Đồng nghĩa của identical

Alternative for identical

Đồng nghĩa: alike, duplicate, same,

Trái nghĩa: different,

Tính từ

Having identical attributes, characteristics, amounts, or qualities
indistinguishable alike equal same twin corresponding like matching equivalent interchangeable analogous duplicate similar commensurate correspondent homogeneous undifferentiated uniform coequal cognate comparable even parallel synonymous exactly the same the same ditto double exact identic look-alike of a piece tantamount Xerox a dead ringer carbon copy cut from the same cloth dead ringer like peas in a pod same difference spitting image the dead spit Tweedledum and Tweedledee like Tweedledum and Tweedledee much of a muchness impossible to tell apart like two peas in a pod selfsame consistent akin compatible related congruent kindred consonant proportionate matched resemblant resembling close suchlike connate correlative much the same homologous congruous very same very complementary homogenous such unvarying unvaried paired conforming coupled near substitutable agreeing undiverse reciprocal harmonious clone carbon-copy on par one and the same convertible conformable self-same concordant exchangeable regular standardised standardized agnate all of a piece twofold twinlike undifferenced of a kind duplex tallying likewise amounting in the same manner commutable harmonizing according carbon harmonised harmonized approximate proportional invariable symmetrical transposable substitute mated swappable almost identical fungible harmonising smooth concurrent even-steven same as allied even-stevens to the same degree on a par kin invariant evenly matched level reminiscent analogical in agreement identified mount switchable treadmill coincident synonymic apposite no different selflike correlated dupe aforesaid similarly aforementioned relative coordinating commensurable toning associated facsimile blending complementing workalike mutual converse reciprocative changeable interconvertible interrelated answering dual approximative relatable equalized duple dualistic spare replica replacement very similar binary double-edged bipartite double-barreled companion jibing equalised coterminous the same as as good as undistinguishable equaling equalling geminate copy synonymous with commensurate with two of a kind on the order of difficult to tell apart congeneric congenerous allying relating coextensive coordinate coherent nonconflicting coinciding accordant joint copied second duplicating accompanying bifold all alike solid much the same as approximating agreeable concurring break even like as two peas in a pod as like as two peas in a pod all the same all one symphonious not unlike congenial connatural of a piece with on a plane on level pegging tied of the same kind drawn stack up with balanced conformable to correspondent to correspondent with with nothing to choose between them nip and tuck on a level side by side close together level pegging neck and neck all square in a position of equality unchanging undeviating steady constant unwavering unfluctuating equable static fixed stable sustained monotonous incorrigible fateful well-proportioned rigid ordered straight inflexible habitual ossified immutable fated normal reliable plumb unbroken orderly systematic irreversible unmodifiable true unalterable methodical monolithic well-balanced undiversified supplemental supplementary interconnected connected opposite binate incident in accord coordinative balancing interdependent reconcilable supportive affiliated supporting doubled commutual fellow repeated in harmony binal consanguine approaching doubleheader two-fold in pairs in tune verging on autologous homologized looking like looking alike linked reciprocatory exchanged give-and-take obverse connected with allied with cognated bordering on as good a match corroborative corroboratory shared common generic general universal melodious cooperative corroborating confirmational attractive likeable likable germane closely related closely connected musical alternate not a million miles away from euphonious bisected tandem tuneful appropriate fitting logical euphonic dichotomous bilateral bicameral twice dyadic square symphonic fit adequate sufficient due in line in keeping according to conforming with corresponding to sympathetic conforming to canorous two two-way dependent communal on an equal footing on the same level quits horse to horse fifty-fifty equally balanced on equal terms equally matched another completing interrelating complemental coordinated adapted attuned suitable new conclusive integrative integral filling crowning finishing completory perfecting in conformity in step replicate qualified repeat in parallel in balance by comparison modified repeat of copy of carbon copy of allusive metaphorical not absolute conditional reasonable vying contrastive in proportion restricted comparative fair rivalling provisional not positive rivaling in comparison with reservation contingent duplicated more or less the same

