Đồng nghĩa của buckled down

Động từ

Past tense for to put a lot of effort (into something)
worked hard toiled ground grinded applied yourself labored laboured knuckled down slaved beavered away got down to it gotten down to it moiled travailed got your head down gotten your head down put in effort exerted oneself kept at it put in work plowed away put effort put effort into something worked day and night sweated blood worked like a dog went ham gone ham worked like a Trojan went hard gone hard sweat drudged hustled sweated strived worked wrought slogged strained endeavored struggled slogged away pegged away dug away banged away endeavoured grubbed plugged persevered plodded tugged humped plowed bullocked killed oneself knocked oneself out plugged away ploughed through put one's back into something striven strove pegged grafted ploughed trampled drug hiked trailed dragged pegged away at applied yourself to bore down borne down pushed oneself kept your nose to the grindstone plodded along exerted yourself ground out slaved away soldiered on plodded away hammered away worked one's socks off worked one's butt off worked your fingers to the bone ground away worked one's guts out dug in kept one's nose to the grindstone kept your head down carried on trudged made a great effort applied oneself worked one's fingers to the bone pitched in schlepped druv drove drave driven went for broke gone for broke broken your back gone all out went all out acquited yourself broke your back put oneself out made every effort pushed tried hard grubbed away made an effort leaned over backwards leant over backwards pulled out all the stops fought bent over backwards gone for it went for it lumbered staggered overworked overwrought grappled pushed yourself persisted busted a gut grafted away knocked yourself out ruptured yourself made an all-out effort did all one can done all one can spared no effort poured it on worked oneself to the bone pegged along moved heaven and earth burned the candle at both ends worked like a slave put up a fight against plugged along dragged yourself put one's back into it busted one's chops burnt the candle at both ends sweated away foughten tried scrambled endured skivvied campaigned withstood mucked groveled grovelled battled stood up to broke your neck broken your neck gave it your all given it your all gave it your best shot given it your best shot worked your guts out gave it one's all given it one's all exerted worked fingers to bone went for the doctor gone for the doctor broke sweat broken sweat worked very hard kept on driven oneself emptied the tank drudged away made a supreme effort fallen over backwards made effort killed oneself with stuck at fell over backwards hammered overworked oneself pressed on done your best gave one's all drove oneself did your best stuck with it given one's all gone to war went to war done your damnedest did your damnedest went all-out given your all gave your all done all you can did your utmost gone all-out for went the whole nine yards did all you can gone the whole nine yards gone hammer and tongs done your utmost gone all-out went hammer and tongs went all-out for gave it one's best shot gave all one's got given it one's best shot given all one's got done one's utmost given best shot done one's best did one's utmost did one's best gave best shot

Động từ

Past tense for to commence or continue a given task
started began begun commenced got moving gotten moving got a move on gotten a move on got down to business gotten down to business got going gotten going got the ball rolling got to it got to work gotten to work jumped in knuckled down made a start swang into action swung into action fired away got cracking gotten cracking got down to it gotten down to it got on with it gotten on with it got stuck in gotten stuck in got weaving launched into it made the first move set the ball rolling setted to work started the ball rolling buckled to got down to brass tacks gotten down to brass tacks got down to the nitty-gritty gotten down to the nitty-gritty got off one's backside got one's finger out got one's skates on got the show on the road went ahead gone ahead kicked off laid the first stone made a beginning pitched in plunged into it put one's hand to the plough put one's shoulder to the wheel setted things moving took something forward taken something forward took the first step taken the first step took the plunge taken the plunge turned to embarked on embarked upon entered into entered upon fell to fallen to got off gotten off led off struck into took first step taken first step took up taken up put your hand to the plough dug in waded into undertook gone for it was up to been up to went for it undertaken applied oneself to were up to opened launched set in motion put in motion set about initiated started off inaugurated instigated put in place set going set off set up instituted launched into made a start on triggered originated set upon jumped into started up ushered in gotten under way got under way tackled introduced set to set out kick-started created established pioneered embarked started on entered got stuck into got going with entered on brought into being found founded organized started to got to constituted innovated planted activated engaged organised installed gotten off the ground got off the ground got underway got down to gotten down to hit the ground running got cracking on enacted instated got going on gotten going on burst into put in introed brought about laid the foundations of laid the first stone of made up set out on dreamt up tore into torn into effectuated prompted elicited precipitated induced produced invoked proceeded with bowed convened masterminded attempted floated debuted broached gotten to jump-started got weaving on raised the curtain moved into actuated inducted come into existence come into being ringed up the curtain on got on with gotten on with gone about went about got something off the ground attacked brought out started ball rolling rolled out got show on road gotten show on road started out on scratched the surface commenced on started out triggered off engagde in engaged in begun undertaking began undertaking laid the cornerstone of gotten ball rolling got ball rolling buckled down to come out with got to work on teed off focused on concentrated on jumped off setted the ball rolling on come up with plunged into rang in rung in gone ahead with went ahead with got things rolling gotten things rolling came into existence came into being broken into broke into got one's feet wet gotten one's feet wet gone into went into addressed oneself to broke the seal broken the seal broke the ice broken the ice taken action on sowed the seeds of sown the seeds of took action on came up with gotten feet wet broke the ice on came out with broken the ice on got feet wet

