Đồng nghĩa của have a go

Động từ

To make an attempt
experiment have a bash have a crack have a shot have a stab make an attempt try out try your hand attempt undertake try make an effort strive seek aim struggle endeavour essay set out endeavor go all out labor labour venture exert oneself assay take it on oneself move heaven and earth bust a gut have a go at bend over backwards toil work give it a fly have a stab at knock oneself out do one's best pull out all the stops give it a burl have a shot at do all one can apply oneself aspire work hard tackle go for it go for broke do your best make a run at rupture yourself go after knock yourself out make an all-out effort give it your best shot give it your all vie for drive for break your neck take a stab at take a crack at go for have a whack have a crack at do your damnedest spare no effort embark on shoot for make a pass at jump through hoops give a whirl give it a whirl take on make every effort try one's luck front up make a bid lift a finger bear down chip away at put oneself out exert yourself lean over backwards have at it offer travail put to the test test make an attempt at take a whack at dabble dip into pursue have a rip make a stab risk give a go take pains try hard take a run at do level best give a fling do your best to push give one's all give it a try try your hand at attack give it one's best shot give it a go take the bit between your teeth take best shot break one's neck solicit shoot the works give best shot try one's hand at make effort give old college try go the limit do one's utmost bid work at be at pains slog away give something a whirl give something one's best shot put yourself out

Động từ

To energetically devote, or begin devoting, effort to something
tackle address confront approach field negotiate undertake attack attempt begin essay handle manage pursue try accept deal with attend to embark upon engage in focus on get to work at grapple with see to set about start on take on work on address oneself to apply oneself apply oneself to concentrate on dive into embark on get to grips with go about launch into take care of take up apply yourself to devote oneself to pitch into take forward take measures about throw oneself into try to solve wade into busy oneself with come to grips with contend with get down to get stuck into square off turn to wade in become involved in buckle down to cope with give a try knuckle down to make a run at settle down to try to cope with try to deal with try to sort out bang away at get cracking on give a whirl go at hammer away at have a crack at have a go at have a shot at sink your teeth into take a shot at take in hand turn your hand to get weaving on go for it have a stab at peg away at plug away at step up to the plate turn one's hand to go for start the ball rolling try on for size take the bit between your teeth set one's hand to commence start set to face get to work on assume engage make a start on treat take charge of carry out plunge into get going on take enter on sort out maneuver manoeuvre initiate manipulate hack play look after shoulder enter upon set to work on take part in devote yourself to go in for adopt venture into swing perform do agree to take responsibility for commit to participate in start in on get started on go to work on take upon oneself go into open enter bear embrace get off tee off concentrate focus meet continue control endeavor be responsible for attend work take on oneself take over proceed endeavour occupy yourself with embark fall into set about with venture on carry on work at plunge agree to do direct one's attention to give something a whirl endeavour to do set in motion give one's attention to endeavor to do put in motion get underway turn your attention to take control of look sth in the eye face up to begin undertaking enter into avow grapple knuckle down get on challenge appropriate grab fight tear into take somebody or something in hand learn to live with turn dig espouse contest answer get to work launch set out jump off broach settle institute orchestrate organize agree to take sign off on hammer away peg away have at execute contend borrow get cracking with organise begin to tackle turn one's attention to grasp implement influence master square up resume reopen recommence renew restart commit yourself to commit oneself to set out with follow through with deal set upon make arrangements for respond to go whole hog go the limit immerse yourself shoot the works take a flyer speak in response to react to reply to bite off kick off take to go on follow through fix administer to behave towards act towards conduct oneself towards get on with transact accomplish get busy with effect be employed occupy oneself with intervene in serve get by with make out with tussle with manage with wrestle with come to terms with make do with cover set the wheels in motion make a start set the ball rolling roll up one's sleeves put one's hand to the plough put the wheels in motion get one's finger out put one's shoulder to the wheel get cracking get the ball rolling get things moving get weaving get down to business exploit dominate command discuss act toward bespeak behave toward wade into something get involved in contract pontificate on speak on give a sermon on deliver a sermon on drone on about take aim at preach to give a dissertation on speechify to give a speech on give a lecture on give a discourse on give an oration on speak to sermonize on make a speech on talk to talk about give an address on preachify to hazard get a handle on take upon yourself answer for have a hand in commit yourself commit oneself try out address oneself have a try at take the plunge volunteer oneself to move into conduct practise wage ply maintain prosecute follow continue with cultivate practice adhere proceed with persist in stick at stick with keep on with adhere to go ahead with take further proceed in be engaged in go on with be occupied in carry on with persevere in keep on hold to see through

