Đồng nghĩa của unprofitable

Alternative for unprofitable

Đồng nghĩa: fruitless, profitable,

Tính từ

Unable or insufficient to produce any effect or result
unproductive fruitless futile profitless useless vain bootless unavailing abortive barren empty ineffective ineffectual inefficacious otiose pointless uneconomic unrewarding unsuccessful unfruitful unremunerative worthless dry frustaneous gainless hopeless idle inutile sterile unlucrative nugatory in vain valueless to no avail failed purposeless to no effect to no purpose trivial hollow insignificant senseless meaningless trifling inefficient non-successful paltry inadequate unimportant impotent inconsequential aimless thwarted unfructuous wasted of no use impracticable null good-for-nothing inferior counterproductive impractical needless lame foiled no dice Sisyphean doomed purportless vapid feckless frustrated without success petty frivolous junky unusable without rhyme or reason miserable no-good thankless inept nothing irrelevant feeble footling unprolific inane powerless no use inoperative unable indecisive baulked of no avail unsatisfactory void for nought insubstantial motiveless negligible balked chaffy lossmaking unpurposed not viable not worth the candle on a treadmill cheap poor trashy wretched bogus mediocre abandoned unessential waste ignoble weak forlorn nonsensical exhausted forceless withered defeasible neutralised spineless innocuous neutralized limited anticlimactic unreasonable vacuous blocked misfired unnecessary running at a loss no-account unavailable insufficient slight unreal measly mindless piddling lost delusive unsubstantial vacant bungled defeated pathetic banal pants wanky a dead loss despicable contemptible base abject drossy ne'er-do-well failing hamstrung inexpedient bungling unreturned scant unimpressive botched incompetent invertebrate miscarried uncreative slow unyieldly nonproductive lazy wasteful stymied not worth it absurd disastrous save one's breath throwaway hindered stonewalled obstructed unsalable for naught nominal niggling piddly picayune pimping piffling inconsiderable chicken peanut minute dull null and void dead cramped not fruitful insipid insane fatuous boring unworkable spinning one's wheels wild goose chase helpless impossible stale uninspiring time-wasting of no earthly use redundant nongermane superfluous resultless unneeded unsuitable of no value no-win puny misleading unnotable shuck delusory uninteresting unserviceable nonfunctional tedious arid flat commonplace de minimis Mickey Mouse ill-fated bleak stillborn nonpractical unfunctional going nowhere fouled up in vicious circle not a prayer no good to gundy deficient defective dysfunctional expendable broken scrap unuseful inoperable lacklustre dreary monotonous drab unstimulating prosaic lifeless humdrum goalless silly poxy rubbishy nickel-and-dime unachievable not pertinent of no benefit unfilled clear designless thoughtless witless illogical irrational wanton indiscriminate not useful rubbish not worth a hill of beans a dime a dozen two a penny not much cop despaired of beyond remedy lackluster desultory brainless random unhelpful undirected ridiculous floundering haphazard drifting wishy-washy uncalled for uncalled-for hit-or-miss emasculate slack-spined not effective no go no way unmeaning unsound superficial giddy goofy scatterbrained dizzy of no account light ditsy shallow minor small tiny minuscule pitiful derisory mingy exiguous of no consequence not worth mentioning not worth bothering about pyrrhic specious perfunctory minimal unasked mild rattlebrained kooky dippy eccentric dopey airheaded dipsy daffy airbrained infinitesimal inappreciable imperceptible Pyrrhic symbolic meagre of no importance meager token lightweight lightheaded puerile light-headed harebrained featherbrained birdbrained yeasty light-minded ditzy flighty frilly lacking substance lighthearted frothy of no merit incidental fiddling pettifogging dinky little foolish marginal loitering jejune idling of little consequence of little account small-fry of little importance small-bore no big deal no big thing

