Đồng nghĩa của predisposed

Alternative for predisposed

predispose /'pri:dis'pouz/
  • ngoại động từ
    • đưa đến, dẫn đến, khiếm phải chịu, khiến thiên về
      • bad hygiene predisposes one to all kinds of disease: vệ sinh tồi sẽ dẫn đến mọi bệnh
      • I find myself predisposed in his favour: tôi thấy có ý thiên về anh ta

Tính từ

(keen on) Having an attraction to
keen into attracted besotted bewitched captivated enamored enamoured crazed enticed fond agog drawn mesmerised smitten absorbed caught intrigued curious fascinated mesmerized riveted spellbound eager gripped interested impressed inquisitive moved roused sold attentive entranced intent obsessed hooked inspired touched affected engrossed lured stimulated excited inspirited mad rapt taken devoted to enthralled by keen on passionate about addicted to fixated by mad about struck on attached to hooked on interested in riveted by attracted to enthusiastic about mesmerized by twitterpated by crazy about gone on nuts about turned on besotted with bewitched by hungry for infatuated with eager for fascinated by intent on smitten with charmed by enchanted by love-struck by sweet on captivated by fond of hung up wild about beguiled by enamored of enamoured of obsessed with taken with gripped by intrigued by partial to in love with focused enquiring earnest snoopy beady-eyed nosy responsive awakened fired inquiring gone all ears focussed occupied struck sympathetic open burning with curiosity on the case eat sleep and breathe investigative questioning probing engaged prying involved intrusive immersed searching scrutinizing preoccupied busy examining analytical inquisitorial scrutinising enthralled meddlesome meddling interfering consumed wrapped up inspecting caught up interrogative charmed desirous lost deep tampering focused on peering impertinent prurient head over heels nosey quizzical snooping held really into hypnotized hypnotised officious spying tied up presumptuous nebby inquisitory caught up in up to here eavesdropping peeping disquisitive tempted fixated employed devoted infatuated observant fact-finding of a mind to querying concerned obtrusive preoccupied by intruding enthusiastic intense heavily into up to here in taken up locked in dialed in up to your ears deep in thought presuming protrusive puzzled speculative ardent intermeddling working enraptured ecstatic penetrating rapturous enchanted euphoric active busybody exhilarated elated exploratory researching sedulous diligent assiduous industrious hopping bustling forward enrapt rhapsodic giddy elevated rhapsodical heady beguiled fanatical passionate sent distracted tied-up personal buried intoxicated monomaniacal queer happy preoccupied with sunk in single-minded single-minded about taken over hell-bent potty about engrossed in absorbed in wrapped up in obsessive about stuck on dedicated to dotty about involved in possessed by wild on wound up hung up on immersed in having a one-track mind interviewing interrogational cross-examining entertained research fixed analytic concentrating wondering pushy investigating undercover inspective exploring doubtful over-curious over-interested busy with enthused ambitious nosy-parkering nosy-parker pushing desiring inclined allured seduced avid outward-looking catechistic heuristic investigatory studious Socratic big-eyed challenging poking sifting dying to know up to one's ears in bent on dizzy high participating monopolized bugged submerged committed piqued galvanized beside oneself galvanised turned-on extremely happy delirious quickened engaged with monopolised engaged in dedicated dutiful hypnotized by fiend for influential fervent faithful devout activist motivated contributing taken up with all wound up energetic transported connected delighted thrilled go-getting two-fisted go-ahead blissful ravished hard-pressed laborious absent joyful inattentive carried away dreaming absent-minded overwhelmed content abstracted blissed out daydreaming wrapped unconscious oblivious at work on the job utilized utilised in harness on the hop too much on plate rushed off your feet hard at it clocked up hard at work on the go on the trot clever pointed canny perceptive thorough subtle discerning discriminating ingenious judicious insightful sensitive smart incisive trenchant sharp perspicacious acute piercing intuitive astute quick-witted

