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Alternative for agonistic

agonistic /,ægə'nistik/
  • tính từ
    • (thuộc) cuộc thi đấu điền kinh, (thuộc) đấu võ (ở Hy lạp xưa kia)
    • có tính chất bút chiến, có tính chất luận chiến
    • (văn học) không tự nhiên, gò bó


Having a predisposition to fight or engage in confrontations
combative belligerent bellicose aggressive pugnacious quarrelsome argumentative militant warlike confrontational contentious truculent scrappy disputatious gladiatorial feisty assaultive discordant chippy brawly on the warpath hostile antagonistic cantankerous threatening violent warring irascible ornery stroppy ill-tempered bad-tempered hot-tempered defiant militaristic offensive fiery captious fierce fighting aggers hawkish warmongering litigious martial touchy quick-tempered sabre-rattling battling inimical petulant irritable military fractious bloodthirsty choleric spoiling for a fight contrary mean disputative oppugnant jingoistic adversarial destructive polemical cross unfriendly factious cavilling controversial polemic difficult arsey wrangling bickering biffo bolshie caviling rebellious ready for a fight have chip on shoulder have a bone to pick sullen provocative surly expansionist attacking inhospitable loudmouthed grouchy pettish angry active snappy testy malevolent nasty crabby huffy dissentious courageous spirited spunky uncooperative prickly challenging snarly gung-ho excitable perverse enthusiastic pushy querulous contending ructious war salty brawling hot-blooded thin-skinned ardent hot flip cussed ferocious at loggerheads have it in for up in arms having a chip on one's shoulder on the outs ready to fight soldierly sanguinary awkward troublesome battleful adverse disruptive naysaying disagreeable looking for trouble rough colonialistic imperialistic dissentient determined plucky splenetic miffy exasperated abusive narky wrestling tilting skirmishing under arms spiky opinionated carnivorous assertive grumpy vigorous trigger-happy rancorous snappish cranky soreheaded unkind antipathetic fretful mighty peppery fire-eating radical self-assertive itching to fight short-tempered ultra-active extremist two-fisted extreme forceful combating obstreperous fanatical embattled zealous rude warrish revolutionary assertory ill-natured unpleasant discourteous itching in arms insolent scathing frightening deadly vituperous browbeating caustic terrorizing terrifying intimidating cowing harsh terrorising trenchant sharp hateful bullying mordacious mordant tough sensitive gutsy peppy gritty frisky mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly gutty zestful game hearty go-getting full-blooded high-strung full of pep rapacious intrusive invasive hotheaded peevish macho tempestuous arguesome impassioned turbulent unruly churlish passionate contumacious tetchy recalcitrant ratty shirty obstinate waspish crotchety refractory vitriolic ill-humoured critical ill-humored bitter unsympathetic crabbed curmudgeonly shrewish crusty eggy peckish virulent negative snaky spiteful cross-grained sour malicious insubordinate dour froward hot-button biting like a bear with a sore head dyspeptic balky bilious bloody-minded scratchy venomous liverish stuffy waxy snippety bearish vinegary jaundiced dissenting short-fused unsociable mutinous disobedient on a short fuse intractable wayward acid bold eristic opposing snarky adversary brusque curt snippy resistant unmanageable accusatorial gruff raspy vicious stubborn willful wrathful sulky disapproving malignant uncongenial trying unreceptive as cross as two sticks disputable cutting pigheaded dissident conflicting thrawn ungovernable wilful acerbic contrarious obstructive moody uncompromising resisting opposed untoward at odds intransigent short restive rebel recusant incompliant vexed tart sarcastic unwelcoming iracund iracundulous morose fussy uptight snarling temperamental demanding discontented headstrong waspy out of humor oppositional alien saturnine pertinacious obdurate uncontrollable whiny acrimonious hypercritical ungracious dissatisfied self-willed unwilling insubmissive irritating acrid vindictive unpropitious maleficent malefic pitiless ugly adversative undisciplined out of sorts tiresome viperous catty undisciplinable in a mood out of temper cold indomitable in a bad mood inharmonious unhelpful litiginous litigatious behavioural tooshie vinegarish persuasive outspoken brief scornful allergic opposite reluctant ill-disposed oppugning heated incontrollable obstinately disobedient non-compliant renitent pervicacious daring audacious behavioral noncompliant withstanding wild foul sardonic bristling inflammable intolerant antisocial embittered vengeful manic hysterical icy uncomfortable lawless uneasy severe hard subversive corrosive tense grating cruel stern stinging pungent astringent keen huffish disgruntled bristly glum impatient volatile whingy disregardful cheeky reckless dareful sassy resistive dysfunctional misanthropic cynical pouty oversensitive ireful divided split delinquent unfeeling annoying brutal displeased resentful whining miserable grumbling crybaby devastating piercing acidulous incisive gloomy annoyed brooding edgy pouting wounding callous hurtful galling insensitive naughty badly behaved ill-disciplined mischievous mortal grousing mardy mumpish growling sorehead sore blunt on edge carping griping complaining fretting whingeing childish hasty filthy chuffy acerb inconsiderate comfortless quarrelling tumultuous disagreeing socially impaired bad impudent erratic errant disturbed badly-behaved misbehaving pesky roguish rowdy ill-behaved problematic troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable irksome uncompliant rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome indocile disorderly out of humour abrasive rubbing the wrong way hard to take overbearing unrelenting hard to please unreasonable unamenable unaccommodating grim having got out of bed the wrong side having got out of bed on the wrong side nasty-tempered hot under the collar fault-finding foul-tempered out-of-sorts easily offended disharmonious insurrectionary clashing seditious sectarian schismatic hardheaded boorish rigid inflexible hard-nosed tyrannical picky fastidious finicky disputed debatable strict hard-line resolute immovable oafish stiff inexorable unbending contended uncertain equivocal ambivalent unresolved moot unsure grumbly disobliging importunate strong-minded single-minded set in one's ways finical unpredictable hard to handle invidious bull-headed steadfast choosy fiendish uppity stiff-necked delicate dogmatic oppressive hard to satisfy unflinching overcritical wrong-headed impolite unyielding opinionative perfectionist particular over-particular dictatorial divisive malcontent insurgent estranged alienated disaffected troublemaking partisan rival undecided borderline controvertible unsettled quarreling at variance open to question open to debate

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