Đồng nghĩa của fateful

Alternative for fateful

Tính từ

Having far-reaching and often disastrous consequences or implications
crucial important critical decisive momentous significant portentous all-important apocalyptic determining historic key pivotal consequential earth-shattering epoch-making far-reaching weighty earth-shaking world-shaking world-shattering acute conclusive determinative direful doomful eventful ill-fated inauspicious of great importance ominous resultful unlucky of great consequence unpropitious doomed ill-omened unfortunate baleful dire menacing sinister ill-starred threatening foreboding unpromising hapless doomy minatory ill ill-boding unfavourable black unfavorable unhappy gloomy bodeful impending baneful star-crossed forbidding luckless serious warning blighted grave vital minacious jinxed dangerous ugly untoward grim snakebitten snakebit final hard luck lowering disastrous destined premonitory dark alarming urgent deciding augural suggestive haunting prophetic major wintry infelicitous fatal pressing paramount sinistrous imperative comminatory evil hostile bullying heavy untimely intimidatory terrorizing wintery portending near catastrophic aggressive close impendent upcoming lowery loury overhanging scowling forthcoming terrorising life-and-death at hand foreordained inevitable predestined foredoomed profound bedevilled brooding glowering bad necessary thunderous discouraging pessimistic bedeviled drastic nasty egregious disheartening inopportune adverse disadvantageous bleak unchancy clouded precursive unfriendly prescient malificent dismal inhospitable presaging malign worrying malefic perilous fearful miserable wretched unsuccessful essential meaningful indispensable minatorial now or never of vital importance high-priority extremely important life-saving life-or-death life or death of great moment vitally important cautionary intimidating admonitory poor out of luck accident-prone pitiful tough luck afflicted down on luck calamitous behind eight ball bad break cataclysmic imminent unsafe looming condemned cursed ruined destroyed misfortunate influential absolute definite forceful definitive prime authoritative imperious trenchant principal chief decided settling incisive certain crisp settled peremptory foreshadowing litmus test predictive prognosticatory inspiring exciting intriguing remarkable fated exhilarating phenomenal thrilling extraordinary

Tính từ

Leading to misfortune or ruin
disastrous destructive fatal ruinous calamitous cataclysmic deadly cataclysmal catastrophic damning devastating tragic unfortunate awful harmful lethal ominous terrible mortal dire dreadful grievous unlucky direful detrimental annihilatory devastative injurious baneful lamentable woeful unpropitious crippling adverse appalling damaging miserable shattering black ill-fated apocalyptic shocking untoward pernicious catastrophal unfavourable baleful crushing wretched deplorable regrettable bad frightful heartbreaking ill-starred unfavorable hapless noxious horrible inauspicious distressing hurtful ravaging disadvantageous deleterious costly horrendous annihilative wrackful suicidal heartrending distressful gloomy grave untimely inopportune fire-and-brimstone portentous apocalyptical unadvantageous unwelcome climactic climacteric tough hostile tragical unpromising inimical hellfire murderous withering blighting earth-shattering afflictive messy infelicitous hard incriminating immoderate impoverishing draining extravagant exhausting wasteful depleting damnatory condemnatory predictive revealing oracular prophetic unsuccessful dark derogatory implicating condemning abortive ill-boding sinister doomed luckless ghastly fearful implicatory conclusive implicative dooming strong accusatorial pathetic dread frightening spine-chilling alarming redoubtable scary formidable forbidding fearsome hair-raising horrifying terrifying intimidating anguished mournful sorrowful abject sad moving dismal agonizing doleful painful unhappy galling pitiable stirring vexatious melancholy piteous despondent disturbing pitiful dejected gruesome godawful horrid harrowing forlorn grim desolate agonising deathly heart-rending terrific violent wounding brutal fierce dangerous savage maleficent lethiferous erosive pestilential internecine pestiferous cancerous venomous eradicative extirpative cutthroat consumptive wreckful toxic evil slaughterous noisome fell environmentally unfriendly death-dealing upsetting sorry traumatic cheerless poignant gut-wrenching depressing affecting poor unpleasant joyless saddening hopeless