Đồng nghĩa của daggy

Tính từ

Having an untidy or unkempt appearance
dowdy slovenly unkempt untidy sloppy scruffy frowzy shabby slobbish slobby bedraggled sloven slatternly frowsy blowsy blowzy frumpy frumpish dingy stodgy homely plain baggy mumsy dreary faded sad scrubby unseemly wrinkled ill-dressed badly dressed not smart run-down dishevelled disheveled messy ungroomed ruffled ragged dirty sleazy tousled matted poorly dressed uncombed ill-groomed shaggy rumpled mussed draggletailed inappropriately dressed ill-clad badly groomed worse for wear tangled draggle-tailed scraggly disarrayed windblown tangly mussed up raggedy disordered straggly disarranged drab wild unfashionable knotty grungy grubby tacky seedy mussy windswept tumbled raunchy schlumpy unneat down at heel ratty hanging loose in a mess knotted old-fashioned dated dull unstylish badly-dressed outdated poky unhip slapdash unbrushed snarled messed up out of date slipshod grody pigpen dishabille unpolished grotty raddled down-at-the-heel frayed frazzled ragtag coarse vulgar tatty coarse-looking down-at-heel in rags messed messed-up dilapidated threadbare tatterdemalion tattered moth-eaten neglected decrepit mean beat-up worn mangy miserable poor old tumbledown worn-out dog-eared down-at-the-heels dumpy bombed-out timeworn shoddy torn scraggy broken-down rundown battered worn out disorganized disorganised squalid slummy insalubrious tawdry crummy crude decaying ramshackle ripped run down second-rate ruinous in tatters well worn rickety falling to pieces poorly made the worse for wear gone to seed worn to shreds having seen better days tired badly worn full of holes unclean unwashed rent patched holey split straggling spreading in holes desultory unpressed contemptible unfinished down at the heel shredded disreputable loose random rambling drifting straying tasteless gaudy raggedy-ass warby kitsch cheap showy nasty garish spread out aimless sprawling irregular higgledy-piggledy disfigured decayed out at elbows deteriorated ruined bare deteriorating pitiful degenerated meager falling apart at the seams desolate poorly maintained poverty-stricken meagre derelict trashy flash Brummagem common loud disintegrating uncared-for unmaintained crumbling shambly depressed flashy naff manky scungy shacky rumpty in ruins gone to rack and ruin dodgy droopy in a bad way overgrown used up wilted beat up drooping sickly wilting ailing sagging flagging outmoded ostentatious cheap and nasty out-of-date unbecoming low in bad taste waxy unsuitable sordid sorry wretched dismal broken rugged scuzzy in shreds torn to pieces bad mediocre substandard base lousy ordinary paltry middling low-grade menial two-bit low-rent

