Đồng nghĩa của granted

Alternative for granted

grants, granted, granting

Đồng nghĩa: admit, allot, allow, award, bestow, consent, deal out, donate, give, give out, let, permit, present,

Trái nghĩa: blame, censure, reprove,

Phó từ

Correct and apropos
uh-huh yes absolutely affirmative agreed all right amen assuredly aye beyond a doubt by all means certainly definitely even so exactly fine gladly good good enough indubitably just so most assuredly naturally of course okay positively precisely roger surely sure thing true undoubtedly unquestionably very well willingly without fail yea yep right on undeniably clearly doubtless incontrovertibly indisputably incontestably inarguably easily unarguably hands down plainly sure truly unequivocally so doubtlessly without doubt beyond doubt really decidedly indeed irrefutably evidently unmistakably alright forsooth conclusively without question for certain for sure without a doubt undisputedly categorically patently manifestly obviously palpably beyond question by all odds for a fact with certainty as sure as eggs is eggs beyond any doubt undoubtably transparently emphatically demonstrably admittedly distinctly unimpeachably come hell or high water beyond the shadow of a doubt beyond a shadow of a doubt no ifs ands or buts about it there are no two ways about it needless to say cert posolutely inevitably noticeably visibly inexorably discernibly unavoidably to be sure markedly blatantly ostensibly beyond any shadow of a doubt rain or shine explicitly unfailingly come what may infallibly nothing else but for real unerringly fixedly beyond shadow of doubt unshakably unambiguously unreservedly perceptibly no doubt in every way from all appearances apparently in every respect in reality no question overtly one hundred per cent in fact openly no ifs ands or buts beyond shadow of a doubt sure as can be a hundred per cent in truth no two ways about it seemingly straight out sure enough to all intents and purposes obvs it goes without saying far and away downright there's no denying it by a mile

Tính từ

Permitted given the place, situation or condition
permitted acceptable accepted admissible allowable allowed approved authorised authorized lawful legal legitimate licenced licensed permissible sanctioned tolerable accorded chartered conceded consented favoured favored legalised legalized let okay tolerated kosher welcome unobjectionable recognized endorsed in order totally fine recognised within accepted bounds OK A-OK all right unforbidden unprohibited licit constitutional valid rightful proper official legit statutory warranted sound binding fair statutable just enforceable right honest genuine above board upright ex cathedra within the law condign innocent justified protected justifiable enforcible judged de jure enjoined acknowledged prescribed aboveboard passed bona fide contractual enforced decreed card-carrying straight ordained due precedented sure enough on the level on the up and up authoritative established true authentic accredited certified suitable canonical formal real orthodox correct by the book ratified signed and sealed documented excusable effective pardonable venial pukka regular in effect judicial in force legally binding vested jural warrantable validated passable authenticated verified sensible appropriate traditional ordered applicable fit actual customary trustworthy going by the rules safe reasonable defensible standard tenable satisfactory commissioned juridical ruled jurisprudent mandated commanded legislated enacted legitimatized good sanctionable methodical supportable conventional operational explicit legally acceptable undisputed active influential of right probable logical well founded representative frank forthright overt open candid fixed ceremonious square fitting current ceremonial operative in operation at play in use in execution ex officio legislative admitted according to law effectual decriminalised decriminalized sufferable countenanced bearable understandable sanctioned by law bonafide vindicable credible codified constituted driveable available received usual normal ordinary stock strict well-founded certifiable sustainable defendable usable veritable set regimented express orderly democratic ensured unexpired maintainable plausible explainable arguable forgivable undoubted unquestioned natural canonic uncontested sealed signed by law systematic condonable remissible street-legal decided conclusive definite cleared decisive precise cathedral positive routine ceremonialistic formalistic ritualistic ritual appointed and delivered rational possible worthy likely pertinent concedable relevant confirmed unconcealed unequivocal right on straight from the horse's mouth straightforward straight from shoulder up front veracious truthful true-blue able to hold water empowered deputed guaranteed in accordance with the constitution not unlikely not impossible vouched for standing upfront stated moral ethical indicative roadworthy ascribed deputized qualified attributed credited righteous virtuous classic definitive fair and square tried and true tried and tested time-honoured tried and trusted time-honored equitable dependable pro forma honourable deputised reliable classical magisterial best deserved merited principled decent honorable officially recognized astute competent nice scrupulous right-minded commanding sovereign wise sagacious judicious intelligent conscientious stand-up imperial departmental executive supreme mandatory bureaucratic ruling administrative percipient reputable shrewd proven perceptive fly faithful tried-and-true significant most scholarly most reliable