Tính từ

Having or showing courage, determination, and spirit
gutsy courageous bold brave heroic intrepid dauntless fearless lionhearted plucky valiant valorous daring determined doughty indomitable mettlesome spirited undaunted adventurous audacious gallant game have-a-go resolute daredevil gritty unafraid unflinching unshrinking ballsy death-or-glory feisty forceful greathearted gutty heroical manful rock-ribbed spunky stalwart staunch stout stouthearted stout-hearted undauntable venturesome venturous chin-up chivalrous confident defiant firm foolhardy fortitudinous forward herolike imprudent as game as Ned Kelly nervy dashing hardy temerarious lion-hearted enterprising adventuresome reckless rash tenacious free-swinging nerved emboldened brassy go-ahead madcap unblenching unabashed risky unfearful frightless spartan aweless peppy heedless dynamic impavid assured pushy cocky dareful fire-eating sporting persevering resilient noble undismayed unalarmed manly eager orped unfearing devil-may-care wild zealous keen sassy icy tough strong cool overconfident brash overbold honourable great-spirited macho death-defying dangerous ungoverned uncurbed hazardous strong-willed headstrong quixotic hairy urbane suave dignified honorable carefree presumptuous exciting restless risk-taking exploratory thrill-seeking seeking on the go impulsive smart-alecky cheeky smart salty impudent obtrusive crusty fire eating hot shot go for broke out on a limb hasty impetuous swashbuckling incautious precipitate thoughtless careless vigorous irresponsible hot-headed headlong harum-scarum brazen overhasty hare-brained powerful ill-advised harebrained precipitous injudicious hotheaded lively shameless flamboyant ill-considered dazzling steely indiscreet unconsidered passionate kamikaze unthinking energetic breakneck hell-for-leather sturdy saucy aggressive furious fiery masculine male redoubtable steadfast unshakable constant dapper desperate assertive unguarded jaunty unwise romantic unwary showy muscular robust strapping ostentatious red-blooded striking pert inconsiderate precipitant virile animated butch gay positive nerveless decisive brisk vital vivacious breezy solid loyal sprightly shocking assuming irrational committed elevated frisky tearaway improvident dedicated unwavering fresh true impertinent frenzied jumping to conclusions slapdash insuppressible immature premature familiar bantam unswerving active dogged bull-in-a-china-shop worthy puissant insolent foolish hurried unheeding uninhibited irreverent self-assured frivolous negligent hard-working wise regardless stupid silly helter-skelter sudden ill-conceived abrupt over-venturesome over-adventurous swaggering gaudy eye-catching startling flashy rakish bravehearted resourceful unspeakable roisterous unabashed by undaunted by ill-judged unconcerned unworried unapprehensive Ramboesque well-built rumbustious cavalier stylish unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened impervious undisturbed sporty debonair unthought-out misjudged superhuman high-spirited exuberant Herculean outrageous crazy not scared violent high-risk grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic peppery ardent gingery badly thought out not thought through crackpot flip flippant high-flown inflated grandiose wide open unsafe mad off deep end out on limb gung ho all-male giddy mettled resolved buoyant attractive raffish champion mythological impractical senseless scatty manlike swish elegant frantic high-minded erratic radge crackbrained extreme life-threatening thrilling stand tall having nerves of steel lawless muscly brawny pell-mell whirlwind cursory gadarene flying drive-by rushed knightly haphazard chaotic wacky perky daft bigger than life inattentive disrespectful mindless husky burly substantial hefty rugged dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy alert exclusive swank rousing monstrous scandalous heinous anxious lippy neat airy pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic zippy animate jazzy racy spanking sparky pizzazzy romping light-minded flighty disorderly man-size mannish studly powerfully built fecund beefy ripped well built man-sized lusty well made fertile potent shredded hunky laddish diligent atrocious worried distracted mouthy smart-arsed smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious rushing rough tempestuous calm chivalric magnanimous misguided nimble collected industrious malapert overventuresome reproductive buff driving sexually potent vibrant jacked sound procreative generative just big high lordly sublime gentlemanly fair natural lofty great courteous faithful unsmart uncontrolled uncareful composed driven tireless chirpy bold as brass smart-assed out of line bright dependable controlled self-possessed virtuous courtly spontaneous persistent assiduous earnest ambitious rigorous wholehearted strenuous indefatigable painstaking presuming out of control playing with fire fast and loose imperturbable self-confident devoted steady reliable unpremeditated unrelenting untiring intense purposeful sedulous unflagging conscientious gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered immodest cool-headed impassive unflappable overfamiliar extemporaneous capricious impromptu instinctive snap trusty stable unfaltering barefaced overweening radical militant laborious involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive unemotional relaxed true-blue unhesitating forthright emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed overassertive direct tranquil patient bound steamroller powerhouse unpredictable offhand abandoned quick uppity free overfriendly thrusting rude swift hectic superficial automatic unmeditated perfunctory speedy unexpected cool, calm and collected brazen-faced spur-of-the-moment ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it tried and true hanging tough bound and determined tried and tested dead set on brass-necked coming on strong self-assertive bare-faced over-assertive

