Đồng nghĩa của a bit lacking

Tính từ

Not having a sound state of mind
unbalanced demented deranged insane mad unhinged crazed psychotic unstable crazy daft disturbed nutty troubled batty cracked crackpot loony nuts bonkers cuckoo loopy mental neurotic non compos mentis screwy bananas barmy crackers dippy mentally ill dotty of unsound mind potty raving mad wacko mixed up sectionable balmy barking bats bedlam brainsick bughouse certifiable crackbrained cranky daffy fruity gaga haywire kookie kooky loco looney lunatic mad as a hatter maniac maniacal meshuga meshugge moonstruck not all there nutso nutsy psycho scatty screwed up slang squirrelly touched unsound wacky whacko whacky wud buggy mad as a March hare nutty as a fruitcake out to lunch barking mad eccentric erratic flaky flakey freaky irrational kinky looney tunes loony tunes round the bend round the twist unglued unscrewed with a screw loose away with the fairies daft as a brush nobody home not the full shilling distracted psychopathic raving distraught frenzied delirious around the bend off your head off one's gourd hysterical off the wall stark raving mad porangi manic bushed sick in the head out of one's mind frantic not right in the head as daft as a brush not right upstairs not quite right in the head up the pole disordered berserk foaming at the mouth stark staring mad stark mad schizoid not together wild off your rocker yarra gonzo idiotic silly have kangaroos in the top paddock stupid off your trolley schizophrenic have bats in the belfry unsettled bizarre foolish have a screw loose doolally sick crazy as a loon peculiar rabid paranoid queer out there off one's nut odd flipped out raging oddball off-the-wall zany strange confused senseless fatuous preposterous screwball sociopathic off derailed flipped agitated off the air not in your right mind weird one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic outlandish psychopathological unconventional schizo maladjusted wrong berko mentally deranged idiosyncratic upset distressed freaked out not of sound mind psychoneurotic dysfunctional witless severely mentally ill absurd nonsensical unwise simple ridiculous uncontrolled half-witted funny unusual offbeat goofy fantastic moonstricken ape curious demoniac dazed dreamy impractical messed up bedlamite remarkable aberrant unorthodox quirky fried rum way-out far-out freakish out of one's head off your chump bizarro funky queerish quaint weirdo touched in the head off the deep end outré in a daze spaced-out off-kilter out-of-the-way manic-depressive flipped-out soft in the head in another world out of one's gourd non compos in the ozone having bats in the belfry deprived of one's wits over the edge having a screw loose having kangaroos in the top paddock unnerved diseased daggy mindless undone phobic incoherent paranoiac paranoic unsafe invalid baked maddened schizzo violent furious schitzy uncontrollable gibbering ranting phrenetic rampant irresponsible unreasonable psyched out unrealistic panic-stricken yampy bemused unzipped dingy brainless asinine off the chain off the rails pixilated fanatic obsessed flighty harebrained severely mentally disordered chaotic mentally disturbed simpleminded bubbleheaded two sandwiches short of a picnic out of your mind lunkheaded cockeyed disorganized as mad as a hatter featherheaded demonic demoniacal imbecilic simple-minded moronic jerky madcap tomfool sappy out of one's tree inept not right fool topsy-turvy surreal dull-witted slow-witted dim-witted feeble-minded dull cretinous slow dunce-like as mad as a March hare nervous one sandwich short of a picnic empty-headed vacuous dopey thick vapid faulty tangled shambolic emotionally unstable emotionally unbalanced amusing unpredictable clownish comic dim bovine dozy dumb pig-ignorant birdbrained pea-brained illogical Bohemian far out nonfunctional disarranged wonky broken fuddled boneheaded chuckleheaded dunderheaded wooden-headed lamebrained fat-headed brain-dead muttonheaded off-centre excited high busy overexcited up twisted half-baked disorganised orderless amiss defective out of control amok messy weak-minded hare-brained not functioning properly out of order slow on the uptake thick as two short planks giddy not quite right out of commission out of whack on the fritz in pieces in a mess on the blink up the spout acting crazy way out mentally unbalanced turned out hopped up traumatized emotionally confused ill-adjusted extraordinary uncommon singular uncanny suspicious abnormal emotionally disturbed traumatised dubious atypical mysterious anomalous puzzling fishy eerie unnatural questionable untypical irregular different unfamiliar unexpected incongruous mystifying doubtful perplexing baffling unaccountable shady deviant freak overcome rare dubitable unco creepy disputable disquieting debatable shaky unaccustomed spooky doubtable unique equivocal dodgy uncustomary suspect problematical problematic surprising droll overwrought outre out of the way out of the ordinary left-field desperate emotional consumed fraught anxious rattled beside oneself frenetic bothered worked up carried away not knowing what to do with oneself shook up wound up in a frenzy at wits' end worked-up out of one's wit

Trái nghĩa của a bit lacking

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