Đồng nghĩa của scrappy

Alternative for scrappy

scrappy /'skræpi/
  • tính từ
    • vụn, rời
    • thích ẩu đả, thích đánh nhau

Tính từ

Consisting of disorganized, untidy, or incomplete parts
disjointed piecemeal incomplete sketchy bitty fragmentary perfunctory disorganised disorganized uneven unsystematic untidy imperfect inadequate incoherent slipshod superficial defective deficient disconnected inconsistent unfinished unpolished fragmented patchwork patchy thrown together broken partial insufficient jumbled crude rough rudimentary confused unconnected fitful rambling wanting outline lacking discontinuous erratic meagre fuzzy fractional part meager garbled inchoate fractured busted smashed shattered irregular varying variable broad-brush thumbnail scattered simple unskillful makeshift fragmental discrete skeletal lacking in detail basic half halfway inconclusive short in pieces undeveloped undone abridged shortened rough and ready qualified half-pie unaccomplished unexecuted restricted unwhole rude not total curtailed expurgated underdone not whole unconsummated not entire immature under construction disordered disunited spasmodic muddled aimless choppy divided separated dislocated mixed up wandering without unity displaced split loose directionless cursory far-out jumpy unorganised spaced-out unattached incohesive jerky out-to-lunch irrational out-of-it cool spacey unorganized disorderly vague skimpy slight imprecise limited scanty hurried hasty provisional faulty preliminary cobbled together woolly uncritical shallow coarse wooly unclear hazy introductory depthless on the back of an envelope unintelligible illogical incomprehensible haphazard faltering chaotic messy cluttered inarticulate stammering stuttering mumbled scrambled muttered topsy-turvy higgledy-piggledy all over the place uncoordinated shambolic unkempt anarchic indistinct out of order in disarray interrupted in a muddle intermittent in a mess stumbling disarranged spotty random maundering rumpled tangled upside-down slovenly halting poorly spoken hesitating mussy sloppy littered pell-mell hugger-mugger in disorder shuffled meaningless mixed-up ill-thought-out hesitant sporadic incongruous muffled discombobulated occasional unsteady wild aperiodic desultory spastic upset casual disheveled out of place catchy at sixes and sevens disarrayed mumbling blurred episodic orderless disrupted every which way mussed tumbled messed tousled dishevelled in confusion all over the shop screwed up all over the lot all over the map on and off in a shambles ununified diffuse nonsensical irrelevant distorted uncontinuous indecipherable unfathomable periodic like a bomb's hit it mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued tangly muddle-headed weak intervallic monosyllabic clipped on again and off again in fits and starts muddleheaded out of kilter straggly out-of-place misplaced mussed up knotted tossed mute voiceless speechless tongue-tied unarranged messed up reticent awkward obscure unvocal inaudible clumsy partially gradual intermittently fitfully tumultuous episodical awry askew in chaos upside down inside-out gaping alternate unhinged in a jumble cockeyed upended upturned luxated riotous downside-up overturned staccato by fits and starts by degrees stage by stage little by little step by step at intervals slurred stuttered discursive stammered breathless discordant puzzling dumb hard to follow stirred up ruffled haywire unmethodical snarled like a dog's breakfast like a dog's dinner

