Đồng nghĩa của barren

Alternative for barren

Đồng nghĩa: blank, childless, sterile, unfertile, unproductive,

Trái nghĩa: fertile, rich,

Tính từ

Unsuitable for, or inconducive to, growing crops or vegetation
desolate infertile unproductive impoverished arid desert sterile unfruitful waste boney bony dead hardscrabble poor stark unfertile bare empty uncultivable uncultivatable unvegetated austere bleak depleted deserted effete fallow harsh inhospitable lonely parched unbearing windswept dry as dust uninhabited unoccupied vacant godforsaken unfrequented isolated unpeopled unpopulated abandoned wild vacated fruitless forsaken solitary remote untenanted void secluded evacuated lifeless neglected depopulated forgotten unused disused uncultivated exposed unvisited free derelict idle exhausted dry unprolific infecund dismal unsettled impotent open lean denuded dormant unwelcoming dreary stagnant sequestered gaunt unprotected unsheltered quiet lonesome flat rejected out of the way in the back of beyond off the beaten track in the middle of nowhere unyielding ineffectual nonreproductive virgin drained devastated spent marooned grim ruined untended weakened untilled rough trackless unmanaged unfarmed rugged windy colourless joyless characterless soulless sapped reduced diminished enervated lone non-fertile uncivilized untouched destroyed not occupied colorless alone uncivilised blowy used up sucked dry forbidding unremunerative hard tough unprofitable windblown hostile worn out played out forlorn uninhabitable uninviting tenantless without living things without life bad moneyless unfriended bereft inimical cheerless left in the lurch left discarded uncouth left stranded lorn cast off inactive severe spartan unfavorable unfavourable slow depressed inert raw treeless lunar defoliated forestless clear static weather-beaten unshielded unwooded poverty-stricken uncreative slow-moving slack stripped cleared blank without vegetation bombed burned deforested scorched bulldozed blighted obscure private retired secret removed unhampered unimpeded unlimited passable unrestricted vacuous unstopped unclosed unencumbered unhindered unobstructed unclogged unfilled unblocked cut off out-of-the-way

