Đồng nghĩa của ascertained

Alternative for ascertained

ascertains, ascertained, ascertaining

Đồng nghĩa: answer, clear up, find out, learn, solve,

Động từ

To have demonstrated to be true based on facts
established proved demonstrated showed indicated signified signaled signalled displayed exhibited manifested denoted attested to corroborated evidenced substantiated determined validated confirmed verified certified affirmed ratified settled revealed sustained testified to upheld authenticated bespoke evinced justified exposed expressed illustrated proclaimed supported bore out declared made clear made evident presented showed clearly spelled out spelt out underscored vouched for assured backed up cleared up concluded documented endorsed espoused expounded got across guaranteed ostended showcased showed once and for all attested shown vouched testified proven witnessed asserted borne out circumstantiated pointed out registered argued made plain made known explained noted reinforced elucidated produced proof submitted proof established evidence submitted evidence witnessed to the fact that produced evidence demonstrated the truth prove shown beyond doubt showed beyond doubt pointed predicated projected prescribed clarified laid out made out laid bare warranted upholden discovered beared witness to flagged up shown clearly gave substance to the fact that given substance to the fact that bore witness borne witness avouched vindicated notified found checked shown to be true showed to be true avowed averred backed constituted proof of constituted evidence of convinced added up gotten across had a case stated reassured witnessed to adduced developt provided evidence of resulted developed sweared fixed okayed demonstrated the truth of fixt shown once and for all professed founden fand lay out bespake bespoken given substance to gave substance to seen swore given proof of sworn rubber-stamped gave proof of disclosed betrayed communicated suggested broadcast conveyed represented symbolized intimated betokened divulged symbolised pointed to imparted implied aired uncovered given away gave away announced read reflected connoted embodied marked personified broadcasted epitomized let out let slip let drop told of let the cat out of the bag exemplified designated typified unveiled instantiated pointed toward advertised spilled spilt made manifest published publicized hinted at publicised epitomised incorporated incarnated meaned meant externalized materialized unmasked told evoked inferred advertized hinted bodied insinuated personalized made obvious exteriorized flashed set forth externalised personalised materialised put on view put across promulgated realized pointed at pinned down encapsulated unearthed bared released leaked blabbed actualized emblematized concretized uttered spelled voiced relayed pinpointed reified related vented stood for come out with hypostatized objectified realised added up to mirrored specified said relaid brandished featured depicted deposed pronounced talked enunciated carried heralded alleged asseverated mouthed uncloaked portrayed claimed cited exclaimed detailed sounded reported maintained protested paraded brought to light unbosomed disseminated spouted purported addressed put someone in mind of put into words passed on put forth signposted put on display referred to put one in mind of put over signed spread it around brought out into the open made public smacked of let it all hang out let cat out of bag completed let on about put on show put forward tested beared spieled put you in mind of came out with spoke gave the game away given the game away spoken alluded to spake highlighted articulated unfolded had trumpeted labelled labeled spotlighted spotlit mattered distinguished identified mentioned blazed blazoned informed verbalized vocalized flagged delineated alluded furnished predicted underlined notated characterized described recorded promoted submitted worded remarked limelit pressed vivified opined recited limelighted instanced posted annunciated blared circulated placarded shewed detected outed flaunted unclosed conjured up turned up disported portended foretold gave out given out ticked tagged branded imaged tabbed ticketed imported shouted offered phrased mumbled muttered delivered blurted contended chattered cried repeated admitted enounced outlined pleaded orated pled proposed blazed abroad shouted out pegged drawled sounded off mounted yammered denuded murmured stood up for characterised jawed waved around arranged passed leaded you to believe summoned up allowed to be seen blew wide open referred brought to mind yakked called had the attributes of appeared presented oneself as blurted out emphasised pulled the plug on trotted out reminded one of verbalised engaged asked caught out discussed gestured towards blasted stated on oath reminded pointed in direction of translated naked ventilated popped off soliloquized retold stipulated stumped bodied forth summarised found out talked about resulted from vocalised winked served as evidence of augured reminded you of gabbed showed up brought out promised quoted adverted strutted piped unclothed adumbrated shouted from the housetops called to mind got at leaded to the belief occurred summarized sounded out chirped bewrayed cracked decreed marked off piped up with checked off spilled the beans on exposed to view passed the word buttoned down said so crossed heart recounted narrated accosted declaimed shadowed emphasized pictured regurgitated tipped off smoked out bore shot off one's mouth blown wide open stated publicly tokened gassed led to believe stressed intoned confessed reeled off borne got off rehearsed made you think of sported modulated exposed information traced had the qualities of lipped shouted from the rooftops called up whispered blazoned abroad perorated shewn amounted to got on a soapbox gotten on a soapbox gotten off thrown out spoken about given voice to spoke about given utterance to gave utterance to gave voice to threw out gave credence to given credence to given shape to gave shape to gotten at drove at driven at shown the position of showed the position of given human form to gave human shape to given human shape to gave human form to blown the whistle on blew the whistle on took the wraps off taken the wraps off given the show away gave the show away shown evidence of showed evidence of taken the lid off took the lid off gave testimony given testimony gave the impression given the impression given the idea gave the idea sang swore up and down sworn up and down gave facts given facts sworn to swore to gave one's word given one's word sung partaken of partook partook of partaken