Tính từ

Having a predisposition to fight or engage in confrontations
aggressive bellicose combative contentious militant pugnacious quarrelsome truculent warlike agonistic argumentative assaultive belligerent brawly chippy confrontational discordant disputatious feisty gladiatorial antagonistic ardent battling cantankerous courageous determined fierce fighting flip hostile hot hot-tempered mean ornery plucky spirited spunky at loggerheads on the outs have chip on shoulder have it in for have a bone to pick ill-tempered on the warpath bad-tempered irascible stroppy unfriendly threatening surly irritable sullen defiant malevolent inhospitable petulant angry contrary aggers spoiling for a fight cross grumpy violent adversarial inimical uncooperative unkind narky choleric rancorous bolshie fractious quick-tempered bitter warring rebellious malicious nasty hateful ill-natured sour fiery touchy testy grouchy offensive unsympathetic recalcitrant disagreeable rude splenetic militaristic snappish ratty spiteful snappy cranky miffy wrathful difficult huffy peevish soreheaded uncongenial vitriolic malignant captious unpleasant unsociable catty venomous destructive ill-humoured viperous provocative ill-humored obstreperous sulky abusive hawkish pettish refractory crabby tetchy sabre-rattling warmongering loudmouthed shirty prickly fretful cussed peppery biffo vicious bloodthirsty contumacious crotchety martial churlish pushy antipathetic oppugnant curmudgeonly adverse short-tempered insolent froward foul liverish intimidating querulous peckish unruly thin-skinned negative jingoistic challenging arsey disobedient active uncharitable inconsiderate vindictive awkward snarly enthusiastic waspish perverse balky grumbling contending military hurtful joyless furious insubordinate gutsy crabbed malign bad unwelcoming crusty disruptive bold complaining ferocious filthy zealous waxy scratchy salty rough go-getting disapproving alien virulent adversary ready for a fight wayward bilious dyspeptic two-fisted willful restive eggy unpropitious maleficent biting jaundiced unreceptive malefic short-fused mean-spirited in a bad mood snaky on a short fuse ready to fight dour up in arms whiny evil-minded like a bear with a sore head cold uncompliant indocile obnoxious rotten battleful soldierly gung-ho wretched cruel vile shrewish in a mood sanguinary ructious war attacking exasperated disputative wounding poisonous cross-grained wrestling tilting skirmishing litigious brawling as cross as two sticks under arms assertive bloody-minded pigheaded thrawn unhelpful mighty restless indomitable having got out of bed the wrong side wild vigorous radical looking for trouble contrarious obstructive ultra-active forceful extremist extreme combating self-assertive itching to fight fanatical embattled having a chip on one's shoulder warrish revolutionary assertory obstinate non-compliant in arms tough daring resisting audacious resistant mutinous sensitive intransigent excitable discontented edgy whining dissatisfied carping critical dissenting mettlesome lively alive energetic bubbly peppy gritty frisky gutty zestful game hearty plaintive morose murmuring miserable moody impatient dysfunctional intractable subversive untoward ungovernable wilful rebel recusant incompliant hot-blooded censorious full-blooded high-strung ambitious whingeing full of pep delinquent fussy whingy naughty badly behaved undisciplined ill-disciplined mischievous sorehead disregardful cheeky insubmissive reckless dareful sassy resistive driven grumbly waspy grousing huffy irascible out of sorts moaning hard to please uptight bemoaning whimpering wailing fault-finding on edge out of temper bearish crying deploring lamenting socially impaired trying self-willed impudent tiresome erratic errant unmanageable disturbed badly-behaved misbehaving pesky roguish rowdy undisciplinable ill-behaved problematic demanding troublous incorrigible maladjusted exasperating unrestrainable uncontrollable stubborn irksome rascally uncontainable devilish wearisome disorderly cutthroat emulous keen discourteous vying motivated thirsty itching hungry ruthless driving desirous competing scathing deadly vituperous terrifying cowing terrorising trenchant sharp mordacious frightening browbeating caustic terrorizing harsh bullying mordant competitive pushing insistent carnivorous opposing oppositional go-ahead gung ho having killer instinct ready for action hard-driving

