kept to got there stood by respected affected put in place generated organized reified originated brought incarnated bestowed started held followed up on actionized materialized set up yielded spawned prompted invoked induced served made real undertook engaged answered actioned brought to pass bred cut handled swung dealt out sanctified run with the ball organised brought to bear put over made concrete put screws to materialised acquitted oneself of put on acted according to made it through racked up served out delivered the goods brought to completion adhered to responded to meted out come through carried to completion chalked up cut the mustard clocked up survived kept faith with set in made the grade fit the bill put across had acted on underwent took care of business taken care of business directed established launched objectified unleashed fixed dealt undertaken issued vented tackled pursued formed appeared sprung commenced initiated dawned provoked took called forth employed enabled pulled plied visited expressed occasioned indulged symbolized portrayed represented began upheld begun occupied precipitated actuated yolden yold worked on caused to happen caused to occur accommodated acted staged gratified secured minded run officiated begot begat begotten processed exerted adopted acknowledged were responsible for was responsible for transgressed been responsible for presented struck earned kindled hitten brought on came through translated into assigned brought home the bacon acquitted sailed through started in on followed out brought to life regarded played out turned out squared with doled out done justice to embraced goose-stepped to dispensed brought into play acquited checked with hammered out ticked pressed distributed gained fulfillment pulled something off followed through conquered paid regard to had regard to reorganized cooperated with hacked measured up to wielded coped with fulfilled your potential wrecked got done nailed it authorised passed muster yielded to made a reality manipulated landed thrashed out earned wings corporealized submitted to laid on succeeded harmonized with forced upon brought into being deferred to made work forced acquired worked out buttoned up ran with the ball paid attention to matched up to arrived at carried on catered to symbolised brought into effect did justice to logged authorized tallied with seized reorganised turned the trick cohered with disposed of consecrated saw through provided the means for performed according to gotten done commanded chorded with filled the bill accommodated to followed up mediated coincided with seen through undergone arose arisen broke broken sprang brake arranged for given rise to gave rise to upholden stricken taken notice of took notice of took action on taken action on rung up rang up went that route did to a turn done to a turn gone that route taken up took up did proud bore out done proud borne out ran fallen in with fell in with assented to went along with agreed to gone along with taken did the trick done to a T did the job done the job did to a T done the trick lay on gave free rein to given free rein to gave vent to given vent to been through upped and done gone through upped and did went through drawn on drew on engagde in engaged in given life gave life done business did business seen to saw to


