Đồng nghĩa của enchanted

Alternative for enchanted

enchants, enchanted, enchanting

Đồng nghĩa: captivate, charm, delight, enthrall, fascinate, thrill, titillate,

Trái nghĩa: disenchant,

Tính từ

Entranced as if by a spell
bewitched charmed magic entranced magical spellbound possessed ensorcelled under a spell mystic sorcerous necromantic thaumaturgical mysterious wizardly enchanting occult weird thaumaturgic mythical imaginary miraculous uncanny spiritualistic supernatural spectral otherworldly ghostly witching haunted parapsychological talismanic witchlike theurgical runic magnetic demoniac telekinetic fey unusual diabolic wonderful charismatic spooky theurgic entrancing eerie tranced spellbinding clairvoyant fascinating extraordinary conjuring marvellous marvelous fiendish fairy-tale special powerful fabled make-believe legendary fabulous numinous fairylike perfect dreamlike exquisite Druidical paranormal mystical preternatural transcendental unearthly spiritual psychic other-worldly supernormal unnatural metaphysical arcane secret supranatural transmundane transcendent orphic superhuman dark cabbalistic shamanistic hidden extramundane unaccountable phenomenal shadowy black oracular voodoo esoteric unknowable nonrational abstruse cabalistic anagogic mystifying abnormal non-rational bizarre inscrutable astrological alchemistic quixotic telestic mysterial visionary religious ineffable hermetical extrasensory hypernormal inexplicable phantom unbelievable supersensory telepathic unworldly mythological invisible superordinary unfathomable ghostlike fairy impenetrable unknown uncomprehensible unintelligible supermundane celestial rare obscure concealed unrevealed superior supersensible supersensual unexplained supersensitive immaterial inner stargazing with a sixth sense out-of-body with second sight strange creepy odd queer eldritch cryptic far-out grotesque spookish freaky unreal eery haunting awful dreadful ominous rum horrific ghastly fearful flakey awe-inspiring uncouth oddball whacko flaky out of the ordinary supernal

Tính từ

Completely fascinated or absorbed by what one is seeing or hearing
charmed entranced fascinated absorbed beguiled captivated enthralled bewitched engrossed hypnotised hypnotized smitten delighted enraptured happy infatuated mesmerised mesmerized spellbound under a spell rapt riveted gripped intent enamored transfixed enamoured focused focussed intoxicated immersed involved attentive transported enrapt deep thrilled preoccupied enticed occupied held engaged hooked on rapturous ecstatic wrapped up observant rhapsodic giddy elated exhilarated elevated rhapsodical heady euphoric ravished dazzled tantalized attracted seduced titillated interested sent intrigued consumed tantalised lost all ears hung up caught up impressed stunned over the moon on cloud nine fixated connected hooked aroused excited overpowered very interested taken up up to here very inquisitive stuck on fond of in love with extremely curious sold on highly interested extremely interested very curious fixed earnest concentrated steady watchful gone intense concentrating studious steadfast settled enthusiastic alert head over heels locked in set on dialed in deep in really into blissful absent joyful inattentive taken daydreaming employed wrapped dreaming absent-minded overwhelmed content abstracted busy unconscious oblivious blissed out carried away caught up in awestruck awestricken obsessed tied up turned on buried into preoccupied by eat sleep and breathe submerged fanatical distracted starstruck intent on focused on heavily into up to here in single-minded hell-bent in a brown study up to your ears deep in thought set passionate besotted keen bedazzled riveted by captivated by concerned bound-up won over devoted monomaniacal queer all wound up preoccupied with sunk in single-minded about taken over potty about crazy about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about passionate about nuts about dedicated to enthusiastic about interested in gone on dotty about involved in possessed by wild on wound up hung up on devoted to immersed in having a one-track mind awed trapped steeped diverted captive centered bound up amused committed breathless amazed centred glued snowed agape obsessive determined bent resolute tickled cheered pleased relaxed enfolded hanging on every word resolved affected open-mouthed lured ensorcelled moonstruck tempted firm eager ignorant mentally enchanted having fun enjoying oneself under someone's spell fallen for inflexible insistent have a thing about mad about gaga about absentminded entranced by fascinated by distracted by taken up by distrait dreamy enthralled by spellbound by impatient entertained somewhere else in a world of one's own with one's head in the clouds wool-gathering not there miles away not with us sedulous diligent assiduous monopolized industrious bugged gripped by engaged with beguiled by monopolised engaged in hypnotized by fixated by fiend for intrigued by mesmerized by taken up with