rueful sombre shameful somber morose plaintive bleak disquieting disconsolate glum comfortless solemn disappointing dreary rotten melancholic tear-jerking excruciating disheartening monstrous bitter atrocious horrific depressed execrable severe funereal discouraging drear blue dolorous depressive sullen touching grief-stricken egregious hideous worrying downcast afflicting troublesome lugubrious dispiriting woebegone disgraceful downhearted nasty troubling vile despairing disagreeable lousy inconsolable broken-hearted distressed low displeasing mean difficult drab intolerable abominable cruel grisly grieving abhorrent heartbroken tormenting uncomfortable mortifying detestable down crestfallen dispirited abysmal offensive brokenhearted lonesome heinous harsh cast down down in the dumps nightmarish stressful heart-wrenching unsettling heavy unspeakable discomposing undesirable discomforting meagre meager afflicted mirthless disconcerting godforsaken unbearable wicked lachrymose heavy-hearted uninviting loathsome torturous irksome hurting foul diabolical odious repugnant contemptible heartsick saddened unnerving bereft to be pitied crummy elegiac droopy heavyhearted hangdog heartsore scurvy icky heart-breaking lonely inferior macabre sepulchral low-spirited sickening distasteful unpalatable helpless annoying sour beastly elegiacal uncongenial unpleasing down in the mouth inexcusable haunting ignominious desperate outrageous reprehensible dejecting objectionable squalid iniquitous oppressive sober unacceptable sorrowing plangent sordid concerning god-awful base unkind disgusting trying taxing revolting cold serious despicable commiserable worthless ridiculous gross regretful lurid nerve-racking vexing dismaying derisible humourless humorless unsavory indigent scungy impoverished pessimistic hellacious grody devastated yukky yucky upset perturbing daunting morbid parlous oppressed shoddy unlovely dreich saturnine destitute repellent irritating tearful sunless plutonian tenebrous tenebrific in pain unsatisfactory unsavoury derisory repellant ugly Cimmerian long-faced shabby off-putting cut up austere desolating feel-bad ill-advised convulsionary glaring tender demoralizing melting demoralising blameworthy wrong agonized tortured racked agonised feeble paltry dolesome nefarious flagrant beseeching ruined entreating supplicating imploring worrisome useless petty puny flagitious mourning too bad repulsive agitating dingy pensive weighty villainous stinking nauseating sedate hairy obnoxious troublous unendurable fraught mediocre spiritless compassionate commiserative arousing suffering small uncool grotty unappealing awkward nauseous choked a pity dirty chill murky darkening gray crushed lorn grey cloudy mephitical hellish irritable bewildering testing troubled perplexing revulsive frustrating unamusing foreboding aggravating gutted companionless inept lost bummed powerless in the pits down-and-out chap-fallen downtrodden nail-biting extremely bad nerve-wracking in low spirits in a blue funk acheronian unwelcoming forgotten homeless forsaken abandoned sobering perilous threatening menacing extreme precarious rubbish absurd ludicrous third-rate sucky inadequate foolish-looking silly laughable second-rate friendless uncared-for exacting destroyed out of sorts dragging cynical down and out weighed down solitary defenseless fed up defenceless fruitless in the dumps alone nagging unforgiving trashy filthy confronting demoralized defeatist life-threatening unforgivable pained bearish downbeat disheartened resigned weary negative scandalous senseless inglorious preposterous poverty-stricken ruthless unmitigable demoralised sunk unpardonable unconscionable foolish indefensible sinful onerous unrelenting burdensome relentless stiff rough chilling hardhanded merciless inhuman rugged searing ferocious sore remorseless great insupportable ignoble immoral discreditable disreputable in despair up the creek long-suffering without hope intemperate provoking intense rigorous inclement unjustifiable dishonourable dishonorable insufferable cruddy criminal opprobrious hard-hearted grewsome nightmare threnodic dirge-like from hell shuddersome creepy spooky frozen gnarly dolent very bad in sorrow in mourning like death warmed up full of sorrow God-awful beyond contempt terminal final killing incurable malignant killer untreatable pestilent mortiferous vital poisonous virulent malefic critical causing death death dealing

Tính từ

Of or pertaining to high levels of activity