Tính từ

Significantly or brazenly odd or bizarre in nature
outlandish strange odd bizarre weird peculiar unusual eccentric queer curious funny offbeat quirky unconventional extraordinary abnormal quaint wacky remarkable crazy freakish kooky singular screwy wild cranky erratic anomalous whacky atypical unorthodox irregular bizarro kinky unfamiliar rum oddball kookie funky idiosyncratic weirdo queerish fantastic freaky zany exceptional deviant outré whimsical exotic ridiculous unknown ludicrous preposterous droll grotesque astonishing outrageous wonderful extravagant barbarous awkward alien foreign way-out far-out out-of-the-way off-centre off-the-wall off-kilter spaced-out left-field off the wall out there far out unheard-of unheard of out of the way eye-popping in left field wacko uncommon aberrant rare unique uncustomary freak out of the ordinary puzzling unexpected mystifying perplexing unaccountable mysterious baffling incongruous different unaccustomed untypical unnatural uncanny outre nonconformist avant-garde exceeding extraordinaire especial phenomenal aberrated preternatural unwonted flakey flaky way out off-center out in left field novel unco innovative alternative Bohemian dilly capricious hippy nutty dotty boho bohemian fresh madcap quizzical eccentrical excentrical cockeyed unthinkable loner unimaginable prodigious cool unordinary original comical inexplicable avant garde surreal nonsensical fantastical foolish insane cockamamie unreal slang fanciful absurd breaking new ground off-beat off the rails bugged out divergent wandering deviating straying rogue digressive rambling aberrational devious defective transgressing deviate twisted perverted warped off-color nonstandard out of line off-base uncharacteristic psycho mental surprising incredible inconceivable eerie amazing dubious special spooky unbelievable unprecedented incomprehensible fishy far-fetched new suspicious unrepresentative perverse monstrous mad isolated unparalleled questionable creepy marvelous implausible individual laughable noteworthy unlikely marvellous obscure bewildering outstanding unpredictable radical sensational doubtful supernatural something else extreme conspicuous astounding striking distorted imaginative distinctive improbable heteroclite illogical irrational unfathomable non-typical scarce out of the common romantic infrequent inscrutable distinct wondrous daft characteristic unrealistic jarring silly miraculous farcical revolutionary esoteric confusing anomalistic unconvincing awesome befuddling creative arcane spectacular untried distinguished impenetrable heterodox memorable unconforming hare-brained bent incoherent out of this world notable malformed confounding off-key recondite nonconforming off the beaten track individualistic awe-inspiring unintelligible risible incomparable unexplainable nuts unearthly unexplored signal glamorous hard to swallow insoluble wayward derisory suspect particular paranormal crackpot glamourous mystical stupendous enigmatic unforeseen secret contrary equivocal disparate prominent eye-catching dreamlike unanticipated dumfounding ornate beat ghostly magical mystic significant unknowable groundbreaking make-believe labored laboured illusory occult stunning startling interesting chimerical unexampled momentous mind-boggling unhealthy one of a kind baroque weird and wonderful loony goofy newfangled corrupt exclusive sick fancy cuckoo inconsistent intriguing distinguishing pervy cracked dippy balmy chance dark inane shocking batty specialized sicko breathtaking idiotic cock-eyed gonzo fabulous progressive maverick informal misleading stupefying deep hidden deviative sporadic exaggerated elaborate dubitable non-standard fluky quixotic newsworthy old-fashioned shady specific concealed barmy unceremonious potty fascinating inappropriate flamboyant atypic eminent refreshing comic out-there unhinged demented unbalanced impressive disputable debatable rummy amusing unlike out of place humorous arbitrary experimental unsolvable flustering overwhelming pathetic derisive cockamamy staggering dumbfounding superhuman grandiose whacko imaginary magic untraditional beyond comprehension farfetched specialised seldom supernormal transcendental transcendent off the air other-worldly dramatic inexplainable abstruse derisible awful flimsy jolting unannounced heretical muddling visionary random unmatched unequalled unrivalled arresting metaphysical otherworldly wildering chimeric flighty few and far between unrivaled beyond understanding forced numinous beyond belief matchless unexcelled unequaled jaw-dropping thin on the ground brilliant variant cock-and-bull mythical record peerless beyond your ken pioneering remote in a league of its own without equal beyond compare ground-breaking sui generis without parallel first-time supermundane little known uninvestigated superior depraved very unique very unusual oddish gothic Gothic offhand exciting unsavoury sadistic degenerated degenerate masochistic skittish advanced immoral licentious custom customized signature personalized unrecognized mischievous playful alternate other intricate dissimilar vagarious changeable teratoid fitful wigged out schizoid schizo crinkly twisty unsavory typical kookish romanesque egregious few nondescript waggish unrecognised disconsonant irrelevant inapropos incongruent like nothing on earth Kafkaesque rococo deformed discordant private representative essential superb terrific glorious divine splendid not tightly wrapped marginal pretend imitation concocted ersatz made-up staged shaky dodgy disquieting doubtable misshapen ugly problematical problematic limited stupid unforgettable out of keeping occasional personal touched very different unharmonious psychic hideous unsightly seldom seen very unconventional asinine serious tremendous indecipherable indescribable undefinable insolvable disconcerting rad hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy modern modernistic mod inimitable colourful varying amazeballs overblown funny peculiar unworldly not typical burlesque unnormal heteromorphic misproportioned anarchistic out of the box flabbergasting blindsiding errant flash heavy gnarly forby crotchety customised personalised altered imported not prepared ready impracticable mercurial senseless bonkers untruthful untrue embellished fabricated dishonest false gelastic devastating portentous dissident heretic dissenting nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient mangled mutilated gnarled off beaten path never to be forgotten incredulous infantile imbecilic unreasonable crazy-ass pointless wackadoodle wackadoo loopy clownish inconsequential contrived uncertain dicey chancy witty diagnostic discriminating classic symptomatic identifying one and only diagnostical improper unsuitable illegal unnerving unsettling harebrained imprudent fatuous foolhardy unworkable puerile impossible hyperbolic ambitious unconceivable uncompelling artificial unbelieveable strained unapt expressive all your own beatnik sectarian schismatic anarchic unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive unlovely unpleasing vile ill-favored uncomely attractive foreign-looking crackers maniacal scatty crackbrained fruity haywire gaga meshuga brainsick screwball looney deranged crazed lunatic loco maniac wud unsound bedlam meshugge bughouse psychotic bats moonstruck daffy certifiable suppositious hallucinatory illusive overdone hokey nonplussing discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting eye-opening extramundane phantom non-rational hypernormal embroidered undependable untrustworthy iffy histrionic arguable unreliable irresponsible scarcely credible difficult to believe hard to take beyond the bounds of possibility not normal off the beaten path fugly huckery loony tunes looney tunes mind-blowing supranatural spectral external outside enticing extrinsic extraneous colorful alluring peregrine dreamy cock and bull tall blown up non compos mentis all-time bird-brained half-baked out of all reason short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason shattering eldritch out of sight acting crazy inspired artistic originative inventive poetic grody surrealistic gross antic ill-favoured fortuitous unforeseeable surprise fairy invisible celestial unrevealed mythological legendary superordinary ghostlike uncomprehensible eery spookish haunting complicated from abroad artful fertile genius keen ingenious ghastly horrific dreadful ominous fearful cryptic innovational Promethean head in the clouds out of touch with reality vivid phantasmal blue-sky phantasmic astute noticeable uncouth supernal enigmatical unexplained ambiguous murky unsolved obvious marked evident veiled manifest salient sibylline stealthy unmistakable clear-cut visible strong elliptical subjective cagey difficult elliptic kenspeckle noisy drop-dead splashy pronounced bold showy clear bodacious grabby commanding catchy dazzling emphatic double-edged gee-whizz appreciable forcible observable perceptible telling charming powerful jazzy lofty dynamite compelling forceful cogent arrestive electrifying