Tính từ

Empty of meaning or value
useless dull futile boring profitless vain empty stale uninspiring unrewarding dry fruitless pointless uninteresting unproductive worthless aimless arid commonplace flat purposeless tedious unprofitable valueless vapid abortive bootless drab dreary hollow humdrum ineffective ineffectual inefficacious lacklustre lifeless monotonous otiose prosaic sterile unavailing unstimulating unsuccessful clear unfilled unfruitful unprolific vacant vacuous lackluster nugatory idle to no avail in vain to no effect failed inutile trifling trivial paltry insignificant unimportant to no purpose non-successful impotent inadequate meaningless thwarted hopeless senseless inefficient unfructuous null inferior counterproductive impractical inconsequential void petty lame no dice without success powerless of no use inoperative unusable nothing unsatisfactory unremunerative inept foiled feeble unreal baulked frustrated good-for-nothing frivolous Sisyphean balked of no avail junky feckless unable indecisive cheap on a treadmill no-good poor miserable trashy wretched bogus mediocre abandoned unessential waste not worth the candle ignoble wasted needless doomed exhausted no-account misfired unsubstantial measly slight negligible gainless insufficient piddling impracticable delusive insubstantial inane thankless weak motiveless unavailable no use chaffy banal bungled null and void without rhyme or reason forceless withered defeasible neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized limited anticlimactic for nought pathetic unpurposed pants wanky a dead loss despicable contemptible base abject drossy ne'er-do-well uneconomic failing frustaneous unlucrative miscarried scant bungling botched unimpressive emasculate slack-spined disastrous defeated for naught nominal niggling piddly footling picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute not effective no go no way time-wasting spinning one's wheels wild goose chase no-win puny misleading unnotable shuck delusory uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive lazy blocked wasteful unworkable save one's breath forlorn in vicious circle not a prayer going nowhere not worth it unreturned unsuitable de minimis Mickey Mouse dead unserviceable nonfunctional insipid stillborn nonpractical unfunctional lost deficient defective dysfunctional expendable broken scrap unuseful inoperable resultless unneeded silly poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime not useful of no benefit invalid unnecessary of no value hamstrung inexpedient rubbish not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen two a penny not much cop goalless unreasonable no good to gundy incompetent invertebrate nonsensical designless purportless mindless thoughtless witless illogical irrational wanton indiscriminate desultory brainless random unhelpful bad nonbinding cancelled annulled nonvalid nullified wishy-washy uncalled for undirected ridiculous floundering haphazard drifting uncalled-for hit-or-miss rescinded repealed abolished revoked absent canceled untrue nonexistent negative unacceptable imaginary unsanctioned unsound irrelevant lousy shiftless sorry spiritless casual wet unfit impossible minor irresponsible small slothful apathetic indolent little no good unambitious unenterprising pitiful meagre mean effete soft nerveless weakling unreliable incapable tame pitiable weak-kneed characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby peripheral redundant superfluous limp-wristed beyond hope meager flimsy dinky inappreciable small-fry immaterial unachievable light fiddling superficial foolish small-time incidental low-ranking of no consequence nonessential second-rate of no account not having a prayer with no chance of success of no great concern impuissant unconvincing throwaway stupid disadvantageous unsalable thin pyrrhic insincere rotten absurd groundless implausible objectless not fruitful specious ruined spoiled of no earthly use shallow not needed insane fatuous baseless not helpful woeful stymied wandering parlous unasked spoilt rambling unfounded lamentable deplorable hindered stonewalled obstructed nongermane helpless adrift unpromising threatening sinister menacing cramped messed up vague uncommunicative vile unconstructive adverse lacking foundation Pyrrhic crummy sad ill-fated bleak minuscule bush-league minor-league uncelebrated lightweight lesser secondary obscure infinitesimal smalltime not pertinent without grounds without foundation fustian reckless incautious uncareful carefree careless wild debased depraved degraded low desperate despairing despondent unattainable beyond remedy despaired of fouled up not serious shameful disgraceful dishonourable dishonorable ill-suited inappropriate unsuited subsidiary villainous ignominious