Tính từ

(of a person or performance) Energetic in nature
dynamic energetic vital vigorous active lively powerful spirited driving electric forceful magnetic go-getting high-powered aggressive effective emphatic go-ahead peppy potent zestful zippy effectual enterprising positive strong bold fiery flamboyant full-blooded high-octane passionate pushing animated assertive ballsy feisty flush gingery gutsy lusty red-blooded robust sparky spunky tireless go-go have-a-go indefatigable vehement activating charismatic compelling energising energizing forcible go-getter highpowered hyped-up influential intense productive self-motivated vibrant vitalizing full of get-up-and-go coming on strong full of beans full of life full of vim and vigour play for keeps play hard ball sparkling flourishing exciting vivacious electrifying effervescent enthusiastic alive dazzling zesty bustling dashing animate bouncy perky humming happening airy stirring impassioned zealous colourful virile kinetic sprightly buzzing brisk colorful vivid rousing snappy abuzz determined spry coruscating industrious hopping bubbly intensive astir stimulating thriving busy fresh storming sturdy springy unflagging sensitive resounding untiring frisky rugged vibrating breezy bouncing pert punchy radiant racy stalwart responsive muscular hardy abubble spanking sound pizazzy aboil jazzy mettlesome pizzazzy strenuous jaunty pushy high-spirited gay full of pep all-out hard-hitting full of the joys of spring bright-eyed and bushy-tailed bright and breezy full of spirit ball of fire alive and kicking violent keen ambitious stout resolute authoritative unremitting dogged tough persuasive tenacious persistent in-your-face dominant diligent commanding firm hearty pertinacious efficacious persevering eager driven unrelenting efficient assiduous audacious uncompromising unwearied strapping confident convincing unfaltering inexhaustible weariless staunch unswerving hale earnest unshakeable ardent insistent steadfast cogent useful committed hale and hearty Herculean bullish competitive healthy self-starting resourceful strong-willed pulling no punches fit mighty steady successful significant unwavering unwearying impressive unflinching creative progressive sweeping single-minded domineering purposeful sedulous powerhouse bossy in fine fettle advanced fierce militant imaginative ingenious original constant incessant unfailing fruitful overwhelming weighty patient inventive operative unceasing affecting daring blooming relentless indomitable jumping grind hyper pioneering direct self-asserting great adventurous entrepreneurial athletic brawny exuberant consequential telling striking wholehearted unrestrained up-and-coming innovative chipper hard-working puissant motivating blunt hunky intrepid moving husky controlling uncontrolled unbridled in good condition self-assured self-possessed self-confident solid courageous pithy undeviating able-bodied raring to go in good health out-and-out burly hefty critical overpowering important in good trim in good shape take-over rigorous hungry all out impactful iron hard-driving aspiring hard trenchant buff beefy fighting fit capable able in the pink eager beaver assured gumptious decisive solidly built self-directed fit as a fiddle on the go bound and determined stop at nothing galvanic macho masculine manly all-male unstinting fast-track conscientious fixed liberal disruptive forward-looking modern fervent complete incisive arduous taxing wild enlightened forward-thinking loyal unending unretiring authoritarian ruling supreme not backward in coming forward exhausting impactive new rising thoroughgoing thorough eloquent dramatic dutiful dependable urging propulsive impellent major prolific avant-garde highly capable in control sinewy eventful total full irresistible graphic hardline in the saddle all-embracing exhaustive zappy honest frank forthright unsparing imperious never-tiring muscly rude jacked unmixed straight-talking condemnatory succinct terse thewy aerobicized wholesome stark thickset full of the joy of living substantial roaring rough constraining elemental strongly worded upfront dynamical unsinkable remorseless hell-bent ironclad inexorable painstaking ripped shredded out and out bursting with health powerfully built well-conditioned in rude health as strong as a horse as strong as a ox as fit as a flea in trim as fit as a fiddle well-built brassy heavy-duty heavy redoubtable formidable bursting with good health well built well made no holds barred not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder almighty nose to grindstone dead set on motivated avid ruthless thirsty desirous unyielding intent certain rigid obdurate cutthroat obstinate sustained ferocious dedicated devoted inspired unabated bloodthirsty stubborn stringent overbearing burdensome unbearable unendurable intolerable oppressive decided absolute definite warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy bullheaded continuing plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding competent provocative meaningful swaying enticing responsible material contributory encouraging momentous motivational pivotal inducing impelling considerable imposing animating fateful inspiring swayful formative guiding monumental central inspirational instrumental alluring masterful touching seductive crucial far-reaching unequivocal categorical self-assertive gifted alert sharp talented clever bright venturesome quick-witted self-driven hang-tough self-willed intensely competitive iron-willed high-pressure go for broke self-seeking goal-oriented can-do fiercely competitive power-loving gung ho get up and go high-reaching power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog explicit mind-blowing intimidating dominating shattering adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved nervy emboldened unmistakable unambiguous unconditional unqualified distinct clear downright outright fine sure ringing obvious definitive evident pointed glaring sober express accented dogmatic flat stressed solemn itching craving hardworking yearning hustling lusting advancing ready playful one hundred per cent strong as an lion buoyant in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition for a face no mistake upbeat spark plug hard ball wick steamroller take-charge full of vim full of energy

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