Đồng nghĩa của deferred

Alternative for deferred

defers, deferred, deferring

Đồng nghĩa: accept, acknowledge, delay, postpone, put off, respect, submit, yield,

Trái nghĩa: hurry,

Tính từ

At some time in the future
later future posterior subsequent ensuing following postponed succeeding delayed upcoming downstream subsequential postliminary to come ulterior after successive coming next latter consequent impending forthcoming imminent consecutive coming up approaching resulting sequential eventual sequent coming after succedent successional consequential running down the line down the pike down the road serial pursuing next off coming next directly after scheduled planned resultant inevitable yet to come progressive chronological proximate oncoming looming supervenient seriate seriatim serialized serialised in turn in order later on one after another back-to-back later than straight ultimate subsequent to nearing henceforth extended long-term a while later after a while over the long term connected continuous continuing pending late following after in line next up on the trot accompanying attendant collateral associated indirect secondary concomitant related linked due to follow-on second unborn alternative uninterrupted continual incessant constant steady solid persistent regular unbroken in succession back in sequence sophomore hereafter in a row rotating alternating other rear last final after the first next in order trailing derivative derived conclusive concluding terminal hinder second-hand contingent decisive non-primary secondhand latest net dependent borrowed derivational derivate developed vicarious understandable consistent intelligent inferable flow-on trickle-down near advancing anticipated expected due immediate close nigh drawing near close at hand gaining upon at hand on us almost on one in the air in the wind near-term in store up-and-coming getting near on the horizon to be on the way just round the corner converging in prospect en route about to happen in view in the pipeline progressing in the offing on the cards

Động từ

Past tense for to postpone or assign to a later time or date
delayed postponed shelved suspended adjourned put off prorogued remitted held over stayed tabled continued held off mothballed pigeonholed procrastinated put back put over carried over protracted respited blocked detained extended hindered held up impeded intermitted laid over lengthened obstructed prolonged rescheduled retarded slowed stalled waived held in abeyance held off on hung fire laid on the table put on ice set aside gave rain check given rain check put in cold storage put on hold put on back burner took a rain check on taken a rain check on put on the back burner put aside put to one side cut short interrupted held set back discontinued dissolved kept in abeyance terminated put on the shelf brought to an end recessed withheld laid aside prorogated put in abeyance ceased left let up stood over put a stop to reserved stopped put off the evil day put off the evil hour halted called a halt to held back holden arrested put across broke off broken off disbanded ended cut paused cooled renounced checked quit filed put something off dismissed sidelined cut off dallied withholden neglected reorganized rearranged avoided hung up put on one side put an end to parked put on a back burner slowed up put out of commission put into storage shut up put on the bank burner refrained retained suppressed hanged hung contained reorganised got across relinquished forestayed surrendered abandoned yielded severed canceled cancelled cooled it suspended proceedings quitted omitted barred inactivated ceded rejected left off reprieved saved restrained knocked off finished curbed temporized temporised elongated broke up broken up come to an end kept staved off laid off counted out ruled out stove off dillydallied loitered tarried lagged poked dawdled lingered disregarded resigned refused abdicated dropped abjured sacrificed dragged out called a halt brought to a close brought to a halt brought to a standstill spurned stretched outstretched stretched out straught called it a day given a rain check gave a rain check allowed granted disowned disclaimed reneged removed dispensed with perpetuated sustained kept back slowed down padded extended the duration of dragged one's feet left to another time dragged on made longer kept from done later expanded desisted carried on prolongated strung out refrained from kept going rested spun out turned over decommissioned tied up did later packed away kept something going turned down surceased signed away handed over kept up taken offline took offline gotten across broke broken brake pink-slipped canned yolden yold frozen froze lay off given up gave up taken a break took a break came to an end took a breather taken five took a recess taken a breather took five taken a recess drawn out drew out forsook forsaken took a breather from taken a breather from forwent forgone taken a rain check took a rain check taken a raincheck took a raincheck done without did without drawn gone on with went on with drew aborted curtailed stopped short stopped dead called time constrained denied inhibited kept hold of bridled stifled repressed refused to pay hesitated waited wavered risen rose clipt abridged shortened clipped abbreviated deliberated faltered shaken shook reflected slowed pedal had a breather marked time caught one's breath thought twice come to standstill left unfinished dropped it stopped in full flow stopped briefly hung back took ten taken ten stopped cold pulled up broken short broke short broken it up taken a breath broke it up came to standstill took a breath took time out taken time out