corrupt degenerate wimpish frail wimpy weakened not proper not good enough improper scanty irresolute unmeaning junk unadvantageous inconsistent incompatible inapt beggarly mingy ungenerous mere derisory non-essential unassertive skimpy of little account pettifogging exiguous extraneous uninformative meek cowardly gutless timid weak-willed fickle passive dithering faltering craven frothy of little consequence of little importance tinpot of no moment not worth mentioning zero zilch of no importance zip twopenny-halfpenny shoestring indifferent timorous wavering indeterminate vacillating pusillanimous undetermined fallible neither here nor there no great shakes not worth speaking of beside the point chicken-hearted corruptible supine yellow lily-livered hemming and hawing waffling yellow-bellied undependable faint-hearted yielding unsure easily led

Tính từ

Significantly below an amount or level that is adequate
meagre meager scanty scant sparse paltry scarce small insufficient inadequate poor skimpy measly inconsiderable slight exiguous deficient insubstantial slim stingy slender spare light little sparing short inappreciable skimp wanting weak miserable puny mean flimsy derisory bare tenuous minimum shabby scrimpy unfinished unproductive subtle mere infertile scrimp unfruitful bitty lacking stinted stunted hand-to-mouth too little too late thin negligible insignificant nominal trifling inconsequential piddling marginal minimal few infinitesimal tiny fractional imperceptible fragmentary limited incomplete restricted low miserly sketchy incommensurate pathetic laughable shy feeble lame depleted parsimonious junk failing dry trivial petty not enough too few in short supply bush-league too little piffling minute footling picayune niggling pimping chicken peanut worthless superficial microscopic diddly de minimis no-account piddly two-bit Mickey Mouse rinky-dink modest imperfect patchy defective beggarly unsatisfactory faulty rare scrappy pitiful lean thin on the ground shallow perfunctory reduced at a premium unsubstantial tight rudimentary unconvincing bereft partial implausible finite few and far between hard to come by destitute shoddy diminished infrequent frail too small hard to find disappointing lamentable unpolished like gold dust sporadic not to be had not to be had for love nor money inferior cursory unbelievable flawed missing outline impaired substandard unsound contemptible inconceivable incredible unpersuasive hasty unsufficient second-rate needing mingy hurried devoid diminutive drained narrow hardly any piecemeal low on short on frugal scattered needed rough short of slipshod thinning barely sufficient crude little or no fragile uncritical depthless part not up to scratch half-baked occasional shortened leaving much to be desired incoherent fragmented dispersed thinly distributed airy seldom met with lousy penurious incidental ungenerous unqualified broad-brush confined nugatory minus unfitted incapable unample incompetent undermanned under strength thumbnail circumscribed defined definite determinate measured basic close wispy out of little bitty smallish dwindling mediocre skeletal lacking in detail on the small side cut set ineffectual faint scrubby uncommon coming up short lowly delimited truncated threatened seldom semioccasional base ordinary subnormal not hacking it run-down transparent diffuse not much not making it short-handed strapped for pushed for frivolous threadbare disjointed at a low level unsatisfying unacceptable improbable untenable questionable vapid with an insufficiency of inept baseless puerile ungrounded fallacious false groundless illogical controvertible inane unreasonable assailable wishful weakly scarcer than hen's teeth absent not good enough exhaustible inquorate flat unrefined not up to standard bodger not acceptable omitted empty cooked gone away unfulfilled bankrupt deprived less untidy unsystematic uneven disorganized weak-kneed casual not up to par burned out below par in default cut off desultory out of gas undeveloped undone abridged not up to expectations not much cop passing slapdash inconsistent disconnected half-pie unaccomplished qualified unexecuted unconsidered patchwork disorganised vague inchoate rude not total broken expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed under construction not whole not entire garbled nodding rapid rushed token trite offhand duff unsuitable unworthy thrown together inattentive fleeting quick unassembled unequal underprovided undersupplied injured amiss damaged marred imprecise fuzzy flash summary insincere feigning second string second fiddle outta gas found wanting third string provisional not make it cobbled together woolly wooly introductory preliminary coarse unclear hazy not cut out for surface-level on the back of an envelope