Động từ

To have come upon after searching, study, or effort
discovered learned learnt found determined saw seen detected realized found out noticed recognized spotted perceived revealed disclosed dug up achieved acquired attained dug out exposed gained obtained rooted out unearthed descried located nosed out sighted uncovered worked out came to know caught on to come to know discerned espied ferreted out got gotten heard rumbled twigged caught conceived debunked distinguished dredged up elicited encountered explored fathomed out figured out glimpsed got on to gotten on to identified observed ran down realised recognised routed out run down scared up scouted up sensed sniffed out tracked down tumbled to turned up doped out sussed out wised up to had an aha moment hit on hit upon hunted down hunted up lit upon looked up thought of gotten wind of got wind of got wind of the fact got wise to the fact picked up on gotten wise to got wise to established grasped confirmed made out understood comprehended checked verified fand gat founden divined apprehended deduced rummaged appreciated picked up read made certain cognized fathomed intuited registered savvied caught on made sure judged cottoned on to sized up assimilated diagnosed decided double-checked known knew ensured dug sussed pinned down noted measured separated calculated picked out pegged differentiated evaluated counted brought to light become aware of latched on to pinpointed gauged discriminated checked out quantified computed gaged placed got to know substantiated checked up on become cognizant of gathered set apart told gleaned compassed gotten a fix on got a fix on beheld took in taken in put one's finger on become conscious of made sense of stumbled on got the picture gotten to know gotten the picture cottoned to got it assessed estimated fingered calibrated corroborated named come upon validated tagged searched out followed differenced secerned smelt out told between certified diagnosticated come across told apart digested interpreted made certain of become aware construed unlocked grokked got the message got the drift of puzzled out got the point of gotten the message appraised figured rated came upon became aware of readen described wised up became cognizant of demarcated clocked marked selected labelled analyzed labeled remembered set off deciphered contrasted assured singled out flagged list asked fixed fixt hunted out settled absorbed absorpt put a name to put the finger on became aware determinated decoded isolated put a stopwatch on tracked seized pointed out seen to it saw to it scaled sized weighed valued extracted unmasked decided on settled on inquired metered made beholden told the difference between made a distinction between decided between smoked out taken care ID'ed took care IDed buttoned down tabbed became conscious of tripped over apperceived insured satisfied oneself eyed analysed gotten the hang of struck met with put a figure on guaranteed gotten it got one's head around got the idea of conceived of got at reckoned quantitated inferred run to earth happened upon traced affirmed got the hang of witnessed queried contrived added up came across had a hunch investigated become acquainted with questioned probed clarified canvassed enquired divided qualified classified categorized characterized singularized collated signalized specified individuated sifted parted extricated recalled disinterred recollected sorted out told from penetrated marked off scented remarked concluded recorded met scented out transpired mentioned listed marked out called to mind spanned kept up with keyed out keyed carded made up your mind on smelt smelled decried were aware of been aware of was aware of took extraught tasted received discerned a difference between uprooted visualized sparked got wind looked for eyeballed spotlighted proved arrived tumbled edged out retrieved gotten at characterised looked over controlled for checked up got wise got the message about visioned called tallied localised followed the scent of got the idea accessed heard tell had on good authority figured in became acquainted with reached got word traced back gained an understanding of saw the light become conscious stricken individualized timed stumbled upon got clued up about had knowledge of run to ground rooted pieced together came to light thought caught sight of gained access made a distinction rendered lit on found out about fished out fancied chanced on showed guesstimated told which is which visualised featured rooted up spotlit had clinched become conscious of the fact that laid hands on guessed cropped up ferreted hooked signalised made head or tail of envisioned gotten the idea popped up become aware of the fact that got the picture about caught on to the fact categorised tested imagined envisaged become known familiarized oneself with exhibited imaged zeroed in on localized figured something out ran to earth individualised learned of setted at variance come to pass come up with got across seen the light stumbled across pierced contacted delved adjudged had one's number knew by sight known again known by sight knew again span ran to ground struck on stricken on taken came to pass became known saw through seen through gotten across taken account of took account of taken notice took notice gotten the point got the point got to the bottom of gotten to the bottom of came up with known for certain knew for certain taken notice of took notice of drew a distinction between drawn a distinction between gotten the drift got the drift prove proven gotten down cold got down cold gotten down pat got down pat did not forget to done not forget to took the wraps off dolven taken the wraps off dalf shown assured yourself became aware of the fact that were cognizant of been cognizant of saw daylight was cognizant of got through one's head seen daylight gotten through one's head became conscious of the fact that became conscious did not forget gotten hold of got hold of written to wrote to spoken to spoke to

