Đồng nghĩa của insured

Alternative for insured

insures, insured, insuring

Đồng nghĩa: affirm, assure, back, certify, cover, defend, determine, endorse, guarantee, make sure, protect, safeguard, shelter, sponsor, vouch, warrant,

Tính từ

Made certain and protected against discontinuance or change
assured secure sure certain guaranteed dependable sound confirmed ensured fixed sealed settled solid clinched established impeccable infallible reliable unerring unfailing faultless indubitable irrefutable nailed-on sure-fire unquestionable cinched clear-cut decided definite pronounced racked set surefire undoubted nailed on absolutely certain beyond doubt in the bag made certain nailed down on ice sewed up concluded certified a dead cert open-and-shut bound a sure thing can't-miss tested effective fail-safe efficacious foolproof trustworthy sovereign accurate tried and true warranted tried and tested stipulated stated positive undeniable unequivocal indisputable incontestable incontrovertible evident manifest unmistakable obvious clear absolute patent conclusive unambiguous categorical transparent unarguable irrefragable inarguable unanswerable unchallengeable accomplished beyond question not in doubt acknowledged decisive plain accepted proven definitive firm watertight final self-evident authentic emphatic palpable apparent genuine not in question no ifs ands or buts undisputed unquestioned undebatable unchallenged uncontested straightforward unimpeachable recognized unshakable unassailable compelling express undoubtable veritable true downright apodictic demonstrable flat recognised beyond dispute undisputable uncontestable real sure thing doubtless open concrete beyond the shadow of a doubt actual exact unconditional last precise deciding ascertained known frozen determinate hard inexpugnable hard-and-fast stable dinkum peremptory factual affirmed having down pat confirmable authoritative there are no two ways about it verifiable all sewn up supreme provable as sure as eggs is eggs establishable safe stone cold cast-iron secured attested iron-clad copper-bottomed ultimate demonstrative observable uncontroversial convincing marked clinching unequivocable airtight as plain as a pikestaff staring one in the face no mistake beyond a shadow of a doubt no two ways about it explicit direct unambivalent nonambiguous unqualified distinct specific straight lucid unreserved luculent outright blunt pellucid perspicuous candid unblurred barefaced bald understandable ringing luminous comprehensible univocal intelligible easily understood black and white no strings attached flat-out no fine print lucent cut-and-dried limpid bright-line broad crystal-clear no holds barred crystal no catch well defined crystal clear straight from the shoulder point-blank open and shut straight out bald-faced black-and-white clearly expressed flawless perfect pat cold superior well-grounded sure-enough well-founded down pat beyond a shadow of doubt bona fide for certain without doubt