Động từ

Past tense for to surrender or end all resistance to
capitulated surrendered yielded yold yolden submitted succumbed conceded relented relent bowed quit quitted acquiesced budged blinked ceded fell felled fallen folded complied acceded crumbled gave in given in gave up given up caved in gave way given way backed down knuckled under admitted defeat conceded defeat raised the white flag threw in the towel thrown in the towel showed the white flag shown the white flag buckled under waved the white flag gave up the struggle given up the struggle threw in the sponge thrown in the sponge came to terms come to terms bowed to someone bowed to something gave away the store given away the store put up white flag let go fell victim laid down your arms abandoned accepted resigned agreed assented cried uncle laid down arms packed it in tossed it in caved kowtowed knuckled indulged bended bent relinquished delivered buckled cut out heeded concurred rolled over accepted defeat laid down handed over complied with resigned yourself concurred with gone under went under lay down adhered conformed consigned left entrusted dropped lost ceased despaired tendered collapsed proffered stopped made concessions presented waived desisted retreated observed truckled played dead chickened out bailed out bowed out handed in left off pulled out went down gone down approved abdicated surrendered to granted eaten crow ate crow given yourself up gave yourself up gone along with went along with cooperated with acquiesced in passed into the hands of allowed permitted sanctioned turned in fell to pieces humbled oneself cried quits suffered defeat submitted to folded up consented turned over consented to called it quits played along with resigned oneself deferred to acted in accordance with conformed to said uncle hoisted the white flag toed the mark bent the knee acknowledged warranted paid attention to passed into enemy hands bowed down to toed the line forswore forsworn gave oneself up given oneself up forewent foregone broke broken brake eaten humble pie ate humble pie gone with the flow went with the flow eaten dirt ate dirt gave oneself over given oneself over fallen in line threw in your hand fell in line thrown in your hand lain down gave ground given ground acceded to agreed to acquiesced to assented to fallen victim to fell victim to

Động từ

Past tense for to speak or act in a deliberately vague way to gain more time to deal with something
stalled delayed hesitated procrastinated dithered temporised temporized tarried equivocated hedged stonewalled filibustered prevaricated postponed distracted diverted hung back held back hung fire played for time used delaying tactics gained time bought time dragged one's feet took one's time taken one's time avoided the issue beat about the bush beaten about the bush beaten around the bush held over kicked the can down the road put off waited played a waiting game held off paused hummed and hawed let slide put something off put off doing something tergiversated dallied dawdled paltered balked havered vacillated retarded prolonged protracted wavered adjourned baulked goldbricked lagged poked cooled swithered drug loitered dragged stayed lingered avoided committing oneself dilly-dallied avoided making a decision used Fabian tactics stalled for time refrained from shilly-shallied dragged your feet deferred action postponed action held one's horses avoided doing something suspended action kept from doing something sat tight took your time taken your time took a raincheck taken a raincheck bode one's time taken no action took no action bidden one's time fluctuated faltered hung around halted staggered pussyfooted around oscillated hung about wasted time thought twice sat on the fence stopped balanced scrupled yo-yoed teetered trifled dillydallied wabbled wobbled diddled moped crawled creeped lollygagged crept lallygagged killed time marked time blew hot and cold blown hot and cold hung on stayed put hemmed and hawed idled held on pottered remained trembled swayed whiled away time plodded trailed deliberated pottered about pottered around dragged your heels pottered round waited around rested warmed a chair hung out put something on the back burner get no place fast hung round got cold feet gotten cold feet ceased discontinued penelopized tumbled flickered straggled loafed bided ambled varied lurched reeled bobbled rolled quavered puttered tottered quivered adopted Fabian tactics called time had a breather diddle-daddled toddled sauntered shuddered waffled trimmed changed used dilatory tactics faffed about frittered time away ummed and ahed bummed around horsed around sat on one's butt got no place fast held the phone goofed around goofed off tooled stuck around lost time moved slowly changed one's mind stayed behind fooled around frittered away lodged sat around stopped briefly messed around held your fire stopped over dodged held your horses run hot and cold whiffled waffled shlepped along lagged behind scrounged around bidden bode ran hot and cold fallen behind fell behind tailed taken a break took a break took a breather taken five took ten taken ten taken a breather took five

