Đồng nghĩa của effectuated

Alternative for effectuated

effectuate /i'fektjueit/
  • ngoại động từ
    • thực hiện, đem lại


To have carried out an action to the end
completed finished concluded achieved finalized fulfilled consummated nailed accomplished did executed performed settled realized capped perfected actualized crowned ended polished terminated carried off carried out complemented did thoroughly finalised finished off got through polished off realised rounded off rounded out sewed up sorted out topped off went through with wound up wrapped up added the final touch to added the finishing touch to brought to a conclusion brought to an end brought to fruition brought to maturity called it a day made good on made perfect made up put the finishing touches on put the last touches on put to bed ultimated effected discharged implemented brought about carried through put through pulled off brought off put into effect perpetrated put into action followed through with administered put into practice enacted prosecuted done enforced applied negotiated put into operation made observed engineered conducted compassed attained committed met wrought imposed put in force kept succeeded in managed followed complied with satisfied acted upon filled transacted reached delivered on caused obeyed inflicted engendered produced contrived made to happen made happen delivered wreaked clinched made good hit scored gone through with conformed to acted in accordance with followed through on lived up to abided by acted out created honored operated heeded redeemed exercised administrated worked honoured exacted catalyzed rendered dispatched setted the seal on catalysed sewn up stuck to made it dealt with notched up kept to got there stood by respected affected put in place generated organized reified originated brought incarnated bestowed started held followed up on actionized materialized set up yielded spawned prompted invoked induced served made real undertook engaged answered actioned brought to pass bred cut gotten through handled swung put lid on dealt out sanctified put finishing touch on run with the ball put the finishing touch to organised brought to bear put over made concrete put screws to materialised acquitted oneself of put on acted according to made it through racked up served out delivered the goods brought to completion adhered to responded to meted out come through put the tin lid on taken care of carried to completion chalked up cut the mustard put away took care of buttoned down clocked up survived kept faith with set in made the grade fit the bill put across had acted on underwent took care of business taken care of business directed established launched objectified unleashed fixed fixt dealt undertaken issued vented tackled pursued formed appeared sprung commenced initiated dawned provoked took called forth employed enabled pulled plied visited expressed occasioned indulged holden symbolized portrayed represented began upheld begun occupied precipitated actuated yolden yold worked on caused to happen caused to occur accommodated acted staged gratified secured minded run went whole hog gone whole hog done thoroughly went the limit gone the limit officiated begot begat begotten processed exerted closed adopted acknowledged were responsible for was responsible for transgressed been responsible for presented struck earned kindled hitten swang hat swungen brought on came through translated into assigned brought home the bacon acquitted sailed through started in on followed out brought to life regarded played out turned out squared with doled out done justice to embraced goose-stepped to dispensed cleaned up brought into play acquited checked with called a day hammered out ticked pressed distributed gained fulfillment folded up pulled something off followed through conquered paid regard to had regard to reorganized cooperated with hacked measured up to wielded coped with fulfilled your potential wrecked got done nailed it authorised passed muster yielded to made a reality prest manipulated landed thrashed out earned wings corporealized submitted to laid on succeeded harmonized with forced upon brought into being deferred to mopped up made work forced acquired worked out buttoned up ran with the ball topped it off paid attention to matched up to arrived at carried on catered to symbolised brought into effect did justice to logged authorized tallied with seized reorganised turned the trick cohered with disposed of consecrated saw through knocked off provided the means for performed according to gotten done commanded wrapped chorded with filled the bill wrapt accommodated to followed up mediated coincided with seen through undergone arose arisen broke broken sprang brake arranged for given rise to gave rise to upholden stricken canned took action on taken action on rung up rang up taken notice of took notice of went that route did to a turn done to a turn gone that route taken up took up did proud bore out done proud borne out ran fallen in with fell in with assented to went along with agreed to gone along with taken lay on gave free rein to given free rein to gave vent to given vent to drawn on drew on been through upped and done gone through upped and did went