eventful historic active consequential momentous busy full lively remarkable exciting notable noteworthy memorable dramatic important significant event-filled strenuous action-packed big critical crucial decisive earthshaking earth-shattering hectic major material meaningful monumental much outstanding substantial tectonic weighty signal serious considerable vital grave far-reaching heavy pivotal portentous sizable fundamental urgent landmark headline great appreciable exceptional all-important earnest hefty principal of moment life-and-death heavy-duty of significance of consequence high-priority apocalyptic epochal earth-shaking epoch-making world-shattering world-shaking life-changing of importance large large-scale extraordinary forceful sensational potent striking conclusive climacteric glaring newsworthy mighty strong unforgettable pressing distinctive glorious front-page noticeable high-level preponderant extensive severe obvious capital rare conspicuous unusual extreme intense marked keynote resonant pronounced particular cardinal especial impactful worthy of attention carrying a lot of weight unordinary deep emphatic quantum uncommon generous imposing impressive special burning milestone ponderable tough difficult paramount leading prime prominent influential key powerful solemn super major league strategic of great import no joke eminent sober valuable no laughing matter sombre big-time main mammoth heavyweight super colossal somber big league hard acute central determining essential profound dire of great consequence core intrinsic focal integral primary telling worthwhile exigent overriding deciding grand imperative life and death dangerous grievous meaty famous celebrated red-letter relevant famed groundbreaking renowned ground-breaking valid purposeful pertinent well-known sweeping ponderous tremendous stunning earthshattering devastating indicative useful pithy testing glum sedate staid pointed immediate instrumental top-priority almighty salient foremost stern trying searching settling sententious humourless gloomy dour grim psychological top-level overshadowing of concern major-league high-profile of note big-league austere quintessential downbeat cold sober quiet of great importance humorless underlined no-nonsense matter of life and death sad big deal uncomic dominant desperate clamorous overruling necessary requisite preeminent primal indispensable premier predominant chief climactic supreme top determinative ruling master insistent showdown touchy climatic prerequisite compelling needed required mandatory radical now or never touch and go hanging by thread on thin ice much needed very important life-or-death of the utmost importance of the essence must-have pre-eminent vitally important harsh disastrous life-threatening distressing bad threatening awful peracute hazardous exacting punishing menacing sobering bitter painful brutal arduous fierce excessive bleak worrying precarious perilous terrible intensive ugly grinding taxing toilsome a lot of lots of plenty of a great deal of a fair amount of

Tính từ

Regular and even throughout
uniform unvarying even consistent constant steady unchanging undeviating regular invariable unfluctuating unwavering equable fixed similar stable static equivalent identical invariant matching same sustained unvaried equal homogeneous monotonous compatible consonant fated habitual immutable incorrigible inflexible irreversible level methodical monolithic normal ordered orderly ossified plumb reliable rigid smooth straight symmetrical systematic true unalterable unbroken undiversified unmodifiable well-balanced well-proportioned of a piece changeless continuous persistent flat flush uninterrupted set unfaltering perpetual continual plane immovable unchanged firm horizontal rhythmic unswerving unchangeable stationary steadfast solid abiding levelled enduring unremitting stabile leveled permanent ceaseless eternal predictable unfailing regulated planate relentless never-ending metrical homogenous lasting planar resolute dependable settled unshakable standardized standardised systematized incessant unshaken sure decided monochromatic nonstop monochrome hard-and-fast systematised arranged as flat as a pancake set in stone calm fast tranquil monochromic unaltering continuing unrelieved organized undying unflagging untiring parallel unceasing unwrinkled plain measured repeated periodical periodic self homaloidal resolved unhesitating balanced unending endless self-colored staunch unrelenting dedicated determined indefatigable unyielding tireless unvacillating neat featureless precise together tidy frozen