Tính từ

Failed, not successful
unsuccessful losing unfortunate unlucky ill-starred luckless beaten defeated failed foiled frustrated loss-making unprosperous baulked balked fated hapless ill-fated ill-omened out of luck unhappy jinxed calamitous star-crossed wretched disastrous doomed miserable cursed hopeless unpropitious stricken poor untoward unfavourable unfavorable afflicted snakebitten snakebit ruinous adverse hard luck disadvantaged desperate broken forsaken destitute ruined pained shattered troubled awkward burdened in a bad way cataclysmic forlorn catastrophic dire pitiful fateful black cursed with ill-luck deplorable unbecoming inept inopportune unsuitable regrettable inappropriate infelicitous lamentable damaging desolate pathetic pitiable woeful abject worthless sad sack ill-chosen devastating tragic blighted terrible accident-prone harmful untimely baleful dreadful destructive fatal detrimental cataclysmal ravaging tough luck bad break awful shocking injurious grievous appalling down on luck behind eight ball bad annihilatory horrible dark devastative damning inauspicious abortive ill-boding sinister ominous direful menacing threatening portentous foreboding baneful unpromising ill minatory doomy evil gloomy disadvantageous apocalyptic forbidding bodeful minacious misfortunate dangerous hostile grim sinistrous lowering hard bleak ugly impending malign alarming malefic heartrending heartbreaking nasty distressing disturbing discouraging inimical tough unhealthy unwholesome frightful hurtful deleterious fearful disheartening wintry pernicious intimidating warning unpleasant comminatory frightening minatorial malignant bullying unfriendly inhospitable perilous scary intimidatory terrorizing poisonous mischievous portending near aggressive close impendent upcoming lowery loury overhanging scowling forthcoming worrying wintery doomful down on one's luck terrorising at hand condemned destroyed foredoomed bedevilled rueful piteous sorry bedeviled unadvantageous unwelcome unchancy mortal grave tragical distressful sorrowful painful cautionary admonitory ill-timed disquieting deadly catastrophal imminent unsafe looming fire-and-brimstone lethal apocalyptical disagreeable unsuited disaster-prone shattering crippling inconvenient creepy eerie premonitory too bad inapt unseasonable evil-looking spooky eldritch ghastly clumsy ill-suited hellfire clouded precursive prescient augural malificent dismal presaging suggestive haunting prophetic malevolent suggestive of evil dishonest perverse obnoxious blackhearted noxious horrendous dread spine-chilling redoubtable formidable fearsome hair-raising horrifying terrifying klutzy all thumbs two left feet bungling nocuous brooding glowering godawful horrid foul vile heavy thunderous woebegone hexed voodooed loser maleficent cancerous prejudicial wicked jonah pessimistic terrific iniquitous reprobate nocent cantankerous poor fish behind the eightball

