Đồng nghĩa của coming on strong

Tính từ

Exhibiting enthusiasm or strong passion
zealous earnest enthusiastic passionate ardent devoted eager keen burning fervent fervid impassioned fanatical spirited fiery militant rabid committed devout sincere wholehearted avid dedicated energetic fierce forceful hearty intense purposeful pushy single-minded vigorous zestful afire antsy extreme fanatic fireball fired frenetic go-ahead gung-ho hot itchy obsessed obsessive perfervid possessed ripe self-starting vehement wild-eyed zealotic determined wild excited strong active industrious resolute feverish hungry intent passional ambitious desirous aggressive torrid warm diligent driven assiduous heated persistent red-hot flaming assertive steadfast emotional dynamic crazy religious thirsty indefatigable charged enthused tenacious tireless unflagging demonstrative emphatic hot-blooded powerful untiring motivated warm-blooded violent dogged incandescent persevering gung ho impatient animated voracious solicitous superheated bold blazing glowing athirst raring conscientious staunch enterprising lively agog pumped nuts frenzied sedulous heartfelt unwavering anxious feisty uncompromising longing strenuous yearning insistent pertinacious unrelenting mettlesome deep firm stoked keen as mustard juiced thorough profound greedy rigorous potent itching strong-willed hopped-up great champing at the bit hepped up geeked go-getting hard-working unfaltering raring to go aspiring constant mad keen willing steady ready interested craving unswerving unremitting deep-seated obstinate appetent confident domineering eager beaver mad audacious consuming unshakeable studious tough urgent forcible serious hard-driving busy unyielding dying progressive attentive bright-eyed and bushy-tailed stout bigoted self-assertive careful meticulous inspired acute laborious gutsy painstaking full-blooded high-spirited loyal punctilious stubborn ebullient heightened immoderate in-your-face ready and willing vivacious excessive radical pioneering plucky unflinching intensive resounding as keen as mustard muscular exuberant self-driven stalwart bustling restless faithful resolved frantic extremist pining stirring hankering ruthless pushing inflamed hard-hitting all-consuming infatuated driving strong-minded raging rigid commanding unwearied hard diehard hopeful bullish dying to hot to trot deeply felt warmblooded on the make authoritative steely sprightly striving goal-oriented desiring intemperate ferocious undeviating true furious animate wishful perky competitive fixated unbending plugging aching strict Herculean punchy engaged adventurous set breathless high-powered vivid gone on power-hungry self-confident heedful go-go intolerant straining at the leash keyed up nutty prejudiced vociferous self-asserting blunt robust self-seeking unfailing uncontrollable genuine bossy clamorous scrupulous imperious exhilarated vital severe inexhaustible weariless enamored explosive daring swivel-eyed fond dominant full of beans lusty enamoured demanding unrestrained close unfeigned dogmatic fixed expressive titillated uncontrolled unqualified hyper spunky indomitable effective decisive intrepid opinionated particular compulsive pedantic fussy gagging thrilling hardworking potty employed impulsive elaborate courageous thoroughgoing hopping working biased vocal brisk covetous operose loud rousing dashing adamant maniacal sentimental deep-rooted compelling responsive melodramatic restive watchful peppy racy gladiatorial bona fide zippy rarin' to go addicted hardy self-assured budding scrappy angry game chomping at the bit self-possessed warlike snappy ballsy all-out spanking inflexible illiberal partisan dead set hopped up can-do full-hearted narrow-minded two-fisted ball of fire bent upon pulling no punches hell-bent flourishing relentless fired up full of determination power-loving smitten thriving get up and go high-reaching terrible extraordinary outspoken exceptional incessant feeling forthright wishing revolutionary imposing positive thrilled sharp complete pleased strident entrenched hellacious noisy unceasing unstinting blistering ungovernable heavy assured dotty hooked rooted ultra-careful bent sturdy jumping grind fearless unbridled acquisitive messianic intrenched infatuated with combative hardened sure inveterate undaunted exacting over-enthusiastic solid unshakable devoted to raw plodding inordinate obdurate red-blooded eloquent searching minute tied-up occupied impetuous brave excitable overenthusiastic resourceful sparkling enduring settled fascinated supreme monomaniacal unwearying galvanized