through engagde in engaged in did the trick done to a T did the job done the job did to a T done the trick given life gave life done business did business seen to saw to quit let up stopped discontinued halted ceased quitted lapsed passed put a stop to left off expired elapsed determined put an end to shut down dead-ended winked out come to an end cut off died closed out brought to a close cut short cut out broke off broken off closed down shut off dropped broke up broken up packed in dissolved desisted put the kibosh on run down suspended came to an end culminated laid off desisted from gone went axed put the lid on called a halt to packed up brought to a halt ended up adjourned wound down petered out run out pulled the plug on put a period to disappeared drawn to a close drew to a close vanished interrupted brought to a stop put paid to put a lid on nipped in the bud belayed belaid come to a halt come to a close come to a standstill faded away called a halt put the finishing touches to ran down lay off aborted faded eased off dwindled canceled cancelled abolished paused come to a stop annulled stayed brought to a standstill tied up gave up given up recessed given over gave over melted away died away liquidated packed it in died out died down ran its course phased out ran out confirmed shut abandoned ebbed arrested evaporated scrapped curbed resolved relinquished deactivated refrained from finished up waned abated sealed evanished intermitted stemmed refrained called off immobilized become invalid came to a halt came to a standstill came to a close come to rest put the stopper on put the icing on the cake ceased to exist scratched passed away forlet fizzled out called it quits quit cold turkey become void sold out cut loose prorogued cut it out put into liquidation become obsolete immobilised pulled the plug knocked something on the head held up put a cork in scrubbed surceased came to a stop bitten the dust bit the dust replaced gradually eliminated gradually removed gradually stopped using dispensed with suppressed quashed quelled subdued checked decided blocked impeded declined disbanded come in obstructed come out withered wilted subsided frustrated guaranteed stalled barred stifled failed ensured hampered climaxed weakened moderated stilled decreased lessened diminished decayed receded assured caught brokered agreed hobbled degenerated slackened evanesced staunched resulted hesitated cinched gave something the chop given something the chop renounced stopped dead faltered wavered sundered drooped retrograded crumbled deteriorated bated stamped shuttered became invalid turned back came to rest balanced staggered dithered vacillated scrupled teetered wabbled wobbled limped disrupted whiffled stumbled dilapidated led up to brought to an untimely end folded built up to cooled it reached a finale brought to standstill tied up loose ends made certain run low got shut of cleared reached a standstill reached an agreement had a break departed extinguished placed became obsolete winded something up pulled out of come to a conclusion switched off pulled up bankrupted shaken hands on stopped trying closed the books wiggle-waggled eased up fetched up stood shook hands on brought to a end hung up had a breather eliminated nipped something in the bud closed the door on collapsed backed off turned out to be come to the end terminated the account abstained come to terms on prorogated held at bay laid off of mouldered stemmed the flow firmed up come to a head blew over moldered hung back tailed off blown over rested brought down curtain trailed off reached terms on rounded up stopped in one's tracks got rid of by stages got off held back became void transpired shilly-shallied slipped away completed the arrangements for faded out brought up withdrawn gradually withdrew gradually gotten rid of did away with got rid of done away with done for did for sank sunken sunk withdrawn withdrew frozen froze came to a conclusion drawn to close drew to close came to a head gone by went by got shot of gotten shot of drawn up blown the whistle on blew the whistle on drew to a stand drew up drawn to a stand drew to a halt drawn to a halt been came out flew by were flown by was came in shaken hands shook hands came to terms on agreed on forsook forsaken forwent forgone came to the end gone dead grown less gone down grew less went dead fell away wore away gone downhill ran low went down went downhill worn away fallen away threw in the towel gotten off thrown in the sponge threw in the sponge gotten out of thrown in the towel got out of abstained from took time out taken time off taken a break took a break taken a breather took time off took a breather took ten taken ten taken time out


To have made a law