determinate established dogged pat unshakeable inexorable unqualified intense unflappable single-minded planed hard certain alike well-organized flat as a pancake exact brick-wall never-failing in order on an even keel well-ordered organised steady-going dead set on flowing fluent faithful everlasting standing timeless unaffected expected unaltered perennial indefinite long-lasting fluid frictionless graded regularized regularised true to type outstretched solid as rock moderate temperate incommutable inalterable tabular oblate unrough like the Rock of Gibralter fair non-extreme gentle rippleless complanate frequent unpatterned pancake nonrandom agreed final inexpugnable not changing single-color cadenced rhythmical definite specified durable recurring supine predetermined nonnegotiable preset patterned composed all-year-round round-the-clock interminable unabated unabating non-stop well grounded aligned accumbent recumbent congruous alternating punctual mechanical harmonious cyclic successive accordant serial hard and fast unruffled serene imperishable unfading cadent deep-rooted staying put solid as a rock long-lived long-standing controlled absolute perfectly vertical perfectly horizontal homologous unicolor never-changing ageless coolheaded undisturbed limpid peaceful unemotional sedate collected recollected cool untroubled placid possessed impenetrable intractable loyal unequivocal total disciplined lined up dead flat of same height on one plane on a line strict unworried unperturbed parallel with the ground in a straight line metric unbending homochromous homochromatic deliberate self-possessed self-composed even-tempered one-color strictly regulated dull hidebound fossilized undamaged regimented restricted undifferentiated unitary closely controlled strictly controlled businesslike on a tight rein fossilised trim logical careful coherent methodic structured punctilious efficient meticulous well-kept well-regulated shipshape well organized framed well planned all together thorough correct neat as button neat as pin in apple-pie order well regulated slick spick-and-span in shape formal rangé scientific in good shape set-up clean to rights conventional stubborn tenacious uncompromising unflinching obstinate committed stalwart obdurate persevering strong-willed purposeful pertinacious intransigent adamant devoted strong implacable intent vigorous earnest spirited indomitable ardent driven strong-minded tough zealous insistent forceful undaunted indurate devout hardened willful steely assiduous hard-nosed bold stout stiff headstrong bullheaded mulish enthusiastic diligent rock-ribbed stiff-necked dead set bound true-blue assertive pigheaded keen rigorous passionate wholehearted wilful adamantine serious hard-line fervent gutsy gritty grim iron-willed self-willed mettlesome trusty valiant perseverant patient emphatic fanatical unmovable plucky sedulous decisive dyed-in-the-wool cast-iron opinionated sturdy full of determination hardheaded inconvincible bound and determined industrious pious bent courageous diehard persisting secure good stringent active unmalleable deep-dyed stout-hearted unappeasable perverse dutiful brave stanch ruthless bent on self-opinionated stern motivated avid trustworthy strenuous confirmed inveterate genuine allegiant exacting down-the-line hardline ambitious card-carrying harsh purposive aggressive spunky unwearied enterprising eager doughty energetic lionhearted complete bent upon manful pushy entrenched severe sworn true blue fervid unsparing hell-bent obsessed fierce ironclad unbendable focused continued bulldog go-getting importunate unstoppable tried and true tried and tested militant sincere hard-working confident perdurable hard-core focussed die-hard unquestioning locked in unpersuadable hanging tough do-or-die iron fearless mad keen hard-driving running self-starting long-established ongoing self-driven rooted goal-oriented self-assertive thoroughgoing tried-and-true chronic unadaptable ingrained remorseless hell-bent on hell-bent upon high-spirited vehement positive aspiring rugged set on inexhaustible meaning business out-and-out out unswayable unafraid immortal through and through impassive hearty immobile conscientious resilient impassioned tried tight close draconian long-term unblinking indelible deep patriotic impervious merciless sound unswervable four-square utter weariless unwearying compulsive dynamic attached dateless bloody-minded pitiless adherent thirsty brassbound inspired pledged hungry desirous obsessive striving iron-fisted unapologetic