Tính từ

Accurate or correct in all details
exact accurate true correct precise faithful veracious literal right faultless perfect unerring authentic close particular strict definite detailed impeccable specific unequivocal clear downright errorless explicit express good proper thorough distinct sharp verbatim dead-on error-free blow-by-blow inch-perfect on-target spot on spot-on bang on clear-cut dead on bull's-eye on the button on the money right on on target on the beam on the mark on the nail nailed down on the numbers meticulous absolute factual direct certain complete definitive truthful unambiguous genuine defined veridical unvarnished reliable valid scrupulous realistic actual categorical rigorous minute flawless unquestionable sure undistorted infallible unembellished painstaking appropriate full so matter-of-fact concrete careful very just lifelike on the nose honest straightforward exhaustive pinpoint punctilious unmistakable convincing credible regular veritable conclusive word for word solid established comprehensive plain hard real legitimate conscientious authoritative particularized true to life circumstantial undeniable ideal set unimpeachable elaborate methodical undisputed natural determined unadulterated fixed letter-perfect undoubted itemized irrefutable fitting word-perfect suitable unqualified particularised undeviating unfailing effective dinkum sound outright rigid fact-based delicate systematic model judicious kosher trustworthy special inerrant pure fair objective unrefuted naturalistic deadly dependable well defined verisimilar indubitable certified whole itemised immaculate unembroidered narrow obvious acceptable in-depth consummate manifest nice positive without error sensible crystal clear bona fide telling it like it is picture-perfect specified as it really happened unabridged picture-book fine word-for-word refined conventional formal unblemished certifiable assured total standard verifiable scientific extensive diametrical just right documentary nonfictional unbroken extreme historical unelaborated determinate unexaggerated guaranteed univocal clearly defined punctual accepted similar limited irreproachable veristic unmistaken true-to-life thoroughgoing logical official stark reasonable even confirmed all-inclusive requisite sure-enough legit indefectible apparent graphic all-embracing rational seamless clocklike intensive critical satisfactory final sweeping black-and-white supreme commonsensical levelheaded cut-and-dried entire cogent prudent watertight vivid individual understandable lucid efficient peculiar well-defined satisfying round cinematic filmic free of error stringent fastidious required dead right sheer well-grounded undivided discriminating discriminative skillful deft skilful given unalloyed photographic simple expected surgical ultraprecise typical rich flat mathematical reserved letter-for-letter hairline usual restricted discrete proven elaborated best apt bounded echt near tailor-made lethal in depth letter for letter seriatim secure decisive incontrovertible representative amen pukka pucka single moral blunt circumscribed recognized living exemplary speaking opportune optimal measured emphatic righteous believable stainless selective dead profound naturalist distinctive to the letter sincere upright justifiable reasoned commonsense fit existent finite encyclopedic archetypal photo-realistic three-dimensional normal sure-fire just so quintessential spotless commonsensible informed specialised textbook orthodox foolproof analytic analytical specialized exquisite defensible defendable firm classic encyclopaedic virtuous stated plausible thoughtful coherent safe sober open definable intellectual clean inerrable de facto all right well-founded on the right track desired right-minded right as rain on the ball predetermined fail-safe recognised clearly expressed unblurred transparent florid exactly right well-advised well grounded polar on the level as true as I'm sitting here for real well founded spelled out as true as I'm standing here severe assiduous tough all the way royal plenty whole-hog from A to Z all-out soup to nuts full-dress slam-bang especial canonical case intrinsic topical singular separate isolated resembling straight preferable bare like unswerving precision gospel unfaked pictorial alike uncanny inevitable vérité line-for-line unwavering what really happened what actually happened prepared invariable relevant visual retentive hunky-dory well aimed reputable in accordance with the facts significant literatim deep utter failsafe in accordance with reality verbal ordinary written to a T polished out-and-out thoroughpaced irrefragable undisputable pertinent prototypical personal immediate plentiful copious profuse abundant lavish ample copybook on the dot same selfsame intense photogenic acute camera-friendly picturesque unquestioned undoubting perfected to a turn overt creditable last unconditional deciding intricate experienced guileless ingenuous archetypical characteristic without blemish without fault unchallengeable liberal sufficient just what the doctor ordered just what we need inveterate universal vested accustomed mainstream familiar rooted acknowledged OK unmitigated not figurative dead-center artless unaffected developed indisputable incontestable uncontested crimeless unspotted intact unguilty exclusive weighty consequent peremptory O.K. uncompromising unpretending average unpretentious undesigning admissible arrant patent enumerated finicky okay equitable stone line for line line by line telling honest-to-goodness well-suited ultimate perspicuous absolutely right exactly correct very accurate penetrating firsthand unarguable persuasive uncontradicted accomplished tangible unanswerable unambivalent evident nonambiguous solemn identified point-by-point by the book to the point the real McCoy based on facts straight from the horse's mouth stone cold no ifs ands or buts nailed-on dinky-di made to order just the job demarcated all there holding water holding up responsible holding up in wash got it together together unassailable advisable right-thinking standing up cool unadorned sole identifiable straight-out designated essential elemental along the right lines for sure on track right stuff real McCoy practical at length terminable delimited necessary approved earmarked select representational broad-ranging in detail legible comprehensible well-marked graspable audible intelligible lucent true-blue undeceptive diametric on the right lines cooking with gas according to Hoyle in every respect due hands-down black and white open-and-shut sharply defined hard and fast cut and dried surefire unbeatable can't-miss efficacious enlightened sagacious circumspect philosophic reflective collected deductive thinking synthetic intelligent discerning ratiocinative trustable reasoning cerebral perspicacious principled intimate conditioned assigned convinced prescribed authorized forthright frank candid original unprejudiced unbiased custom-built purpose-built as sure as eggs is eggs beyond question beyond a doubt applicable ethical settled substantiated shrewd corroborated colorable knowing validated verified justified determinable first-hand recommended outspoken easily understandable honourable suggested predictable subject to limitations confined bound not infinite maintainable calculable supportable tenable sustainable empirical cognitive empiric tried and true handy agreeable useful helpful steady undeceivable omniscient effectual always effective apodictic tried and tested never failing high-principled true-life card-carrying high-minded upstanding beyond doubt optimum upfront harsh unconcealed brutal undisguised unveiled on the line on the up and up like it is intended prerequisite chosen preferred needed describable known ascertainable perceptible becoming suited befitting meet qualified felicitous pretty arranged very same honorable anti-corruption conscionable noble incorruptible agreed straight from horse's mouth raw peak top prime selected rightful de règle warranted warrantable well-thought-out well-reasoned decent respectable explicable idyllic foremost ruled straight from the shoulder vindicable trusty thinking twice extremely careful heedful fair-minded looked-for anticipated finest plain-spoken warts and all open and shut choicest choice balanced sought after called for authorised best possible pre-eminent best-case sinless blameless incorrupt untarnished innocent guiltless cleanhanded inculpable white uncorrupted lily-white squeaky-clean ten aces beyond criticism unsullied A-okay unflawed note-perfect squeaky clean beyond reproach fleckless apple-pie above suspicion above reproach whiter than white as pure as the driven snow

