Đồng nghĩa của hot shot


A notable person within a specific field
light expert authority master leader guru luminary celebrity dignitary public figure big name star doyen phenomenon pundit VIP virtuoso elite figure heavyweight icon mogul pro specialist standout ace doyenne face name notable prodigy worthy champion genius kingpin maestro maven personage personality sage savant scholar superstar whiz big cheese big gun big kahuna big noise big shot bigwig big wig celeb connoisseur guiding light leading light official old pro person of influence top brass top cat top dog top hand wizard adept hotshot buff professional whizz proficient crackerjack geek boffin meister artist demon crackajack ninja fiend dab hand fundi wonk old hand alpha geek cognoscente aficionado oracle dab mavin hand shark sharp rocket scientist past master exponent artiste one of the cognoscenti graduate high priest key player resource person wiz wunderkind marvel intellect brainiac thinker brain something to write home about whizz kid whiz kid whizz-kid something to shout about up-and-comer something else consultant fancier devotee enthusiast veteran technician doctor skilled person practitioner mastermind grandmaster master hand egghead intellectual Einstein bright spark brainbox wonder academic polymath brains winner sensation highbrow judge bluestocking clever clogs fanatic mind walking encyclopedia addict freak head gifted child arbiter talent obsessive fan adviser lover nut philosopher scientist girl wonder child prodigy boy wonder idol hero miracle junkie maniac professor afficionado mentor junky sucker hound critic habitue portent spectacle grand master bug bookworm fool flash caution splendor intellectualist nerd natural zealot magician curiosity academician jock longhair stunner splendour aficionada learned person rarity bookish person intelligent person master-hand double-dome wiseguy pedant trooper researcher inventor beast cordon bleu director conductor victor gifted person comer talented child phenom quiz kid insider legend source top player counsellor powerhouse old master know-it-all theorist spellbinder champ dillettante performer paragon real pro counsel advisor warhorse vet old-timer stager headliner lead MVP eye-opener wonderful thing amazing thing aesthete dilettante ideal prima donna whiz-bang theoretician ideologist longtimer appreciator miracle worker consigliere counselor guide horse's mouth great brilliant person no slouch hot stuff esthete old guard experienced person old school old stager old soldier Nestor cerebrum Solomon psyche mental giant clever person bravura player heroine pandit wonder-worker miracle-worker idiot savant one for the books specialist in expert judge of arbiter of taste authority on expert judge mahatma bookman freelancer Brahmin braintruster intelligentsia bible person experienced in something wise man casuist sophist student czar boss kingfish textbook law brass governor aristocrat avant-garde Bible exec executive pointy-head man of letters woman of letters ivory dome power elite follower city hall front office most valuable player adherent expert witness admirer groupie habitué rooter activity slave monster grotesque monstrosity mutation abnormality girl-genius child genius boy-genius enormity wonder child rare bird one in a million


Willing, or inclined, to take chances or risks
daring adventurous bold audacious brave fearless intrepid venturesome rash reckless valiant enterprising gutsy adventuresome dashing dauntless heroic have-a-go spunky unafraid undaunted unshrinking valorous venturous confident emboldened free-swinging game hardy heedless impulsive madcap nerved nervy peppy plucky ballsy daredevil pushy brassy cheeky cocky courageous crusty dareful foolhardy forward gallant gritty gutty impudent obtrusive salty smart smart-alecky temerarious fire eating go for broke as game as Ned Kelly out on a limb lionhearted stalwart spirited doughty mettlesome resolute stout stouthearted unflinching stout-hearted manful heroical greathearted brash undauntable lion-hearted indomitable devil-may-care feisty determined hasty chivalrous wild manly strong impetuous imprudent swashbuckling incautious tenacious unabashed precipitate noble overbold tough overconfident thoughtless death-or-glory risky unfearful carefree careless unblenching headstrong dangerous vigorous exciting irresponsible hot-headed headlong harum-scarum brazen overhasty rock-ribbed fire-eating hare-brained macho assured powerful ill-advised harebrained precipitous injudicious hotheaded hazardous unalarmed lively shameless aweless flamboyant ill-considered risk-taking spartan dazzling unfearing steely forceful exploratory indiscreet unconsidered