Tính từ

Lacking strong features or characteristics and therefore uninteresting
bland boring dull monotonous tedious weak flat uninteresting dreary insipid unexciting uninspiring unimaginative drab dry vapid colorless colourless commonplace lustreless run-of-the-mill uninspired wearisome wishy-washy feeble humdrum lacklustre limp pallid plain stale trite vacuous anemic anaemic lame lifeless mediocre nondescript spiritless sterile tame tired tiresome torpid unanimated vanilla zestless antiseptic bloodless characterless middle-of-the-road mundane ho-hum inoffensive prosaic undistinctive unstimulating banal blah featureless flavourless flavorless lackluster milk-and-water nerdy nothing ordinary pabulum sapless unappealing unremarkable waterish wimpy zero ho hum dull as dishwater pedestrian stodgy arid stupid jejune ponderous routine hackneyed workaday hacky heavy tiring numbing wearying leaden slow jading stuffy drudging old weary monochromatic mind-numbing unoriginal matter-of-fact non-stimulating quotidian derivative unexceptional uncreative unadventurous derived conventional uninventive corny dry as dust innocuous inane plain vanilla dusty bromidic run of the mill unmemorable undistinguished second-rate indifferent uneventful pointless passionless monochrome dull as ditchwater poor inadequate namby-pamby half-hearted watery everyday stock samey deadly unrelieved prosy weariful driveling soft mild drivelling nebbish beige fatuous subdued tenuous slight ornery dreich dullsville unimpressed unmoved heavy-handed yawn stilted laboured simplistic lacking variation crude meager empty meagre lacking variety plodding common or garden bleak dowdy unchanging desolate pedantic laborious unnatural forced awkward artificial clumsy phoned in old hat usual stolid turgid serious solemn nothing to write home about predictable unartistic cardboard stiff wooden labored unromantic well-worn square common a dime a dozen average normal standard typical bog-standard regular stereotyped customary garden-variety so-so middling overworked platitudinous overused familiar fair clichéd standard-issue passable no great shakes threadbare set tolerable mainstream habitual stereotypical cut-and-dried timeworn OK medium accustomed general half-pie not up to much hack worn out worn-out cut-and-dry adequate cornball played out shopworn fair-to-middling traditional simple moderate musty garden variety moth-eaten unvaried time-worn frequent ubiquitous wonted decent popular run-of-the-mine not so hot established cliché fairish hokey prevailing repetitious warmed-over ready-made familiar tune run-of-mine second-class prevalent worn natural bathetic forgettable day-to-day modest unnoteworthy cliched okay household overdone inferior unvarying drained chain exhausted mildewed repetitive amateur used-up insignificant amateurish truistic orthodox accepted dime-store all right not much cop acceptable satisfactory not bad obligatory hackney cliche unpretentious formulaic stereotypic platitudinal respectable fair to middling characteristic unexceptionable generic mean garden homespun archetypical hoary widespread cobwebby dead unobjectionable draggy sufficient universal recognized classic archetypal expected staple representative serviceable nowhere good fixed banausic nothing special homely ten a penny dim antiquated good enough obsolete par for the course recognised inconspicuous reasonable daily current presentable not very good public cliché-ridden intermediate neutral dime-a-dozen basic settled well worn classical fairly good regulation standardized going matter-of-course lowly white-bread goodish fine bog standard proverbial pretty good typic standardised bush-league domestic overall gray grey anodyne outdated outmoded pervasive defunct inconsequential out of date majority soporific nothing to get excited about mechanical O.K. plastic sufficiently good acknowledged monotone terrestrial nitty-gritty big yawn humble moderately good true chronic as dry as dust listless muted out of the ark time-honoured apathetic harmless suburban indistinctive unimpressive warmed-up allowable unimportant comfortable family archaic imitative admissible meh out-of-date old-hat tidy tripe immaterial fatiguing median ruling boilerplate midway endemic unentertaining unenjoyable prolix passé middle plebeian paltry inconsiderable dragging soul-destroying competent jake rampant shared prescriptive midsized midsize rife anonymous nothing out of the ordinary yawnsome casual informal unspectacular soulless trivial commensurate proper not too bad practical of no consequence received irksome sufficing up to standard native up to scratch time-honored treadmill lacking excitement two a penny off-the-shelf lacking interest past their sell-by date prescribed menial mindless unnoticeable formalistic sombre somber extensive diurnal safe diluted halfhearted old-fashioned overlong boiled down without punch annoying irritating silly discreet usual thing long-winded dumb cornfed facile noplace extinct enough collective no big deal straightforward static antediluvian enervating interminable mortal exhausting poky snooze of poor quality superannuated constant periodic blending into the background considerable minimal admitted vieux jeu fair enough whitebread workday depressing endless dismal vexatious boresome scheduled uniform mimetic unaspiring unambitious toneless limited ineffective unlively unpassioned generous abundant significant appreciable marked noticeable goodly sizable worthwhile substantial sizeable biggish useless ongoing acquired honored pervading formal readily available widely available predominant plain-Jane unextraordinary mimic antwacky repeated known businesslike irrelevant peaceful gentle unoffending cut and dried fuddy-duddy prototypical unspirited plenty nothing to shout about able cromulent seasonal methodical sluggish numerous in use obvious starch piddling worthless canonical one-size-fits-all quintessential broad deadening whatever meaningless apish deadly dull familial raw dispiriting wintry wintery oppressive downcast sorrowful damp windy well-known acquainted long-drawn-out well established vulgar honoured widely held signature inert without variety boiler plate in-between unsophisticated of little importance of no importance of little consequence not worth mentioning of no great concern of no account lusterless actual practicable matter-of- fact clean diddly prose grind monotonic all the same recurrent sing-song flat as pancake reiterated samely puts one to sleep unchanged medial mid prototypal model ideal presentational domiciliary slavish halfway intermediary recurring recognizable effete mawkish fetid past bent foetid yesterday's out expressionless deadpan blank random non-specific ample epigonous epigonic common variety well known recognisable central midmost mediate inherent symptomatic consistent across the board faceless neither one thing nor the other noncommittal par medium-sized middle-sized homey home played-out old-chestnut old-saw canned gone off foreseeable indicative emblematic anticipated foreseen reliable bought like a dinosaur steady distinguishing distinctive likely unsurprising idiosyncratic livable unimpeachable better than nothing emulative quiet store to be expected only to be expected in character … all over true to type true to form in keeping individualistic on the cards traditionary outclassed déclassé automatic confirmed methodic rigid systematic ritual proven indecisive unfateful noneventful inconclusive staid off-the-rack mass-produced store-bought off-the-peg ceremonial ritualistic suitable imperfect sorry poorer low-grade low-quality shabby worse lousy sad bad substandard junk wretched lemon tawdry low-rent good-for-nothing base two-bit favourite favorite appropriate conformist agreeable tried and true doctrinal taken for granted sanctioned widely used rooted tried and tested immemorial solid alright fit palatable sound valid fitting convenient correct assuaging assuasive appeasing up to the mark swell up to snuff kosher snug quite good in order up to par pleasant completely understandable A-OK totally fine middle of the road superabundant cheap and commonplace most common