Tính từ

Failing to give the proper care and attention that is required
careless lax negligent slack shoddy slapdash slipshod slovenly unconsidered amateurish cursory disorganised disorganized hasty hurried perfunctory wild derelict disregardful erroneous imprecise inaccurate incorrect inexact lazy neglectful neglecting remiss sketchy wrong scatterbrained sloppy hit-or-miss slap-happy error-ridden thrown together couldn't care less untidy messy heedless inattentive indifferent irresponsible lackadaisical casual apathetic delinquent unmindful unconcerned thoughtless nonchalant tardy improvident insouciant disinterested laid-back unheeding uncaring offhand regardless incautious indolent reckless slothful carefree behindhand uninterested idle unreliable blithe forgetful oscitant spiritless loose passive feckless untrustworthy undependable incompetent weak devil-may-care cool feeble fainéant unthinking good-for-nothing inert lethargic haphazard limp unsystematic listless inefficient ineffectual shiftless easy uncircumspect unobservant unaccountable incurious unthorough inept pococurante improficient faulty inefficacious ineffective dormant unprepared half-hearted free and easy faineant blithely unconcerned without care unorganized unmethodical enervated languid yielding sluggish dilatory inactive aimless inadvertent spineless permissive lymphatic unthoughtful daydreaming relaxed easy-going impassive torpid unorganised effete leisurely lukewarm supine lousy shabby abstracted dull otiose unmeticulous asleep at switch asleep on job languishing do-nothing energyless easygoing inconsiderate disregarding can't hack it unfit incapable inexpert inapt half-baked not cut out for extravagant untrained prodigal unskillful unqualified shooting blanks unskilled barratrous failing blameworthy culpable slow defaultant woolgathering inconsistent reprehensible unfastidious ignoring overlooking omitting slighting detached imperfect botched threadbare junky procrastinating dispassionate languorous lifeless blasé unheedful failing to show proper care and attention careless of one's duty at fault useless couldn't-care-less unenergetic vigourless vacant failing to take proper care superficial all over the shop worthless desultory dreamy any which way any old way unworkmanlike undisciplined mopish all over the place passionless bloodless summary passing mechanical fleeting token quick brief fly-by-night absent neutral phlegmatic bored leaden unenthusiastic insensible uncurious complacent hopeless futile blah sentimental romantic laissez-faire halfhearted Laodicean moony cowboy rapid dismissive wooden out of it lacking energy hamstrung inexpedient counterproductive easy going laid back spring fever meaningless no-good unambitious unpurposed fustian uncareful unenterprising no-account acquiescent submissive docile servile pliant phoning it in walking through it going through the motions procrastinative disorderly badly organized workshy quiescent unprofessional laggard unoccupied quiet peaceful sleepy sedentary motionless tired unresponsive asleep at the wheel asleep on the job soft lenient overindulgent vague indulgent liberal complaisant indefinite broad non-restrictive general nonspecific shapeless flabby over-tolerant flaccid easy-peasy accepting tolerant floppy nonjudgmental oblivious any way paying no mind

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
deficient inadequate faulty flawed poor defective impaired imperfect inferior lacking wanting weak incomplete insufficient scarce short shoddy sketchy unsatisfactory low needing scant second-rate shy substandard unsound duff exiguous meagre scanty shabby skimpy unsuitable unworthy amiss damaged infrequent injured marred meager rare unassembled underprovided undersupplied unequal unfinished found wanting not enough outta gas second fiddle second string third string not make it leaving much to be desired not cut out for not up to scratch limited sparse paltry negligible measly small in short supply restricted insubstantial thin pathetic little failing piddling too little stingy few and far between slender miserly thin on the ground few minimal spare slight at a premium bare bereft too few modest puny lean light bad slim broken beggarly miserable uncommon sparing destitute diminished reduced inconsiderable missing minus warped below par hard to find blemished skimp hand-to-mouth hard to come by tight devoid pitiful insignificant malfunctioning less trifling cracked scattered sporadic occasional incommensurate rudimentary out of order tiny depleted patchy mean scrimpy nominal bankrupt scratched torn deformed inoperative too small barren mediocre unusual needed seldom seen like gold dust not working unreliable not to be had not functioning unfit sick not to be had for love nor money lousy fallible unfrequent finite seldom found smaller unacceptable feeble invalid dry unsufficient narrow drained without deprived dwindling inappreciable negative bodger buckled non-functioning lacking in petty omitted thinning junk distorted wanting in incorrect short of lame too little too late knackered tenuous partial marginal void lesser in disrepair shortened seldom semioccasional flimsy gone wrong not much cop barely sufficient minor denuded middling free from inexact bereft of deficient in seldom met with lemon frail broken-down botched inconsequential imperceptible minute straggling empty of on the blink tainted destitute of bare of low in numbers out of the ordinary denuded of vacant of lamentable running low unqualified confined diminutive scrimp incapable unample incompetent unfitted low-grade penurious worthless minimum out of chipped little or no hardly any inconsistent unstable sickly weakly nugatory token wispy determinate basic circumscribed defined definite measured mingy average truncated threatened basal coming up short base next to none next to no close not hacking it with an insufficiency jejune dispersed low-quality set ineffectual cut not making it out of the common halting faltering hesitant disjointed sans inaccurate laughable ailing slipshod thinly distributed diffuse low-rent unsaleable unsellable half-pie parsimonious stunted derisory fallacious imprecise wrong erroneous in the minority widely spaced stinted unproductive run-down off crippled crummy tenth-rate below standard immature with too little … with too few … in poor condition rubbish ropy undeveloped disappointing free of at a low level vicious garbage faultful schlocky bottom-of-barrel dud disfigured two-bit subtracting non-fluent low on short-handed short on innocent barren of deprived of depleted of in need of drained of void of bankrupt of unprovided with in a state of disrepair not up to snuff few bugs debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable confused leaky maimed incoherent bush-league unsatisfying scarcer than hen's teeth absent not good enough nonexistent unrefined not acceptable unpolished not up to standard empty gone unfulfilled cooked away half-baked not up to par burned out in default cut off removed devoid of lower unimportant trivial out of gas not up to expectations secondary non-existent nowhere to be found left out not present not to be found not included left behind subordinate unthinkable unlikely unimaginable subtile outstanding subtle inconceivable strange preeminent magnificent standout rarefied unwonted extraordinary unique singular towering remarkable unheard of attenuate exceptional attenuated isolated recherche buggy slighter not as great declined unsubstantial not so much depressed junior fewer not so great unhealthy subnormal abnormal seconds on the bum