Tính từ

Not having a sound state of mind
loony mad nuts batty crazed crazy demented barmy bonkers crackers cuckoo deranged nutty unbalanced screwy crackpot strange unhinged bananas barking cracked daffy daft eccentric insane kooky lunatic maniacal mental psycho wacko wacky balmy bats bedlam brainsick bughouse certifiable crackbrained cranky flaky fruity gaga haywire kookie loco maniac meshuga meshugge moonstruck out there psychotic scatty slang unsound whacko whacky wud gonzo loopy doolally looney tunes loony tunes ape barking mad berserk delirious flakey non compos mentis touched flipped out out to lunch as daft as a brush out of one's mind looney disturbed dotty mad as a hatter not all there unstable mentally ill around the bend sectionable psychopathic raving mad of unsound mind frenzied raving buggy nutty as a fruitcake nutsy off one's head off one's gourd round the twist round the bend nutso away with the fairies mad as a March hare squirrelly distraught not the full shilling dippy irrational porangi stark raving mad distracted off the wall manic sick in the head bushed hysterical not right in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head frantic foaming at the mouth stark staring mad up the pole not together stark mad potty schizoid off one's rocker wild disordered idiotic yarra schizophrenic off one's nut off one's trolley with a screw loose troubled neurotic bizarre silly crazy as a loon have kangaroos in the top paddock foolish paranoid unsettled have a screw loose odd have bats in the belfry peculiar confused queer mixed up preposterous senseless fatuous unglued off-the-wall off rabid stupid derailed raging fantastic erratic screwed up oddball a bit lacking weird psychopathological wrong berko daft as a brush sociopathic sick ridiculous absurd not of sound mind severely mentally ill a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic have kangaroos in one's top paddock have bats in one's belfry one card shy of a full deck offbeat nonsensical goofy quirky unusual surreal freakish rum remarkable outré funky weirdo freaky kinky unreasonable spaced-out off-kilter hare-brained irresponsible screwball unscrewed uncontrolled moonstricken demoniac dazed dreamy off the air having bats in the belfry in another world mentally deranged deprived of one's wits having a screw loose in a daze off the deep end manic-depressive having kangaroos in the top paddock over the edge flipped-out non compos psychoneurotic mindless impractical baked fried schitzy nobody home maddened schizzo freaked out psyched out unsafe aberrant invalid bemused not in one's right mind two sandwiches short of a picnic chaotic panic-stricken yampy out of your mind not in your right mind disorganized one sandwich short of a picnic out of one's tree as mad as a March hare out of one's gourd as mad as a hatter in the ozone topsy-turvy severely mentally disordered off one's chump faulty tangled shambolic zany wonky nonfunctional broken fuddled disarranged way-out madcap outlandish idiosyncratic out of control disorganised amok orderless amiss flipped defective schizo messy far-out funny amusing unpredictable clownish comic not functioning properly out of order bedlamite unorthodox Bohemian unconventional far out in pieces in a mess out of commission on the blink out of whack on the fritz up the spout off-centre queerish quaint out-of-the-way curious bizarro touched in the head out of one's head acting crazy way out outrageous ludicrous unreal fanciful fantastical whimsical impracticable inane mercurial monstrous unthinkable grotesque implausible wackadoodle astonishing abnormal unique pointless bewildering shocking incredible baffling illogical incongruous nonconformist wackadoo phenomenal infantile imbecilic laughable risible crazy-ass mystifying puzzling cock-eyed farcical unbelievable extraordinary unworkable inconceivable puerile harebrained quixotic imprudent derisory dreamlike foolhardy ill-conceived beyond all reason short-sighted cockeyed bird-brained half-baked out of all reason inappropriate

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