swotty cut-throat habitual vibrant intent on hard-core honest alive ecstatic stimulated unhesitating zesty persisting exciting sparky airy delirious effervescent hot for cutthroat tender contentious expectant moving bouncy iron-willed sensitive bubbly raving bugged incorrigible card-carrying bloodthirsty storming kinetic high-pressure stirred roused one-sided very enthusiastic warring big nervy galvanised full-throated alert whole-souled bouncing springy frisky pert aflame rugged amenable raucous white-hot confirmed gay unreasonable whole-hearted jazzy pizzazzy pizazzy jaunty disposed steamed up gotta have energized true blue bullheaded full of life decided overemotional emotive bred-in-the-bone activated definite heroic insane inclined dutiful happy energised on fire bright and breezy like a ball of fire alive and kicking high-octane having killer instinct full of vim and vigour from the heart have-a-go waiting with bated breath desiring success bursting mighty volatile fevered tight insatiable peppery gingery amorous overpowering stiff abject all out growing thirsting resilient unending unretiring sexy arousing titillating marked effectual effusive irascible stormy allegiant arduous taxing edgy ravenous grasping self-motivated penetrating piercing temperamental buoyant rapacious avaricious intensified exhausting forward controlling grave regardful concentrating nice listening aflutter prepared rhapsodic wacky concerned tantalized revitalized reinvigorated reborn overbearing correct accurate on the go inspirited importunate upwardly mobile dependable gaga tantalised straining chafing hard-nosed hardline not backward in coming forward quick thrusting susceptible visionary bubbling over moved influenced aroused encouraged uplifted turnt collected composed influential sprouting burgeoning expanding augmenting amplifying towering sustained up sagacious in a hurry grinding whiz hoping poised optimistic intending aspirant wannabe potential would-be tumultuous pious warmhearted wackadoodle wackadoo unabated stringent psyched glad hung up unreluctant patient convincing chirpy zappy elated chipper proactive banzai stirred up original defiant brutal gritty irrepressible exact loving heartwarming overcharged tempestuous fain sectarian true-blue adoring doting supportive peart dauntless vociferant obstreperous erratic partial headstrong credulous willful unruly contumacious future possible prospective likely in love overwrought dizzy persuasive involved minded desperate pronounced concentrated vitalized zingy protective mindful vigilant defensive poignant precipitate headlong inspiring affecting hotblooded quickened unstinted continuing undeterred continued independent perceptive mean take charge emulous verklempt sentient ablaze imaginative ingenious frank in the mood of a mind pysched up up for on for favourably inclined take-charge ghastly almighty intensely competitive fiercely competitive stop at nothing dog-eat-dog hang-tough self-willed go for broke bound and determined mushy romantic touching extremely enthusiastic deliberate serious-minded in earnest meaning what one says meaning business self-reliant vying major hysterical firm in spirit certain stout-hearted tough-minded ironclad touchy-feely bent on on tenterhooks set on desirous of fastidious cool-headed brassy exquisite revolutionist chauvinistic blinkered activist inventive nuts for high on turned on competing worked up starry-eyed on the edge of one's seat on pins and needles hankering after drastic dreadful endeavoring endeavouring beguiled enchanted besotted charmed slogging seasoned creative viral carnivorous opposing oppositional antagonistic fearful fond of sweet on enamoured of very keen on smitten with beside oneself chronic pontifical talented bright venturesome quick-witted gifted capable able clever keen on daft significant fearsome lovesick captivated bewitched enamored of established plain-spoken crazed overzealous vicious venturous free-swinging up-and-coming entrepreneurial emboldened adventuresome nerved nitpicking finical unerring finicky nutso perennial lifelong authoritarian spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action taken intoxicated spellbound love-struck enraptured seduced frightful irrational as game as Ned Kelly free-spoken direct candid open uninhibited indelible proved immutable with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone critical excruciating revitalised extravagant born-again ultra addicted to reliable impenitent intransigent unapologetic unashamed irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime inexorable infuriated