Past tense for to hit or strike, especially on the head
hit hitten struck stricken punched cuffed knocked socked bashed clouted wallopped walloped biffed bopped welted slugged decked thwacked banged smashed smote smit smitten smited busted buffeted buffetted floored boxed whaled dotted lammed boffed quilted sloshed donged swinged swonge swongen clocked plugged dinged brained conked concussed skulled stunned clonked beaned coshed hit on the head hit over the head sticked one on someone beat pummelled thumped smacked belted whacked swiped let someone have it whomped slapped pounded slammed swatted clipped clobbered battered thrashed hammered pummeled licked sticked one on drubbed cracked rapped batted clapped slogged hooked whipped caned knocked into the middle of next week pelted rained blows on bludgeoned nailed pasted bobbed bonked zapped tagged lambasted laid into laid one on beaten flogged sucker-punched belaboured tanned jabbed birched basted pitched into laced into belabored beat the living daylights out of lashed spanked larruped larrupped whopped blasted clubbed uppercut thudded chinned popped cudgelled cudgeled thrust zonked let fly let have it knocked around given someone a drubbing gave someone a beating gave someone a drubbing given someone a beating given someone a good beating gave someone a good beating gave someone a hiding given someone a hiding gave someone a good drubbing given someone a good drubbing given someone a good hiding gave someone a good hiding beatbeat the living daylights out of the living daylights out of hacked chopped filliped whammed stroked attacked poked switched whapped plumped striped picked flailed laced trashed lathered percussed stoned tonked lobbed pelleted whanged blitzed kicked tapped dabbed clumped impacted bumped crashed collided impinged rammed assaulted thrusted impelled knocked out KO'd boxed someone's ears roughed up knocked about laid a finger on blew blown rode roughshod ridden roughshod done over did over given a black eye gave a black eye hid worked over paddled mauled pommeled pommelled whupped slated threshed tromped fibbed curried bunged up messed up punched out lit into hidden skelped bruised hurt hit out at beat up on beat up punished did done maltreated hit hard set on set about set upon assailed abused strapped injured flagellated mashed drummed lashed out aimed blows at beaten up patted wound wounded forged driven drove broke broken brake stabbed mugged scudded harmed jumped crushed trounced blipped bushwhacked totalled totaled beset weighed into impaired hit for six defaced contused chastised leathered disabled lacerated sailed into pounced upon mangled mutilated maimed hit out let one have it got stuck into lashed out at put out let fly at had a go at cut put over one's knee put someone over your knee tore into torn into plunged felled levelled manhandled mistreated roughhoused leveled flattened sent blackened ambushed aggressed drew drawn pushed dug flayed malleated overwhelmed sicced spiked booted discoloured marred marked duked thumped on knocked on scourged horsewhipped bothered besieged afflicted chipped bammed propelled run caught swung at swang at defeated bombarded hung one on swung damaged harassed slippered cowhided rawhided slashed given someone a hot bottom gave someone a hot bottom blemished planted one blistered cooked jackhammered sticked stuck dashed filled in fell upon fallen upon landed a punch descended on chopped down descended upon physically attacked wiped jumped on wrecked brutalised disfigured lamed crippled brutalized blacked discolored knocked cold dashed against slapped around butted twacked rained blows upon pounced on grazed gashed incapacitated struck at turned on boxed somebody's ears tanned one's hide caused injury to come down on scratched banged up hauled off on jumped down one's throat socked it to someone duffed someone up knocked for a loop pinched made black knocked block off laid siege to caused pain to pulverized knocked over knocked down trimmed scraped turned to violence pulverised sank sunken sunk fell bore down borne down screwed ran took out taken out assaulted physically went in on gone in on gone for went for came down on gave somebody a hiding given somebody a hiding given someone a licking gave someone a licking


Past tense for to (officially) appoint someone in a given position
inaugurated appointed designated ordained named nominated assigned inducted selected constituted enlisted placed enrolled detailed employed engaged deputed hired recruited contracted booked commissioned co-opted signed up book installed delegated elected authorized authorised cast charged empowered decreed made deputized adopted mandated ordered deputised chosen chose accredited allocated invested set established put down for picked allotted tapped slotted tagged tabbed posted created set up voted committed drafted draughted legislated passed enacted enjoined called instituted referred identified laid down put in place installed as farmed out fixed voted in pegged marked decided on pinned down settled on put foot down set down put finger on found founded entrusted tasked stationed sent started initiated promoted formed originated conscripted dubbed introduced innovated developed chartered planted shaped organized launched pioneered selected for intrusted downlinked installed in dispersed downloaded dispensed referenced licenced licensed warranted found employment for organised detailed for decided on for ordained in stipulated for invested in instituted in inducted in frocked anointed consecrated commanded relegated found a job for doled out held responsible hung on dictated advanced determined specified flagged trusted placed trust in consigned appropriated decided announced declared ruled taken on took on lay down earmarked labeled labelled handpicked opted pronounced directed prescribed branded denoted resolved ascribed favoured preferred fingered favored indicated recognized concluded figured recognised classified proposed plumped for cherry-picked outsourced dealt opted for proclaimed singled out subcontracted settled upon walked heavy blessed buttoned down pointed out dealt with laid down the law blest foresaid imposed contracted out pointed to adjudged conferred holy orders on began begun shope chose for chosen for sworn in given nod gave nod swore in


