Đồng nghĩa của not done

Tính từ

Not done or finished
undone unfinished incomplete half-done left neglected omitted unperformed outstanding unaccomplished unconcluded unfulfilled unexecuted deferred disregarded ignored pending remaining not started awaiting attention half-finished on ice passed over unattended to uncompleted not completed in the air on the back burner up in the air to be done unsettled unresolved ongoing unpaid undecided undetermined open uncertain in limbo awaiting decision hanging fire awaiting action still open indeterminate awaiting dependent ominous continuing pensile in reserve pendent in abeyance hanging in the balance in line around the corner in the works on board on line unsure unknown debatable doubtful in doubt unconfirmed ambiguous open to question iffy vague indefinite moot equivocal unclear yet to be decided unanswered open to debate in a state of uncertainty questionable irresolute dodgy dubious problematic unestablished unascertained inconclusive speculative suspended to be decided tentative up for grabs hairy unsolved arguable chancy incalculable unpredictable confused undependable dubitable betwixt and between in no man's land dicey postponed disputed put off borderline disputable untrustworthy unreliable unforeseeable controversial hesitant vexed unspecified wavering vacillating indecisive in cold storage undefined unfixed clouded in a state of suspension in question in a state of limbo in hand abandoned forgotten left out insecure on hold uncommitted at risk unquestioned unnoticed unrefuted unchallenged inexact suspect of two minds doubtable not fixed not settled hazy contingent open for discussion not yet settled not definite touch-and-go yet to be settled up for discussion risky pendant waffling put to one side in suspension precarious sketchy indistinct conjectural open-ended not decided hanging by a thread touch and go on thin ice secret unrevealed to be won or lost dark undisclosed hidden concealed untold undivulged unidentified abeyant faltering hesitating unproven undiscovered unfamiliar mysterious obscure unapprehended unexplained unrecognized unheard of unnoted unrecognised unperceived noteless withdrawn withheld inoperative sitting on the fence out of action in remission open to doubt

Động từ

Past tense for to cease to proceed or act
desisted ceased stopped abstained discontinued suspended ended forbore forborne refrained belayed belaid broke off broken off concluded gave up given up kept kicked left off dropped eschewed forwent forgone gave over given over held back quit quitted abandoned avoided halted had done with paused refrained from relinquished resigned surceased yielded yold yolden dispensed with laid off lay off knocked off packed in packed up called a halt to called a stop to renounced withheld shunned abjured stopped oneself finished rejected left alone fought shy of checked steered clear of interrupted restrained arrested curbed inhibited passed resisted resisted the temptation to not touched jacked in avoided doing something had nothing to do with passed up sat out withholden forswore forsworn done without did without forsaken forsook swore off sworn off gave a wide berth to given a wide berth to taken the cure taken the pledge took the pledge took the cure gone on the wagon went on the wagon cut out let up cut off desisted from put a stop to terminated put an end to wound up shut off cut short closed elapsed expired dead-ended winked out called it a day brought to an end lapsed determined died axed shut down laid off of called it quits broke up broken up canned brought to a halt broke broken brake completed abstained from kept from wrapped up closed out withheld from brought to a close pulled the plug on put the kibosh on packed it in quit cold cut it out refused come to an end culminated finished off brought to a stop got off gone went declined waived evaded skipped forbore from forborne from killed forlet left restrained from nipped in the bud stayed away from come to a close canceled cut cancelled held off reined in shied from pulled out of abolished dissolved wound down escaped from skipped out on rested intermitted set aside rounded out rounded off adjourned run out stayed closed down died down ultimated kicked over eliminated kept off put a period to scrubbed quit cold turkey put the lid on put to bed kicked the habit forewent foregone went without gone without came to an end gotten off gotten out of got out of come to a stop fasted constrained fence-sat starved passed on failed precluded shirked drawn to a close drew to a close bypassed omitted bridled escaped come to a halt consummated come to a standstill aborted backed off from sidestepped averted dodged checked out from stayed neutral withdrawn withdrew sacrificed dropped out of denied oneself faded away crowned stopped dead cinched petered out come to rest skirted surceased from kiboshed called it quits on spelled steered clear brought to a standstill came to a close scrapped backed out of stemmed turned back immobilized died away stopped in your tracks collapsed cooled it reached a standstill ended up fizzled out died out ran its course laid aside phased out deactivated immobilised ran out resigned from not taken sides declined to stood stopped oneself from given a rest restrained oneself from brought to an untimely end succeeded backed off gave a rest disunited prorogued scratched restrained yourself prorogated played out downed tools intervened postponed brought to a conclusion separated achieved sat on one's hands extinguished held delayed brought down curtain deferred annulled headed off prevented oneself from knocked something on the head held up parted ditched dissevered hung it up recessed disconnected wrapped stopped trying wrapt stopped work stopped doing jacked it in interposed left out disjoined topped off ceased to indulge in came to a stop storven starf shaken shook shrank from broken the habit of shrunk from broke the habit of came to a standstill came to a halt came to rest drew to a halt drawn to a halt gone easy went easy threw in the towel threw in the sponge thrown in the towel thrown in the sponge given the go by gave the go by drawn to close drew to close gotten done got done gotten rid of blown off did away with given the chop bagged it got rid of gave the chop blew off done away with lain by lay by gotten on the wagon sewed up got on the wagon sewn up gone cold turkey went cold turkey holden

Trái nghĩa của not done

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