unashamed explicit incurable unshrinking unmoved irremovable never-tiring not giving an inch red-hot irrepressible robust unreserved stand pat trusted eager beaver orthodox full responsible impermeable keen as mustard stop at nothing unconditional remaining true-hearted intrepid prearranged surviving uncooperative planned entire cruel prevailing sealed stated dour rock-solid in the bag unquenchable stiffened refractory profound unwaning redoubtable lusty categorical authoritarian daring painstaking fiery bull-headed impregnable heroic gung ho unforgiving recurrent lifelong seasoned unsinkable still ferocious unmoving supportive domineering concrete laborious staying repetitive revering monomaniacal burning quiescent venerating heartfelt sempiternal honorable honourable full-bore unrepentant independent feisty indestructible studious undeterred whole-hearted unpermissive assured liege resistant arrant right-down oft-repeated around-the-clock progressive pioneering bosom tough nut dug in heavy-handed boon tough-minded bred-in-the-bone incompliant through-and-through self-confident deep-seated well-established round the clock standing pat mean business bona fide hardy self-asserting hell bent on self-seeking get up and go power-hungry ever-abiding writ in stone hard as nails power-loving high-reaching unassailable direct hardboiled buckled down self-disciplined firmly-based well-founded restless unaccommodating ever-enduring recalcitrant bombproof emotionless realistic immoveable unbudgeable gallant day-and-night unintimidated mullish radical oppressive valorous perseverative hopeless cocksure balky uninfluenced Herculean consecutive unalleviated connected aeonian forbidding disciplinary illiberal dauntless perfervid hardworking imperturbable nerveless hellbent uptight picky narrow-minded formidable hopeful cohesive renitent stony-hearted unimpressionable adventurous immoderate extreme game immalleable uncompliant without respite high-powered unplacatable iron-handed unmollifiable inescapable unpacifiable trustable true to life uncontrollable iron-jawed puritanical possessive unforgetful austere thrusting unsentimental dinkum beyond hope self-motivated unerring safe hard-boiled ungiving inseparable prolonged pounding mortal hard-headed stubborn as a mule real unstinting unambiguous going all the way audacious steamroller nervy powerhouse calculable bulletproof sticky world-without-end amaranthine ramrod honest truthful upright incorruptible nose to grindstone telelogical calculated stuffy ineluctable adoring goody-goody worshipping worshiping heart-and-soul pietistic undiscouraged pressing urgent demanding plugging jumping go-go grind unstinted hyper perky fireball plodding sagacious unlimited unmitigated unrestricted undivided manly greathearted gutty stouthearted undauntable heroical intent on single-minded about firm about like a ball of fire on the make desiring success necessary compulsory inexpungible indissoluble longstanding old forever pig-headed well balanced well-built stick to guns set in concrete unalloyed unadulterated undismayed no-nonsense clear-sighted in place in position all out flat-out straight out engagé dyed-in-the wool on a treadmill day and night tough nut to crack decided upon cut-and-dried strait-laced playing hard ball be out for blood nose to the grindstone allotted lion-hearted tall in the saddle on one's mettle insistent on intent upon determined to committed to the idea of fundamentalist never give up as thick as thieves truehearted thick-skinned toughened behind one nonmoving dogmatic unflexible crisp doctrinaire interminate unfeigned undiluted warm outright exigent goody two-shoes defined decreed prescribed religious consumed compelled firm in spirit perceptive animated mean two-fisted resourceful take charge not put off not discouraged perfectionistic principled poised unbudging single-hearted old faithful in good faith intrenched traditional conservative reverent in for long haul express inextinguishable unconstrained instilled congenital infixed deep-down full-fledged like bad penny as keen as mustard true to the end given over to authentic fullhearted confining binding never-ceasing nonmotile pure prayerful in for the long haul till the cows come home obsessive about inflexible about fixated on fanatical about proved competitive do or die hold one's ground hold the fort sticking to one's guns standing one's ground hold the line dominant in earnest no going back galvanized impelled torrid impenitent supreme irredeemable unreformable ineradicable longtime definitive