Đồng nghĩa của no go

Alternative for no go

no go /'nou'gou/
  • danh từ
    • tình trạng bế tắc; tình thế không lối thoát
      • it's no_go: (thông tục) thật là bế tắc, thật là vô kế khả thi

Tính từ

That is diametrically opposed to something
contradictory antithetical contrary opposite conflicting discrepant incompatible inconsistent irreconcilable opposed paradoxical contrasting antipodal antipodean clashing diametric diametrical different divergent incongruous opposing polar repugnant adverse against agin ambiguous antagonistic anti antithetic at variance con contradictive converse counter counteractive differing in opposition negating nullifying oppugnant ornery reverse self-contradictory at odds discordant dissimilar disagreeing disparate inconsonant inharmonious poles apart antipathetic mismatched unalike unlike mutually exclusive distinct diverse contrastive unrelated dissonant nonidentical unequal incongruent distinctive varying separate variant distant contrasted unharmonious antonymous non-identical out of sync unsimilar distinguishable deviating out of keeping at loggerheads unmixable incomparable in conflict inimical quarreling diametrically opposed not in keeping other in disagreement inverse obverse out of line out of step unsuitable disconsonant quarrelling unconnected dissenting heterogeneous independent alternate disproportionate alternative hostile ill-matched irregular offbeat like night and day not the same like chalk and cheese contrarious antonymic on the outs cross varied oppositional manifold unique incoherent unassociated discriminable sundry incompatible with opposed to contrary to conflicting with diverging contrarient uncongenial discrete disharmonious foreign particular inconformable anomalous streets apart jarring at variance with various otherwise warring another incommensurable differentiable differential at odds with distinguishing factious individual not alike complementary in contention arguing unsuited antipathic inappropriate polar opposite exclusive contrariant unfavorable unfavourable respective incommensurate polarized irreconcilable with inconsistent with contradictory to extreme counterbalancing antitypical express especial single altered ill suited uncoordinated frictional acrimonious dichotomous oppositive disjoint directly opposed to polarised divergent from differing from contrasting with different from different to nothing like untypical unnatural off-key atypical factional as like as chalk and cheese unmistakable contradistinctive contradistinct bipolar out of place mutually incompatible wayward perverse impossible refractory difficult inimitable unfriendly irresoluble reluctant hateful on a sour note miscellaneous assorted multifarious not similar inconstant unadapted competing reversed weird myriad divers mismated contrapositive violative not so not as such other than supposed far from far cry out of tune out of harmony at outs flip-side not capable of comparison march to a different drummer omnifarious indiscriminate mixed diversified whale of difference dissentient eclectic motley facing enemy restrictive repelling battling exposing protesting denying confronting controverting defensive disputed crossing allergic objecting combating defending obstructive gainsaying disputing rival alien at cross-purposes up against adverse to unacceptable to antagonistic to unusual for hostile to foreign to in conflict with oppugnant to repugnant to inimical to alien to inverted backward reciprocal uneven unequivalent averse adversarial against the grain prohibitive prohibitory confining remote removed irrelevant to incompatible to incongruent with unequal to incomparable to immaterial to unrelated to piebald patchwork wide-ranging raggle-taggle ragtag kitchen-sink magpie promiscuous variegated composite mongrel multiplex jumbled mosaic mingled odd legion amalgamate conglomerate confused unallied transposed rearward retrogressive retreating retroverted backwards back-to-front bottom-to-top changed turned right-to-left flipped reverted retrograde directed backwards turned over

