Đồng nghĩa của censored

Alternative for censored

censors, censored, censoring

Đồng nghĩa: ban,

Tính từ

Intended to be kept secret
private secret confidential clandestine covert unofficial closet protected classified closed inside secretive stealthy discreet hidden privileged sneaky stealth surreptitious undercover underground backstage backstairs dissembled esoteric furtive hushed incognito intimate nonpublic privy restricted undisclosed unknown backdoor concealed inconspicuous offstage sneak underhanded dark sneaking underhand unpublished unrevealed unseen untold veiled non-public top secret top-secret in camera strictly confidential under wraps behind the scenes behind-the-scenes hole-and-corner close to one's chest hush-hush not for publication not in the public domain off the record under one's hat behind someone's back hugger-mugger not for circulation not open not to be disclosed not to be made public cloak-and-dagger one-on-one tête-à-tête personal quiet sensitive mum low soft mom dern close sub rosa arcane sly black shrouded under-the-table on the QT sub-rosa obscured conspiratorial disguised buried exclusive wily cunning back-alley skulking slinking shifty cloaked backstair under the table crafty slippery covered masked devious indirect ulterior hole-in-the-corner artful camouflaged foxy shady unidentified hidden away under-the-counter obscure limited between ourselves screened undivulged reserved unauthorized guileful tricky scheming fraudulent not visible secreted silent feline catlike enigmatic catty noiseless tucked away unnoticeable uncommunicated evasive surprise incog unauthorised invisible on the quiet cautious out of sight clouded buttoned up on the sly with a lid on mysterious in secret restricted access unobtrusive internal intelligence undeclared unprofessed restrictive discriminative spy inner bosom illicit illegitimate illegal creep underneath unbowed strict tight subversive dirty unfair shorthanded unethical unscrupulous mean quick need to know unsuspected murky kept concealed kept secret QT unacknowledged dissimulated impenetrable backroom carefully guarded closely guarded contemptible slinky two-faced regulated sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous sideways sidelong oblique in holes and corners secondary underlying unexpressed insidious cloak and dagger calculating elusive creepy circumspect low-down unapparent hole and corner hidden from sight hidden from view out of view lost to view off limits closed off in private unsaid ambiguous mystic occult strange unenlightened deep enigmatical unintelligible out-of-the-way mystical special unrelated unrecounted out of bounds allowed granted controlled exceptional under cover in ambush unreported in strict confidence eyes-only in confidence not to be quoted to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption not public within these four walls for eyes only between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the doorpost between you and me and the wall between you and me and the bedpost unspoken unstated unmentioned unnarrated suppressed duplicitous designing perdu planted stashed cached enshrouded recondite guarded clever hushed up covered up put in the hole holed up subtle unconfirmed shonky snide fly slim unsubstantiated uncorroborated carny cowardly yellow undocumented unauthenticated unsanctioned unratified uncertified off-the-record unendorsed

Động từ

Past tense for to fix, correct, revise or improve (a text or document)
edited revised corrected adapted checked improved polished redrafted rewrote rewritten condensed emended rephrased reworked rewrought assembled cut modified redacted reworded abridged annotated rescripted revamped shortened approved altered amended amplified analysed analyzed assigned blue-pencilled blue-penciled butchered changed compiled composed deleted discarded draughted drafted excised featured fine-tuned finished massaged prepared prescribed proofread published recalibrated rectified refined regulated rehashed reported retouched scrubbed spliced styled tightened trimmed cleaned up ironed out boiled down checked over fixed up flew speck flown speck went over gone over made up set up struck out tidied up wrote over written over prepared for publication recast repaired clarified enhanced fixed red-penciled reformed red-pencilled debugged remedied subedited bettered bowdlerized expurgated emendated righted bowdlerised touched up set right updated adjusted lift upgraded perfected put right ameliorated reread looked over helped elevated developed honed lifted raised cultivated redrew redrawn rebranded reshaped remodeled remodelled picked up shaped up straightened out tweaked reorganised reorganized squared mended made over examined set straight advanced increased put the finishing touches to put the final touches to boosted heightened progressed set the record straight put in order recuperated purified sharpened augmented went through gone through been through redid redone perked up made strides made perfect turned the corner remade varied refashioned XXXed qualified tempered remapped overhauled scanned scrutinised restyled compared reexamined laundered scrutinized redressed cured enriched meliorated optimised optimized completed elaborated brushed up boned up consummated crowned polished up sorted out made good reconstructed reclaimed reviewed doctored finished off paid one's dues made up for cleared up patched up dealt with turned around made right fiddled with paid dues looked through marked up checked through removed errors copyedited cleaned up act rearranged given something the once-over gave something the once-over rose risen took off taken off done over did over gotten with it got with it