Tính từ

Chaotic, disorganised or mismanaged
shambolic chaotic confused disorganised disorganized muddled fragmented haphazard hit-or-miss inefficient unsystematic in disarray in total disarray all over the place at sixes and sevens all over the lot all over the map all over the shop disordered disorderly untidy jumbled messy cluttered higgledy-piggledy in a mess topsy-turvy sloppy in a muddle disarranged unkempt littered upside-down rumpled mussy disheveled disarrayed pell-mell dishevelled tousled messed mussed orderless hugger-mugger haywire tumbled anarchic out of order in a jumble unorganized in a shambles random unorganised mixed up in disorder disjointed incoherent slovenly out of place helter-skelter every which way unmethodical disrupted shuffled in chaos in turmoil erratic irregular discombobulated lawless tumultuous slapdash slipshod indiscriminate tangled deranged turbulent uncontrolled frenzied hectic upset scrambled unruly rampageous riotous purposeless snarled in pieces in uproar utterly confused harum-scarum like a bomb's hit it screwed up in confusion in pandemonium out of joint lax ruffled stirred up scattered unclear unsettled askew unorderly awry unfastidious snafu top mixed-up undisciplined systemless uncoordinated unsystematized muddly like a dog's dinner like a dog's breakfast broken in a state unregulated unarranged in a clutter upside down unstructured tangly messed up badly organized dislocated out of kilter straggly misplaced displaced tossed knotted wild out-of-place mussed up convoluted complex overturned complicated undirected intricate confusing unplanned upended upturned unpremeditated out-of-line uncombed out-of-step out-of-control out-of-whack untrained heterogeneous tumult unrestrained downside-up casual desultory uncategorized unsorted unclassified straggling difficult unbalanced off balance ragged strewn strewed tortuous untidied piled crowded dilapidated neglected rough crude awkward tricky disharmonious discordant problematic fitful sporadic multifaceted worse for wear reversed out of tune out of step in poor shape not in working order multifarious manifold capsized backward inside-out varied rioting rebellious unhinged cockeyed luxated lawbreaking revolutionary arbitrary inverted kaleidoscopic many-faceted ungoverned misruled misgoverned mutinous bottom-side-up wrong way on head wrong-side-up bottom up catch-as-catch-can stray aimless out of control without law and order recklessly carelessly hit or miss hurry-scurry hastily