Tính từ

Very hot and dry
torrid hot sultry sweltering burning dry scorching searing sizzling stifling tropical arid blistering boiling parching roasting blazing fiery parched broiling flaming scalding ardent fervent fervid red scorched suffocating baking oppressive superheated tropic ultrahot desert dried heated waterless red-hot white-hot piping hot humid warm close boiling hot steaming like an oven stuffy sweltry baking hot very warm summery very hot on fire febrile fevered withering piping ovenlike recalescent decalescent calescent white igneous incandescent thermogenic smoking steamy blazing hot sticky feverish feverous extremely hot like a furnace muggy airless heavy sweaty unbearably hot glowing like a blowtorch oven-like claggy jungle-like burning up hot and humid febrific hectic balmy lush drying pyretic burning hot low aboil ablaze stewing perspiring equatorial uncomfortably warm overpowering fuggy soupy like a Turkish bath thermal flashing gleaming overheated intense sweat box steam bath fierce acute ferocious fiery hot strong extreme explosive dreadful heavy-duty violent vehement furious intensive terrible excruciating vicious exquisite fearsome profound keen deep hellacious almighty hard ghastly fearful frightful very great blistery clammy flushed damp like a sauna moist toasty lukewarm melting breathless dank unventilated confined mucky soggy stagnant thick misty wet toasted snug thermic watery sodden irriguous stale afire very damp foetid fetid frowsty mellow warmish hottish warmed tepid aflame kindled ignited inflamed choky mouldy uncomfortable fusty moldy musty stale-smelling lit raging conflagrant alight enflamed combusting lighted flickering empyreal agitable turbulent flaring unrestrained dripping moderately hot sweating in flames clouded fogged hazy foggy cloudy steamed up hot and sticky misted up fogged up

Tính từ

Having a plain and unadorned appearance
austere plain simple stark basic bleak subdued bald bare functional modest spartan clinical muted restrained unornamented spare unadorned uncluttered undecorated unembellished unfurnished clean sparse Spartan unfussy unostentatious no frills without frills bare-bones no-frills severe unvarnished plain vanilla ascetic chaste unpretentious naked understated unpatterned homely straightforward unsophisticated unelaborate monastic homespun honest penny plain uncomplicated stripped down no-nonsense discreet classic characterless unaffected harsh everyday workaday patternless raw without ornamentation ultra-plain rustic economical puritanical impersonal unembroidered au naturel colourless soulless antiseptic frugal dry colorless bare bones moderate conservative minimum essential unadulterated minimal meager measly meagre cut down economy utilitarian generic minimalist homestyle without ornament peasant inelegant unpolished homey artless indistinctive featureless neutral nondescript beige faceless noncommittal rough and ready direct straight blunt downright frank forthright outright undisguised brutal unveiled your basic ordinary folksy normophilic humble inelaborate boring vanilla elementary unexciting pure and simple insipid bland dull plain-spoken candid truthful unequivocal explicit rude unambiguous realistic outspoken unexaggerated upfront unqualified worn patchy threadbare true to life warts and all straight from the shoulder natural pure complete unassuming regular flat-out matter-of-fact elegant crisp practical unextravagant barefaced unmitigated transparent unstinting open unsparing blatant total definite utter fair real upright unreserved brazen small unconcealed plainspoken unguarded unfeigned unexcessive unobtrusive wholesome out-and-out clean-cut down-to-earth standard grim bog-standard fundamental hard undissembled serviceable useful trim unimposing rudimentary adequate common minimalistic graceful cold undeveloped unpresumptuous unmixed streamlined simplistic symmetrical smooth meek poor demure lowly unrefined acceptable without airs fresh uncomplex hearty conventional sheer exquisite tasteful utility institutional token entire mere shapely hard-wearing well defined guileless flagrant clear uninhibited precise palpable heartless forthcoming patent bluff neat brusque free-spoken up-front bare-faced abrupt curt unceremonious short indelicate terse gruff undiplomatic sharp point-blank caustic snippy hard-hitting to the point brusk short-spoken tactless trenchant impolite crusty uncivil discourteous average unradical reasonable middling unexceptional unstudied cheap inexpensive unextreme uncompromising snappy brief pulling no punches sincere not beating about the bush straight-talking not mincing one's words calling a spade a spade straight-shooting speaking one's mind absolute undeniable cotton-picking consummate rank bodacious dead categoric thorough unconditional crashing deadly profound blank stone very plumb dreadful flat thoroughgoing categorical perfect arrant blooming uncorrupted all-out straight-out