Danh từ


Động từ

Past tense for provide insurance cover in respect of
assured protected covered guaranteed indemnified underwrote underwritten warranted cinched ensured guarantied iced secured safeguarded guarded hedged registered shielded confirmed established endorsed affirmed certified promised pledged asserted attested stated avouched vouched pronounced averred set out sweared avowed declared verified sealed testified clinched provided insurance for answered for nailed down setted the seal on set vouched for locked on locked up put on ice upheld maintained professed provided claimed alleged vowed contended proclaimed settled made secure effected validated cushioned backed defended supported stipulated insisted purported arranged swore sworn protested agreed to pay authenticated contracted corroborated witnessed committed asseverated argued sponsored delegated made safe stood by backed up completed made certain sewed up sewn up substantiated stood behind made sure of locked in showed had a lock on made certain of undertaken upholden undertook given security to gave security to known for certain knew for certain shown bore out bore witness borne out borne witness taken an oath took an oath given grounds for gave grounds for taken out insurance cover took out insurance took out insurance cover taken out insurance proved justified vindicated announced ratified laid down prove proven deposed held acknowledged evidenced rationalized predicated put forth rationalised demonstrated put forward said so explained sayed said sustained testified to beared witness to covenanted plighted advanced admitted excused represented advocated lay down bound oneself stood up for made out gave credence to given credence to swore up and down sworn up and down crossed one's heart holden pretended engaged given an undertaking gave an undertaking indicated agreed documented okayed moved adduced confessed cited legitimized repeated propounded checked emphasized told committed oneself emphasised legitimised put the seal on lent weight to crossed heart attested to authorized sworn to swore to seconded reasserted reaffirmed charged manifested suggested pleaded pled implied reassured postulated authorised ascertained whitewashed submitted owned expressed notified extenuated stressed conveyed recognized evinced appeared cleared mitigated opined sweared on the Bible allowed recognised accredited pressed prest betokened made a deposition pleaded for stuck up for provided evidence of given an assurance gave an assurance made excuses for accounted for given proof of gave proof of made evident stated under oath set to witnessed to put up argument made a case for shed light on pointed to let someone have it swore on bible explained away owned up sworn on bible demonstrated the truth of rubber-stamped sworn an oath swore an oath given substance to gave substance to capped wound up closed gave one's word given one's word given your word shown to be true showed to be true gave your word challenged hinted insinuated accused intimated imputed seemed buttressed determined cosigned averted bargained pledged oneself reiterated signified meaned meant qualified approved invoked offered laid recited recounted presented solemnly promised rehabilitated disproved confuted refuted disculpated palliated impersonated intended imported wagered trusted promised under oath were responsible for was responsible for been responsible for own reasoned exonerated legalized adjured legitimatized pretexted sanctioned voiced bespoke personated denoted laid claim posited offered grounds for found espoused bound assented pledged yourself sweared blind staked exculpated signed for legalised countersigned uttered gave evidence given evidence obligated spoke for acceded alibied appeased concurred subscribed spoken for relied on ventured volunteered setted oneself up posed as disclosed debated enjoined spouted conceded disputed dictated urged crossed blasted crooned mixt stumped mixed ripped granted reported constated soapboxed spieled prescribed zapped stood bail for requested enforced revealed encouraged developt developed convinced resulted fixed fixt got behind gotten behind allegated passed rendered informed grounded ground had confidence in made an affidavit plighted oneself given assurances gave assurances sang sungen sung alleged that one is masqueraded as passed for setted oneself up as argued for gave a pledge given a pledge done justice to did justice to given an explanation for gave an explanation for gave reasons for given reasons for mouthed off exculpated oneself covered for produced proof represented oneself as submitted proof double-checked resolved provided an explanation for mounted showed beyond doubt crossed your heart pressed for produced evidence proved to be genuine jumped on mixed it up proclaimed that one is shot one's wad sussed out entered into an agreement feigned the identity of brought forward sweared under oath answered to had a case had bone to pick laid down the law made good on attributed shown beyond doubt proved to be reasonable exonerated oneself socked it to one popped off vindicated oneself opened up implied that one is lived up to talked big asserted that one is pinned down insisted on stuck it to submitted evidence come at locked horns with provided a justification for given an apologia for bound yourself absolved oneself said in defense maintained that one is ganged up on laid into gave an apologia for cleared up had at added up lit into gave a justification for made allowances deposed to provided a rationale for given a justification for established evidence held up shot off one's mouth tokened made a commitment sweared to the fact laced into come out cleared the air about passed oneself off as disproven bespake bespoken founden fand bounden shown the truth of showed the truth of given assurance of gave assurance of taken a stand took a stand spoken out gave testimony given testimony spoke out sworn by swore by given witness gave witness gave facts given facts shown once and for all shown clearly showed clearly showed once and for all flew in face of took on flown in face of taken on came at gone at went at gave an undertaking to given an undertaking to asserted under oath went bail for gone bail for thrown one's weight behind threw one's weight behind sworn to God swore to God given an affidavit gave an affidavit beared testimony acted as a witness gave weight to given force to gave force to given weight to came out acted as if blown hot air got off chest blew hot air gotten off chest gotten on soapbox got on soapbox gave word of honor undertook solemnly given your word of honour gave your word of honour undertaken solemnly given word of honor showed cause shown just cause for showed to be reasonable spoke in favor of showed just cause for shown to be reasonable shown cause spoken in favor of gave an alibi for given an alibi for gave a reason for given a reason for given a rationale for acquited oneself given an excuse for thrown light upon threw light upon thrown light on threw light on gave a rationale for gave an excuse for apologized for spoken on behalf of proven a case spoke on behalf of spoke in support of given the rationale behind proved a case spoken in support of gave the rationale behind

Động từ

Past tense for to protect or shield from harm or danger
defended protected guarded safeguarded shielded secured screened sheltered preserved covered bulwarked forfended kept warded saved fended fenced harbored conserved harboured fortified prevented averted watched opposed resisted housed hedged upheld upholden barricaded garrisoned held holden withstood looked after kept safe watched over kept from harm warded off cared for staved off stove off gave sanctuary given sanctuary fended off beat off beaten off guarded against provided sanctuary repelled danger took in taken in held at bay maintained ensured assured afforded protection to rode shotgun ridden shotgun supported fostered stood up for tended minded cushioned shaded insulated inoculated wrapped wrapt covered up taken care of took care of stuck up for covered all bases overcast made invulnerable put something on top of prohibited policed patrolled justified chaperoned strengthened sentinelled sentineled overlooked manned occupied stood guard on mounted guard on immunized escorted covered up for immunised guided ruled tucked made safe stood guard stood guard over stonewalled chambered havened roofed concealed shotgunned presided over attended to had charge of swathed enfolded cupped enclosed saved from harm provided protection for dressed invested crowned capped made immune persevered with ministered to canopied reinforced clad hooded papered over clothed superposed superimposed gone to bat for went to bat for made impregnable made sound placed something over championed placed under cover oversaw overseen drest been responsible for were responsible for was responsible for given refuge gave refuge taken under wing took under wing gave shelter given shelter gave cover given cover taken someone under your wing took someone under your wing taken under one's wing took under one's wing

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