Tính từ

Feeling or showing great pleasure
delighted happy in seventh heaven pleased charmed ecstatic joyous thrilled elated euphoric overjoyed captivated enraptured gratified jubilant amused blissful chuffed diverted entertained glad gladdened gleeful joyful sent triumphant excited rapt satisfied thankful tickled enchanté entranced fulfilled stoked wrapped over the moon blissed out very pleased cock-a-hoop tickled pink walking on air jumping for joy on a high on cloud nine pleasantly surprised made up beside oneself with happiness on cloud seven on top of the world as pleased as Punch in transports of delight like a child with a new toy as happy as Larry as happy as a clam like a dog with two tails rapturous rhapsodic transported exhilarated rhapsodical in raptures intoxicated delightful beatific beside oneself with joy elevated exultant enthusiastic ravished enrapt giddy heady exalted high floating in transports orgasmic flying high floating on air delirious frenzied pleasing pleasurable enjoyable flying turned-on wonderful peaceful heavenly in high spirits delirious with happiness upbeat gone crazy mad dreamy sunny wild beaming looking good radiant tickled to death animated cheered roused proud puffed up hysterical fervent corybantic aroused carried away hopped up set up fired up wigged out wild with excitement in heaven overexcited in exaltation athrill out in a frenzy of delight serene turned on very happy in a frenzy pleased as punch sublime glorious seraphic saintly satisfying gratifying spaced-out harmonious cool perfect idyllic in ecstasies in ecstasy merry in the twilight zone effervescent welcome cheerful heartwarming fantastic cheery jocund contented vivacious jovial amusing optimistic glowing humorous winsome boon boisterous hilarious lively gladsome buoyant exuberant carefree riotous grinning uproarious pleasant larking jumping festive grooving lighthearted zippy smiley saturnalian paradisiacal sanguine zingy paradisiac rousing well zappy rollicking blithesome rosy paradisal untroubled fun hopeful paradisaical frolicsome rocking rejoicing paradisaic chirpy sportive convivial peppy laughing up smiling content gay blessed perky chipper light comfortable sparkling playful blest mirthful jolly blithe magical Panglossian in good spirits in a good mood light-hearted at ease rip-roaring full of beans fun-loving feel-good starry-eyed can't complain as happy as a sandboy rose-colored gloating flipping high-spirited inspired exulting flushed crowing crank glorying prideful triumphalist doing handsprings jocular jocose smug stimulated impassioned uplifted enthused beside oneself in paradise in rhapsodies bright ebullient airy bubbly sprightly breezy revelling jaunty inspirited genial unworried boastful swaggering positive treading on air peart sparky triumphal popping victorious reveling wowed bouncy deliriously happy only too happy extremely happy good-humoured good-humored psyched pumped blown away happy-go-lucky happy as a lark happy as a clam celebrating full of hope full of the joys of spring of good cheer without a care in the world