berko berserk impractical speculative dogmatical self-opinionated theoretical opinionative opinioned take-over gumptious advancing hustling lusting innovative heavy-duty articulate ingrained incurable explicit accustomed inured habituated staid grandiose hooked on in love with infected naked corybantic deranged overboard sick poisoned smoking mad-dog ultraist diseased sizzling bitten unwell virulent flipped ill spark plug hard ball rebel belligerent sicker ideological unpragmatic unrealistic hypothetical real absolute full unambiguous total unreserved categorical bellicose mad on epic ostentatious large long-established dyed-in-the-wool pugnacious unlimited unmitigated unrestricted unequivocal unconditional undivided very keen hard-line well established long-standing die-hard through and through deep-set hard-shell firmly established deep-dyed well-established terrorist freaked out pigheaded magisterial mulish dictatorial doctrinaire stern holding fixed views stiff-necked dictative guarded jealous consumed compelled unalloyed unadulterated utter smooth-spoken voluble facile plainspoken glib fluent free venting stentorian round immodest monumental immovable unbendable unshaken electrifying fighting undiluted unquestioning outright impelled flamboyant dazzling ultra-active assaultive contending chippy quarrelsome confrontational discordant brawly argumentative agonistic truculent combating disputatious exorbitant magnificent exaggerated showy lordly happening virile humming colourful colorful buzzing abiding entire authentic fullhearted induced obsessional spry coruscating stimulating astir fresh abuzz embattled vibrating radiant breezy pushed steered guided besetting fantastic outrageous lavish disproportionate impressive abubble sound aboil militaristic rebellious warrish assertory martial offensive military hectic in arms up in arms full of the joys of spring full of spirit full of pep full of get-up-and-go hundred percent fanciful grand out-and-out without reservations never-failing urged on

Tính từ

Beginning to attract attention or critical acclaim
up-and-coming promising ambitious budding coming eager rising talented able apt climbing determined emerging enterprising gifted go-getter go-getting high-reaching hungry pushing soaring striving succeeding with potential in the making likely to succeed get up and go on the up and up resourceful original daring bold spirited ingenious imaginative adventurous enthusiastic audacious inventive vigorous energetic creative clever active keen bright capable alert intrepid venturesome sharp quick-witted hardy dynamic venturous go-ahead nervy emboldened free-swinging gutsy courageous adventuresome nerved dashing entrepreneurial zealous aspiring zippy self-starting itching hustling lusting snappy innovative driving yearning go-go lively peppy diligent spanking take-over ready busy stirring craving industrious gumptious hardworking progressive advancing spark plug hard ball brave fearless daredevil plucky rash reckless dauntless foolhardy spunky valiant temerarious heroic unafraid valorous undaunted ballsy confident gallant game modern have-a-go unflinching enlightened positive risky forward-thinking forward-looking brash swashbuckling stalwart avant-garde gritty gutty resolute pushy liberal pioneering proactive advanced disruptive devil-may-care doughty new madcap overbold mettlesome forward heroical decisive lionhearted assured stout dangerous unshrinking lion-hearted aweless feisty headstrong hazardous aggressive heedless exciting exploratory carefree risk-taking thrill-seeking dareful smart on the go as game as Ned Kelly sturdy death-or-glory wild purposeful overconfident death-defying vital driven ungoverned uncurbed restless presumptuous seeking high-powered inspired practical perceptive forceful reforming nifty deviceful stylish impulsive strong-willed jaunty sporty dazzling debonair action-oriented forehanded visionary foreseeing prescient farseeing progressivist provident foresighted forethoughtful farsighted salty cocky impudent smart-alecky cheeky brassy obtrusive crusty flamboyant exuberant avant modernistic breezy fire eating hot shot open-minded revolutionary radical go for broke attractive romantic raffish animated buoyant out on a limb cutting-edge up-to-date state-of-the-art swish elegant urbane dapper showy exclusive swank gay rousing striking vivacious manful stouthearted greathearted undauntable assuming bantam

Tính từ

(of a person or performance) Energetic in nature
