Đồng nghĩa của adventuresome

Alternative for adventuresome

adventuresome /əd'ventʃəsəm/
  • tính từ
    • (từ hiếm,nghĩa hiếm) (như) adventurous


Prone to, or willing to undertake, adventures
daring bold adventurous audacious venturesome gutsy brave enterprising dashing venturous courageous nervy hardy daredevil nerved emboldened carefree exciting exploratory free-swinging risk-taking thrill-seeking fearless intrepid dauntless undaunted unafraid plucky valiant heroic ballsy valorous reckless gallant spirited rash game spunky foolhardy temerarious confident gritty unflinching stalwart lionhearted heroical gutty lion-hearted doughty stout brash manful unshrinking stouthearted mettlesome devil-may-care greathearted have-a-go undauntable brazen resolute tough swashbuckling risky headstrong madcap heedless peppy assured pushy spartan strong stout-hearted unabashed dangerous positive dynamic hazardous impulsive overconfident cool decisive smart overbold chivalrous dareful noble feisty unblenching aweless tenacious brassy unfearful as game as Ned Kelly rock-ribbed fire-eating macho sturdy resourceful aggressive impavid death-or-glory wild determined indomitable dogged go-ahead death-defying frightless nerveless unfearing gung ho sporting manly assertive redoubtable ungoverned uncurbed puissant powerful worthy unalarmed presumptuous restless seeking shameless stylish sporty dazzling jaunty debonair on the go smart-alecky cheeky salty forward cocky impudent obtrusive crusty bantam assuming exuberant flamboyant lively breezy fire eating hot shot go for broke raffish animated buoyant energetic attractive romantic out on a limb swish elegant urbane showy dapper striking exclusive swank vivacious keen alert gay rousing staunch vigorous steadfast steely firm unswerving unfaltering unyielding unwavering unbending indefatigable stubborn unflagging high-spirited willful unshakeable strong-willed forceful persevering icy resilient fortitudinous herolike enduring bravehearted undismayed honourable great-spirited sassy unconcerned unworried unapprehensive full of determination orped defiant chin-up imprudent impervious undisturbed quixotic hairy suave dignified honorable purposeful superhuman fiery perseverant Herculean classic exaggerated grand epic extravagant persistent unabashed by unshakable undaunted by brisk elevated high-flown inflated grandiose ardent gingery peppery mythological champion unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened mettled resolved frisky sprightly stand tall bigger than life having nerves of steel not scared irrepressible hardened inured capable rugged toughened resistant robust sound quick to recover difficult to keep down quick to bounce back rolling with punches


Having no regard for danger or consequences
reckless daredevil foolhardy careless hasty irresponsible precipitate rash madcap wild headlong heedless inattentive thoughtless impetuous incautious mindless audacious imprudent impulsive negligent overconfident indiscreet overbold overhasty temerarious unheeding daring precipitous injudicious misguided regardless tearaway venturesome brash kamikaze unconsidered unthinking unwise venturous adventurous harebrained overventuresome breakneck carefree hotheaded inconsiderate uncareful uncontrolled unsmart ill-advised death-or-glory harum-scarum hot-headed out of control over-adventurous over-venturesome playing with fire fast and loose hare-brained bull-in-a-china-shop devil-may-care hell-for-leather helter-skelter ill-considered ill-conceived risky desperate stupid headstrong bold foolish unsafe mad silly wide open out on limb off deep end unmindful neglectful unwary unguarded improvident unobservant remiss inadvertent unwatchful indifferent absent-minded unconcerned napping casual unalert unvigilant off-guard oblivious wasteful uncaring feckless prodigal irreflective profligate blithe spendthrift thriftless shiftless uneconomical uncircumspect nonchalant squandering unprepared extravagant short-sighted untroubled unthrifty lavish unworried shortsighted profuse unintended tactless slapdash unintentional impolitic unwitting unconscious flighty ill-judged senseless unpremeditated derelict deaf blind listless undiplomatic indelicate sloppy unreasoning lax involuntary unreflective forgetful careless of unmeant dozy unthought-out asleep at the switch credulous ignorant asleep on the job not paying attention suicidal self-destructive giddy happy-go-lucky scatty easy-going airy flippant insouciant erratic frivolous graceless inadvisable swaggering breezy unthoughtful haphazard cool high-rolling unadvisable inexpedient dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy lackadaisical cavalier insensitive romping light-minded disorderly disregarding uninterested leaving self wide open off the deep end slipshod undiscerning unreasonable free and easy hurried unfeeling nonobservant ditsy unadvised sudden disregardful apathetic irrational off one's guard delinquent without regard coarse accidental unplanned chance out to lunch free-spending rude slack crude uncautious wary spur-of-the-moment mechanical immoderate myopic excessive heedless of instinctive disregardful of inattentive to fast-and-loose caught napping foot-in-mouth regardless of neglectful of oblivious to unawares not careful taking no notice of paying no heed to unconscious of blind to deaf to unheeding of innocent incidental fortuitous uncalculated flukey fluky asleep at the wheel sticking one's neck out leading with one's chin any old way off guard pay no mind automatic coincidental undevised unthought undesigned spontaneous reflex intuitive spaced out flat-footed asleep zoned out unsuspecting daydreaming not on the job unready abstracted not on purpose witless brutish outrageous vacant blunt untactful

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