Đồng nghĩa của doomy

Tính từ

Bodeful of bad or unfortunate consequences
ominous threatening menacing sinister inauspicious baleful foreboding portentous dire direful minatory ill troubling worrying ill-boding forbidding unpropitious unfavourable unfavorable bodeful gloomy unlucky minacious black unpromising apocalyptic dark grim dangerous fateful evil baneful lowering ill-omened warning alarming ill-fated impending intimidatory ugly unfortunate hostile sinistrous glowering brooding adverse overhanging loury bad wintry premonitory dismal frightening malign disturbing intimidating augural suggestive haunting doomed prophetic malefic doomful infelicitous pessimistic wintery thunderous minatorial comminatory bullying heavy terrorizing looming lowery portending near aggressive close scowling forthcoming impendent upcoming terrorising scary nasty at hand dreadful glum unhealthy cautionary admonitory unwholesome morose terrifying mean-looking fearsome imminent unsafe untoward discouraging moody troubled louring doom and gloom approaching unhappy momentous significant foreshadowing disquieting disheartening untimely bleak inopportune disadvantageous ill-starred predictive prognosticatory important crucial unchancy eerie creepy phenomenal inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated destined thrilling exhilarating extraordinary evil-looking malignant spooky eldritch malevolent injurious disastrous obnoxious suggestive of evil woeful harmful hurtful dishonest pernicious perverse deleterious poisonous blackhearted mischievous presaging clouded precursive unfriendly prescient perilous malificent inhospitable fearful terrible fierce horrible horrifying frightful ghastly daunting malicious horrendous hair-raising shocking venomous formidable spine-chilling ferocious unpleasant redoubtable severe bitter chilling rough vicious unnerving savage dour dread wicked maleficent virulent vindictive destructive awful petrifying wild appalling deadly rugged angry monstrous harsh spiteful detrimental damaging distressing cruel cloudy stern hard furious acrimonious raging noxious hazardous dismaying overcast austere brutal grave harrowing bloodcurdling prejudicial ruinous hairy startling serious nocuous violent calamitous dirty stark sombre scaring somber tough inimical turbulent painful hate-filled rancorous mean stormy evil-intentioned steely flinty negative uninviting gruff leaden horrid ungentle disagreeable catastrophic hazy overclouded tumultuous devastating undesirable crippling unapproachable toxic subversive cataclysmic beclouded hazed critical wounding lethal antagonistic parlous vitriolic grey upsetting promising rain incendiary tempestuous undermining gray murderous feral macabre nightmarish sunless blustery foul uncontrollable gruesome squally unsettling howling windy abhorrent sulky inclement unsmiling fell fatal catty thundery intense sour frowning stony choppy prejudicious repulsive offensive odious hideous aloof stiff off-putting cold enraged boisterous roaring hateful murky stormful cancerous counterproductive dicey nocent nerve-racking blustering corrosive corrupting life-threatening corroding darkened precarious storming annihilative eradicative extirpative suicidal horrific frigid clouded over blood-curdling barbaric resentful dull untamed cross awesome barbarous brutish waspish eery fiendish sullen powerful imposing unwelcoming risky viperous ghostly indignant aggrieved awe-inspiring hellacious crabby caustic ghoulish sober bloodthirsty disapproving tigerish fiery difficult volatile depressing gusty bestial restless surly grievous truculent perturbing unkind despiteful acute harassing ornery cussed disconcerting inexpedient bad-tempered grumpy cheerless torrid taxing ill-tempered cantankerous icy frosty frenzied intensive splenetic rainy spine-tingling repellent strait-laced smoggy mucky befogged sobering vaporous nubilous brumous grim-faced causing fear extreme dense dusky corruptive unhospitable ferine uncomfortable traumatic backbiting jarring overpowering overwhelming pressuring browbeating slanderous defamatory spookish grotesque uncanny weird freaky temperamental aggravated darkening grisly bone-chilling pulse-pounding wolfish predatory unearthly tragic shivery shuddery full of hate of evil intent strong strange disgusting all-powerful scathy lousy insidious imperilling imperiling afflictive poor impressive tremendous gross shuddersome blowy treacherous wretched unsuited cyclonic forceful sickening earnest grewsome raw inconvenient striking afraid massive blistering bumpy distant inapt unsuitable inappropriate unseasonable morbid storm-wracked vehement raining cats and dogs riproaring damp unsettled coming down explosive typhonic swirling almighty considerable strict crabbed churlish overbearing unfeeling grudging ill-suited chaotic volcanic exquisite solemn weighty arduous big strenuous toilsome peracute exacting punishing consequential excessive major grinding acid tart sharp acerbic bullyboy strong-arm tense resolute dreary biting razor-edged barbed astringent cutting annoyed vexed displeased irate irked piqued exasperated irritated tight-lipped crusty grouchy heavy-duty galled testy tetchy provoked irascible dodgy vile dim misty foggy belligerent outraged vituperative viperish toxicant trying stressful nail-biting worrisome fraught anxious lethiferous pestiferous wrackful noisome insalubrious pestilential internecine wreckful sinful slaughterous desperate depraved uncivilised boot-faced nefarious villainous rowdy serpentine uncivilized abandoned claggy narky nebulous oppressive environmentally unfriendly dripping venom ratty full of spleen full of gall accidentally on purpose eggy stroppy shirty not fair not clear distressful agitating nervous uneasy boiling storm-tossed unruly ruthless rabid brute merciless unmerciful unrestrained disturbed annoying maddening panicky exasperating gut-wrenching aggravating irritating irksome anxious-making impetuous callous heartless convulsive delirious pitiless incessive inhumane cutthroat remorseless raving sadistic beastly inhuman undomesticated rough-and-tumble hellish frantic infuriated crazed mad butcherly rapacious animalistic primitive biffo aggers

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