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Động từ

(reason with) Past tense for to persuade with rational arguments
reasoned persuaded coaxed convinced brought round talked round won round brainwashed cajoled converted impressed influenced prevailed on swayed argued into brought around prevailed upon put across talked into won over brought to reason changed mind twisted one's arm made someone see the light showed someone the error of their ways shown someone the error of their ways showed one the error of their ways shown one the error of their ways induced got moved prompted inveigled brought sold coaxed into brought round to the idea of urged enticed encouraged motivated instigated incited impelled made tempted satisfied inspired hooked made a believer twisted someone's arm prodded into wheedled into proved to put someone up to something gained one's confidence gotten gat drawn drew compelled caused coerced inclined lured disposed advised led counseled procured counselled exhorted leaded prest pressed reassured propagandized enlisted proselytized actuated proselyted propagandised proselytised turned charmed provoked told guaranteed effected triggered stimulated wheedled promised gained confidence of vowed to caused to believe brought home to turned somebody on to relieved any doubt won argument steamrolled led to do relieved doubt sucked in overcome affirmed to pressured someone into guaranteed to declared to relieved any doubts got round pressurized into caused to feel certain exerted influence on soft-soaped declared confidently to led to believe confirmed to cajoled into worked over squeezed pressed someone into gained somebody's support pledged to brought to senses bulldozed converted to won around relieved doubts sweet-talked pleaded with certified to assured reasoned someone into activated drave driven druv drove drawn in drew in worn down wore down gotten somebody on your side got somebody on your side overcame sworn to given surety to attested to swore to gave surety to seduced flattered beguiled blarneyed affected blandished gained buttered up argued manoeuvred maneuvered wooed touched prodded struck worked on gotten around got around cracked roused propelled wormed stirred pushed manipulated palavered pressurized pressured reached biassed biased conned pressurised impacted inspirited put mind at ease molded nudged softened up bended bent spread it on impacted on put someone's mind at rest spurred moulded set going carried nagged into stricken promoted talked courted allured worked wrought captured decoyed smooth-talked indoctrinated pestered led by the nose occasioned energised excited dispelled someone's doubts sparked envigorated prejudiced told on necessitated impressed to rallied brought in proved turned one's head demonstrated to talked someone into something bantered made certain impassioned controlled stirred up empowered boosted up galvanized forced guided helped evoked sweetened up importuned roped in had an effect on hinted to incentivized steeled jaundiced invigorated bartered reasoned someone into believing come on incentified refreshed goaded laid it on pumped up cheered on aroused predisposed soothed pricked snowed jawboned animated had an impact on nobbled elicited slanted exhilarated brought over fired up dispelled doubt pepped up vitalized galvanised brought pressure to bear on finagled uplifted conducted emboldened spurred on sold to heartened oiled suggested to kowtowed colored energized arm-twisted wangled egged on whipped up soaped teased coloured quickened plagued came on snew snown prove proven

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