Tính từ

Gained without special exertion

Tính từ

Accepted by supposition rather than as a result of proof
assumed supposed conjectural presumed accepted alleged conjectured expected purported supposititious theoretical apparent evident hypothetical ostensible ostensive presupposed putative reputed seeming surmised anticipated claimed connoted given held hypothesised hypothesized implicit inferred postulated rumoured rumored suppositional tacit thought understood prima facie counted on taken as known taken for granted believed likely professed suppositious academic declared said specious suspected speculative reported probable notional suspect ideational theoretic outward suppositive presumptive so-called imaginary superficial plausible abstract avowed contingent possible pretended illusory unproven analytical formularized idealized ideological academical semblant tentative unsubstantiated asserted in theory unproved idealised perceived imaginative codified formalistic impractical general instanced suspicious surface in the abstract ideal as a premise doubtful illusive designated vague assumptive feigned untested acknowledged stated described philosophical logical intellectual averred credible imagined prospective questionable hypothetic implicated pedantic transcendental problematical unearthly quixotic transcendent uncertain gossiped on paper incriminated groundless unfounded involved based on guesswork under suspicion intelle recognized based soi-disant imputed reputative metaphysical pure invented made-up fictional regarded considered presumable estimated deemed appearing recognised commonly believed commonly regarded exterior quasi- obvious clear-cut unambiguous clear exhibited manifest accounted notable colorable demonstrative quasi admitted reckoned judged premised to all appearances believable experimental hairy dangerous projected conceptive affirmed just so fabled suppository predictable reasonable odds-on creditable dubious postulational guesstimated figured guessing unresolved surmising conceivable verisimilar foreseeable awaited circumstantial convincing presumptuous on a hunch on a long shot whispered prevailing told broadcast circulating bruited external rife postulatory going around given out all over town unreal nominal equivocal concocted conditional conjecturable refutable provisory guessed unconfirmed indefinite indeterminate casual contestable disputable stochastic debatable proposed pretending problematic made up

Tính từ

(of information) Protected from being made public
privileged confidential classified inside private privy secret restricted special allowed controlled exceptional limited top secret hush-hush off the record not for publication on the QT for eyes only under one's hat intimate top-secret esoteric hushed nonpublic closet exclusive close protected clandestine covert secretive closed undisclosed undercover unpublished unrevealed non-public behind-the-scenes personal reserved unofficial quiet mum backdoor censored mom under wraps not for circulation not to be disclosed not to be made public restricted access need to know inner bosom strict tight sensitive regulated soft low carefully guarded closely guarded dern sub rosa arcane internal off limits closed off out of bounds stealthy stealth underground surreptitious discreet sneaky hidden dissembled furtive unknown incognito backstage backstairs underhanded offstage sneak inconspicuous concealed veiled dark unseen underhand untold sneaking not open hugger-mugger behind the scenes close to one's chest behind someone's back cloak-and-dagger tête-à-tête in camera one-on-one strictly confidential hole-and-corner not in the public domain sly black shrouded under-the-table sub-rosa obscured conspiratorial disguised buried wily cunning back-alley skulking slinking shifty cloaked backstair under the table crafty slippery covered masked devious indirect ulterior hole-in-the-corner artful camouflaged foxy shady unidentified hidden away under-the-counter obscure between ourselves screened undivulged unauthorized guileful tricky scheming fraudulent not visible secreted silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless tucked away unnoticeable uncommunicated evasive surprise incog unauthorised invisible on the quiet cautious out of sight clouded buttoned up on the sly with a lid on mysterious in secret unobtrusive intelligence undeclared unprofessed restrictive discriminative spy illicit illegitimate illegal creep underneath unbowed subversive dirty unfair shorthanded unethical unscrupulous mean quick unsuspected murky kept concealed kept secret QT unacknowledged dissimulated impenetrable backroom contemptible slinky two-faced sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous sideways sidelong oblique in holes and corners secondary underlying unexpressed insidious cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy circumspect low-down unapparent hole and corner hidden from sight hidden from view out of view lost to view in private unsaid ambiguous mystic occult strange unenlightened deep enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical unrelated unrecounted under cover in ambush unreported in strict confidence eyes-only in confidence not to be quoted to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption not public within these four walls between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost unspoken unstated unmentioned unnarrated suppressed duplicitous designing perdu planted stashed cached enshrouded recondite guarded clever hushed up covered up put in the hole holed up subtle unconfirmed shonky snide fly slim unsubstantiated uncorroborated carny cowardly yellow undocumented unauthenticated unsanctioned unratified uncertified off-the-record unendorsed