Động từ

Past tense for outlaw, prohibit an action
forbid forbade forbidden banned prohibited proscribed outlawed disallowed interdicted excluded precluded vetoed debarred hindered inhibited ruled out barred enjoined criminalised criminalized made illegal blocked restrained stopped cancelled canceled checked denied deprived embargoed forestalled forfended froze frozen halted impeded nixed obstructed obviated opposed prevented restricted spiked stymied tabooed withheld withholden declared taboo declared illegal held up locked up said no shut down shut out put an end to put a stop to gave the red light to given the red light to gave the thumbs down to given the thumbs down to put the chill on put the kibosh on set aside put down dismissed rejected refused blackballed overruled repudiated disowned quashed invalidated rebuffed countermanded overturned reversed disclaimed abjured squashed disavowed disacknowledged said no to killed zinged declared null and void passed on turned down kept back threw threw out thrown thrown out boycotted eliminated banished disregarded ostracized estopped ostracised placed an embargo on put an embargo on suppressed expelled blacked blacklisted excepted suspended counted out closed out limited let removed ousted omitted snubbed voted against evicted spurned forbid to ignored kept out forced out put chill on shut off bated cut out left out shut out of put half nelson on put a lock on put a stopper in left out in the cold put out passed over shut the door on put on hit list interrupted counteracted froze out frozen out curbed condemned disqualified outvoted downed shunned drummed out cashiered negatived cursed illegalized censured thwarted doomed sentenced avoided gridlocked corked cooled declared ineligible exiled circumvented cold-shouldered disfellowshipped disfellowshiped placed injunction on placed an injunction on stonewalled forbidden to bounced disbarred destroyed officially forbid closed down closed up iced out passed by passed up shot down ejected stoppered hung up bottled up tied up jammed up boxed in penalised penalized occluded denied access to sidelined discounted discluded gotten rid of got rid of kept lid on fettered defeated considered undesirable missed out refused to admit not counted brought to screeching halt knocked back made something punishable inveighed declared something a punishable offence refused admittance refused to employ exempted prevented from entering sent to Coventry poured cold water on steered clear of locked out warded off overthrew overthrown overridden overrode officially forbidden thrown cold water on threw cold water on driven out drove out gave the cold shoulder to gave the cold shoulder given the cold shoulder to given the cold shoulder given the thumbs down gave the thumbs down

Động từ

Past tense for to remove completely, leaving no trace
erased deleted effaced expunged obliterated removed cancelled canceled excised eradicated rubbed out eliminated wiped out abolished annihilated blotted out crossed out exterminated extirpated liquidated struck out blanked out blue-pencilled blue-penciled bowdlerised bowdlerized deled redacted scored out scratched out wiped off annulled blacked out blotted cancelled out canceled out cleaned up cut disannulled dispatched gutted killed laundered negated nullified rooted out scraped off snuffed out stamped out struck stricken swept away trimmed withdrew withdrawn blued pencil cut out put a line through removed all traces of took out taken out set aside lift cast aside put an end to revoked rescinded recalled abrogated voided countermanded reversed quashed nulled scrubbed reneged obviated called aborted dropped discharged abandoned renounced avoided omitted discarded nixed disclaimed vacated repudiated recanted overruled retracted scrapped purged made void backpedalled excluded rendered invalid disowned edited dismissed blacked counterordered abjured backpedaled repealed dismantled lifted invalidated denied called back elided cried off declared invalid Xed out called off rolled back struck down edited out declared null and void rendered null and void stroked out inked out blocked out whited out took back taken back undone overridden overrode undid forswore forsworn backed out of stricken down shed destroyed axed terminated scratched squelched chopped gotten rid of got rid of scrubbed out dissolved ended rubbed snipped cleaned expurgated squashed abated vitiated zapped put kibosh on put the kibosh on cut up knocked off unpublished extinguished overturned ditched razed junked stopped concealed suppressed sterilized bleeped sanitized decontaminated scored crossed through jettisoned trashed faded eroded sterilised sanitised subverted discontinued extracted budged covered over dispensed with did away with done away with deracinated pulled ruled out passed up smoothed away rubbed away inhibited disestablished prohibited superseded finished amputated cleared exscinded rid exsected slashed closed down stripped emptied shifted loosened knocked something on the head scoured subtracted cleansed cleared out gave something the chop given something the chop scissored out lopped off declared brought to an end cleaned out routed out weeded out unloaded disposed of got off left out overthrew overthrown threw out thrown out dumped worn away wore away extraught ridded gotten off the hook got off the hook gotten off shaken out shook out took away taken away

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