Đồng nghĩa của incomplete

Alternative for incomplete

Đồng nghĩa: deficient, imperfect, lacking, partial, unfinished, wanting,

Trái nghĩa: complete,


Not having all the necessary or appropriate parts
insufficient partial defective deficient imperfect wanting lacking fragmentary patchy short sketchy unfinished abridged bitty fragmented scrappy shortened undeveloped undone half-pie qualified restricted unaccomplished unexecuted broken crude curtailed expurgated fractional garbled immature inadequate inchoate incoherent meagre meager not entire not total not whole part piecemeal rough rude rudimentary unconsummated underdone unpolished unwhole under construction faulty limited flawed scant scanty low unsound scarce poor shy shoddy impaired amiss weak not enough damaged bad disjointed inconsistent warped blemished skimpy sparse fragmental disconnected half insubstantial unsystematic perfunctory superficial paltry inferior substandard halfway too little unsatisfactory malfunctioning cracked uneven duff shabby green injured below par in short supply marred out of order raw unformed slight unripe incommensurate pathetic measly exiguous scratched deformed torn inoperative second-rate failing piddling bereft too few small not working not functioning untidy jumbled outline unfit sick unreliable fallible not up to scratch unrefined inexperienced callow stunted sectional unmellowed puerile unripened juvenile unfledged adolescent imprecise confused slipshod thin dry infrequent rare buckled non-functioning destitute devoid finite found wanting distorted minus miserly drained needing incorrect too small knackered minimal junk not ripe lame in disrepair lean gone wrong needed inexact too little too late lemon botched on the blink frail tainted leaving much to be desired broken-down not much cop half-done broad-brush disorganized shorthanded thumbnail skeletal lacking in detail patchwork disorganised chipped uncompleted thrown together unperformed half- rambling fitful crippled off varying unconnected irregular variable not making it not hacking it coming up short half done undermanned not developed underdeveloped scattered erratic inconsiderable discontinuous discrete unsellable unsaleable inappreciable unsuitable unworthy bare laughable feeble crummy tenth-rate below standard lousy unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied spare parsimonious depleted derisory barren rubbish ropy inaccurate inconclusive unproductive stinted disfigured vicious garbage faultful schlocky two-bit bottom-of-barrel dud second string second fiddle outta gas third string little tiny fallacious invalid wrong erroneous in pieces not make it not cut out for circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic in a state of disrepair not up to snuff few bugs bush-league abortive half-grown unready set reduced ineffectual diminished mean debased rank unretentive contradictory adulterated awry false malformed blamable leaky maimed cursory disappointing sour premature vague young fresh unsatisfying unacceptable imperfectly developed hurried hasty fuzzy not mature provisional compartmented dismembered dispersed apportioned divided constituent compartmental parceled frationary segmented absent missing not good enough not up to standard bodger not acceptable buggy cobbled together woolly uncritical shallow wooly introductory preliminary coarse unclear hazy depthless not matured omitted empty cooked gone away unfulfilled bankrupt deprived half-baked less unqualified abnormal seconds unhealthy subnormal not up to par burned out in default cut off parcelled unfitted incapable unample incompetent out of gas not up to expectations on the bum at a premium short of out of on the back of an envelope negligible stingy light slender slim sparing skimp tenuous miserable flimsy trifling modest puny hand-to-mouth beggarly insignificant scrimpy pitiful trivial thin on the ground unsubstantial tight unconvincing few implausible nominal few and far between hard to come by minimum inconsequential hard to find lamentable like gold dust sporadic not to be had not to be had for love nor money unbelievable scrimp contemptible inconceivable incredible unpersuasive unsufficient mingy diminutive narrow hardly any low on short on frugal thinning barely sufficient little or no fragile occasional thinly distributed airy seldom met with marginal penurious incidental ungenerous confined petty infinitesimal picayune nugatory piffling under strength close imperceptible wispy little bitty smallish dwindling mediocre on the small side cut faint scrubby uncommon lowly delimited truncated threatened seldom semioccasional base ordinary run-down transparent diffuse not much short-handed strapped for pushed for frivolous threadbare at a low level improbable untenable questionable vapid with an insufficiency of inept baseless ungrounded groundless illogical controvertible inane unreasonable assailable wishful weakly scarcer than hen's teeth exhaustible inquorate subtle flat mere unfruitful infertile weak-kneed casual desultory passing slapdash unconsidered nodding rapid rushed token trite offhand inattentive fleeting quick flash summary insincere feigning surface-level