Động từ

To have acknowledged, or conceded, the truth of
allowed admitted acknowledged recognized agreed avowed accepted acquiesced conceded confessed yielded acceded admitted as true let on recognised professed ceded appreciated concurred supposed owned up to owned up owned fessed up yold yolden own went along with gone along with declared revealed affirmed come clean divulged let the cat out of the bag about spilt the beans spilled the beans told all made known told the truth told unveiled disclosed asserted averred realized broadcast bared let out spilled the beans about realised come out of the closet made public come out spilt spilled came clean stated exposed avouched proclaimed confirmed assented accepted blame pleaded guilty spilled your guts about opened up made a clean breast of it sayed said maintained uncovered indicated perceived alleged guaranteed cognized published protested asseverated insisted expressed warranted claimed contended purported broadcasted uttered attested released accorded vowed certified laid down confided outed leaked blurted out came out of the closet made a clean breast of let the cat out of the bag made clean breast came out brought to light made a clean breast of things deposed copped to made a clean breast narrated told all about put your hand up to something made out brought into the open spilled your guts spit out admitted guilt accepted responsibility sang sungen sung hinted were aware of took on board implied went public with been aware of was aware of gone public with betrayed mouthed taken on board suggested understood announced comprehended apprehended discerned sweared confessed to seen saw grasped conceived assimilated sensed sympathized acknowledged that held registered savvied proved engaged manifested caught respected got intuited compassed beheld seized vouched lay down known knew fessed noted discovered evinced coughed coughed up clued in dumped on self-declared humbled oneself made a public declaration of folded sounded off copped posted deciphered given away finked gotten off chest awarded weaselled deferred to concurred with told the truth about self-reported fessed up to fingered chirped supported blew the lid off crossed one's heart sympathised got off chest implicated oneself squealed about predicated spat out self-divulged swore on bible copped a plea unloaded got something off one's chest cried uncle opened one's heart cottoned on to bowed to self-responded waived related dittoed spouted swore up and down come out of closet carried the can buried the hatchet caved in sworn up and down vented got something off your chest said so constated cottoned to levelled with talked crossed heart compromised blown the lid off allowed to be valid squealed snitched sworn on bible come clean about unbosomed oneself confessed all declared publicly cooperated with crooned incriminated oneself acquiesced in weaseled caught on to made clean breast of said uncle grokked twigged tumbled to soapboxed spieled stumped subscribed to ratted on acknowledged publicly tipped hand decoded self-disclosed gave away played ball with talked big dug communicated admitted to sworn swore holden gotten gat beholden prove proven acknowledged information came clean about acted as if gotten on soapbox blown hot air got on soapbox blew hot air went into details blew the gaff on blown the gaff on gone into details were cognizant of been cognizant of was cognizant of threw in the towel went with the flow thrown in the towel gone with the flow saw eye to eye seen eye to eye blew blown approved of agreed to attested to acceded to taken an oath came out of closet took an oath