stipulated immotile like death and taxes pushful peremptory cutthroat unmanageable insuppressible unrestrainable uncontainable unrestrained going to the core out and out deeply ingrained bitter stony furious granite induced fixated obsessional accustomed inured habituated staid motionless statuelike bloodthirsty not subject to change living sicker imperative clamant crying resounding reiterative imperious dire pushed steered guided impulsive besetting galvanised defiant warlike gladiatorial brutal scrappy hundred percent whole-souled wild massed without reservations solidified husky taut cut-throat self-assured can-do rigidly enforced idealistic well established deep-set hard-shell all-consuming firmly established full-blooded intensely competitive in-your-face fiercely competitive having killer instinct dog-eat-dog hang-tough high-pressure go for broke implicit blocked hang tough out of control concentrated remove compact dimensional consolidated urged on long-running anchored compacted rocklike impliable nailed quiet hitched hooked situated locked located thick congealed made fast swift forthright prompt rapid dense jellied brick wall rock-hard non-flexible detail oriented like a rock on one's side water-resistant imperviable watertight invulnerable waterproof really hard very hard constructive undeclared taken for granted tacit accurate implied understood inarticulate unquestioned latent contained unexpressed unspoken virtual undoubting practical inevitable implicative inferential unuttered inferred unsaid untouched immune closed water-repellent impassable unreceptive hermetic proof unfeeling unpierceable inaccessible unapproachable hermetically sealed rainproof

Tính từ

Exerting power over the minds or behavior of others
influential persuasive effective compelling convincing crucial inspirational inspiring pivotal effectual instrumental motivating efficacious meaningful moving rousing stirring strong telling touching affecting alluring enticing guiding masterful motivational potent powerful provocative seductive swayful authoritative contributory far-reaching formative impelling impressive inducing momentous operative stimulating swaying central cogent consequential controlling forceful forcible impactful critical decisive encouraging able animating capable competent considerable dynamic efficient energetic hard-hitting imposing monumental responsible robust successful vigorous emphatic material purposeful striking useful weighty valid plausible sound conclusive exciting satisfying eloquent irresistible well founded credible provoking arousing significant unanswerable important aggressive pertinent rational reasonable lucid puissant spirited relevant reasoned logical solid clear inciting trenchant active triggering dramatic mighty inspiriting uplifting intense challenging emotional stimulative enlivening affective incisive coherent refreshing energizing urgent suasive vital satisfactory passionate animated charged instigative enthusiastic thought-provoking instigating coercive driving great soul-stirring well reasoned electric enterprising piquing punchy lively assertive incontestable energising impassioned thrilling high-powered pushing well-founded vehement apposite fitting invigorating apt exhilarating galvanizing zestful authoritarian convictive articulate incontrovertible expressive compulsive electrifying go-getting go-ahead productive awakening unmistakable sharp supreme galvanic pithy stringent believable vivid unassailable formidable envigorating galvanising indubitable firm high-octane major assuasive in-your-face violent wonderful superb reliable intelligent categorical assured clear-cut powerhouse excellent profound marvellous gutsy definitive unequivocal intoxicating go-go cool marvelous bold well-defined vibrant suggestive grand coming on strong first-class first-rate full of get-up-and-go evocative sweeping irrefutable vivacious undeniable interesting graphic armed winning determinative shaping zappy drastic compulsory substantial revealing marked salient glib smooth-tongued silky slick silver-tongued smooth-talking sufficient well-established key moulding determining succinct terse insistent militant evident crystalline inveigling suasory actuating luring wheedling pointed unctuous smooth likely heartening emotive applicable gripping riveting memorable breathtaking on the ball probable constraining virile elemental take-over steamroller titanic take-charge punch poignant exhilarative developmental forming urging propulsive impellent devastating conspicuous obvious unambiguous