Động từ

Past tense for to do one's part
pitched in contributed chipped in helped holp holpen participated assisted cooperated joined in aided attacked began begun collaborated commenced did done helped out kicked in launched lent a hand mucked in subscribed tackled volunteered came through come through contributed work fell to fallen to got busy gotten busy got cracking gotten cracking got going gotten going jumped in played a part plunged into set about set to teed off waded in did one's bit done one's bit got stuck in gotten stuck in went to it gone to it hopped to it moved in dived in get involved got involved abetted taken part took part facilitated supported had a hand in contributed to gotten in on the act got in on the act worked wrought made a contribution partook partaken engaged shared joined pulled your weight entered performed had something to do with latched on played a role entered into competed lent a helping hand come in had to do with tagged along associated oneself with tuned in played come to the party sat in on had a hand played ball got in the act gotten in the act gave a hand given a hand went along gone along gone along with went along with given assistance gave assistance was involved been involved were involved associated with went in for came to the party gone into got in on engagde in went into gotten in on came in took an interest in gone in for taken an interest in engaged in done someone a favour did your part done your bit done your part gave a helping hand did someone a favour given a helping hand did your bit gave somebody a hand given somebody a hand

Động từ

Past tense for to apply oneself diligently towards a goal
gave given applied dedicated devoted committed consecrated addressed addrest administered bore down borne down concerned oneself gave all one's got given all one's got gave best shot given best shot knuckled down occupies oneself occupied oneself pegged away poured it on pulled out all stops worked hard bended bent set directed endeavoured strived endeavored sweat hit the ball put one's back in it put one's shoulder to the wheel aimed concerned designated assigned occupied buckled turned labored concentrated laboured toiled settled fixed fixt struggled grinded hustled ground persevered dug persisted striven strove tried sweated studied devoted oneself made an effort exerted oneself hammered away plugged away tried hard buckled to committed oneself made effort used some elbow grease spared no effort studied hard kept one's nose to the grindstone threw thrown shown dedication done one's best did one's best given one's all gave one's all shown commitment showed commitment showed dedication got stuck in gotten stuck in gave old college try given old college try worked wrought slogged strained drudged slaved travailed moiled plowed plodded banged away beavered away put one's back into something put oneself out grubbed plugged tugged humped pushed dug away worked oneself to the bone made every effort grafted fought trudged lumbered staggered overworked overwrought grappled dragged yourself worked like a Trojan killed oneself leaned over backwards slaved away ground away grubbed away applied oneself worked one's fingers to the bone ploughed exerted yourself plodded away burnt the candle at both ends worked like a dog pulled out all the stops sweated away pegged along slogged away sweated blood kept at it burned the candle at both ends leant over backwards worked like a slave plugged along drave driven druv drove done your best did your best purposed foughten gave it one's all given it one's all gone all out went all out cultivated tended bent over backwards did all one can broken your back went for it fallen over backwards had a crack gone for it worked hard to done all one can broke your back fell over backwards taken pains went for broke gone for broke done your utmost took pains did your utmost

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