Đồng nghĩa của dreamt

Alternative for dreamt

dreams, dreamt, dreamed, dreaming

Đồng nghĩa: imagine, muse, vision,

Trái nghĩa: reality,

Động từ

To have imagined a possible scenario
thought imagined pictured envisaged envisioned conceived dreamed fantasised figured perceived projected visualised visualized fantasized contrived daydreamed daydreamt set one's heart on set your sights on contemplated mused romanticized fancied longed idealized craved woolgathered pined lusted hankered hoped for conceived of yearned for desired to thirsted after built castles in air wished to idealised wished for thirsted for had as one's goal sighed romanticised had as one's aim sought to ideated conjured up pictures longed for hungered for hankered after lived in a dream world aspired to aimed for forecast divined forecasted expected read predicted conjectured guessed surmised prophesied believed foretold prognosticated anticipated supposed gathered augured suspected reckoned presumed speculated concluded presaged apprehended deduced assumed inferred presupposed estimated reasoned judged prevised called foresaw foreseen vaticinated calculated hypothesized postulated posited forewarned considered daresaid daresayed portended sayed said come to the conclusion soothsaid foreshadowed auspicated spaed adumbrated had a hunch hypothesised doped out understood theorized trusted deemed ascertained premised foreboded gaged determined figured out had sneaking suspicion theorised hazarded a guess banked on counted on gauged counted upon took it taken it seen saw accepted opined gleaned sensed drawn the inference took it as given drew the inference taken it as given felt weened signified came to the conclusion boded bode readen predicated planned telegraphed suspicioned foreshowed foreshown predetermined foreknown foreknew planned on looked for had a hunch of announced waited for visioned planned for thought it likely psyched out viewed called it contemplated the possibility of taken for granted pre-empted regarded as likely took for granted watched for thought likely took as read taken as read saw coming gotten the idea got the idea seen coming warned awaited hypothecated found discerned omened espied entertained croaked implied dared say tipped previsioned forespelled warned of looked forward to crystal balled it allowed for psyched had in prospect seen in one's mind's eye called the turn forefelt saw in the cards jumped the gun proclaimed made book halsened called the shot told seen it coming doped saw it coming revealed bargained on divulged prepared for demonstrated looked ahead to told in advance figured on bargained for depended saw in one's mind's eye relied seen in the cards counted chickens sized up foretasted declared disclosed pretended reckoned on taken something read took something read founden fand seen something coming saw something coming forespoke saw handwriting on wall seen handwriting on wall forespoken fell for fallen for taken something as given took something as given

Động từ

Past tense for to experience imaginary events while sleeping

Trái nghĩa của dreamt

dreamt Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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