Động từ

(took it) To have assumed
took assumed supposed presumed expected imagined believed gathered surmised conjectured guessed suspected trusted dared say deduced estimated figured hypothesized reasoned understood divined fancied gleaned inferred reckoned speculated thought compassed concluded construed dare-said deemed interpreted judged looked upon perceived posited postulated predicated presupposed theorized hazarded a guess hypothesised theorised took as read took for granted predicted envisaged considered ventured conceived said premised anticipated envisioned sensed prognosticated determined had a hunch prophesied predetermined soothsaid forecast foresaw foretold foreknew saw coming forecasted put calculated gauged gaged felt called made opined put forward daresaid daresayed guesstimated evaluated appraised assessed regarded esteemed placed come to the conclusion held sayed worked out suspicioned set suggested read derived rated sized up weened valued ascertained intuited counted figured out allowed doped out cast approximated extrapolated decided projected philosophized maintained philosophised had a feeling made out adjudged computed bet put a figure on took it taken it putten came to the conclusion holden pretended propounded had sneaking suspicion thought likely thought it likely classed viewed numbered apprehended taken for granted valuated analyzed discerned analysed had a sneaking suspicion ranked advanced comprehended fathomed accepted drew the inference drawn the inference established submitted proposed hypothecated taken summed up weighed up presaged hazarded contemplated realized cogitated dreamt dreamed counted on foreseen read into formed an opinion of realised read between lines added up saw appreciated betted augured classified counted up calculated roughly volunteered vaticinated found accounted reflected deliberated enumerated visualized visualised wondered forewarned ciphered seen collected portended weighed planned prevised ratiocinated auspicated spaed brainstormed summed called the turn psyched out called it banked on adumbrated made an estimate of observed taken as read grasped taken it as given took it as given readen drew drawn noted recognized savvied cognized tumbled to detected twigged caught on to taken as a hypothesis noticed took as a hypothesis cottoned on to recognised had the feeling pondered measured contended posed stated mused asserted totalled totaled assayed tallied proffered mooted aired demonstrated chanced budgeted fixed fixt pictured quantified cost meditated resolved had a suspicion foreboded distinguished telegraphed had a sneaking feeling regarded as solved implied told previsioned sussed got had as one's opinion credited classed as admitted cerebrated doped excogitated foreshadowed discovered forefelt offered schemed extracted set a figure on planned on introduced built castles in air formulated a theory totted set a figure put up kept tabs evoked list formed opinion sussed out set forth postulated that formed an impression of theorized that broached toted up picked chewed over had a foreboding totted up put in order counted upon read between the lines cooked up thought it likely that put down as formed a theory announced boiled down set store by typecast beat one's brains had an idea put down for jumped to a conclusion made a guess at put two and two together looked on as dreamt up regarded as likely come to understand foreknown knew deciphered got the idea grokked gone out on a limb took a stab dug registered went out on a limb assimilated took a shot gotten the idea taken a shot decoded taken a stab graded remarked commented declared grouped propositioned felt in one's bones tempted adventured risked examined ordered categorized tendered questioned conveyed founded conceited sorted formulated learnt conceded had a funny feeling learned queried puzzled prescribed arranged assigned heard argued grounded ground editorialized built fantasized ideated founden fand costed essayed inquired exhorted adverted intimated imparted omened estimated as viewed as syllogized espied entertained visioned imaged calibrated totalized feared pegged branded marked tipped gotten gat known saw as seen as taxed outlined deducted extraught built on evolved took as gospel truth interpreted as compartmented compartmentalised weighed in sworn by formed theories sparked run down fantasied squared allowed for asked yourself gambled on looked for stumbled on developt run over had vibes proponed took a shot at added signified developed jumped the gun thought up modeled ranked as swore by roughly calculated divided reputed trumped up planned for seen it coming boded heard tell cudgeled your brains tabled distributed toted trotted out doubted looked into taken a shot at taken as gospel truth modelled prepared for made suppositions came to understand beaten one's brains smelled a rat had doubts made rough guess risked assuming seen coming ventured a guess told in advance pointed the finger at commenced ventilated figured on thought it probable reviewed expressed selected bode editorialised adjusted expressed an opinion held to be picked out counted chickens smelt a rat pre-empted footed took a stab at positioned ticked off thought it conceivable foretasted contextualized felt to be rationalized reckoned on had the impression surveyed counted heads scored formed the opinion conceived to be ruminated forespelled counted noses warned of viewed as being had a sneaking suspicion of hoped for thought of as being reflected on accused started subtracted thought through run it up flagpole had a hunch of featured taken it as read conjured codified typecasted come to the conclusion that regarded as being harbored suspicion halsened held that multiplied ranged waited for arrived at educed separated taken stock in typed lodged had an idea that felt for reached conclusion differentiated categorised taken account of buttoned down took it as read lined up saw it coming broke down had doubt rationalised assorted indexed classed as being fantasised took to be taken a stab at calculated to be kicked around taken to be conjured up rated as took account of took stock in made guesses presented contextualised thought of contemplated the possibility of imagined to be created depended bargained for enquired pigeonholed acknowledged compartmentalized relied latched on to thought probable happened upon induced disbelieved studied dared to say looked on as being listed brought up watched for gotten the impression got the impression gave given taken something read took something read taken for took for just knew just known broken down ran down foreshowed foreshown drew conclusions drawn conclusions ran it up flagpole came to the conclusion that drawn inference drew inference seen as being saw as being added together took the measure of taken the measure of ran over asked oneself saw in the cards bargained on seen in the cards began begun believed to be gotten the measure of got the measure of looked at taken something on board saw the light took something on board saw through seen the light seen through forespoke forespoken saw handwriting on wall seen handwriting on wall got the picture gotten the picture taken it for granted took it for granted taken something as given took something as given has funny feeling had funny feeling got vibes gotten vibes fallen for fell for taken to mean drawn a conclusion drew a conclusion took to mean