established legislated laid down constituted formulated ratified decreed effected introduced passed enacted instituted sanctioned appointed dictated initiated ordained proclaimed authorized brought about came up with carried through inaugurated inducted put in force put through set up ushered in voted in authorised installed made made into law practised practiced put into practice set ordered lay down approved validated commanded accepted imposed ruled implemented legalized come up with OKed made law legalised jammed through brought into effect made laws accomplished voted favorably steamrolled railroaded brought to bear endorsed determined fixed executed transacted fixt railroaded through gave the go-ahead to gave the green light to gotten the floor gave the seal of approval to got the floor given the green light to gave the thumbs up to given the seal of approval to given the go-ahead to gave the OK to given the thumbs up to given the OK to carried out drafted formed draughted organised organized fulfilled conducted declared advanced pursued waged administered arranged created negotiated confirmed carried off pulled off compassed commissioned put prescribed promulgated placed framed put into effect set down put laws in force put in place put down drew up engaged in constructed built found founded charged levied laid exacted started enacted laws adopted applied enforced empowered originated established laws constitutionalized supported cleared carried invested developt innovated developed launched designated delegated chartered planted shaped pioneered fined backed codified laws passed laws deputed collected taxed gathered demanded slapped assessed engaged permitted certified voted for followed through with required ratified laws formulated laws laid on carved out enforced laws vouched for laid down laws laid down the law saddled clapped wreaked obliged legislated for clapt wrecked made provision wrought putten began begun shope shapen undertaken undertook lay on drawn up engagde in agreed to


(led to) To have culminated or resulted in a particular event or consequence
led caused brought on brought about gave rise to produced effected created engendered generated triggered promoted advanced precipitated prompted contributed to furthered hastened accelerated initiated provoked quickened occasioned pushed forward expedited sped up speeded up induced stirred up sparked off stimulated helped set off added to called forth spurred instigated begat begot set in motion put in motion touched off triggered off drove contributed fomented made happen risked aroused elicited brought to pass catalyzed entailed had a hand in necessitated ended in had a part in invited roused conduced to cultivated excited fostered incited involved catalysed conduced enkindled brought spawned made yielded bred invoked translated into wrought worked brought forth begotten given rise to affected yolden yold whipped up inspired led to beared kindled originated started did done developed developt drew on drawn on introduced evoked realized hatched established worked up realised instituted achieved set up compelled sparked rendered accomplished enacted bore borne made for mustered motivated influenced made to happen secured fulfilled instilled set made possible put in place drave driven druv culminated in forced found founded began begun delivered encouraged launched gave activated performed spelled swayed inaugurated moved brought out added up to brought off leaded actualized impelled given disposed got urged returned earned conceived netted raised provided brewed fetched formed afforded abetted agitated supplied executed picked played a part in carried out organized tendered set down played a role in attained engineered fermented finished in persuaded procured gave birth to given birth to constituted organised propagated progenerated payed out pulled in brought in set on brought into being caused to happen raked in contrived caused to occur turned out installed multiplied cast pulled off paid out set in carried through cost conditioned predisposed inclined convinced amounted to biassed biased determined brought round prevailed on enticed impressed on made willing drew prevailed procreated reproduced had birthed emitted commenced mothered parented paid payed completed designed built accrued transmitted holp holpen furnished bestowed goaded actuated inflicted opened inflamed proffered meaned meant embarked on crafted constructed gotten gat brought into the world waxed presented fanned increased nursed nurtured wreaked stirred made up compassed conjured opened the door for discharged managed drawn terminated in redounded to succeeded authored exercised gave off fashioned pieced cooked up brought into existence drummed up gathered in oiled the wheels of offered implied carried off costed beamed resulted fanned the flames of fabricated equaled had as a consequence admitted started the ball rolling sold for drawn out rigged got up sowed the seeds of materialized shaped machinated blossomed assembled kicked out equalled molded sown the seeds of issued had the effect of materialised started off forwarded erected given off turned composed fanned the flames fired up knocked up knocked together forged hauled in drew out posed moulded germinated brought up run into had as a result gave life to gave birth given life to given birth was a factor in been a factor in were a factor in shope shapen sown the seeds sowed the seeds gotten up broke in broke the ice broken the ice broken in got things rolling gotten things rolling been responsible for were responsible for been partly responsible for was responsible for was partly responsible for were partly responsible for grew into ran into grown