Tính từ

Severe and difficult to cope with
harsh severe tortuous austere grim hard harrowing stark bad burdensome comfortless grievous inhospitable onerous oppressive wretched bleak disagreeable inhuman intolerable rough rugged spartan stringent tough trying bare-bones bitter crushing desolate excruciating grinding hostile insufferable overwhelming searing Spartan unbearable unendurable unfriendly unpleasant wearing cruel heavy brutal stiff strict draconian hardhanded tyrannical murderous despotic authoritarian dictatorial imperious autocratic rigorous domineering exacting demanding overbearing stern excessive forbidding drastic repressive serious punishing extreme rigid high-handed tyrannous peremptory absolute difficult heavy-handed authoritative savage swingeing unyielding overweening ruthless bossy dire undemocratic critical inflexible masterful anti-democratic grave arbitrary iron-fisted punitive uncomfortable taxing unrelenting totalitarian tyrannic forceful uncompromising sharp awful intense pitiless terrible merciless discomforting exorbitant magisterial relentless autocratical coercive immoderate sombre somber unreasonable weighty illiberal troublesome autarchic distressing fierce inordinate exigent biting unsparing firm iron-handed inexorable unbending unfavorable unfavourable strong uninviting strenuous radical unwelcoming dismal dogmatic challenging arduous gloomy depressing negative outrageous solemn adverse cheerless painful doctrinaire substantial arrogant commanding acute disparaging worrying torturous hard-line formidable laborious extravagant intemperate dark straitened dominating wild vicious bare harmful flinty hypercritical agonizing superincumbent disapproving far-reaching monocratic carping discouraging mean dreadful ironhanded great censuring disturbing derogatory cutting tsarist czarist demeaning cynical dreary haughty agonising officious threatening crippling desperate dangerous extortionate pushy hard to please hurtful dominant imperative inclement high and mighty stormy suppressive undue unsympathetic unjust sky-high momentous steep intractable unconscionable unmerciful disciplinarian profound cavilling complicated towering stressful tiring nasty summary baroque devilish turbulent vexatious exhausting hardheaded uninhabitable overextravagant overmuch overdue insane plethoric antagonistic afflicting tumultuous awkward ramrod testing grueling ominous unforgiving untoward dour sober perfectionist brassbound ferocious injurious gruelling toilsome tormenting inimical menacing obdurate intensive judgmental fussy lordly miserable consequential galling fault-finding one-party disheartening uncomforting sarcastic belittling condemning satirical godforsaken quibbling foreboding joyless confining sinister disastrous significant calamitous hairsplitting caviling faultfinding overscrupulous clamorous nagging penetrating egregious cast-iron insistent cavillous downright subjugating controlling over-censorious over-particular Neronian hard-nosed censorious peracute assertive perilous caustic over the top utter over-exacting flagrant thorough gross preposterous out-and-out cocky sheer egotistic precarious imperial very bad whopping brusque sweeping abusive fascist high penal drear cold all-powerful unkind barbarous tricky inflated constraining prohibiting restrictive exploitive governing solid poor damaging cursing absolutist fascistic iniquitous prohibitive empty lonely scabrous hellish uncontrolled unaccountable unconstitutional single-party very severe wounding insensitive tactless bullying sterile tempestuous forlorn dramatic violent unlimited piercing sharp-tongued overpowering intransigent thoughtless inconsiderate irksome complex labored confused concentrated abstruse te recondite knotty dystopian heartrending drab unpermissive inept undiplomatic bungling hard-hitting throwing one's weight about considerable life-threatening pushing driving czarlike wrenching stinging burning consuming blistering worrisome overstrict sadistic OTT low major cramped racking inconvenient pounding bullish headstrong ordering aggressive powerful bidding hazardous ugly uphill Herculean mortal willful wilful not comfortable robust gaunt regnant insolent strong-willed pushful back-breaking a nuisance killing persnickety wearisome dogmatical sobering big heightened laboured fatiguing an imposition pompous crack-the-whip dictative proud hectic unhelpful in driver's seat on high horse crack the whip wearying carking unfortunate pedantic captious throwing weight around zealous unmitigated remorseless unusual exaggerated exceptional plain undermining disobliging invalidating contrary obstructive fanatical pernickety frightful horrible horrendous disadvantageous horrifying unconventional overkill uncommon remarkable unseemly frantic chaotic unadorned discrediting imprudent nonsensical fabulous lavish fancy irrational improper active eventful frenzied frenetic lively fearsome ghastly intimidating daunting unwelcome inauspicious simple hair-splitting picky corrosive abrasive offensive destructive hopeless discommodious morose glum objectionable gray black direful doleful grey terrifying disquieting jarring frightening too much unembellished undecorated implacable unfair restless energetic O.T.T. out of proportion unpropitious woeful ill-fated hard-pressed lurid shadowy tortured undesirable troubled full of hardship doubtful mournful strained ill-omened treacherous ill-boding chilling parlous nightmarish pressing upsetting messy jeopardous morbid apocalyptic rocky sad overparticular pass-remarkable meticulous punctilious rejective fastidious finicky nit-picking humourless sedate humorless staid sobersided importunate tiresome obstinate flustering animated madhouse tireless full riotous furious bustling dispiriting backbreaking hefty depressive troubling headache scolding diagnostic niggling discriminating analytical nitpicking judgy exceptive reproachful trenchant contemptuous overnice withering humbling calumniatory discerning lowering critic particular choleric unsmiling no-nonsense uncomic astringent overexacting unmanageable unamenable unaccommodating querulous fractious complete total unqualified full on unruly spirited rowdy busy action-packed bumpy raucous au naturel no-frills overcritical rough going needy possessive sticklerish stubborn unflinching rank right maximum utmost unadulterated deep veritable thundering ultimate hellacious proper pure supreme tremendous almighty unalloyed uber arrant po-faced hair-raising high-maintenance over-rigorous over-strict hard to satisfy