Động từ

To have discerned from given information
made thought discerned estimated gathered imagined intuited read surmised assumed believed comprehended conjectured determined esteemed fathomed figured grasped hypothesized perceived postulated presumed presupposed sensed supposed theorized understood appreciated apprehended detected divined felt guessed hypothesised noted noticed observed opined philosophised reckoned recognised recognized regarded suspected theorised ventured adjudged appraised assessed assimilated cognized considered deciphered deemed evaluated expected fancied philosophized registered savvied saw speculated suggested viewed decoded dug knew sized up summed up weened weighed up caught on to cottoned on to grokked tumbled to twigged deduced judged concluded forecast come to the conclusion inferred reasoned calculated posited daresaid daresayed gleaned extrapolated gauged decided forecasted sayed said derived premised predicted called conceived gaged anticipated worked out had sneaking suspicion came to the conclusion had a hunch thought likely accepted drawn the inference took it taken it drew the inference taken for granted took for granted trusted projected predicated foresaw foreseen approximated seen foretold put told previsioned contemplated sussed construed counted on visualized visualised counted placed figured out discovered forefelt read between the lines guesstimated read into hazarded a guess read between lines thought it likely made out put two and two together doped out regarded as likely counted upon took it as given gotten the idea got the idea taken it as given held learnt learned conceded hazarded envisioned envisaged classed ranked distinguished rated heard prophesied prognosticated readen found soothsaid collected augured implied got realized portended espied foreboded forewarned entertained allowed weighed resolved maintained valued drawn drew vaticinated presaged planned foreknown foreknew formed the opinion planned on classed as adumbrated auspicated cooked up had a sneaking suspicion of interpreted allowed for hoped for suspicioned looked for stumbled on valuated had a hunch of made an estimate of ranked as formed an opinion of dare-said sussed out waited for arrived at regarded as foreshadowed felt for reached conclusion differentiated heard tell rationalised psyched out realised computed prepared for called it jumped to a conclusion rated as banked on made a guess at figured on picked contextualised contemplated the possibility of dared say picked out latched on to spaed counted chickens looked on as pre-empted induced dreamt up foretasted contextualized rationalized reckoned on come to understand prevised watched for holden founden fand known gotten gat drew inference came to understand drawn inference putten taken something on board took something on board saw through saw the light seen the light seen through took as read taken as read fell for fallen for saw as seen as took to be taken to be looked at went out on a limb took a shot at got the picture took a shot taken a shot taken a stab at taken a shot at gone out on a limb took a stab gotten the picture took a stab at taken a stab seen something coming saw in the cards saw something coming seen it coming saw it coming bargained on bargained for seen in the cards put forward hypothecated propounded proposed submitted advanced established bet set pretended stated took offered posed asserted broached had a feeling betted propositioned tendered taken proffered mooted deliberated prescribed had a sneaking suspicion cogitated dreamt dreamed had as one's opinion cerebrated doped excogitated brainstormed introduced built castles in air called the turn put up set forth postulated that theorized that chewed over selected thought it likely that announced beat one's brains gave given looked upon granted compassed taken as a hypothesis took as a hypothesis decreed bounced vapored felt in one's bones stayed in the clouds required declared conveyed wondered voted founded extended settled proclaimed pronounced formulated mused raised had a funny feeling ordered directed dictated adjudicated needed preferred asked had a suspicion had a sneaking feeling argued grounded ground built ordained meditated essayed exhorted adverted intimated imparted queried questioned deposited asseverated mortgaged hooked pledged hocked inquired took as gospel truth reflected formulated a theory sworn by formed theories pondered generalised had vibes proponed jumped the gun evoked swore by reputed schemed tabled trotted out laid down taken as gospel truth laid down the law made suppositions beaten one's brains risked assuming ventured a guess commenced ventilated reviewed expressed had a foreboding had the impression surveyed called for credited generalized ruminated made a judgement reflected on started run it up flagpole solved ruled formed a theory come to the conclusion that fixed held that aired taken stock in lodged had an idea that volunteered claimed passed upon kicked around commanded took stock in made guesses presented depended enquired chanced relied held out happened upon affirmed solicited studied dared to say averred nominated brought up gotten the impression got the impression just knew just known ran it up flagpole lay down came to the conclusion that began begun threw up thrown up gave in earnest given in earnest chosen chose has funny feeling had funny feeling got vibes gotten vibes taken it for granted took as fact took it for granted taken as fact taken it as read took it as read