into gave out given out propelled pushed thrust prodded ran pressed galvanized animated spurred on galvanised fired set going sent energized inspirited egged on energised let fly pricked thrusted turned on cranked up threw mobilized powered mobilised got going steered exhorted flung hurled operated projected coerced put up to invigorated incentivized tost tossed pitched chucked envigorated lobbed catapulted rallied enthused piqued stung nudged boosted heaved slung slang hurtled pressured shove shoved shave impressed shot directed bunged kick-started keyed up obliged herded impassioned lofted whetted emboldened sicced started up struck switched on talked into brought around put into orbit let go shepherded flipped awakened dashed gave incentive aided electrified hounded hurried rushed initialized assisted pegged coaxed tripped bowled dispatched pelted fast-tracked steeled converted egged favoured favored ejected pounded buoyed revved up hurried up rounded up got moving casted off initialised won over prevailed upon sent into orbit caused to move gave a boost to caused to be caused to become lit a fire under sent off called up aimed fueled fuelled thumped left enlivened summoned up rocketed charged enabled whacked improved cajoled strengthened corralled gathered stepped up inveigled escalated enhanced intensified volleyed heightened marshalled marshaled touched challenged punched shied lanced tempted advised vitalized flicked put pressurized satisfied empowered pumped up exhilarated incentified whipped cranked set afoot psyched put a bomb under got to fired the imagination of livened up taunted sent forth steamrolled acted as a stimulus to jazzed up upset rode herd on titillated let loose put life into oriented rooted on sent out put to work pressurised juiced up buoyed up put into action set astir fired with enthusiasm browbeat lift flung off made faster moved forwards pepped up imposed on bulldozed made active controlled disturbed whomped up facilitated wakened released booted expelled pumped jumpstarted used chivvied worked into lather rooted pushed forwards wound up applied gave incentive to predetermined sprung sprang woke up waked up trained summoned acted as an incentive to manipulated got someone going reduced fired the enthusiasm of gained hooked engaged interacted with jogged memory reminded sounded crowded pitchforked prejudiced stoked eased badgered cracked on sent forward impacted uplifted heartened grabbed thrilled irritated hustled manoeuvred handled maneuvered simplified speeded sped harassed boosted up cheered on spooked suggested to equipped hinted to refreshed ruffled flustered activized braced vivified spirited someone up punted poled elated helped along made easier drove on dragooned needled bullied commanded filliped exalted spiked intoxicated drove forwards juiced agitated for crazed fanned the fire solicited tended lashed rousted zipped up gingered up drew forth amped up breathed life into jump-started informed kicked took out of mothballs readied circulated prepared dug acted upon leaned on leaned to gravitated toward made of a mind to looked not minded skyed spirited up showed a preference for governed leant to verged skied whisked countenanced given incentive acted as a incentive to gave the incentive to militarized gathered momentum militarised got ready made ready powered up moved toward lured sold reasoned counseled counselled whanged buzzed enlisted propagandized proselytized hoyed emphasized guided gained confidence of twisted someone's arm talked someone into worked over turned on to prodded someone into brainwashed proved to wheedled someone into propagandised sold one on proselytised brought to senses converted to proselyted led to do pressurized someone into pleaded with reasoned someone into caused to believe won argument pressured someone into got round led to believe pressed someone into argued into wore down advantaged bettered served profited tumbled peppered scattered showered splattered stoned pelleted yeeted lifted barraged sprayed jacked up sprinkled bombarded bandied lapidated grouped underlined supported bolstered fortified stressed cemented ameliorated accumulated caused to be in caused to arrive in landed kept watch punched cattle caused to land in deepened championed lumped amassed concentrated congregated constellated collected charged up gratified worked for benefited did good to benefitted blessed blest tanked up paid off for supplied with fuel serviced suited succored succoured stoked up relieved befitted pleased filled up corroborated buttressed maintained rewarded upheld underpinned clustered kettled highlighted bolstered up reinforced emphasised substantiated backed up backed broadened enriched defended shored up brought together gathered together funneled scared up poked ushered channelled funnelled droved channeled


To have brought into existence