Tính từ

(of a person) Easily influenced by feelings or emotions
susceptible gullible naive vulnerable ingenuous persuadable trusting unsuspecting credulous impressionable responsive sensitive unwary acquiescent amenable defenseless defenceless exploitable given gullable inclined influenceable prone pushover receptive swayable tractable adaptable disposed emotional innocent manageable nonresistant ready soft suggestible susceptive tender easy impressible movable dewy-eyed fall for wide-eyed wide open over-trustful over-trusting thin-skinned easily deceived easily led easily taken in out on a limb easily moved highly strung sitting duck at risk easily taken advantage of readily taken advantage of unsuspicious open dupable trustful foolish unguarded deceivable believing liable fleeceable accepting malleable unsceptical pliant unskeptical biting unsophisticated childlike subject perceptive tending apt accessible pliable exposed likely unworldly simple willing green unquestioning inexperienced mouldable reactive sympathetic wet behind the ears sentient sensile sensible exploitative exploitatory exploitive flexible affected approachable guileless sharp conquerable vincible attackable verisimilar beatable penetrable assailable alert easily influenced formative uncritical minded in danger moldable well disposed fain open to suggestions open-minded agreeable yielding unknowing likely to get apt to get likely to have at risk of born yesterday as green as grass in danger of getting with a tendency to get confiding pervious ductile undoubting enthusiastic eager partial awake alive forthcoming aware defenceless against plastic affectable wax-like feeling naif raw primitive simpleminded dewy jejune aw-shucks easily exploited easily controlled given to developmental naïve silly green as grass overcredulous prepared overtrusting respondent active compassionate warm softhearted replying quick to react acknowledging conscious answering warmhearted passionate kindhearted clueless artless fictile biased prejudiced ignorant endangered sucker mark not unwilling developing genuine easily fooled tumbling for taken in kidding oneself swallowing whole easy mark falling hook line and sinker taking the bait being a sucker in the mood of a mind subject to growing quick to respond foundational immature seminal creative on the cards bent interested uncorrupted soppy unrealistic teary-eyed sentimental sinless callow pure undefiled idealistic dovelike friendly welcoming favourable devoted attuned broad-minded acceptant acceptive bright hospitable well-disposed open to new ideas recipient observant favorable quick ready to consider new ideas willing to consider new ideas quick on the uptake

Tính từ

Having a greater-than-even chance of occurring
likely probable expected anticipated foreseeable liable odds-on predicted presumable disposed fated predictable presumptive prospective sure destined inclined inferable promising natural ostensible prone seeming supposable verisimilar true distinctly possible on to be expected within the bounds of possibility given to in the air in the cards in the offing in the wind a pound to a penny on the cards ten to one having a tendency to on the verge of in the habit of presumed apparent supposed plausible alleged possible purported hypothetical assumed suppositious conjectural suppositive presupposed asserted supposititious suppositional awaited credible inferential reputed hypothetic foreseen imminent putative evident ostensive on the horizon coming professed prima facie calculable specious conceivable inevitable illusory looming reasonable on the way outward brewing superficial forecast slated due unsurprising believable perceived in the pipeline claimed semblant declared in prospect imaginable creditable potential prepared for in view impending approaching par for the course believed close at hand in store to come forthcoming near certain understood coming up projected scheduled upcoming normal obvious assumptive at hand theoretical about to happen logical understandable avowed estimated rational pretended pending surface so-called illusive envisioned only to be expected feigned just around the corner on the agenda knowable anticipatable estimative afoot speculative academic theoretic exterior not unexpected academical liable to happen approximated taken for granted rumoured in the works inferred accepted what one would expect guessed at circumstantial convincing presumptuous soi-disant exhibited manifest thought invented imaginary held rumored made-up fictional said notable colorable demonstrative quasi coming soon feasible justified threatening close acceptable accountable likely to happen justifiable excusable explainable legitimate explicable menacing tenable allowable pardonable admissible defensible forgivable thinkable wanted gathering quite possible mortal earthly promised reasonable to think nearing proximate oncoming nigh in the wings reliable upon us near-at-hand fast approaching fast-approaching a reasonable bet a fair bet a good bet prophesied foretold hoped for looked for looked-for planned for hoped-for contemplated proposed long-awaited counted on counted upon inevasible looming large on its way on the verge see it coming immediate just round the corner next handwriting-on-the-wall following overhanging inescapable unescapable in the stars expectant unavoidable ineluctable scheduled for formulaic sure-fire formularized external expectable nonrandom prepared expected to arrive most likely

Tính từ

Showing approval, appreciation or praise
favorable admiring applauding appreciative approbatory approving commendatory complimentary friendly good positive acclamatory affirmative agreeable amicable approbative assenting benevolent benign commending enthusiastic inclined kind laudatory okay praiseful reassuring recommendatory supportive sympathetic understanding welcoming well-disposed well-intentioned in favor of flattering favourable congratulatory panegyrical respectful adulatory laudative praising plauditory encomiastic eulogistic encouraging adoring agreeing idolizing pleased confirmatory glowing accepting rapturous gracious celebrating keen idolising fawning satisfied receptive generous encomiastical deferential appreciating acclaiming esteeming worshipful worshipping worshiping condign sensitive commendable excellent great fine responsive raving supreme conscious aware celebratory high advisory warm knowledgeable mindful honeyed full of praise eulogizing rave saccharine fulsome sugary regardful perceptive cognizant cordial cooperative enlightened alive affectionate considerate well-wishing polite courtly civil honoring honouring fair-spoken eulogising highly favourable unctuous sycophantic with high praise with highest recommendation highly favorable in the know consenting pro concurring corroborative confirming sympathetic to in favour of on the side of responsive to favourably disposed to favourable to in sympathy with encouraging of favorably disposed to receptive to well disposed to acquiescent affirming confirmative endorsing acknowledging affirmatory in the affirmative supporting ratifying complying extolling rhapsodic lionizing lionising panegyric glorifying reverential obsequious servile blandishing bootlicking slavish cloying ingratiating smarmy hagiographical soapy oily nauseating gushing oleaginous gushy hagiographic toadying ecstatic highly complimentary very happy