intuitive decided undisputed infallible ingenious insightful distinct orderly systematic methodical direct theatric graceful kicky anthemic exalting charming histrionical acute performant verisimilar hearty germane justified well-grounded consistent colourable magnetic ball of fire molding mind-boggling mind-blowing rip-roaring mind-bending heart-stopping hair-raising emotion-charged plenipotent appropriate apropos main chief true-to-life possible acceptable faithful carrying conviction trusty trustworthy presumable authentic believeable hopeful realistic dependable not taking no for an answer fast-track zippy peppy well organized serviceable adequate positive essential fundamental indicative driven ambitious pushy fruitful fiery flamboyant full-blooded red-blooded ballsy feisty tireless lusty flush spunky gingery sparky constructive beneficial worthwhile helpful valuable dominant ruling commanding have-a-go indefatigable virtuous advantageous charismatic play for keeps play hard ball hyped-up activating full of vim and vigour go-getter vitalizing self-motivated full of life highpowered full of beans of help of assistance highly capable in control in the saddle of use annoying offensive galling goading insulting officiating plenipotentiary presiding vexing aggravating awesome inflammatory incendiary affronting maddening infuriating exasperating irritating all-powerful good accomplished insane amazing disturbing agitational edgy inflaming outrageous controversial bad sensational daring ridiculous deep primo brilliant divine like wow crazy majestic swell far out hunky-dory super extraordinary fantastic out of this world splendid awe-inspiring groovy dandy unreal fabulous delicious remarkable lavish incredible absorbing terrific stately glorious massive arresting unbelievable luxurious outstanding skilled skilful consummate skillful admirable masterly agitative incensing crack ace world-class expert fine stellar stimulant rabble-rousing confrontational heady spurring cracking crash-hot gee-whizz nifty wizard mean amazeballs crackerjack well-done fluent smooth-spoken vocal well-spoken voluble tenable suave fast-talking imaginable conceivable facile loquacious feasible creditable quick talkative garrulous grandiloquent unquestionable thinkable within the bounds of possibility able to hold water hard to resist easy ready definite indisputable urbane insincere flip slippery artful certain demonstrative smooth operator vocative hot-air communicative sensible sober justifiable just sustainable presumptive magniloquent defensible illuminating well-expressed flattering supportable understandable congruent legit viable grounded true workable analytic supposable pragmatic real analytical well grounded disputatious bona fide legitimate reassuring cogitable ingratiating sycophantic obsequious smarmy conjecturable intelligible watertight airtight fawning admissible authenticating oratorical factual sincere comprehensible pat final validating nicely spoken correct warrantable genuine warranted proper fair neat unconditional disingenuous specious honest-to-god straight tried colorable aboveboard fiduciary credential verifiable dinkum rightful accepted hard unarguable shallow superficial oversimplified flippant simplistic fair-spoken propelling pukka acknowledged sweet-talking irrefragable true to life up front with a ring of truth absolute with the gift of the gab having kissed the Blarney Stone effortless well-versed natural resounding uncompromising tough like enough very likely serious rallying beyond doubt beyond question beyond dispute honest frank blunt forthright unsparing one hundred per cent wordy effusive prompt copious chatty confident verbose self-assured running mellifluous cursive mellifluent declamatory straight-talking condemnatory rationalistic pregnant strongly worded upfront dynamical bullish argumentative dialectical no holds barred all out pulling no punches revelatory meaning not beating about the bush straight from the shoulder right rhetorical fervid fervent well spoken ardent outspoken well expressed sententious facund prudent proven balanced perceptive sane perspicuous deductive commonsensical accurate maintainable defendable confirmed informed arguable astute practical levelheaded discerning commonsense contentious polemical vindicable stable consequent commonsensible uncorrupted intellectual kosher attested tested well-reasoned well-advised well thought out well advised dialectic down-to-earth holding water matter-of-fact clear-headed

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