dynamic energetic vital vigorous active lively powerful spirited driving electric forceful magnetic go-getting high-powered aggressive effective emphatic go-ahead peppy potent zestful zippy effectual enterprising positive strong bold fiery flamboyant full-blooded high-octane passionate pushing animated assertive ballsy feisty flush gingery gutsy lusty red-blooded robust sparky spunky tireless go-go have-a-go indefatigable vehement activating charismatic compelling energising energizing forcible go-getter highpowered hyped-up influential intense productive self-motivated vibrant vitalizing full of get-up-and-go full of beans full of life full of vim and vigour play for keeps play hard ball strenuous enthusiastic determined muscular violent zealous keen resounding ambitious stout resolute authoritative unremitting dogged tough hard-hitting unflagging untiring persuasive tenacious persistent industrious in-your-face dominant diligent commanding pushy firm hearty pertinacious efficacious persevering eager driven unrelenting efficient assiduous audacious uncompromising unwearied strapping confident convincing unfaltering inexhaustible sturdy weariless perky staunch unswerving rugged virile hale earnest unshakeable hardy ardent insistent steadfast punchy cogent useful spanking committed hale and hearty Herculean bullish vivacious competitive healthy self-starting resourceful ball of fire strong-willed pulling no punches fit mighty steady successful significant unwavering unwearying mettlesome bouncing impressive unflinching creative sound brisk progressive snappy sweeping single-minded domineering purposeful sedulous powerhouse bossy in fine fettle advanced fierce militant imaginative ingenious original constant incessant unfailing fruitful overwhelming weighty sprightly patient inventive high-spirited sparkling operative unceasing spry affecting daring blooming relentless indomitable jumping grind hyper pioneering bouncy direct self-asserting great jaunty adventurous entrepreneurial athletic brawny exuberant consequential telling striking wholehearted unrestrained flourishing up-and-coming innovative chipper hard-working puissant motivating blunt hunky intrepid stalwart racy moving intensive husky controlling uncontrolled unbridled in good condition self-assured self-possessed self-confident solid courageous pithy thriving stimulating dashing undeviating able-bodied bright-eyed and bushy-tailed raring to go in good health out-and-out burly hefty critical overpowering important in good trim in good shape take-over rigorous hungry all out impactful iron hard-driving aspiring hard trenchant buff beefy fighting fit capable able alive and kicking in the pink eager beaver assured all-out gumptious decisive solidly built stirring self-directed fit as a fiddle on the go bound and determined stop at nothing galvanic macho masculine manly all-male unstinting fast-track conscientious fixed liberal disruptive forward-looking modern fervent complete incisive arduous taxing wild enlightened forward-thinking loyal unending unretiring storming impassioned authoritarian ruling supreme not backward in coming forward exhausting impactive new rising thoroughgoing thorough bubbly animate frisky pert gay eloquent dramatic dutiful dependable airy springy kinetic jazzy urging propulsive impellent major prolific avant-garde highly capable in control sinewy pizazzy pizzazzy eventful total full irresistible graphic vivid hardline in the saddle all-embracing exhaustive zappy honest frank forthright unsparing imperious never-tiring muscly rude jacked unmixed straight-talking condemnatory succinct terse thewy aerobicized wholesome stark thickset full of the joy of living substantial roaring rough constraining elemental strongly worded upfront dynamical unsinkable remorseless hell-bent ironclad inexorable painstaking ripped shredded out and out bursting with health powerfully built well-conditioned in rude health as strong as a horse as strong as a ox as fit as a flea in trim as fit as a fiddle well-built brassy heavy-duty heavy redoubtable formidable bursting with good health well built well made no holds barred not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder almighty nose to grindstone dead set on motivated avid ruthless thirsty desirous unyielding intent certain rigid obdurate cutthroat obstinate sustained ferocious dedicated devoted inspired unabated bloodthirsty stubborn stringent overbearing burdensome unbearable unendurable intolerable oppressive decided absolute definite warlike gladiatorial defiant brutal scrappy bullheaded continuing plugging unstinted undeterred fireball continued plodding competent provocative meaningful swaying enticing responsible material