Tính từ

Without question or definitely happening
certain irrefutable undeniable incontrovertible indubitable sure unquestionable plain unequivocal definite indisputable unmistakable conclusive incontestable positive undoubted clear evident known manifest obvious palpable patent transparent true accepted accomplished acknowledged beyond doubt beyond question confirmed determinate final firm fixed flat frozen hard hard-and-fast inarguable inexpugnable irrefragable recognised recognized sealed set settled stable unanswerable unarguable unchallengeable unchallenged uncontested undisputed unquestioned nailed-on not in doubt not in question absolute authoritative confirmable demonstrable establishable genuine provable real safe supreme unambiguous verifiable sure thing having down pat as sure as eggs is eggs there are no two ways about it all sewn up sound unassailable reliable guaranteed unerring predestined infallible determined destined trustworthy undisputable on ice salted away in the bag watertight proven beyond dispute beyond a shadow of a doubt convincing compelling airtight self-evident clinching categorical undebatable emphatic clear-cut decisive definitive apodictic ultimate decided unqualified accurate assured explicit express established distinct unconditional straightforward complete outright authentic unreserved total pronounced factual constant downright actual wholehearted steadfast apparent concrete precise inevitable full entire crystal clear marked unshakable open invariable certified specific observable perfect exact open-and-shut unalterable solid valid open and shut sure-fire unchangeable striking direct flat-out immutable no ifs ands or buts out-and-out constructive understood utter irrevocable straight abiding credible practical thorough implied bona fide predetermined veritable unquestioning unfaltering implicit stated verified changeless thoroughgoing tacit virtual enduring unwavering unmitigated nonambiguous ringing unambivalent pure lucid perspicuous demonstrative tangible sheer regular unimpeachable deadly dead confident barefaced doubtless stark as plain as a pikestaff peremptory noticeable significant cogent bald-faced contained unsaid unfailing steady very binding conspicuous secure unhesitating undeclared inarticulate latent unexpressed unspoken implicative inferential univocal perceptible unuttered taken for granted consummate undoubtable unadulterated inferred forceful rank unalloyed pellucid faultless glaring simple categoric blatant arrant dependable flawless profound specified overt fair plumb clean dreadful well defined blooming stone bodacious crashing uncontroversial all-out plausible without doubt blank agreed forthright cotton-picking straight-out no catch straight out black-and-white irreversible unvarying unchanging discernible uncompromising veridical determining cut-and-dried deciding realistic well-founded bald sensible permanent undoubting well-grounded broad substantiated staring one in the face unlimited legitimate lasting objective unrestricted impeccable telling whole cast-iron hard and fast bright-line undisguised dogmatic inflexible point-blank influential surefire strong blunt all out particular supportable sustainable empirical empiric uncontestable no holds barred no fine print visible inerrant crucial irremediable unswerving resounding substantial prearranged arranged attested no mistake unrectifiable logical effective important luculent existent preset never-failing cinched ironclad axiomatic perceivable strict luminous detectable unreversible unappealable distinguishable understandable honest rigid essential sure-enough unbending one hundred per cent determinative indelible unrepealable well grounded for sure fail-safe settling right deep-dyed unconstrained bound certifiable plenary wide authenticated inescapable writ large questionless arbitrary as plain as the nose on your face literal no kicker no strings foolproof attestable evincible impregnable corroborated convinced material checkable irreparable defined persuasive tyrannous meticulous sober double-checked stipulated resolute faithful imperious determinant errorless veracious assertive good documented impressive insistent fated fundamental candid irretrievable compulsory unrepairable correct for a fact prominent inferable ensured truthful affirmed comprehensible sharp critical nailed down intelligent planned key stubborn trenchant bold last appreciable given invulnerable prescribed unfluctuating abrupt incisive wordless recognizable substantive spot-on minute insured wholesale crisp pivotal major doomed lost uniform rigorous colorable validated intelligible imperative black and white assumed severe unstinting legit for certain stringent beyond repair rooted unconcealed