Tính từ

Having enchanting qualities
fairylike enchanting charming entrancing bewitching captivating divine fascinating heavenly idyllic magical alluring delightful dreamlike dreamy enthralling glorious mesmerising mesmerizing spellbinding sublime beautiful hypnotic intoxicating lovely mesmeric seductive beguiling inviting fairy-tale attractive wonderful appealing irresistible magnetic superb magnificent intriguing gorgeous engaging heady charmed entranced bewitched mind-blowing exquisite charismatic conjuring fiendish too good to be true glamorous fetching compelling glamourous riveting exciting luring enticing tantalizing tantalising engrossing elfin interesting dazzling gripping winning absorbing tempting hypnotizing arresting hypnotising compulsive thrilling delectable prepossessing ravishing unputdownable pleasing romantic provocative endearing pleasant winsome transfixing taking striking desirable titillating marvelous marvellous electrifying very interesting stimulating entertaining consuming diverting curious immersing amusing involving thought-provoking fortunate storybook happy traditional perfect magic sirenic disarming drawing pulling siren orphic bonny enrapturing influential rapturous Orphean pretty strong in character full of personality larger than life provoking seducing very exciting mysterious exotic fantastic colourful quixotic fantastical nostalgic chivalrous adventurous colorful impressive strange outlandish bizarro moving meaty vibrant breathtaking astonishing eventful attention-grabbing unique newsy inspiring stirring splashy relatable fabulous eye-opening amazing invigorating remarkable piquant exhilarating vivid racy out of the ordinary pleasurable rousing worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable exceptional preoccupying newsworthy portentous action-packed noteworthy envigorating trenchant galvanising topical fine showy unboring wondrous affecting emphatic galvanizing electric buzzworthy refreshing agreeable likeable likable adorable cute lovable bodacious infatuating dainty sweet beauteous comely enamoring delicate fair adorbs elegant nice graceful smashing magnetising choice babelicious magnetizing amiable on fleek eye-catching good-looking easy on the eye as nice as pie