Tính từ

Involving or creating unfavourable circumstances that reduce the chances of success or effectiveness
disadvantageous adverse prejudicial damaging harmful deleterious detrimental hurtful unfavourable ill-timed inexpedient injurious inopportune inauspicious inconvenient unfortunate unpropitious bad counter destructive hostile inimical negative unfavorable unfriendly unlucky unsympathetic untoward contrary debit-side depreciative depreciatory derogatory detracting disparaging downside dyslogistic objectionable pejorative slighting troublesome uncomplimentary unhelpful untimely on the debit side inappropriate unsuitable awkward improper bothersome ill-chosen malapropos incommodious unseasonable incongruous ill-fitted discommoding unfitting unbecoming mistimed undue difficult discommodious wrong unseemly unfit misplaced unbefitting dangerous ruinous calamitous pernicious baneful baleful ill disastrous noxious undesirable nocuous deadly ominous dire evil infelicitous threatening maleficent unpromising nocent unhealthy fatal malefic prejudicious wicked lethal crippling malignant unwholesome cancerous cataclysmic catastrophic devastating mischievous counterproductive menacing sinister ill-fated toxic gloomy poisonous regrettable corrupting wounding venomous opposed undermining bleak inapt unhappy ill-omened disturbing virulent pestiferous malign malicious distressing annihilative eradicative hazardous unsuited doomed foreboding ill-advised jinxed inadvisable perilous cursed environmentally unfriendly wretched subversive corroding corrosive discouraging extirpative suicidal hard incendiary harsh black ill-starred inhospitable disheartening terrible antagonistic tough hopeless parlous critical cataclysmal disagreeable painful poor dreadful dicey direful damning fierce fateful ill-suited pestilential unsafe mortal noisome abusive inconducive unconducive unwelcome portentous ill-judged lamentable unadvantageous forbidding annoying tiresome unpleasant grim premature deplorable unhandy problematic disruptive frightful miserable vexatious unmanageable unwieldy luckless risky early cumbersome very bad unwelcoming hapless malevolent violent bodeful annihilatory ravaging devastative brutal savage badly timed lethiferous internecine wreckful wrackful slaughterous sinistrous afflicted ill-boding insidious ruining destroying death-dealing corruptive uncongenial alien remote embarrassing unkind minatory doomy unsatisfactory tardy late low unchancy impending pestilent inept hasty foul vile mortifying antipathetic bringing bad luck annihilating desolating challenging precocious misjudged intrusive miasmatic offensive miasmic nefarious spiteful iniquitous reprobate cantankerous precarious uninviting prohibitive imperilling imperiling afflictive nullifying invalidating annulling counteractive neutralizing killing ill-disposed obstructive erosive cutthroat consumptive trying testing murderous inimicable inimic not conducive disaffected repugnant at odds oppugnant creepy doubtful fell blighted worrying nasty forsaken destitute unprosperous insalubrious harassing sinful troubled impeding hindering snakebitten misfortunate snakebit dubious off-putting unhopeful rough anti out of luck in a bad way horrible horrendous severe austere horrifying hard luck star-crossed neutralising dour dismal uncomfortable fearsome daunting ghastly intimidating rugged frightening stark terrifying disquieting jarring ferocious tragic grievous dark depressing unwise tragical woeful heartrending heartbreaking distressful injudicious imprudent awful catastrophal impolitic unadvisable hair-raising shattering incommoding indiscreet ill-considered vexing aggravating irritating silly incautious thoughtless irresponsible foolish undiplomatic wrong-headed impractical foolhardy misguided careless worrisome short-sighted tactless futile

Tính từ

(of a material, substance, or by-product) Rejected as being useless, unwanted, or worthless
waste unused unwanted useless excess superfluous worthless extra scrap unusable leftover supernumerary unproductive discarded remaining spare surplus left over excessive uneaten unconsumed residual left additional surviving untouched in reserve redundant unneeded needless expendable supererogatory unnecessary uncalled-for undue dispensable residuary in excess disposable superabundant not required unrequired to spare pleonastic profuse overflowing superfluent unessential extreme nonessential unasked extraneous extravagant abounding lavish overmuch inordinate exorbitant on your hands surplus to requirements de trop inessential gratuitous unimportant irrelevant optional pointless uncalled for futile peripheral too much non-essential beside the point avoidable supplementary unwarranted incidental purposeless causeless extrinsic wanton insignificant over inconsequential casual replaceable reserve trivial undesirable more added further fresh supplemental accidental uncritical noncompulsory too many fortuitous haphazard going begging chance prodigal random odd available immaterial inapposite meaningless senseless impertinent cosmetic inapplicable minor fruitless unrelated irrelative still available aimless valueless outstanding hollow vestigial to no purpose not needed other collateral add-on not pertinent increased farther wide of the mark complementary off the subject bonus new without rhyme or reason not to the purpose left behind undesired supererogative groundless skippable removable free unmerited wasteful disproportionate in hand over the top net not essential consumable usable sacrificable inconsiderable nett remanent special top-up ancillary supporting auxiliary accompanying deadwood petty luxury vestigal balance continuing to play with beside the question wide of the point of no consequence not important nihil ad rem not at issue not significant left-over excess baggage able to be sacrificed unavailing inane nonsensical absurd hopeless ineffectual unfinished lingering over and above disliked unloved rejected goalless wasted in vain idle friendless forsaken shunned insane fatuous empty footling rest of in addition inappropriate uncherished objectless unconnected another contributory one more new-found alternative on the side purportless impotent nongermane ineffective unpopular outcast uncared-for drifting frivolous wandering inadmissible adventitious tangential inapt not germane adrift intrusive annoying neither here nor there not to the point nothing to do with it out of place uncared for more than enough

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