Danh từ

The combination of characteristics or qualities forming the distinctive character of someone or something
self character personality ego identity oneself person psyche soul spirit I persona clay colours colors complexion constitution genius intellect mind nature temperament tone disposition individuality temper being egocentrism individual individualization inner man myself narcissism own personal proprium selfhood substantive innermost feelings inner person inner self inner woman heart of hearts essence make-up subconscious innermost self traits quality anima makeup substance grain pneuma animus selfdom quiddity consciousness quintessence essentiality stuff true being essential nature humour humor cast stamp qualities attributes vein style features aspect superego conscience mood id vital force individualism inner ego life force ka wairua atman marrow self-image elan vital sense of self unconscious mind inner being self-worth subconscious mind unconscious self-identity behavior type kind sort entity behaviour emotions selfness singularity ilk description heart presence core bosom breast kidney hue mould person's character reality kernel organism creature mettle guise semblance seeming mold reason humanity life will texture essentia force imagination color colour feel thought pith intelligence fervor fervour ardour ardor self-regard air note basic characteristics outlook attitude effect spiritual being secret self animating principle inherent attributes inherent characteristics characteristics inherent qualities recesses of heart breath of life drift manner subliminal subconsciousness underconsciousness self-esteem sense of worth opinion of yourself self-perception basic features essential attributes essential qualities basic attributes basic qualities inherent features essential features essential characteristics approach tenor spirituality mentality awareness name of game name of tune sum and substance nature of beast bottom line trend flavour fashion mode flavor frame inner child atmosphere tendency current ambiance gist essential being undersense subliminal self inner thoughts submerged mind habit strain condition feeling aura ambience climate vibrations vibe impression smell suggestion odor odour halo property karma patina aroma nimbus sense look way tinge overtone element undertone appearance hint emanation environment touch inclination bearing bent subcurrent background vibes demeanour characteristic demeanor frame of mind undercurrent meaning streak timbre mien affectation surroundings echo leaning method attribute energy significance peculiarity colouring context key shade state of mind turn milieu ambient procedure suspicion tincture trace technique countenance comportment deportment feature address coloring trait form mark ethos setting distinction hallmark state situation course particularity posture feather fingerprint backdrop affection process degree specialty speciality stripe essential quality conduct implication actions system nuance whiff strand ring scene variety geste gest taste emotional state expression shape glow persuasion indication belief mannerism practice genre orientation locution front mental state spirits feelings intention component facet tack purport methodology aim purpose proclivity intent phraseology cheer set path idiosyncrasy quirk earmark angle slant calibre custom direction trademark diagnostic criterion faculty specific attribution point run morale caliber differentia marker virtue badge oddity penchant turn of mind modus operandi cast of mind thing typical feature movement vagary class scent facade tint pattern circumstances conditions importance reminiscence reverberation connotation intimation association exterior façade zeitgeist intonation inflection brand space ch'i chi ki modality tang wave dimension fibre embodiment mise en scene habit of mind symptom breed druthers theme essential foible insinuation smack innuendo image manifestation outline inflexion representation scale fiber like thumbprint bag endowment lineament originality burden mind-set thread import carriage secondary meaning inference hidden meaning murmur mental condition inner nature mindset perspective standing message thrust gradation subtlety resonance refinement nicety evolution body course of thought meat standard lifeblood ethic principle poise pose port stand display way of being temporary psychological state action decorum acts deeds manners habits fundamental nature dominating characteristic prevailing tendency view opinion plan means motivating force graduation variation shading modulation activities delivery bias morals dealings sentiment trajectory routine detail constituent soupçon shadow dash ethics convention etiquette judgment thoughts wise status mechanism channels book rule modus psychology ability side ingredient factor tide viewpoint judgement make mannerisms seemliness talk code savoir-faire tenue speech propriety tact mores conviction notion sign power differential highlight nuts and bolts fine distinction subtle difference subtle distinction preference wind projection track uniqueness properties distinctiveness order formula way of thinking liking verdict regard determination eye impulse point of view observation way of life social graces what's done area stream region range complex mystique estimation recipe strategy marked traits crasis tactics usage point of compass

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