Động từ

Past tense for to act in a submissive manner
truckled kowtowed toadied submitted yielded yold yolden fawned conceded crouched pandered apple-polished bootlicked brown-nosed crawled cringed fussed grovelled groveled stooped sucked up bent the knee brownnosed cajoled flattered gave in given in gave way given way kissed-up made up massaged oiled prostrated oneself smoodged stroked wooed bowed and scraped curried favour curry favored fawned on pandered to abased oneself before buttered up curry favored with curry favoured with danced attendance on honeyed up ingratiated oneself with kiss up to kissing up to knuckled under licked boots paid court fell all over fallen all over kissed one's feet laid it on played up to scratched one's back sucked up to fell on one's knees fallen on one's knees praised eulogized soft-soaped crawled to toadied to kowtowed to truckled to crept to sweet-talked grovelled before paid court to cringed before debased eulogised snowed slavered invited blandished creeped cowered jollied kneeled cottoned scraped praised to excess made up to abased bowed crept courted smarmed around knelt bowed and scrape before smoodged to praised to the skies catered to rubbed up the right way laid it on with a trowel caved in to laid it on thick buddied up fell over oneself for fallen over oneself for snown snew sung the praises of sang the praises of licked someone's boots wheedled spread it on blarneyed honeyed inveigled humoured charmed humored humbled oneself behaved obsequiously humbled yourself flanneled flannelled coaxed palavered quailed bended bent sniveled snivelled bobbed a curtsy made a leg genuflected overpraised adulated abased oneself beslavered softened made much of glorified sold salved conned kept someone sweet abased oneself to deferred to sweetened up worked over bowed to rubbed the right way bowed and scrape to got round built up worked on demeaned oneself to ingratiated yourself ingratiated beguiled enticed complimented caressed allured urged admired puffed commended revered implored pampered hero-worshipped belauded folded prostrated expressed admiration for panegyrized lauded paid tribute to waxed lyrical about paid blandishments to cultivated curtsied caved in said uncle said nice things about toed the mark prostrated oneself to tried to get on the good side of got next to abased yourself eaten crow sought the favour of fawned over showed respect for kissed someone's feet complimented excessively got in with gotten next to demeaned yourself shown respect for respected kept sweet prostrated yourself grovelled to ate dirt eaten dirt sucked up to someone kissed the feet of ate crow tried to win over cozied up smooth-talked persuaded prostrated oneself before humiliated yourself gotten in with gone along with went along with eaten humble pie ate humble pie lain down and rolled over lay down and rolled over

Động từ

Past tense for to prevent from progress
retarded arrested checked decelerated delayed handicapped braked brake clogged detained hindered impeded obstructed encumbered postponed slowed down stalled hampered curbed hamstrung hamstringed held back held up inhibited set back slowed up interrupted kept back put back restrained restricted slackened slowed cumbered stayed trammelled trammeled baffled baulked balked bogged choked crimped dawdled decreased downed faltered fettered flagged hesitated interfered with lessened loafed loitered mired poked reduced retardated put a brake on backed off bogged down choked off closed off hung up let up shut down shut off took down taken down brought to screeching halt threw a spanner in the works of thrown a spanner in the works of threw a monkey wrench in the works of thrown a monkey wrench in the works of put off foiled derailed thwarted stymied paused withheld halted hobbled protracted cramped blocked crippled repressed prevented deterred shackled remitted stopped prorogued shelved frustrated handcuffed held prolonged intermitted confined barred staved off stove off held off on held over made late hog-tied stood in the way of withholden holden got in the way of gotten in the way of limited curtailed moderated regulated constrained neutralized cut short bottlenecked put the brakes on cut down cut back counteracted reined in neutralised let down flaps hit the brakes shut out put a spoke in someone's wheel tempered stunted abated lagged diminished controlled stemmed embogged quieted qualified procrastinated reefed forestalled suppressed opposed bridled stifled reined prohibited caught swallowed stilled squelched smothered muffled terminated contained muzzled manacled embarrassed burdened lost speed kept waiting wound down lost steam staunched fought back governed contravened crabbed interfered debarred resisted borked checkmated tamed bottled up rebuffed repulsed discouraged circumvented choked back kept in check slackened pace pulled in kept under control kept a lid on pulled up fetched up held in held down short-circuited loused up tied up boxed in stemmed the flow of nipped in the bud brought to a standstill played for time anchored it drawn up drew up bitten back bit back gotten in the way got in the way threw a spanner in the works thrown a spoke in the wheel of threw a spoke in the wheel of thrown a spanner in the works

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