contributory encouraging momentous motivational pivotal inducing impelling considerable imposing animating fateful inspiring swayful formative guiding monumental central inspirational rousing instrumental alluring masterful touching seductive crucial far-reaching unequivocal categorical self-assertive gifted alert sharp talented clever bright venturesome quick-witted self-driven hang-tough self-willed intensely competitive iron-willed high-pressure go for broke self-seeking goal-oriented can-do fiercely competitive power-loving gung ho get up and go high-reaching power-hungry having killer instinct cut-throat dog-eat-dog explicit mind-blowing intimidating dominating shattering adventuresome venturous free-swinging nerved nervy emboldened unmistakable unambiguous unconditional unqualified distinct clear downright outright fine sure ringing obvious definitive evident pointed glaring sober express accented dogmatic flat stressed solemn itching craving busy hardworking yearning hustling lusting advancing ready effervescent playful one hundred per cent strong as an lion buoyant in good kilter strong as an ox strong as an horse in tip-top condition for a face no mistake upbeat spark plug hard ball wick steamroller take-charge full of vim full of energy

Tính từ

Able to persuade
forceful compelling convincing strong cogent effective persuasive powerful telling weighty potent conclusive influential valid authoritative efficacious impressive plausible sound credible decisive eloquent irresistible logical reasonable reasoned satisfying unanswerable coherent lucid pithy rational well founded constraining electric elemental forcible gutsy mighty powerhouse puissant punch punchy steamroller stringent take-charge take-over titanic virile ball of fire effectual striking meaningful moving solid significant energetic efficient pertinent satisfactory suasive dynamic incisive vigorous crucial clear vivid inducing trenchant believable consequential incontestable reliable urgent well reasoned coercive relevant affecting touching swaying stimulating operative important good articulate useful emphatic expressive firm revealing incontrovertible silver-tongued aggressive well-founded zappy compulsive graphic convictive unassailable passionate productive considerable irrefutable assuasive glib smooth-tongued pointed justified consistent probable great fluent momentous well-grounded active substantial inspiring realistic impelling acceptable stirring enticing alluring seductive unmistakable sharp trustworthy hard-hitting indubitable categorical intelligent assured clear-cut practical impactful capable workable determinative unequivocal well-defined material competent successful undeniable eye-catching lively armed violent insistent orderly systematic methodical drastic compulsory apt apposite fitting marked impactive vehement militant assertive intense noticeable enthusiastic animated vivacious zestful likely well organized dramatic eventful salient conspicuous devastating verisimilar in-your-face well-established colourable speaking formidable crystalline definitive evident winning true-to-life possible believeable faithful carrying conviction trusty hopeful presumable dependable authentic succinct terse decided undisputed obvious infallible ingenious insightful unambiguous distinct intuitive inspirational pivotal silky slick smooth-talking motivating instrumental rousing inveigling suasory unctuous actuating luring smooth wheedling graceful pregnant fateful provocative swayful formative guiding monumental central responsible contributory controlling encouraging masterful motivational robust able critical purposeful imposing far-reaching animating suggestive helpful valuable meaning well-spoken revelatory beneficial indicative well-expressed functional magniloquent grandiloquent rhetorical ardent fervid fervent impassioned smooth-spoken well spoken outspoken vocal well expressed poignant sententious facund voluble of help requisite serviceable advantageous constructive of use suitable of assistance fruitful adequate enough worthwhile not taking no for an answer sustainable right justifiable sensible grounded prudent just bona fide defensible congruent legit viable accurate supportable maintainable proven balanced perceptive sane defendable perspicuous deductive confirmed informed arguable true commonsensical astute levelheaded discerning pragmatic analytical germane commonsense legitimate sober consequent analytic vindicable commonsensible stable uncorrupted attested tested intellectual kosher able to hold water down-to-earth holding water matter-of-fact well-reasoned