Having breaks or gaps in continuity
broken disconnected discontinuous interrupted erratic fragmentary intermittent spasmodic disrupted disturbed fitful sporadic unsettled troubled irregular uneven unsteady occasional episodic periodic episodical choppy aperiodic on and off alternate patchy recurrent shifting casual spotty spastic fluctuating recurring periodical catchy hit-or-miss cyclic seasonal cyclical infrequent random isochronal epochal isochronous rhythmic serial jerky variable punctuated checked stop-and-go iterative rhythmical arrested metrical discontinuing iterant unstable incoherent disjointed desultory every other here and there now and then by bits and pieces haphazard on-and-off continual unconnected odd disorganized inchoate incohesive muddled disordered on-again-off-again disorganised on-again, off-again varying inconsistent changeable gaping unorganized unorganised changing unequal wavering bitty inelegant rough unintelligible confused jumbled rambling abrupt rugged irrational uncoordinated garbled illogical regular repeated wandering isolated scattered mixed-up ill-thought-out stop-go alternating constant habitual frequent steady intervallic every once in a while orbital annual continuing perennial weekly routine at fixed intervals every so often daily on certain occasions monthly hourly yearly centennial at various times mixed up uncontinuous loose in fits and starts on again and off again impulsive inconstant restless flickering capricious herky-jerky off and on repetitive unsystematic uncertain continued unreliable rolling reoccurring chain unmethodical persistent volatile scattershot aimless shaky like clockwork reiterative unpredictable entropic indiscriminate chronic fractal non-stop non-linear perpetual numerous occurring often broken up convulsive repeating spurtive twitching happening at intervals oft-repeated impermanent freelance outsourced outside in bits and pieces oft repeated part-time incidental chaotic sketchy catch-as-catch-can stray unthinking slapdash arbitrary offhand unfocused orderless nonuniform mutable customary commonplace helter-skelter without purpose fickle temperamental changeful mercurial eccentric partial designless quotidian everyday unpunctual unconsidered purposeless wayward ever-changing fluid flickery unfixed labile skittish vacillating up and down off-and-on non-periodic vagarious irresolute variational fluctuant flighty undependable partially fractional gradual intermittently fitfully waffling peaky not constant blowing hot and cold piecemeal incessant many familiar endless common countless profuse reiterated manifold eternal several by degrees at intervals successive lots of millions of loads of a good many heaps of a great many masses of quite a lot of thick very many iterated dozens of hundreds of thousands of quite a few various by fits and starts stage by stage little by little step by step


Having a meaning that is open to several interpretations
vague imprecise loose generalised generalized hazy rough uncertain equivocal indefinite inexact unclear approximate confused dubious indeterminate sketchy superficial wooly woolly ambiguous ambivalent cursory doubtful fuzzy imperfect inexplicit unknown iffy inadequate obfuscatory perfunctory muddy muzzy unspecified amphibological bewildering puzzling questionable unintelligible ill-defined non-specific obscure indistinct enigmatic nebulous cryptic mysterious general occult confusing arcane perplexing enigmatical opaque blurred abstruse inscrutable mystic Delphic broad incomprehensible unfocused ballpark deep muddled oblique recondite unfathomable tenebrous oracular esoteric elliptical double-edged mystifying inexplicable approximative foggy murky secret impenetrable inconclusive clear as dishwater misleading debatable dark elliptic fuliginous baffling estimated sweeping incoherent evasive clear as mud clouded hidden inaccurate unspecific paradoxical squishy roundabout abstract jumbled undetailed blurry open to debate open to argument indiscriminate mystical veiled coded indirect equivocating gnomic covert circumlocutory circuitous shadowy as clear as mud riddling elusive open concealed unexplained periphrastic unexplicit coarse-grained clandestine gray grey hermetic hermetical disorganized open to question strange secretive arguable cloudy implied impressionistic disorganised hard to understand flexible crude prevaricating borderline slight illogical shallow overall unrigorous unmeticulous difficult basic generic deceptive obfuscated liberal noncommittal complex shifty unprecise hard involved rambling subtle mumbled complicated indecisive elusory intricate shrouded cloaked garbled devious tricky disjointed profound mixed sibylline deceitful inarticulate non-committal indecipherable stonewalling uncanny Greek to me insoluble illegible little known apocryphal Delphian inaudible cabalistic neither one thing nor the other unknowable neither fish nor fowl woolly-minded woolly-headed unsound polysemous polysemic polysemantic hinky multivocal addled comprehensive widespread universal global bleary proximate remote dim weak near close unsettled confounding peculiar odd muddle-headed dense amorphous dubitable in question chancy problematic in doubt at issue unsure free cryptical ulterior blanket muddleheaded random changeable nonspecific common unexplainable surmised unscientific guessed subliminal non-restrictive nubilous purblind imperceptive fluid unaccountable backhanded slippery convoluted uninterpretable problematical black almost exact almost accurate beyond comprehension sphinxlike undefined cagey lenient non-literal inconceivable technical incredible secreted teasing stumping stickling cabbalistic implicit far-out cunning shuffling faint all-round all-around meaningless not easily understood dissembling broad-spectrum bird's-eye broad-based careless sloppy sophistical open-ended intangible casuistic false casuistical indiscernible casual disguised not particular not partial not specific circumlocutionary ambagious not literal not strict not close slurred ungraspable blurred round the edges senseless scrambled masked circular collateral obliquitous incognizable Greek all Greek to me fathomless rarefied fraudulent illusory suppressed muffled fallacious suspicious muttered halting faltering hesitant contradictory duplicitous surreptitious unrevealed camouflaged involute involuted fugacious transient indescribable phantom shy fleeting greasy imponderable transitory insubstantial tenuous volatile evanescent hesitating stuttering stammering stumbling disreputable hinted at underlying recherché heavy speechless mute voiceless scrappy bitty skimpy tongue-tied two-edged unfinished outline unexposed unrecognizable invisible shielded unrecognisable hooded screened undercover covered patchy insufficient rudimentary limited fragmentary reticent unvocal mumbling maundering clumsy awkward poorly spoken over one's head above one's head scanty hurried meagre hasty provisional cobbled together introductory faulty defective depthless uncritical preliminary meager coarse on the back of an envelope