Tính từ

Loving and affectionate
fond adoring devoted loving tender affectionate caring warm doting indulgent attentive kind tenderhearted amorous overfond overindulgent solicitous addicted enamoured enamored lovesome lovey-dovey mushy responsive romantic sentimental sympathetic warm-hearted silly over gentle benevolent kindly maternal comforting compassionate motherly passionate ardent touchy-feely nurturing thoughtful benign friendly supportive amatory considerate fatherly soft protective lovesick charitable warmhearted softhearted kindhearted dear amicable understanding demonstrative humane beneficent generous earnest fervent gracious mild merciful benignant good-hearted good-natured erotic kind-hearted soft-hearted maternalistic infatuated tender-hearted admiring sexual mother sheltering reverent reverential sexy steamy cordial paternal amiable watchful aphrodisiac attached sensitive erotogenic aphrodisiacal erogenous erotical hospitable impassioned concerned empathetic randy chummy loyal faithful emotional matey sweet parental giving enthusiastic neighborly buddy-buddy feeling neighbourly philanthropical eager deep goodhearted all heart great-hearted bleeding-heart large-hearted parent besotted worshipping foolish patriarchal matriarchal forbearing venerating serving silly fatuous fascinated struck simple guiding adulatory idolizing soothing commiserative sensual libidinous nice munificent worshiping idolising tolerant greathearted angelic benefic altruistic selfless torrid hot-blooded well meaning well intentioned well-mannered helpful humanitarian philanthropic yearning lascivious naughty wooing rapturous attracted languishing empathic fatherlike receptive patient open-hearted big-hearted genial affable cuddly pleasant hearty huggy pally partial supporting protecting caretaking careful welcoming lenient forgiving comradely all over heartfelt congenial cheerful cheery sincere sociable happy wholehearted genuine bleeding heart inviting liberal companionable approachable likable close palsy convivial likeable bonhomous crazy over soft on nutty about palsy-walsy lustful good-humoured good-humored close-knit bound up avid rabid staunch fervid committed vehement dedicated true-blue fanatical dutiful steadfast big exuberant zealous devout intense resolute keen true expressing adoration hot goo-goo smoochy spoony in love kissy sportive horny amative sweet on turned on boy crazy girl crazy sweet for lovey dovey hot and heavy have a crush on

Động từ

To have affected or changed the outcome of
influenced affected governed modified shaped shope transformed altered changed manipulated molded adjusted amended converted reshaped shifted bore upon borne upon born upon had an impact on impinged upon moulded controlled regulated ruled decided determined checked restrained contained tamed swayed curbed inhibited directed dictated formed bridled mastered conditioned measured disciplined held guided subdued kept constrained touched exerted influence on inclined shepherded reined in pulled in had an effect on worked on held in check disposed impacted on kept a tight rein on underlay underlain been a factor in acted on was a factor in were a factor in got the better of gotten the better of fashioned adapted remodeled remodelled recast reconstructed remade refashioned revised restyled edited modulated metamorphosed translated transmuted transfigured made over mutated transposed turned varied revamped rewrought reworked renovated redesigned tweaked morphed remoulded reorganized reoriented revolutionized retooled ordered reordered rearranged rehashed reorientated rejigged refined reshuffled regenerated forecast readjusted improved reconstituted turned around redrafted made alterations to reconfigured made innovations tampered with rectified replaced permuted tailored commuted rejiggered reorganised alternated warped remolded made adjustments to diversified revolutionised tuned evolved led leaded developed rebuilt switched refitted interchanged impacted tempered redid moderated forecasted reconciled remixed arranged redressed tampered reworded made different reviewed shuffled emendated freshened up progressed modeled modelled styled moved steered metamorphized metastasized designed grew grown made renewed overhauled rendered reformed transmogrified jockeyed passed realigned transited transmutated redone diverged alchemized transubstantiated generated become doctored fixed updated redeveloped upgraded metamorphosized customized veered recalibrated patterned fixed up stirred up emulated rehabilitated transferred swung turned over new leaf displaced turned upside down swapped transitioned cooked disguised distorted switched over changed completely imitated categorised flip-flopped fluctuated categorized refurbished denatured corrected copied permutated decorated become different became different vacillated reconditioned rewrote substituted turned the tables shifted gears followed turned the corner customised becomed becomen rewritten sung different tune done up did up sang different tune

Động từ

Past tense for make someone liable or inclined to a specified attitude, action, or condition

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