well-advised clear-headed well grounded well thought out well advised judicious hard wise thoughtful sagacious objective knowing shrewd sage circumspect established enlightened proper well-thought-out certified tried and true tried and tested level-headed together genuine real perspicacious factual fair learned correct politic verifiable clever discriminating sapient understandable canny no-nonsense joined-up demonstrable precise safe well-informed tried cool well-tried thought-out deliberate dinkum determined tenable knowledgeable considered thought through educated admissible warrantable warranted organized decent accepted veritable actual regular common-sense percipient savvy organised straight scholarly dispassionate profound orthodox plain documented unemotional mature advisable exact clear-sighted clear-eyed hard-headed strict certain far-sighted proved foolproof reputable failsafe all there fail-safe well-engineered full of common sense time-tested well built supported well-built high-quality well engineered tested and proved estimable sincere inferential comprehensible intelligible deducible inductive well balanced appropriate unidealistic syllogistic philosophic rightful thorough calculated businesslike measured pukka acknowledged identified substantiated with both one's feet on the ground honest contemplated aforethought studied holding together well informed showing great knowledge with great knowledge well-presented corroborated hard-nosed investigated premeditated weighed examined advised well presented well-structured with one's feet on the ground with both feet on the ground indisputable official unadulterated creditable uncounterfeited bonafide unfaked sterling unquestionable up front original straightforward prosaic studious computed prepense deliberated equitable unimpassioned cold well considered erudite well chosen thought-through thought-about experienced strategic tactful smart impartial moderate restrained conservative controlled reflective temperate unprejudiced feasible cogitative contemplative desirable unexcessive evenhanded based on good sense thinking cognitive fair-minded open to reason in one's right mind ratiocinative making sense unbiased standing to reason cerebral unextreme argute foresighted tactical loyal conforming discreet careful provable unembellished serious-minded sufficient normal well judged au courant having all one's marbles in right mind steady-going attentive conversant full of insight historical confirmable documentary literal nonfictional on the ball exciting grand charming histrionical high-powered direct theatric acute performant veridical undistorted veracious settled sure confident definite fixed steady calculable steadfast easy nailed down tried-and-true in the bag resolute shoo-in unanxious locked on absolute undoubtful secure sanguine trustable carefree recognized watertight faultless flawless impeccable recognised right-thinking right-minded holding up holding up in wash got it together standing up truthful authenticated straight from horse's mouth righteous respected from the horse's mouth circumstantiated validated verified

Tính từ

Marked by, or displaying, a boldness of character
bold impudent brash cheeky forward saucy brazen audacious fresh insolent sassy shameless cocky pert barefaced brassy immodest impertinent presumptuous unabashed confident feisty pushy rude arch blatant bold-faced brassbound brazen-faced cocksure defiant familiar free in-your-face nervy overfamiliar presuming unashamed unblushing unembarrassed unreserved unshrinking wise arrogant brass-necked forceful spirited assuming gritty self-assured smart smart-alecky bold as brass not backwards in coming forwards overweening aggressive daring forthright irreverent overconfident uninhibited overassertive direct thrusting uppity overfriendly bantam bare-faced self-assertive over-assertive bumptious disrespectful flip malapert contumelious pompous supercilious conceited haughty overbearing intrusive obtrusive smug domineering uppish lippy disdainful officious imperious prying self-important nosy meddlesome overbold impolite pretentious lordly self-asserting lofty patronizing opinionated interfering egotistic discourteous meddling self-confident vain assumptive proud high-handed snoopy egotistical cavalier peremptory patronising offensive insubordinate assertive pushing flippant important protrusive busy nosey vainglorious boastful loud hifalutin highfalutin procacious huffy mouthy chesty sniffy huffish toplofty toploftical masterful arrant insulting improper inconsiderate high-and-mighty high-hat swaggering intruding