Động từ

To have given what is needed or desired
provided brought contributed delivered supplied gave presented arranged catered imparted offered produced served transferred yielded accorded conferred dispensed handed over proffered provisioned kicked in laid on lay on bestowed chipped in replenished beared passed furnished prepared implemented equipped planned made available readied accommodated procured arranged for added advanced laid out put up fitted out parted with fit came up with brought forth allotted issued turned out distributed lay out assigned donated lent extended lined forked out anted up put forward allocated ponied up fitted spared arrayed catered to organised stumped up rigged out afforded came with lined up set up stocked up deeded stocked meted out ran prorated kitted out handed out apportioned doled out purveyed rigged up rendered rigged dealt out made up portioned installed ceded outfitted rustled up made over plied with handed managed accoutred staked gave out raised attired fixed up armed organized parceled out parcelled out endowed given equipt gifted awarded invested appointed fitted up come up with fulfilled girt girded geared dished out shelled out filled favored bequeathed turned over endued favoured accoutered feed fed blessed blest kitted up tendered indued entrusted committed coughed up yolden yold pledged disbursed left volunteered pitched in graced relinquished devoted put together administered shared provided for bequoth bequethen put at someone's disposal let someone have provided with refitted payed paid met given out given away gave away satisfied lodged loaded assembled surrendered bore borne vouchsafed transmitted submitted passed out prepped catered for presented with concocted supported sold found remitted restored sustained refilled restocked answered renewed covered made subscribed handled lavished packed passed round stored consigned trusted discharged laid bequested showered got ready forked over decked allowed groomed registered suited fixed fixt kitted sacrificed subsidized put forth put at disposal cast injected plied sent entered sated made a donation of divvied let oneself in for passed on put on the market put in the hands of put out sent in got up dealt in made provision set forth traded in paid out furnished with lotted put in order come across with payed out put in subsidised let come through handed in gifted with sweetened the pot put dowered conferred on put oneself down for fitted the bill for partitioned filled up decked out expended spent loaden knocked up knocked together whipped up cleared availed freed loaned refurbished founden retailed replaced forked up fand financed maintained reconditioned credited intrusted placed confided commended delegated reposed recommended enabled formulated constructed disseminated circulated regaled scooped dished up scraped up inflicted cooked indulged served up spooned handed round ladled developt developed composed achieved stockpiled tabled brightened proposed ventured empowered turned in laid down auctioned carried traded fabricated fashioned suggested sponsored funded dealt reloaded heaped refreshed gave up given up framed devised adapted formed charted calculated adjusted edited contrived conceived crafted designed drafted introduced improved mooted deployed touted victualed dispatched appareled hawked peddled apparelled flogged willed equaled equalled manned matched toted blueprinted harnessed perfected choreographed blent blended shaped budgeted projected referred followed observed propositioned aired ministered given a donation of gave a donation of slipped served the purpose supplied on credit pertained worked up came through freed up come across gave to sufficed for relegated carried out held out to bestowed on catered in surfeited passed around accommodated someone with rehabilitated endowed with subbed shared out paid in advance thought up divvied up divided packed a rod rationed given to granted to made a contribution of supplied with laid at one's feet dropped brought forward come with anticipated assisted laid something on sharked stashed fed the kitty kept supplying furbished meted heeled up placed at disposal made good on filled in measured up to spruced up sweetened the kitty appropriated came across with schemed out delivered the goods mapped out built up passed the hat carried through laid on one lived up to processed smoothed the way loan sharked smartened up got it up released settled tricked up lavished on conferred on someone dispersed draughted permitted satisficed clad showed slapped together settled on qualified for had divided out trafficked in satiated worked out invested in enhanced adorned complied with vested matched up to kept up with measured strategized about come up to diffused gussied up begifted vended enriched piled made a gift of had for sale rodded up jacked up gotten up measured out geared up obliged loaded up entrusted to trapped out placed at someone's disposal clothed bestowed to belonged tricked out conveyed held out devolved made ready topped topped up made a pitch lent-lease lugged iron taken care of took care of lay down shope shapen putten begave begiven came across drawn up drew up given over gave over shown letten leet given with gave with given in gave an opportunity gave in given an opportunity adapted to adhered to came up to adjusted to given of gave of did one's part done one's part gotten in the act got in the act gotten it up

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