Đồng nghĩa của paranoiac

Alternative for paranoiac

paranoiac /,pærə'nɔiək/
  • tính từ
    • (y học) (thuộc) chứng paranoia, (thuộc) chứng hoang tưởng bộ phận
    • danh từ
      • (y học) người bị paranoia, người mắc chứng hoang tưởng bộ phận

    Danh từ

    Somebody who has paranoia, a paranoid person

    Tính từ

    Having an unstable state of mind
    crazy insane mad sick psycho berserk demented deranged lunatic mental psychopathic idiotic maniacal nutty screwball unhinged bedlam brainsick bughouse certifiable crackbrained crackpot cranky crazed cuckoo daffy disordered haywire kooky looney meshugge paranoic paranoid psychotic scatty schizophrenic sociopathic stupid unsound wacky whacko wud irrational silly violent zany buggy bushed delirious distracted disturbed doolally erratic gaga gonzo loco loopy meshuga nutsy outlandish screwy sectionable squirrelly unstable unwise wacko unrealistic barmy batty cracked daft dingy dippy flaky flakey flipped fruity schizo touched unbalanced unglued unzipped potty flipped out freaked out moonstruck not all there not in your right mind not quite right in the head not right in the head not right upstairs not the full shilling off the chain out there raving mad one card shy of a full deck a few cards shy of a full deck a few sandwiches short of a picnic loony whacky kookie balmy foolish nuts absurd bonkers dotty crackers preposterous bats senseless nonsensical maniac asinine non compos mentis fatuous slang brainless ridiculous witless loony tunes looney tunes half-baked harebrained half-witted ludicrous wild cockeyed featherheaded jerky simpleminded lunkheaded inept bubbleheaded tomfool sappy weak-minded fool inane out to lunch unreasonable hare-brained bizarre eccentric raving frenzied laughable imbecilic around the bend off your head bananas illogical off the wall moronic mindless hysterical farcical risible mentally ill mad as a hatter out of one's mind barking manic distraught of unsound mind nutty as a fruitcake odd fantastic cockamamie off one's gourd frantic barking mad round the bend imprudent dumb round the twist unintelligent porangi away with the fairies mad as a March hare stark raving mad comical dopey cockamamy nutso foolhardy pointless strange injudicious impractical goofy reckless sick in the head up the pole as daft as a brush off your rocker doltish peculiar outrageous ill-advised rash irresponsible empty-headed simple derisory unreal foaming at the mouth implausible stark staring mad dim-witted ill-considered fanciful fantastical stark mad weird not together derisive thoughtless schizoid pathetic unthinkable queer off your trolley giddy dim rabid madcap cock-eyed oddball off the air unbelievable off-the-wall derisible birdbrained incautious unworkable indiscreet impracticable funny pea-brained confused incredible cretinous thickheaded dunderheaded gormless damfool neurotic ill-conceived chowderheaded unsettled dotish glaikit dull freaky imbecile wooden-headed yarra wrong puerile vacuous thick scatterbrained lamebrained comic boneheaded off one's nut unconventional way out have kangaroos in the top paddock slow-witted simple-minded flighty far-fetched feeble-minded feebleminded raging grotesque halfwitted troubled impossible divvy muttonheaded chuckleheaded amusing have a screw loose dof have bats in the belfry hilarious fat-headed weak with a screw loose crazy as a loon incongruous extravagant feather-brained droll unthinking meaningless dozy off diverting shocking derailed slow frivolous blockheaded clownish invalid ill-thought-out brain-dead kinky short-sighted nonrational unreasoning groundless unjustifiable mixed up heedless humorous untenable berko faulty impolitic mentally deranged chucklesome curious ape unusual ignorant obtuse incoherent careless unscientific psychopathological extraordinary inconsistent improbable childish monstrous braindead unfeasible dense ill-judged aberrant dazed astonishing pinheaded unscrewed quirky non-viable dappy useless futile gelastic softheaded fallacious off-centre unfounded out of one's head soft in the head too much gone off beam dead from the neck up out of one's gourd inconsequential specious severely mentally ill impulsive illegitimate uncontrollable beside oneself inconsequent chaotic dull-witted far-out freakish amok infantile surreal sophistic screwed up flawed uncontrolled defective rum dunce-like inappropriate incorrect out of control misguided vapid outré light-hearted maddened unreasoned a bit lacking immature moonstricken extreme addle-brained clueless witty bedlamite romantic inconceivable spaced-out unlikely demoniac brash hasty inadvisable contradictory changeable fried dreamy uproarious amazing furious humoristic facetious joshing camp campy capricious nonfunctional obsessed frenetic whimsical riotous unpractical slapstick disarranged unsafe exorbitant unimaginable retarded light-headed lightheaded sidesplitting comedic