Tính từ

Well-known from anecdotes and stories rather than experience
fabled legendary fabulous mythical mythic fairy-tale mythological fictitious folkloric heroic imaginary unreal apocryphal famed fantastic fictional hypothetical imagined proverbial traditional allegorical famous parabolic storied symbolic epic extraordinary fanciful important impressive made up magic magical make-believe outstanding remarkable storybook wonderful invented chimerical visionary made-up fabricated created false pretended supposititious fictive nonexistent whimsical symbolical untrue fantasy mythologic fantastical romantic illusory figmental pretend ideal fantasied chimeric imaginal phantasmic phantasmal phantom notional larger-than-life ancient told improbable unhistoric customary imaginative dubious unhistorical unverifiable related doubtful handed-down mock phantasmagoric non-existent dreamed-up intangible immaterial fancied fake insubstantial theoretical seeming nebulous artificial sham insincere ostensible dreamlike impalpable phoney reachy unsubstantial unnatural weird hallucinatory suppositious replica aerial faux misleading phony imitation unbelievable incredible delusive out of this world reproduction spurious delusory illusive bogus deceptive ethereal specious concocted fallacious pseudo simulated counterfeit mistaken deceitful abstract synthetic fraudulent erroneous ersatz shadowy factitious quixotic dreamy substitute feigned apparent unfounded assumed phantasmagorical dummy spectral forged manufactured transcendental speculative vague imitative man-made spiritual unsound mimic trumped up deceiving invalid incorporeal conceptual contrived semblant conjectural trumped-up plastic surreal metaphysical devised utopian incorrect ghostly airy blue-sky bodiless wild unearthly absurd faked irrational academic supernatural illusionary discarnate theoretic deluding beguiling illogical ridiculous hyped up sophistical bizarre ungrounded fishy wrong otherworldly inaccurate supposed unbodied vaporous extravagant inexact untruthful imagal nightmarish psychedelic poetic faulty non-physical suppositional unsubstantiated misguided distorted flawed unreasonable putative baseless groundless nonphysical nonmaterial impractical ideational imprecise affected imponderable Kafkaesque conjectured far-fetched unrealistic blue sky fantasized dream transcendent off without foundation oneiric idealized ghostlike dim unclear indistinct all in the mind disembodied capricious unembodied play-play vain untouchable unworkable intellectual idealised impracticable formless wraithlike philosophical fantasised apparitional subconscious mental virtual unfeasible product of someone's imagination curious inexistent subjective unconscious idle queer pipe dream psychological high-flown counterfactual truthless improper disincarnate thought up crackpot offbeat fool's paradise tenuous foundationless unproven casuistic misrepresentative colored abstruse psychosomatic unsupported uncorroborated unconfirmed recondite imperceptible to the touch slender misinformed all in one's head coloured ill-founded indefinite gone unlikely floating cooked-up questionable so-called ivory-tower sophistic unpractical numinous mystical nonconcrete without basis indeterminate uncertain cod mad facsimile put-on mechanical strained forced on cloud nine unreasoned adulterine not genuine unworldly reasonless in the mind falsie way off implausible phantasmagorial kaleidoscopic phantasmagorian inane unread mocking filled with dreams delusional hollow prepared chimeral Barmecidal Barmecide float wistful acted improvised created out of thin air non-material estimated conceived dreamt up trancelike trance-like invisible dream-filled nonnatural suppositive misty hazy off the mark non-natural in your head dicey iffy contrary to fact unattainable stress-related stress-induced uncorporeal dodgy model toy faint dreamish hypnagogic manmade off beam full of holes way off beam preposterous ivory-towered Utopian unachievable unauthentic extraterrestrial apish hokey quasi make believe unheard of tall meretricious snide inauthentic mercurial elusive figment of someone's imagination evanescent flakey far out fairy tale kinky flaky framed ungenuine bent bum pirate out-of-reach engineered preternatural other-worldly counterfeited rare evasive imperceptible unobservable insensible slight unquantifiable inappreciable eluding evading unapparent unsure pinchbeck cock and bull hard to swallow hard to take non-viable starry-eyed silly impossible in the clouds untested unverified unwarranted unjustified unattested indescribable indefinable nonmaterialistic paranormal celestial extramundane religious foolish senseless idealistic half-baked obscure pie-in-the-sky pie in the sky castles in the air essential deep basic fundamental perfectionist expressive absent wanting lacking missing nonvalid unreliable profound universal esoteric creative supersensory daydreaming astral daydreamy crazy potty academical presumed ephemeral gratuitous bottomless mendacious uncalled-for off-base oversubtle dead flimsy empty blank departed extinguished vacant void null gossamery defunct negative lost perished extinct not applicable naive nonrealistic not sensible nonsensical fresh exotic original infirm petty decrepit puny fly-by-night supramundane superhuman jesuitic unfleshly supermundane difficult philosophic unphysical suprahuman ontological superior eternal supranatural inspired artistic inventive eccentric fancy quirky originative flighty perceptual presupposed provisory casual contestable disputable assumptive stochastic debatable postulated problematic contingent equivocal conditional conjecturable refutable guessed presumptive suspect proposed pretending artful brilliant unconventional freaky radical fertile freakish ingenious genius experimental innovative keen not backed up by evidence innovational unorthodox vivid revolutionary astute emotional subliminal passed on passed away too little too late far-out Promethean head in the clouds avant-garde out of touch with reality dishonest null and void few and far between