Tính từ

Having or showing passion in the pursuit of a goal
fierce ambitious enterprising aggressive assertive determined driven earnest hungry resolute ardent bold committed competitive eager indefatigable keen motivated steadfast unwavering active aspiring assiduous avid confident desirous diligent dogged dynamic enthusiastic intent relentless ruthless spirited tenacious thirsty tireless uncompromising unfaltering unflagging unremitting unshakeable untiring unyielding zealous cutthroat decisive energetic feisty ferocious obdurate obstinate persistent pertinacious purposeful rigid rigorous sedulous staunch steady sustained undeviating unflinching vigorous assured bloodthirsty forceful industrious inspired militant pioneering progressive pushy stringent stubborn unabated unrelenting brutal bullheaded defiant gladiatorial warlike hard-driving self-asserting self-assertive single-minded strong-willed can-do cut-throat go-getting self-assured self-confident self-driven self-willed get up and go goal-oriented gung ho self-possessed self-seeking full-blooded hang-tough high-pressure self-starting eager beaver fiercely competitive high-reaching in-your-face iron-willed bound and determined having killer instinct intensely competitive power-hungry power-loving dog-eat-dog go for broke stop at nothing strong insistent firm fanatical intense dedicated bossy domineering vehement powerful resolved steely audacious unbending commanding bullish strong-minded authoritative emphatic passionate dominant tough demanding forward overbearing persevering undaunted sure gutsy striving pushing obsessed plucky thrusting pushful imperious go-ahead compelling positive fervent impassioned bent upon fervid persuasive burning devoted wholehearted fiery fixed strenuous perfervid hot hopeful high-powered decided unshakable unshaken bent gritty stalwart zestful obsessive possessed mettlesome adventurous indomitable unhesitating carnivorous keen as mustard certain dead set like a ball of fire hell-bent on the make two-fisted full of determination desiring success immodest hardline influential convincing potent robust stout effective violent brassy hard-hitting inflexible bitter furious dogmatic assaultive resilient unswerving stony iron unquenchable grim granite absolute believing in oneself rabid upwardly mobile combative hard-nosed sincere devout not backward in coming forward self-respecting emulous contentious brash loyal sagacious hearty bludgeoning intensive vying importunate coercive irrepressible faithful courageous hardy brave itchy ripe zealotic extreme antsy fired frenetic fanatic fireball afire gung-ho wild-eyed competing driving compelled consumed bumptious loud obnoxious presumptuous officious obtrusive pressurizing warring opposing antagonistic oppositional independent perceptive heroic take charge mean set unbendable immovable imposing offensive pressured stressful difficult forthright provocative outspoken shocking direct controlling galvanized adamant serious monomaniacal impelled arrogant firm in spirit tough-minded ironclad animated resourceful stout-hearted pressurising fixated compulsive obsessional induced spoiling for a fight on the warpath ready for action fearless cocksure overconfident coming on strong daring collected composed impulsive guided besetting pushed steered galvanised athirst cocky poised intrepid excited willing full-on not taking no for an answer raring crazy strident sharp-elbowed nervy loudmouthed voracious longing conscientious enthused warmblooded urged on full of oneself ebullient self-reliant solicitous wild cool-headed yearning lively craving desiring interested mad keen bright-eyed and bushy-tailed constant studious hard-working bent on focused bound set on focussed settled laborious hardworking sworn dyed-in-the-wool operose out do-or-die patient as keen as mustard valiant hell-bent on hell-bent upon unflappable intransigent painstaking attentive perseverant busy deliberate stanch pumped true self-motivated exuberant pious itching anxious vivacious true-blue pigheaded agog exhilarated dutiful bustling sprightly persisting stoked pledged impatient thrilled nuts good pleased animate titillated appetent ready juiced geeked hepped up hopped-up high-spirited intent on keyed up deep-dyed single-minded about chomping at the bit firm about card-carrying true blue ready and willing raring to go self-directed red-hot obsessive about inflexible about fixated on dead set on fanatical about career-focused enduring restless solid hardboiled buckled down headstrong tried-and-true responsible tried inveterate unfailing unswervable radical never-tiring hanging tough purposive involved career-minded implacable manful careful hellbent bulldog extremely motivated very motivated telelogical calculated four-square meticulous warm unmovable indurate stiff inexorable optimistic intending aspirant wannabe would-be budding potential wishful unchanging rock-ribbed thorough exacting punctilious particular meaning business spunky mean business be out for blood playing hard ball nose to the grindstone heedful ball of fire possible prospective likely future absorbed engrossed through and through fast Type A with one's shoulder to the wheel with one's nose to the grindstone engaged pig-headed fascinated passional great employed rhapsodic aflame nutty wacky concerned tantalized unqualified down-the-line concentrated slogging swotty plugging working plodding out-and-out single-hearted old faithful given over to true to the end hot to trot turnt gone on tantalised bugged zesty greedy champing at the bit gaga full of beans imaginative inventive ingenious wishing expectant endeavoring endeavouring observant concentrating liberal disruptive advanced forward-looking entrepreneurial creative innovative modern original dying entire preoccupied all occupied enrapt exclusive whole undivided enlightened forward-thinking up-and-coming vital engagé attached adherent fast-track high-octane deep alert watchful immersed minding highly motivated new rising weighty effectual mighty authoritarian ruling go-go successful supreme efficient forcible avant-garde wrapped up out to determined to fixed upon anxious to committed to intending to insistent on fixed on decisive about obsessed with resolved on impatient to resolved to determined on gumptious highly capable in control full of get-up-and-go in the saddle

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