thrill-seeking passionate kamikaze unthinking energetic breakneck hell-for-leather dynamic sturdy cool death-defying saucy aggressive furious presumptuous fiery masculine male staunch redoubtable steadfast unshakable constant frightless impavid dapper desperate go-ahead keen assertive unguarded jaunty unwise romantic unwary sassy showy muscular robust strapping ostentatious red-blooded striking pert inconsiderate precipitant virile animated butch gay positive honourable nerveless decisive urbane brisk vital vivacious breezy solid loyal sprightly shocking assuming irrational committed defiant elevated frisky persevering restless tearaway sporting improvident dedicated unwavering fresh true firm honorable quixotic impertinent frenzied jumping to conclusions slapdash insuppressible immature premature familiar resilient bantam unswerving active dogged bull-in-a-china-shop worthy puissant icy insolent herolike foolish hurried unheeding uninhibited irreverent self-assured frivolous negligent hard-working wise regardless stupid silly helter-skelter sudden ill-conceived abrupt over-venturesome over-adventurous swaggering gaudy eye-catching startling flashy rakish bravehearted resourceful unspeakable seeking roisterous undismayed ungoverned uncurbed great-spirited unabashed by undaunted by ill-judged on the go unconcerned unworried unapprehensive Ramboesque well-built rumbustious cavalier stylish unscared sure unalarmed by unfrightened orped impervious undisturbed chin-up fortitudinous sporty debonair hairy suave dignified unthought-out misjudged superhuman high-spirited exuberant Herculean outrageous crazy not scared violent high-risk grand extravagant classic exaggerated epic peppery ardent gingery badly thought out not thought through crackpot flip flippant high-flown inflated grandiose wide open unsafe mad off deep end out on limb gung ho all-male giddy mettled resolved buoyant attractive raffish champion mythological impractical senseless scatty manlike swish elegant frantic high-minded erratic radge crackbrained extreme life-threatening thrilling stand tall having nerves of steel lawless muscly brawny pell-mell whirlwind cursory gadarene flying drive-by rushed knightly haphazard chaotic wacky perky daft bigger than life inattentive disrespectful mindless husky burly substantial hefty rugged dotty dippy inconstant scatterbrained divvy alert exclusive swank rousing monstrous scandalous heinous anxious lippy neat airy pizazzy bouncing springy snappy kinetic zippy animate jazzy racy spanking sparky pizzazzy romping light-minded flighty disorderly man-size mannish studly powerfully built fecund beefy ripped well built man-sized lusty well made fertile potent shredded hunky laddish diligent atrocious worried distracted mouthy smart-arsed smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious rushing rough tempestuous calm chivalric magnanimous misguided nimble collected industrious malapert overventuresome reproductive buff driving sexually potent vibrant jacked sound procreative generative just big high lordly sublime gentlemanly fair natural lofty great courteous faithful unsmart uncontrolled uncareful composed driven tireless chirpy bold as brass smart-assed out of line bright dependable controlled self-possessed virtuous courtly spontaneous persistent assiduous earnest zealous ambitious rigorous wholehearted strenuous indefatigable painstaking presuming out of control playing with fire fast and loose imperturbable self-confident devoted steady reliable unpremeditated unrelenting eager untiring intense purposeful sedulous unflagging conscientious gentlemanlike benevolent great-hearted noble-minded well-mannered immodest cool-headed impassive unflappable overfamiliar extemporaneous capricious impromptu instinctive snap trusty stable unfaltering barefaced overweening radical militant laborious involuntary whimsical unplanned intuitive unemotional relaxed true-blue unhesitating forthright emotional unprompted freakish unrepressed overassertive direct tranquil patient bound steamroller powerhouse unpredictable offhand abandoned quick uppity free overfriendly thrusting rude swift hectic superficial automatic unmeditated perfunctory speedy unexpected cool, calm and collected brazen-faced spur-of-the-moment ad-lib jumping the gun ill-thought-out winging it tried and true hanging tough bound and determined tried and tested dead set on brass-necked coming on strong self-assertive bare-faced over-assertive casual unmindful neglectful remiss nonchalant blithe impolitic unrestrained tactless unobservant indifferent undiplomatic indelicate short-sighted insouciant uncaring inadvisable lackadaisical lax sloppy inadvertent slipshod slack wanton