off the deep end entertaining visionary daft as a brush backward off your chump inconsiderate hotheaded antic bewildered unattainable vain not of sound mind killing screaming hysteric hopeless unviable naive nerdy unearthly theoretical dopy side-splitting rib-tickling touched in the head in a daze hallucinatory priceless slow on the uptake pixilated unrealizable manic-depressive flipped-out without foundation without basis in another world ivory-tower incompetent full of holes infeasible pie-faced not making sense out of one's tree good-humoured good-humored beyond the bounds of possibility in the ozone out of sight muddle-headed slaphappy over the edge out of the question out of one's skull dizzy thick-witted half-cracked birdy bathetic clock incomprehensible rattlebrained unsteady daggy psychoneurotic in a frenzy baked few X short of a Y psyched out bovine pig-ignorant disorganized excessive schitzy schizzo nerdish offbeat topsy-turvy off the rails dimwitted ranting phrenetic gibbering rampant burlesque unconsidered bugged out mentally incompetent nobody home bemused callow way-out tangled shambolic panic-stricken yampy obstinate donkeyish avant-garde green credulous idiosyncratic vacant bone-headed goofy loony harum-scarum out of your mind fanatic wonky broken fuddled sublime contemptible thick as two short planks not quite right idiotical improvident addle-pated waggish unpredictable null inexperienced insipid complacent unaware insensate mirthful Boeotian taking the cake orderless amiss disorganised messy idiotish unorthodox Bohemian far out foolheaded mystifying puzzling bewildering baffling severely mentally disordered as mad as a hatter dope jocose jocular hyper not right funky queerish quaint off-kilter weirdo out-of-the-way remarkable bizarro smoothbrained not functioning properly out of order extremely foolish stupidly irresponsible dilly worthy of scorn jolly demonic demoniacal not well thought out non compos as mad as a March hare ineffectual very stupid smooth-brained out of one's box excellent one sandwich short of a picnic mentally slow out of commission on the fritz in pieces up the spout daredevil deprived of one's wits having kangaroos in the top paddock having bats in the belfry having a screw loose spare consumed postal crook barro hot-headed ditzy feverish overhasty wrong-headed unseemly out of whack in a mess on the blink feather-headed acting crazy embarrassing in vain in left field O.T.T. OTT over the top a bit much ill starry-eyed quixotic up the wall through the roof on the rampage featherbrained fickle skittish daring adventurous as thick as two short planks wet behind the ears for grins to no avail agitated busy overexcited excited high up false idealistic frothy forgetful light-minded yeasty inconstant ditsy temerarious audacious overbold overconfident babbling possessed soft undiplomatic indelicate tactless inexpedient graceless spurious dubious doubtful unplanned utopian unworldly perfectionist delusory erroneous bird-brained risky badly planned fierce ferocious radge unjustified imaginary nitwitted very good unconvincing incredulous grandiose illusory heady unachievable unformed sophomoric undeveloped swivel-eyed lively ambitious unconceivable misleading uncompelling artificial nonrealistic reachy floating hopped up turned out off the top of your head sheepheaded unobtainable hallucinating restless deviant deviate hot fevered rambling wandering suppositious illusive different singular underdeveloped on cloud nine not applicable not sensible blue sky sophistical forlorn undoable insurmountable hollow casuistic poorly planned not thought through not fully developed make-believe ludicrous. laughable insuperable irresoluble insolvable unsolvable inconclusive unsubstantial cock-and-bull perverse irreconcilable paradoxical irresolvable unproved cheery cheerful happy hearty irrelevant unconnected unserviceable inoperable insoluble inaccessible impassable impervious inexecutable irrealizable baseless disoriented arbitrary nonpractical unusable not to be thought of not possible beyond one hardly possible no-go hundred-to-one contrary to reason not on no-way not a prayer not worth considering like herding cats beyond you disorientated self-contradictory beyond belief not following reasonless nonviable muddled counterintuitive disconnected disjointed chimerical speculative inapplicable otherworldly unbusinesslike abstract inefficacious addled befuddled won't fly no go at sea all at sea discombobulated senile absent-minded out-of-joint glassy-eyed not with it punchy not knowing if one is coming or going shook up fouled up pixillated spaced out mixed-up spacey zonked-out muddleheaded punch-drunk muzzy addlepated shell-shocked shot to pieces zonked with Alzheimer's disease spacy

    Tính từ

    Unreasonably or obsessively anxious, suspicious, or mistrustful

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