Tính từ

Not producing any significant or desired effect
ineffective unproductive unsuccessful futile useless fruitless ineffectual unprofitable vain unavailing abortive inefficacious profitless bootless non-successful worthless failed feeble idle inadequate inefficient inept pointless purposeless barren empty lame otiose weak inutile unfructuous unfruitful anticlimactic defeasible emasculate forceless indecisive inferior innocuous inoperative limited neutralised neutralized nugatory null paltry slack-spined spineless unable unavailable void withered to no avail not effective no way to no effect valueless in vain impotent hopeless meaningless pathetic to no purpose hollow trivial spiritless unrewarding insignificant sterile trifling thwarted counterproductive senseless of no use poor wishy-washy powerless inconsequential aimless effete good-for-nothing unusable soft foiled impractical tame feckless nerveless unimportant wet vapid weak-kneed doomed invertebrate incompetent unsatisfactory lacklustre lackluster wimpish no-good wimpy Sisyphean cowardly lifeless flat without success frustrated insufficient unpurposed insipid insubstantial weakling chicken no dice puny characterless milk-and-water namby-pamby of no avail petty junky limp-wristed wasted waste miserable timid bungled timorous defeated baulked mediocre unremunerative bland for nought irresolute enervated expendable balked frail weakened no use impracticable yellow-bellied no-account unprolific chaffy half-hearted frivolous not worth the candle on a treadmill wasteful trashy uninspiring wretched unassertive unconvincing boneless cheap craven bogus nothing ignoble abandoned unessential apathetic gutless lily-livered faint-hearted thin misfired unworkable nonfunctional thankless wussy unfunctional disastrous listless sissified sissy hamstrung inexpedient flimsy botched uninspired scrap dysfunctional yellow dull unimpressive lazy exhausted implausible silly pale stillborn measly unimaginative blocked negligible stupid disadvantageous dry forlorn slight piddling needless flabby pants inane unreal delusive irrelevant unsuitable footling banal unreliable etiolated bloodless gainless no good unsubstantial wavering vacillating faltering anemic anaemic lost a dead loss without rhyme or reason abject drossy despicable contemptible base disorganized ne'er-do-well impuissant failing pallid bungling unanimated lustreless muted scant miscarried uneconomic vigourless stymied halfhearted save one's breath null and void unsalable ruined spoiled disorganised unserviceable hindered stonewalled obstructed nonproductive uncreative slow unyieldly motiveless nonpractical cramped frustaneous unlucrative insincere spoilt boring unuseful inoperable broken dead inactive flaccid shallow niggling picayune minute nominal piddly pimping piffling inconsiderable peanut time-wasting stale of no earthly use messed up no-win misleading unnotable shuck delusory for naught limp not useful uninteresting meek weak-willed fickle passive shiftless irresponsible absurd nonsensical off jejune arid tedious commonplace going nowhere dithering spinning one's wheels wild goose chase of no value unneeded resultless not a prayer in vicious circle fouled up dreary drab unstimulating prosaic monotonous humdrum flavourless watered-down flavorless sapless languid helpless impossible non-functioning indeterminate pusillanimous undetermined fallible groundless de minimis Mickey Mouse insane fatuous slothful indolent unlikely transparent vacuous vacant unfilled clear defective deficient chicken-hearted corruptible supine hemming and hawing waffling undependable yielding unsure no good to gundy foolish poxy wanky rubbishy nickel-and-dime purportless unnecessary redundant nongermane not pertinent superfluous half-baked fustian unenterprising reckless unambitious incautious lousy uncareful carefree careless wild baseless ill-fated bleak of no benefit casual easily led weedy not in use out of use silent turned off not working out of service rubbish rambling unfounded unhelpful hard to swallow faulty unpersuasive hard to believe unpleasing beyond remedy unachievable despaired of two a penny not much cop drippy lacking foundation a dime a dozen nerdy daft chicken-livered pigeon-hearted not worth a hill of beans fearful without grounds without foundation not serious poor-spirited candy-assed

Tính từ

Not sensible or workable
impractical impracticable unworkable unrealistic impossible unfeasible absurd ill-considered illogical inoperable non-viable unreasonable unserviceable wild cock-eyed far-fetched foolish ill-thought-out nonpractical silly unusable useless crackpot crazy half-baked nonviable abstract chimerical clueless hopeless improbable inapplicable incompetent inefficacious inept infeasible ivory-tower nonfunctional otherworldly speculative theoretical unattainable unbusinesslike unpractical unreal unrealizable unviable unwise won't fly irrealizable no-go not a prayer out of the question visionary unachievable unobtainable quixotic romantic idealistic inconceivable unnegotiable unthinkable unimaginable preposterous insurmountable starry-eyed inaccessible futile impervious impassable inexecutable no-way hardly possible hundred-to-one too much way out contrary to reason insolvable insuperable undoable unsolvable insoluble beyond uncorrectable irreparable unrecoverable cureless no-win implausible vain outlandish forlorn incredible ineffectual risible irresoluble outrageous irresolvable irrational paradoxical farcical laughable ridiculous unbelievable ludicrous beyond you not to be thought of not worth considering not on like herding cats beyond one not possible hare-brained beyond the bounds of possibility unreachable inconvenient unfulfillable unavailable ungettable unsuitable not at hand incompletable unwinnable utopian unfathomable impenetrable inscrutable inextricable difficult inexplicable unknowable unexcogitable unfinishable uncompleteable unaccomplishable unmanageable unexecuteable not feasible un-get-at-able out-of-reach not doable hard to find out of stock inapproachable awkward untouchable incomprehensible highly unlikely unacceptable imprudent unapproachable impossible to carry out beyond the realm of reason elusive not remotely possible beyond reach