magisterial hubristic boldfaced condescending full of oneself snooty self-satisfied unmannerly inquisitive self-opinionated ill-mannered indecorous uncivil outrageous bossy superior out of line contemptuous cool stiff-necked smart-arsed full of yourself abusive bad-mannered mannerless obnoxious swollen-headed indiscreet high and mighty flagrant rash smart-assed pontifical dictatorial fearless blustering bigheaded curious indelicate prideful indecent personal busybody crude derisive stuck-up off-base sententious grandiose abandoned wanton affected shocking snooping scornful impetuous strident immoral brave bald-faced showy importunate brazenfaced impulsive pushful as bold as brass pontificating undaunted snippy plucky loudmouthed out-of-line egoistic egoistical swellheaded complacent self-conceited assured unseemly gutsy spunky snobbish ballsy crusty foolhardy snobby ambitious nebby stiff unwanted smarty-pants cute smart-aleck facetious over-free strutting naughty nosy-parker inappropriate hotheaded impolitic disparaging iconoclastic vulgar thoughtless bright presumptive precipitate hasty hotshot uncalled-for depraved dissolute unchaste hardened incorrigible lewd reprobate profligate unprincipled puffed up sacrilegious profane impious blasphemous ungracious flashy breezy dashing probing spying keen adventurous ill-bred intrepid insistent eavesdropping aweless irreverential unhallowed ungodly unholy enterprising know-it-all valiant heroic jaunty courageous unflinching heedless dauntless venturesome valorous snippety peering have-a-go unafraid game venturous daredevil gallant gutty as game as Ned Kelly boldface obvious heavy braggart self-affected selfish self-complacent self-promoting self-flattering self-engrossed authoritarian self-congratulatory bragging self-applauding dominating extraverted self-centered bombastic self-loving braggy narcissistic self-contented self-pleased self-adulatory self-glorifying holier-than-thou self-gratulatory self-dramatizing blustery egocentric extroverted blusterous puffed bustling indulgent overindulgent relaxed overzealous vituperatory scurrile scurrilous scurril invective vitriolic vituperative truculent opprobrious mischievous crass vaunting unconcerned combative volatile weisenheiming overbusy overhasty previous premature coarse tolerant free-and-easy undisguised undismayed driven pragmatic throwing one's weight around self-centred chirpy dapper lacking civility bad mannered highhanded bullish humiliating overfree effervescent trashy headlong untactful incautious vivacious maladroit high-pressure fierce go-getting militant meretricious tawdry bureaucratic fussy intermeddling projecting prognathous bald bulging jutting sheer imperative unduly familiar unrepentant unawed gossipy temeritous biggety biggity consequential invasive offensively self-assertive amoral sharp-elbowed remote swanky ostentatious tony elitist snotty persnickety aloof peeping butting in puffed-up put down too big for your boots unhandsome unmannered unsubtle undiplomatic tactless busybodied poised composed abashless unaffected unshamed unrestrained go-ahead pleased with yourself noisy blaring harsh unfitting unbecoming making passes at making advances towards hoity-toity grating jarring incongruous unsuitable disgracious disturbing unwelcome trespassing interrupting high-flown toffee-nosed throwing one's weight about putting on airs stuck up chatting up piercing raucous off base smart alecky cacophonous deafening jangling dissonant thundering booming shrill undignified suggestive unladylike ungentlemanly unpleasant protruding insensitive upsetting full of hot air gaudy ear-splitting discordant lionhearted risqué smutty scandalous unwholesome untoward distasteful mettlesome doughty determined indomitable jazzy tinny loud-mouthed garish resolute off-colour hard high-pitched metallic flirtatious staunch stouthearted stalwart death-or-glory undauntable stout-hearted manful greathearted heroical rock-ribbed stout out of keeping imprudent herolike firm chivalrous chin-up fortitudinous reckless questioning scrutinizing adventuresome inquiring hardy free-swinging nerved peppy madcap emboldened over-curious agog over-interested intrigued enquiring interested nosy-parkering salty fire eating temerarious go for broke hot shot dareful out on a limb smarty sure positive big-eyed analytical searching speculative challenging investigative inquisitorial poking prurient sifting certain scrutinising burning with curiosity wise guy smart aleck smart guy smarty pants

Trái nghĩa của coming on strong

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