Động từ

Past tense for to delight, allure or attract in an almost magical manner
captivated charmed bewitched fascinated enthralled beguiled allured mesmerised mesmerized spellbound entranced absorbed absorpt gripped enraptured hypnotised hypnotized enticed riveted rivetted delighted engrossed pleased drew drawn magnetised magnetized ravished thrilled arrested wiled diverted grabbed transfixed dazzled bedazzled gratified wowed witched ensnared enamoured killed enamored raptured slew slayed slain delectated owned own turned on tickled pink bowled over caught up made happy carried away knocked dead swept off feet made a hit with got under someone's skin attracted lured engaged intrigued interested seduced excited entertained titillated amused put under a spell cast a spell on gladdened tempted held tantalized occupied transported pulled tantalised won over hooked held spellbound tickled involved invited swept off one's feet hit the spot won captured satisfied persuaded sent preoccupied hexed infatuated fulfilled wooed bemused overjoyed enwrapped aroused busied moved knocked out overwhelmed exhilarated caught intoxicated influenced vamped enslaved rapped stirred elated immersed stimulated contented cheered inveigled bedevilled bedeviled appealed to coaxed pleasured piqued rejoiced ensorcelled tickle to death tickled someone's fancy astounded held in awe caught the eye of tranced stunned struck electrified voodooed cajoled stupefied distracted affected humoured humored touched suited warmed appealed swept off your feet inspired arrided gladded whetted the appetite of induced amazed beckoned sucked in took taken cheered up pulled in brought in agreed with made someone feel good held the attention of floated someone's boat compelled ensorceled spelled overcome impressed cursed overpowered possessed controlled decoyed elevated endeared animated provoked gave a buzz given a buzz gained seized subdued gave someone a kick given someone a kick given pleasure to gave pleasure to fired led on baited betrayed solicited lift subjugated solaced indulged regaled tricked blown away blew away put horns on courted hoodooed quickened cast a spell over sent into raptures grooved condemned put the whammy on put under magic spell roped in steered come on pleased greatly obliged caught hold of bid tickled to death made content bucked up picked up put in a trance put a spell on rooted to the spot set at ease come on to put the mozz on put the evil eye on lit someone's fire put 'em away gone over big went over big warmed the cockles of the heart hit on put off guard stricken bewildered haunted awed astonished obsessed misled dumbfounded overcame overawed deluded staggered confused kindled interested greatly dominated floored called enthused entrapped besotted befooled maddened roused filled with delight mollified appeased inclined uplifted heartened lifted inflamed blinded had power over dazed converted placated enlivened charged motivated rallied brightened subjected disported recreated turned someone on turned one on petrified paralysed fueled galvanized fuelled fixed agitated conciliated pacified propitiated sweetened had mastery over jubilated scored exulted gloried flushed made hit with assuaged gentled juiced galvanised came on brightened up feasted panicked gassed relaxed exerted influence on exerted a pull on drew one's attention drawn one's attention got obtained secured brought joy to buoyed up stirred up accursed given someone a charge gave someone a charge snared monopolized signed indicated asked demanded summoned monopolised commanded caught someone's eye immobilized gorgonized halted given joy to gave joy to gave the evil eye given the evil eye prompted made a fool of led leaded keyed up fired up tickled the fancy of swept someone off their feet disarmed brushed sent into transports favoured pointed the bone at patted riveted the attention of freaked out stopped someone in their tracks dragged made someone pleased scratched made a hit vellicated favored coddled trained sat up got one's kicks made someone's mouth water palsied called forth engaged one's attention raced one's motor convinced urged made a hit with someone tied up won the affection of pampered concerned swept you off your feet caught one's eye held one's attention rooted tingled captured one's imagination caressed mattered to made somebody laugh made someone glad knocked one's socks off grabbed the attention of recompensed brought around paralyzed came on to itched pumped up kittled stopped dead aroused one's curiosity knocked 'em dead immobilised fired with enthusiasm brought forth perked up fractured one elicited babied jinxed unarmed stopped in one's tracks prickled whetted one's appetite convulsed made someone content filled the bill stopped one dead requited roped made somebody's day gotten one's kicks irritated forspoken forspoke besotten gave the come-on to given the come-on to fallen in love with fell in love with gotten bade mozzed frozen froze driven mad taken control of taken over drove mad took control of took over argued into gave great pleasure to given great pleasure to drew in drawn in taken someone's breath away took someone's breath away took somebody's breath away taken somebody's breath away broke one up got one's jollies gotten one's jollies broken one up gave someone pleasure gave a lift given someone pleasure given a lift did the trick did one proud gave pleasure done the trick given pleasure done one proud ate someone up eaten someone up

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