intemperate uncircumspect inexpedient derelict disregardful apathetic immoderate feckless free and easy slap-happy inappropriate asinine absent-minded insensitive dissolute unbridled untroubled disinterested graceless tardy unconstrained unwatchful unreasonable unreliable unconscious ignorant delinquent preposterous napping idiotic absurd lazy ridiculous unchecked easy oblivious blind unrestricted unreserved laid-back unintelligent cock-eyed blithely unconcerned without care wrong-headed unfettered irreflective nonsensical easy-going untimely brainless witless fanciful happy-go-lucky unreasoning reactive naive profligate bizarre unsystematic unthoughtful licentious unalert unvigilant off-guard half-baked loose knee-jerk lavish impracticable undependable untrustworthy unaccountable inane unworkable good-for-nothing profuse unintended prodigal unintentional unwitting undisciplined fantastic deaf listless unbounded rampant unhampered fantastical empty-headed previous accidental runaway ditsy ludicrous chance excessive unreflective unhindered nutty forgetful raw careless of corrupt disorganized illogical random insane unreal maladroit unadvised aimless unmeant unsound indiscriminate arbitrary unsympathetic messy dozy hit-or-miss unreasoned blunt subitaneous futile untidy immoral incontinent featherbrained birdbrained light-hearted unpolitic credulous unprepared fluky desultory stray scattered catch-as-catch-can incidental slovenly uncalled-for blasé feather-brained disorganised all over the place ad hoc shoddy any old way suicidal hedonistic self-destructive heady shortsighted unrealistic disregarding uninterested barmy mechanical unsubtle infelicitous garrulous nosy demonstrative unseemly unfeeling nonobservant snatched undesirable unfortunate childish undiscerning unduly quick fly-by-night unaware uninformed badly planned confused wrong boisterous good-time lunatic imbecilic unadvisable coarse abstracted clueless moronic unwarned unknowing unsuspecting spur of the moment unpractical dumb fatuous reflex careless of one's duty inept effusive off one's guard damfool without regard crude decadent unthorough otiose unmeticulous faineant fainéant wasteful touchy-feely inexperienced in the dark leaving self wide open off the deep end fast-paced asleep at the switch out to lunch unmethodical vacant untactful brutish without a care in the world prankish gratuitous supererogative irregular idiotical simpleminded lamebrained off the top of one's head farcical self-indulgent self-gratifying salacious lamebrain nonrational meaningless pointless fruitless ditzy dizzy skittish implausible dim-witted half-witted thriftless fluctuating spendthrift fickle fitful uncautious wary fierce unlimited temeritous orderless undirected hit-and-miss exorbitant incredible fast impassioned vehement higgledy-piggledy excitable innocent fortuitous uncalculated flukey unreflecting supererogatory unbalanced unconfined harsh ungracious jumbled unorganized willy-nilly unorganised designless unselective uncoordinated any which way hit or miss all over the map fluke purposeless frothy batty dopey goofy puerile yeasty coincidental undevised unthought undesigned fast-and-loose fervid restive last-minute inordinate unshackled untrammelled unresponsible caught napping foot-in-mouth not in the loop dappy heedless of O.T.T. too much a bit much OTT over the top unkind clumsy gadabout louche carnal not careful unimpeded unsuppressed uncontrollable boundless cocksure hubristic asleep at the wheel leading with one's chin off guard pay no mind sticking one's neck out asleep on the job young inattentive to disregardful of excited bemused gaga bubbleheaded irrepressible unbound unquenchable unstoppable footloose uncontainable not on purpose intolerant impolite discourteous conceited uppish smug bumptious neglectful of regardless of oblivious to thrown-together paying no heed to blind to unheeding of taking no notice of unconscious of deaf to not paying attention going off deep end shambolic overbearing blustering arrogant abundant volatile unhandsome uncivil callous unmannered unmannerly light-headed frank candid out of hand saturnalian impotent plenary open untrammeled riotous limitless sophomoric depraved dissipated unruly thrown together uncharitable boorish unfair heartless sharp unceremonious short riding for a fall overoptimistic bullish lighthearted slaphappy lightsome wicked incorrigible reprobate unprincipled sinful debauched all over the shop ill-mannered ill-bred optimistic content free-minded cheerful full of yourself heading for a fall carefree and untroubled living the life of Riley

Trái nghĩa của hot shot

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