Tính từ

Lacking in style or good taste
trashy cheesy dowdy inelegant styleless tacky tasteless ticky-tack ticky-tacky unfashionable unstylish abandoned bogus cruddy crummy despicable empty flimsy garbage good-for-nothing grungy no-good ratty shabby tawdry useless valueless worthless poor quality low in quality outmoded dated outdated antiquated archaic passé bygone unhip old-fashioned out-of-date out of style old hat unpolished vulgar unsophisticated obsolete out prehistoric square antediluvian defunct frumpy superseded unpopular crusty passe yesterday's out of date out of fashion behind the times not fashionable olde worlde out of the ark old-fangled drab dull moldy vintage antwacky mouldy old outworn superannuated obsolescent ancient moth-eaten medieval mossy musty mediaeval dead old-time demoded rusty anachronistic not with it frumpish fusty antique oldfangled démodé past moribund fossilized old-fogeyish prehistorical neolithic kaputt Noachian kaput stale vieux jeu old-world old-hat plain quaint has-been crusted feudal fossilised Stone Age backward-looking creaky clunky extinct tired horse-and-buggy out-of-style rinky-dink former square-toed worn-out olden disused homely behindhand corny old-school primitive of old hackneyed not current conservative retro of the old school demode timeworn aged odd last year's past it unkempt stodgy mumsy fogeyish overused neglected rococo disapproved poky not modern grown old exhausted of olden days out of it relic dusty dinosaur old-timey back-number on its last legs horse and buggy done to death faded unglamorous threadbare belated yesterday anachronous parachronistic hacky backwards backward crass ridiculous cobwebby worn out back number discarded discontinued bent unusable expired not in finished geriatric dreary dingy retrograde out-of-fashion gone obscure no longer in use deprecated fallen into disuse fossil old school no longer fashionable out of commission out of use daggy scruffy blowsy badly-dressed baggy sloppy historic no longer in fashion waning declining had it done for past its sell-by date dead and gone boring unattractive at an end naff poorly dressed badly dressed dying out disappearing becoming obsolete ageing sometime remote primeval primordial decayed old as Methuselah quondam unoriginal late once aboriginal early venerable age-old old as the hills traditional erstwhile immemorial pristine time-worn onetime done of yore original cast-off hoary crumbling on the wane on the way out senescent undesirable on the decline aging past its prime growing old going out of use going out of fashion primaeval overfamiliar

Trái nghĩa của barren

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