paramount chief principal prime salient as plain as daylight deep-rooted undiluted proper straight from the shoulder recognisable without reservations inveterate litmus test obstinate clear cut finished honest-to-goodness gross beyond a doubt sticking out a mile standing out like a sore thumb no strings attached as plain as day for real set in stone de facto believable solid as a rock written all over someone standing out a mile sticking out like a sore thumb demonstrated clearly expressed inalienable admitted safe to say swift prompt rapid quantified without question freely admitted not disputed limited testable unequivocable runaway powerful obligatory necessary free from doubt persuaded unshaken satisfied frank unbreakable pegged pat cold superior authenticating trusty deductible irresistible invincible dyed-in-the-wool weighty intent straight-from-the-shoulder formative creative developmental foundational seminal failsafe validating down pat detailed notable limitless serious distinctive odds-on irrebuttable overwhelming apodeictic secured designated without loopholes no two ways about it telltale unvarnished considerable measurable clinched well-proven especial intrinsic obtrusive unique comprehensive exhaustive undivided iron-clad beyond a shadow of doubt quantifiable inimitable no ifs and or buts obedient unthinking automatic named delineated identified unacknowledged resolving revealing irrefrangible dinkum consistent with no strings open-ended unconditioned error-free plain to see blinding apprehensible flagrant discernable well documented real-life real-world without reservation unrestrained infernal blessed blasted confounded beyond the shadow of a doubt extreme deducible ascertainable racked easily understandable on the nose nonnegotiable appointed scrupulous uncanny entrenched momentous copper-bottomed stone cold ostensible seeming as clear as day remarkable arresting can't-miss can bet on it defining nailed on concluded in every respect a dead cert full-bore through and through right-down a sure thing mandatory exacting dictated written reputable energetic vigorous what you see is what you get level stationary impervious vehement unmistaken inerrable just nof ifs ands or buts even made certain absolutely certain sewed up self-explanatory forcible earnest hardheaded risk-free hardened ingrained deep-seated unyielding responsible shaping evaluative causal durable matter-of-fact historical documentary down-to-earth unembellished nonfictional creditable low-risk equable unsubtle seeable immovable stiff fateful vital notorious calm long-standing long-lived stabile staying put well-defined well-marked graphic clean-cut noteworthy audible undubitable silhouetted vivid riskless ardent independent allotted on the nail pigheaded the real McCoy true to life based on facts jelled well-set straight from the horse's mouth fact-based locked in hidebound stiff-necked unflappable unfabled spot on carved in stone set in concrete decreed aggressive violent full-blooded strenuous muscular dynamic fortified iron locked dictatorial inalterable incommutable as clear as crystal much in evidence staring you in the face under one's nose staring someone in the face make no bones plain as the nose on your face out in the open clearly defined cut and dried not vague bossy autocratic fatal resolved unblinking undeviating granted sure enough a lock stressed solemn pointed accented potent overbearing high-handed that's a fact unmodifiable unmovable still domineering irrecoverable irredeemable unrecoverable unredeemable not subject to change writ in stone indemonstrable presupposed tyrannical rational prima facie aphoristic axiomatical apothegmatic proverbial despotic brusque authoritarian commanding strong-minded for a face incurable enlightened justifiable sagacious reasoned circumspect intellectual thoughtful philosophic reflective commonsense collected analytic analytical deductive thinking synthetic discerning reasonable ratiocinative trustable reasoning cerebral perspicacious fortress-like imperial magisterial summary brisk no ifs ands or buts about it kosher commonsensical shrewd coherent levelheaded sincere knowing commonsensible informed autocratical wilful tyrannic masterful willful arrogant lordly overweening goes without saying honest-to-God official judicious defensible maintainable defendable prudent calculable tenable careful cognitive unblurred intolerant clear-thinking beyond recall limpid lucent crystal on the level on the up-and-up really-truly sure-thing for-sure no buts about it real stuff well-advised well-reasoned crystal-clear easily understood unmixed on-target letter-perfect well-thought-out dead-on out and out most influential

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