Danh từ

The dismissing or refusing of a proposal, idea, etc
rejection refusal dismissal denial rebuff declining knock-back no spurning non-acceptance veto abandonment declination disallowance disowning exclusion nay nonacceptance turndown brushoff eschewal renunciation repudiation bounce casting off denunciation elimination negative nix pass refutation turning down bum's rush cold shoulder hard time no dice nothing doing no way the old heave-ho kick in teeth kick in the teeth thumbs down slap in the face objection negation snub disapproval non placet brush-off negative response contradiction repulse disclaimer slight disavowal prohibition dissent rebuttal disaffirmation abnegation cold-shouldering forswearing renouncement opposition repulsion disaffirmance defiance retraction silent treatment put down refutal adjuration cut disproof abjuration discouragement knockback dismissing renegement rejecting repudiating nonconsent regrets declension refusing controversion refraining gainsaying red light protestation smack in the eye smack in the face disregard abstaining noncommittal kiss-off withholding disfavor discountenancing go-by ban proscription noncompliance disfavour interdiction writ reversal forbidding enjoinment insult disconfirmation denegation counterstatement contravention confutation retractation rebuke the elbow dispute conflict statement abnegation lack of acceptance forsaking elbow dissension statement pooh-poohing snubbing against choice iciness aloofness coldness unacceptance dissatisfaction ostracism resistance contradictoriness disappointment reverse failure withdrawal humiliation spurn recusancy contrariness affront disclaiming begrudging deprivation abstention traversal indifference neglect inattention relinquishment disacknowledgement giving up casting aside refusal to acknowledge negativity demurral counteraction declinature defeat check reprimand

Danh từ

Something that is forbidden, prohibited, discouraged or taboo

Danh từ

A total failure
flop debacle disaster failure loser catastrophe dud lemon washout clinker also-ran bellyflop bomb bummer bust clunker dog fiasco fizzle flopperoo frost miss no-hoper shipwreck turkey fail no-go non-starter damp squib lead balloon miscarriage nonstarter dead duck dead loss botch collapse defeat mess blunder abortion wreck breakdown failing hash nonsuccess downfall let-down misadventure disappointment bungle crash foul-up snafu screw-up frustration misstep balls-up rout bankruptcy loss ruin decline false step letdown faux pas nonperformance implosion calamity sinking ship foundering overthrow undoing deterioration nonachievement rupture stoppage flash in the pan mishap fall stalemate checkmate non-achiever total loss setback lack of success tragedy shambles misfortune underachiever ruination anticlimax nobody folding decay inadequacy deficiency deficit incompetent write-off born loser car crash breaking down error has-been disintegration blow termination cropper unsuccessfulness degradation non-fulfilment fizzling out coming to nothing no one liquidation vain attempt deadbeat mistake omission insolvency trainwreck bodge bringdown cockup oversight castaway neglect default delinquency misfiring whammy reject pig's ear comedown misfire unsuccess end malfunction downer farce devastation flameout reverse discomfiture pig's breakfast halt cessation slump disruption interruption saddo train wreck disorganization seizure non-success disorganisation shutdown falling through non-function nonevent blank fumble bungling negligence misprision dereliction jalopy junk fizzer screwup old banger muck omnishambles muddle piece of junk embarrassment rabble unsuccessful person unsuccessful challenger unsuccessful candidate defeated player drag route nonfeasance choker non-event trouncing slip stumble capitulation shit show rejection underdog nonentity vanquishing fault impecuniousness pennilessness penury beggary miscue dumb thing to do administration indebtedness pauperdom receivership down-and-outer flunkee underprivileged disadvantaged losel shellacking crack-up beating vanquishment havoc licking dissolution smash reversal smashup defeasance drubbing disillusionment fall from grace want defect two-time loser financial ruin good-for-nothing box-office bomb sore loser blue ruin dissatisfaction dismay disgruntlement derelict bum defaulter loafer nonperformer beat discouragement balk chagrin descent down black sheep no-good might-have-been ne'er-do-well moocher outcast demise pariah baulk castoff leper offscouring undesirable humbling belittlement demotion humiliation mortification downgrading trouble dropout alien exile bitter pill closure loss of face lowering reality check disgrace comeuppance loss of status pratfall dive reduction social outcast sinking closing shutting down close-down going under winding up

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