created built constructed forged made produced actualized concocted constituted erected brought into being brought into existence brought to pass catalyzed caused to be coined gave rise to generated originated catalysed did got going knocked off knocked together knocked up manufactured molded moulded synthesised synthesized turned out drew on invoked set up put together established put up designed assembled fashioned composed devised launched founded started developed contrived initiated instituted introduced engineered pioneered innovated commenced authored crafted brought about instigated fabricated machinated organized invented found set in motion installed ushered in conceived of put in motion cooked up kicked off fathered issued conceived organised brought on hatched started out inducted began developt come out with put on set off come up with set out formed revolutionized inaugurated enacted executed came out with discovered spearheaded modernized threw together drew up threw up shaped rang in modernised revolutionised given rise to arranged begun incorporated started up coordinated floated gotten going carried out scheduled planned for orchestrated shope thrown together schemed started off came up with opened opened up drawn up hammered out brewed got underway made up kicked something off dreamt up formulated thrown up laid on structured prepared for cultivated fired up fixed up ordained made preparations for run up had penciled in started the ball rolling done made arrangements for settled up planted provided pencilled in endowed inculcated rung in activated drawn on lay on threw thrown ran up shapen set down embarked on effected materialised realised setted affected materialized realized cast pieced rendered put in place rigged secured germinated exercised engendered planned thought up prepared framed plotted whipped up improvised rustled up worked out projected trumped up masterminded fixed drafted hit on draughted excogitated imagined cooked evolved mapped out drummed up outlined got ready vamped faked brainstormed laid choreographed modeled modelled thought of cobbled together falsified laid out readied vamped up spawned wrought worked blueprinted conjured up feigned envisioned ad-libbed budgeted intrigued fit wangled sparked schemed out strategized about faked it doped out cut played it by ear confected dished up churned out knocked out compiled lied negotiated envisaged manoeuvred caused calculated prevaricated maneuvered charted finagled mapped fibbed thrashed out pretended made ready roughed out misrepresented lay out blocked out worked up got yielded completed jury-rigged rigged up pieced together spun fit together jacked up rattled off conceptualized mustered sketched forecast conspired penned manipulated compassed marshalled marshaled visualized visualised pictured pondered wrote written supplied fitted simulated furnished begot begat dreamt dreamed procured strategized brought cogitated finessed dissembled dissimulated prepped scripted patterned weaved staged sketched out traced conned carved out perfected handled equivocated set groomed put down dashed off winged it got up parented set type comped put over put pen to paper procreated fudged together jammed put in order put one on made do ad libbed codified becast conceptualised cast about beared put through put one over jived hit upon implemented begotten cobbled up eked out whipped out patched together sculptured baked gotten mashed told recounted narrated span premeditated fantasized intended processed fostered proposed slated managed controlled related contemplated blent blended gathered systematized systemized collated forecasted represented detailed learnt served scraped up handed over counterfeited learned propagated indulged presented catered accommodated depicted fancied indited unfolded planned out connived spoofed harvested conceited delineated ideated perceived mounted directed mobilized superintended thought ahead stage-managed sorted out linked joined combined accumulated amassed anthologized mixed connected collected visioned imaged hewed carved stamped shammed hew minted sculpted yolden yold scribed grasped brought out imbibed mass-produced mastered extemporized adapted brought off pulled off adjusted equipped edited encompassed meditated infused quarterbacked steered thought out colluded chalked out perjured adumbrated exaggerated hallucinated ordered rhymed versed derived stumbled upon mooted uncovered brought forth woven wove outfitted accoutred conducted concerted made arrangements figured on reckoned on figured out fixed to laid in provisions roughed in lined up fabulized fantasied kidded balanced brought together promoted ground out built castles in air hatched a plot formed a mental picture of stretched the truth come upon skeletoned scammed poetized relied on your wits coined a phrase told a terminological inexactitude jockeyed paltered did off the top of your head made a pretence of caused to happen tailored moved told untruth picked up dreamed about bred created out of thin air made provision mobilised deceived flown by the seat of one's pants winged reached an agreement supervised detected sired fitted out improved not told the truth anticipated fictionalised fudged done offhand operated emerged worked something out batched cogitated on filled in told a fib created fiction patented extemporised roughed scared up timed punted departed from the truth planned ahead misstated did offhand built up worked on flew by the seat of one's pants formed a picture of laid eggs told a white lie smoothed the way invented a story