Đồng nghĩa của unofficial

Alternative for unofficial

Trái nghĩa: official,

Tính từ

Not authorized or approved by the relevant organization or person
unauthorised unauthorized casual informal unsanctioned wildcat unaccredited contraband officious offstage unorthodox illicit illegal unlawful wrongful outlawed criminal illegitimate prohibited forbidden banned unlicensed under-the-table felonious lawless unwarranted proscribed interdicted black-market against the law crooked bootleg unconstitutional actionable shady verboten barred under the counter violating under-the-counter lawbreaking malfeasant heavy not permitted not allowed prosecutable under the table smuggled not legal taboo bent dishonest dodgy racket dirty improper wrong off limits out of line pirated impermissible unwarrantable irregular hot extralegal corrupt fraudulent wicked clandestine immoral furtive non licet off base against the rules not approved sub rosa guilty adulterous undemocratic outside the law in violation of law contrary to law secret on the side tabu unapproved uncertified disallowed dishonourable bootlegged pirate no-no unjustified hooky dishonorable off the record plagiarized plagiarised stolen not sanctioned over the line out of bounds culpable unethical villainous indictable nefarious disorderly iniquitous unsavory anarchic delinquent terrorist punishable dark black unruly bad insurrectionary vile insubordinate seditious anarchical mutinous rebellious disruptive unacceptable mutinying insurgent noncompliant peccant nonconformist sly sinful vicious revolting evil savage anarchistic unrighteous barbarous ungoverned uncivilised racketeering disobedient miscreant excessive rotten recusant uncultivated unsavoury turbulent warlike infringing violent unregulated flagitious unpeaceful contumacious piratical criminogenic uncivilized transgressing nihilistic disordered traitorous tapu haram smoking gun without law and order ruled out not acceptable bogus

Tính từ

Secretive in nature
quiet secret top secret confidential strictly confidential classified unrevealed undisclosed unpublished untold unknown uncommunicated under wraps clandestine concealed surreptitious hidden shrouded sub rosa covert hidden away hush-hush private veiled clouded covered discreet mom mum disguised furtive restricted not for circulation not for publication not to be disclosed not to be made public off the record with a lid on intimate privy inside hushed nonpublic backdoor personal esoteric secretive non-public behind-the-scenes sneaky underhand privileged sensitive protected closed closet underground arcane censored undercover incognito dissembled under-the-table soft low dern close under-the-counter unreported on the side unacknowledged dissimulated sub-rosa in strict confidence eyes-only to be kept under wraps not to be mentioned not for public consumption in confidence not to be quoted on the QT not public within these four walls stealthy independent own individual stealth backstage backstairs underhanded offstage sneak inconspicuous not open hugger-mugger behind the scenes close to one's chest behind someone's back cloak-and-dagger under one's hat dark tête-à-tête unseen in camera one-on-one sneaking top-secret hole-and-corner not in the public domain in private informal non-official between ourselves between you and me and the wall between you and me between you and me and the gatepost between you and me and the bedpost between you and me and the doorpost innermost inward exclusive deepest inner unexpressed inmost unvoiced deep reserved unspoken undeclared deep-seated unidentified masked undivulged darkest suppressed guarded internal bottled up limited buried obscured underlying true unapparent honest real buttoned up tight-lipped mysterious unconfessed unavowed restricted access in ambush camouflaged sly cryptic profound restrictive discriminative huggermugger ulterior strict tight kept concealed kept secret home regulated need to know heartfelt sincere in-depth unrelated unrecounted bosom sealed nameless unannounced unnamed anonymous impenetrable carefully guarded closely guarded deeply felt off limits closed off unstated unmentioned unnarrated non-shareable out of bounds special allowed granted controlled exceptional interior single-serving single-serve undistributable for eyes only unshareable psychological religious within intellectual inner-directed spiritual

Tính từ

Having a relaxed, friendly, or unofficial style, manner, or nature
relaxed casual flexible informal undemanding unrestrained lenient liberal moderate accommodating blithe untaxing carefree chilled collected congenial easygoing forgiving insouciant lax leisurely liberated loose mellow nonchalant offhand open simple tolerant unceremonious unconstrained uncritical unfussy uninhibited unrestricted versatile easy-going hassle-free laid back laid-back comfortable cozy cosy comfy easy snug friendly homey homely intimate unpretentious warm welcoming familiar laissez-faire slack canny natural homelike hospitable cushy soft pleasant folksy free non-formal free and easy relaxing restful everyday leisure permissive unrestrictive workaday cheerful homestyle chummy non-dressy unaffected freewheeling non-restrictive down-home breezy unreserved comforting unconcerned loose-fitting sporty sportif baggy low-pressure at ease snug as a bug in a rug inviting free-and-easy uninvolved easeful slouchy secure sloppy not formal noninterventionist ordinary plain normal day-to-day unsophisticated harmonious recognized recognizable composed calm halcyon untidy just-folks disheveled dishevelled unworried mild compromising conciliatory tranquil domestic standard undisturbed untroubled at home recognisable recognised homespun downhome homy stress-free happy-go-lucky reassuring agreeable snuggly safe gemütlich sheltered appealing home-like roomy hands-off non-interventionist libertarian indifferent non-interventional non-interfering lived-in live-and-let-live cool soothing delightful unstuffy unstudied matey pally unbuttoned

Tính từ

Paid unofficially

Trái nghĩa của unofficial

unofficial Thành ngữ, tục ngữ

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