Not conclusive, not leading to a conclusion
inconclusive ambiguous indecisive unsettled vague indeterminate indefinite open uncertain undetermined debatable moot unconfirmed unconvincing undecided unproved unresolved deficient groundless inadequate lacking proving nothing questionable resolving nothing uneventful unfateful unfinished unfounded unsatisfactory unsatisfying unsound leaving matters open left hanging not yet established up in the air still open to doubt still open to question unclear borderline equivocal unsure in doubt dubious unknown chancy dubitable iffy clouded open to debate disputable doubtful arguable pending doubtable open to question in limbo unfixed controversial problematical contentious inexact suspect unpredictable problematic unsolved dodgy unanswered ongoing confused open to doubt to be decided in a state of uncertainty up for grabs in a state of limbo betwixt and between in question anxious worried apprehensive concerned disquieted troubled queer shaky suspicious shady fishy disputed vexed pendent waffling open-ended not decided unspecified undefined ambivalent confusing conflicting contradictory speculative undependable settling nothing paradoxical double-edged hazy contingent in the balance in no man's land not definite touch-and-go irresolute unconcluded imprecise uncounted unstipulated two-edged yet to be decided borderless unstated uncategorized indeterminant unclassified general controvertible negotiable perplexing riddling subject to debate puzzling issuable unestablished contestable mootable on ice a moot point a controversial subject a live issue a matter of opinion in dispute bone of contention on the back burner between rock and hard place touch and go the jury's out up for discussion between sixes and sevens tentative enigmatic obscure hypothetical conjectural unascertained indistinct hesitant suppositional wavering unproven theoretical flimsy cryptic academic notional apocryphal vacillating unreliable open to discussion opaque ill-defined presumptive on thin ice contended abstruse inexplicit enigmatical arcane uncommitted uncompleted hanging of two minds insecure open to argument at risk unverified unprovable marginal spurious occult dicey untrustworthy unforeseeable hairy incalculable risky mysterious not obvious unfinalized under examination hanging by a thread precarious sketchy murky hidden nebulous under advisement shadowy undisclosed supposed assumed improbable unlikely indistinguishable concealed putative implausible unrealistic fanciful blear unthinkable incredible preposterous fantastic imagined ridiculous absurd unbelievable academical presumed conjectured theoretic unapt hesitating cagey unreal imaginary loath sceptical reticent indisposed far-fetched unconvinced disinclined concocted conditional conjecturable refutable presupposed provisory guessed made up casual assumptive stochastic suppositious proposed pretending postulated long shot fat chance distrustful reluctant loth leery cagy difficult to believe hard to swallow beyond the bounds of possibility scarcely credible unsavoury skeptical trustless diffident fly-by-night unsavory questioning unassured mistrustful untrusty in a quandary in a dilemma in two minds on the horns of a dilemma

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