scored pulled the wool over somebody's eyes done off the top of your head pulled strings decided ruminated storified occasioned pulled wires compounded systematised angled fabled tossed off obtained spitballed assimilated fangled fantasized about made like stirred up slapped together swung settled on busked it acquired doctored sparked off slapdashed prefabbed upstaged made a show of told a lie consummated fantasised speculated mixed up determined gotten up improvisated provoked shoveled told stories fictionalized pulled someone's leg told a little white lie pushed pencil bore thought on one's feet matured made up a story shovelled got off borne finished played games appointed come out scribbled induced banged out cranked out told untruths noted down book gotten ready for got ready for drew drawn seen saw gave taken care of given took care of hewn carven equipt bargained for sang sung came upon gotten off gave birth to broken the ice given birth to broke the ice ghostwrote ghostwritten gave the appearance of given the appearance of forswore yourself spoken with forked tongue spoke with forked tongue forsworn yourself taken up took up spoke off the cuff spoken off the cuff thrown something together threw something together saw in the mind's eye seen in the mind's eye saw in one's mind seen in one's mind came out broke open broken open given forth gave birth given birth gave forth


Past tense for to achieve or complete successfully
accomplished achieved attained fulfilled realised realized completed consummated executed effected finished managed performed produced reached concluded perpetrated compassed engineered negotiated scored clinched committed conducted conquered earned grasped hit hat hitten honored honoured landed met secured seized struck stricken acquired bagged discharged did done fixt fixed gained made netted perfected procured prosecuted satisfied snagged won wrested brought about brought off carried off carried out carried through chalked up clocked up delivered on pulled off arrived at followed through on got done gotten done got there made it notched up succeeded in brought to completion brought to fruition got someplace gotten someplace latched onto lived up to made good on nailed it pulled something off put through racked up sewed up sewn up took care of taken care of wrapped up did justice to done justice to did the trick done the trick followed through with fulfilled one's potential kept faith with made hay did a bang-up job done a bang-up job did one proud done one proud put it over put the tin lid on established got obtained found garnered received reaped appropriated collected logged hooked reapt gathered gleaned captured amassed grabbed wangled reified had come into possession of accessed possessed oneself of come to have nabbed collared glommed onto polished off copped brought in knocked down pulled down came by gotten gat fand founden drawn drew gotten hands on gotten hold of came into possession of rung up came to have got hands on got hold of rang up


Finished, having reached an end or conclusion
complete finished completed done accomplished achieved fulfilled concluded through attained compassed discharged finalised finalized settled consummated dead defunct expired extinct kaput kaputt obsolete over over with performed produced up consummate down effected ended executed in the can realised realized terminated all-embracing all-inclusive all over all over but the shouting brought about carried out done with fini finished off full-fledged home free polished off sewn up sorted out sweeping that's it wrapped up resolved wound up over and done with closed perfected satisfied clinched at an end dispatched wrapped-up in the bag final happy established contented pleased content decided made gratified out of the way buttoned up comfortable brought to pass actualized obtained crowned matured brought to a close made good at ease determined built full exhausted depleted spent ceased relaxed perf rendered set prepared effete wrought lapsed entire a wrap used up knocked off tied up handled worked out organized organised over and done taken care of come to an end serene placid delighted reached untroubled rewarded put into effect at peace gone past no more bygone forgotten ancient history elapsed bypast gone by dead and buried out of hand a thing of the past former departed ancient earlier olden ripe vanished discontinued nonextant long-ago foregone of old of yore in the past run out out of date out-of-the-way materialized substantiated caused materialised run invalid unrenewed void dead and gone passed all up left removed voided induced finished with dispensed with developed elaborate mature previous lost antiquated one-time dissolved dissipated dried up burned up moved on conclusive thorough faultless fixed arranged ago nonexistent quelled outmoded erstwhile extinguished quashed stifled sometime quondam old-fashioned archaic belated late forepassed out-of-date long-gone old-time dated oldfangled quenched smothered suppressed past recall in oblivion sunk in oblivion ready down memory lane in readiness water over the dam water under the bridge all systems go done and dusted good to go

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