Past tense for to envelop completely and hide from view
enshrouded cloaked covered shrouded hid hidden veiled clouded concealed obscured blanketed enveloped enfolded enwrapped masked swathed buried carpeted coated overlaid overlayed overlay palled submerged surrounded wrapped belied capped curtained disguised occulted overlain overspread screened suppressed topped mantled paved shielded extended over papered over blotted out spread over layered caked encrusted smeared besmeared bedaubed daubed clothed clad plastered faced superimposed draped sheeted encased crested surmounted plugged stopped finished overtopped tipped wrapt camouflaged covered up secreted cached eclipsed blocked out shadowed ensconced put out of sight obstructed shaded stashed dressed up kept hidden kept out of sight blocked separated stifled adumbrated overcast smothered stonewalled darkened blinded dissembled obfuscated muffled withheld hushed up kept secret cast a shadow over swept under the carpet swept under the rug kept dark put a spin on shut out swept something under the carpet put up a smokescreen shut in kept under your hat shut off put in a hole swept something under the rug isolated misrepresented distorted overshadowed minimized falsified befogged censored fogged misted sheltered blurred hazed embedded immersed warped wallpapered minimised bleared beclouded obliterated overclouded dimmed bedimmed engulfed enclosed gagged redacted shuttered pettifogged hindered bemisted obnubilated stowed dislimned planted murked benighted blackened muted burked muzzled banned fronted bearded cupped tucked airbrushed cocooned coloured misinterpreted made light of secluded proscribed outlawed withholden miscolored twisted perverted misled misstated colored garbled dissimulated closed hemmed girt umbraged sheathed girded blanked out whitewashed masqueraded bushed up boarded up kept silent about tucked away glossed over drawn a veil over stowed away walled off made up made inconspicuous trumped up drew a veil over stopped something being overheard sunken sunk sank did on the sly done on the sly gave a false account of given a false idea of given a false account of gave a false idea of


Past tense for to bring to, or come to, an end
concluded ended closed finished ceased stopped terminated completed halted lapsed consummated culminated discontinued expired cinched desisted dissolved elapsed quit quitted ultimated closed out finished off rounded off rounded out wound up wrapped up broke off broken off broke up broken up brought to a close knocked off topped off called a halt to dead-ended drew to close drawn to close left off let up put a period to put to bed winked out brought down curtain brought to an end called it a day came to an end come to an end put the lid on drew to a close drawn to a close axed put an end to cut out cut off put paid to shut off cut short shut down put a stop to dropped resolved aborted called off canceled cancelled annulled abolished scrapped sundered belayed relinquished belaid settled determined wrapped interrupted passed desisted from winded something up disposed of packed in laid off switched off wound down packed up ended up pulled the plug nipped something in the bud packed it in pulled the plug on knocked something on the head got shut of nipped in the bud broke broken brake canned given up lay off sewed up gave up sewn up gotten done given over gave over got done got shot of gave something the chop gotten shot of given something the chop wrapt died adjourned recessed prorogued cut loose put a lid on suspended capped extinguished eliminated scratched prorogated scrubbed cleared brought to a conclusion brought to an untimely end run out buttoned down folded up buttoned up went gone ran out


Feeling a sense of fulfilment
fulfilled happy satisfied content contented gratified pleased comfortable placid serene accomplished achieved actualized attained compassed completed concluded consummated delighted dispatched effected effectuated executed finished matured obtained perfected performed reached realised realized rewarded untroubled at ease at peace brought about carried out made good put into effect brought to a close relaxed perf settled willing to accept joyful merry effervescent welcome ecstatic wonderful enjoyable jubilant high cheerful pleasing pleasurable heartwarming delightful glad fantastic cheery elated jocund vivacious overjoyed joyous jovial euphoric enraptured hilarious blissful chuffed upbeat lively amusing rapt gladsome exhilarated optimistic buoyant thrilled exuberant carefree glowing riotous stoked grinning humorous uproarious wrapped pleasant winsome larking boon jumping boisterous radiant peaceful rapturous festive grooving lighthearted zippy thankful orgasmic rhapsodic zappy smiley saturnalian rollicking blithesome entranced paradisiacal rosy paradisal rhapsodical enchanted fun hopeful beatific paradisaical frolicsome sanguine zingy rocking rejoicing beaming paradisiac rousing well triumphant paradisaic chirpy perky sportive captivated chipper convivial light peppy sparkling playful blest tickled laughing mirthful up sunny jolly smiling gleeful gay blessed entertained blithe exultant magical wild intoxicated Panglossian in good spirits in a good mood in seventh heaven tickled to death over the moon blissed out can't complain beside oneself with joy on top of the world looking good full of beans feel-good starry-eyed as pleased as Punch in high spirits as happy as a clam as happy as a sandboy walking on air cock-a-hoop light-hearted rose-colored tickled pink rip-roaring on a high floating on air as happy as Larry fun-loving flying high on cloud nine jumping for joy like a dog with two tails

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