Đồng nghĩa của ancillary

Alternative for ancillary

Tính từ

Providing necessary support to the primary activities or operation of an organization, system, etc
accessory additional auxiliary contributory extra secondary subordinate subsidiary supplementary supporting adjuvant assisting attendant helping supplemental accompanying adminicular appurtenant attending coincident collateral concomitant incident satellite subservient complementary peripheral supportive backup reserve spare assistant add-on second accessorial added aiding minor substitute tributary relief alternative coincidental lesser second-class second-fiddle alternate top-up optional more bonus sub further adscititious fallback other concurrent surplus standby supernumerary helpful useful second-string related fall-back subject dependent serviceable junior puppet lower abetting lower-level associate affixed appended temporary increased replacement smaller less fresh another superfluous new on the side in reserve in store second-rate back-up incremental derivative support contingent conducive instrumental roundabout assisting in adjunctive contributing valuable advantageous beneficial vassal client corresponding bush-league flunky redundant farther supervenient reciprocal correlative emergency leftover free augmenting younger inferior supererogatory coexistent lowly youngest under coexisting lower-grade marginal low-ranking branch cooperative tributory insignificant outranked paltry low-grade lower-ranking vice- less important sub- associated connected of little account of little importance acting surrogate second-banana third-string interrelated interconnected unused proxy provisional deputy stopgap caretaker interim locum provisionary intervening provisory makeshift substitutive transitional tentative stand-in pro tem pinch-hitting ad interim pro tempore short-term fill-in one more in addition

Tính từ

Happening as a minor accompaniment to something else
incidental minor secondary subsidiary subordinate inconsequential insignificant negligible trifling trivial unimportant auxiliary background by-the-by by-the-way inessential non-essential peripheral extrinsic fiddling foolish frivolous inconsiderable less important little minute nugatory petty slight small small-fry tangential unnecessary dispensable expendable extraneous nonessential occasional of less importance contributing contributory Mickey Mouse related supplementary marginal lesser lower inferior immaterial subservient collateral lower-level of little account irrelevant superficial borderline indirect second-rate beside the point dinky minor-league small-time bush-league external outside outermost perimetric outer exterior accompanying contingent surface sideline bordering unintended concomitant resulting accidental of lesser importance than lower than less important than slighter second-class mean resultant consequential derivative derived subject second dependent substract tributary reserve under accessory smaller less junior supplemental lower-grade second-fiddle nether a notch under bottom reduced subjacent bush low second-string third-string undersized side not the main on the side paltry piddling piffling picayune footling measly niggling nominal pointless inappreciable of no account of no consequence worthless nickel-and-dime meaningless piddly pimping light not worth mentioning no-account lightweight de minimis peanut of no importance of little importance insubstantial minimal casual of little consequence chicken meager meagre unessential minuscule tiny small-bore neither here nor there not worth bothering about needless redundant valueless unneeded scanty shallow not worth speaking of silly of no moment superfluous adventitious inadequate pettifogging optional derisory insufficient twopenny-halfpenny penny-ante mingy puny ignorable additional cosmetic useless unsubstantial exiguous shoestring inapposite not required infinitesimal of no great concern idle gratuitous unrequired miserable trite unwanted token pitiful pathetic off the subject poxy low-ranking wide of the mark uncalled for purportless not needed corresponding correlated unconnected not pertinent not germane impertinent excessive inappropriate inapplicable associated minimum flimsy unrelated not to the point irrelative skimpy out of place imperceptible everyday unmerited futile unwarranted purposeless nondescript diminutive uncritical noncompulsory two-bit nothing to do with it slender nothing base cheap of minor importance not to the purpose senseless uncalled-for no great shakes parenthetical alien foreign supervenient surplus time-wasting impractical exorbitant supererogatory miserly by the by by the way ornamental lilliputian of no value neglectable stingy sparse limited adscititious beggarly frothy zero zilch tinpot zip null indifferent de trop poor modest scant ungenerous frugal empty obscure smalltime ineffectual uncelebrated not necessary not essential shabby scratch unconsiderable contemptible inconsequent minus tacky surplus to requirements of little import tenuous unconsidered runt wimpy shrimp below the mark vain hollow loitering jejune inane idling vapid insipid banal similar commonplace weak little bitty bitty smallish no biggie small potatoes two bit entry level of no significance big zero all the same littlest least smallest wanky slightest connected beside the question wide of the point not important nihil ad rem not at issue not significant lowest momentary atomic microscopic skin-deep evanescent vanishing no big deal no big thing merest basal minutest tiniest fewest analogous alike attendant kindred circumstantial next to none least possible very little smallest amount of next to no linked cognate correspondent extra inadmissible inapt intrusive disposable fortuitous undesired wanton wasted avoidable haphazard causeless prodigal contextual hardly worth mentioning random undesirable chance no need to no purpose to no avail

Danh từ

A performer who understudies
understudy fill-in replacement reserve stand-in sub substitute backup double locum proxy relief second standby stopgap supply surrogate alternate alternative cover deputy pinch-hitter stand-by successor locum tenens pinch hitter equivalent substitution representative delegate depute supplanter changeling assistant succedaneum designated hitter temporary expedient agent spare second string auxiliary factor envoy temp resort spokesperson recourse extra attorney ambassador option choice rep commissary minister procurator mouthpiece assignee frontman spokesman makeshift go-between lieutenant spokeswoman fallback expedient emissary possible course of action negotiator broker intermediary resource legate regent commissioner refuge mediator aid expediency possibility way out opportunity appointee second fiddle DH help reinforcement subordinate aide speaker helper voice preference temporary junior adjutant mouth prophet pick selection underling sidekick apprentice prolocutor henchman adjunct mate subaltern discretion mediary lawyer coadjutor helpmate PA vice way election helpmeet talker champion protagonist second in command second-in-command remedy number two support personal assistant nuncio hope right-hand man route man Friday girl Friday point man point person abettor shift temporary worker source of assistance course of action spin doctor advisor contingency official backup plan accompaniment body double plan B runnerup supporting role chorus second-rater executor someone else benchwarmer secondary bench jockey jack-of-all-trades utilityman bench supply teacher casual worker plenipotentiary fall-back measure step course messenger bet solution substitute agent appeal chance trustee consul vicar catchpole member viceroy member of Congress senator people's choice nominee front determination evaluation decision call decree nomination handler manager advocate device source of help something to turn to someone to turn to reference liaison recommendation officer middleperson available resource second banana promoter functionary actor steward proctor principal factotum place to turn to person to turn to utility player business manager arbitrator middleman moderator negotiant fugleman spox partner associate attendant collaborator accomplice wingman honest broker subsidiary protege accessory backer aider secretary peon henchwoman colleague understrapper gofer coadjutant inferior minion gopher abetter flunky lackey servant ally dogsbody follower friend dependant serf supporter flunkey beginner scrub companion trainee patron adherent dependent cooperator confederate slave skivvy novice poodle vicegerent right-hand person running dog P.A. aide-de-camp body man hired help hired hand right-hand woman fellow worker third string representant councillor dogcatcher councilor other redundancy change druthers volition assembly member back-up other possibility the second in command another possibility another course of action other fish to fry other fish in sea

Danh từ

An artificial body placed in orbit round the earth or moon or another planet in order to collect information or for communication

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