Đồng nghĩa của wide of the mark

Alternative for wide of the mark

Đồng nghĩa: wide,

Tính từ

Lacking in accuracy or truth
erroneous fallacious inaccurate incorrect inexact off-beam off-target out wrong abroad misguided misinformed mistaken off target unsound false faulty untrue invalid off off beam flawed in error unfounded imprecise untruthful full of holes spurious illogical specious defective off base not exact way out not accurate misleading unreliable counterfactual bogus iffy awry askew off-base without foundation way off weak erring phoney dodgy dicey off track way off beam imperfect off course amiss off the mark on the wrong track falsified distorted not working way off-beam phony wide all wet in the wrong wrong number all off not trustworthy unfitting improper wanting impaired wrongly identified wide of mark barking up wrong tree labouring under a misapprehension inappropriate barking up the wrong tree way-out not true untrustworthy unfaithful careless discrepant adrift way-off garbled not right doesn't wash wild indefinite errant sophistical not thinking straight erratic not precise out of line astray misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated out of commission ungrounded fluffed at fault getting cold cold unconvincing baseless inadequate unsubstantiated irrational ill-founded unwarranted untenable unjustified unreasonable unscientific groundless nonrational inconsistent inconsequent illegitimate inconsequential unreasoning absurd foundationless nonvalid unsupported preposterous unsustainable mad unreasoned wrongly inferred illegal reasonless sophistic shaky unjustifiable implausible senseless fabricated indefensible flimsy deceptive concocted without basis fishy incongruous fictitious casuistic invented made up trumped up insupportable delusory delusive unsatisfactory nonsensical hollow ludicrous fraudulent uncorroborated contradictory beguiling deluding deceiving deceitful unreal imaginary nutty wacky apocryphal haywire off the wall tenuous questionable dubious unwarrantable out of order suspect inconclusive impossible inexcusable unforgivable sham counterfeit unpardonable unconfirmed fallible irreconcilable problematic fatuous unacceptable forged self-contradictory dishonest truthless stupid idiotic silly foolish inexpiable foul insane unsubstantial crazy misrepresentative insincere colored perverse unseemly fabulous ridiculous coloured bad mythical mythological cooked-up not making sense ill-conceived ill-thought-out economical with the truth illusory without justification confusing vague improbable unpersuasive unbelievable unproven illusive fanciful unassured unsure arbitrary lying poor unlikely far-fetched incredible feeble nebulous doubtful farfetched lame unsupportable inconceivable obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic contrary to fact unfactual nonfactual fictional uncalled-for unthinking injudicious unwise mindless brainless incoherent pathetic airy thin slight reachy vain unimpressive misjudged demented laughable meaningless unarguable undefendable refutable won't hold water won't wash kooky loony inadmissible untoward unsuitable not well thought out off-the-wall imbecilic inane unproved rotten confused daft beyond belief cockeyed irrelevant unconnected screwy barmy inept unapt unfit indecorous infelicitous malapropos inapposite graceless inapt unbecoming unhappy up not following doomed misconceived misunderstood crooked unlawful unfair sick beyond the bounds of possibility glitched up not as it should be unbacked fake mock feigned artificial simulated faked factitious contrived ersatz trumped-up

Tính từ

Irrelevant or unrelated to the subject being dealt with
immaterial inapplicable inapposite inappropriate inapt irrelevant beside the point extraneous not to the point off the subject neither here nor there not pertinent not germane unconnected unrelated peripheral unimportant incidental inconsequential pointless extrinsic out of place tangential impertinent irrelative off the point unconcerned nothing to do with it unassociated superfluous not to the purpose alien foreign beside the question not important nihil ad rem insignificant wide of the point not at issue of no consequence not significant minor needless unessential adventitious inadmissible supplementary nonessential intrusive inessential unneeded additional redundant extra unnecessary trivial remote outside more added trifling disconnected petty inconsistent excess supplemental surplus further detached superficial dissociated incongruous separate fresh inappurtenant inapropos disparate independent supernumerary of no moment of no matter of little account of no account of no importance not pertaining to off the topic not connected with unsuitable unsuited inconsiderable wrong misplaced garbage meaningless inconsiderate not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case dispensable no big deal matter of indifference no never mind a matter of indifference makes no difference gratuitous expendable all the same unwarranted incompatible inconsonant uncharacteristic heterogeneous excessive unassimilable disengaged divorced separated apart deadwood luxury uncalled-for isolated excess baggage negligible different from remote from disconnected from distant from severed withdrawn free inconsequent removed cut off unapt spare leftover supererogatory increased optional special farther complementary one more other another collateral bonus new new-found reserve alternative on the side contributory not connected not applicable not related nothing to do with off base out of order add-on over and above

Tính từ

Lacking in veracity, accuracy or truth
unreliable implausible unconvincing inaccurate unsound doubtful dubious fallible flimsy questionable weak specious suspect tenuous undependable chancy disreputable risky rocky shaky unsubstantiated unsupported untrue deceptive defective erroneous false incorrect mistaken uncertain wrong dodgy iffy fake fallacious falsified flaky flakey pseudo sham unstable off-target open to doubt open to question unfounded unreasonable spurious groundless disputable dubitable ill-founded illogical invalid unwarranted unjustified unjustifiable baseless debatable nebulous untrustworthy arguable untenable fishy irrational unproven suspicious flawed doubtable faulty equivocal preposterous problematic absurd uncorroborated improbable unlikely unverified ungrounded foundationless unconfirmed unsustainable conjectural without basis far-fetched speculative nonvalid without foundation problematical moot sketchy vague shady vain indefensible controversial incongruous insecure unclear indefinite senseless dicey untested unattested insupportable unbelievable unsubstantial fabricated incredible idle unsettled unsure unestablished hollow nonsensical ludicrous farfetched queer fantastic feeble misguided nonrational illegitimate unreasoning controvertible indecisive impossible fragile contentious gratuitous bottomless inconsequent inconsequential inconceivable borderline uncalled-for obscure suppositive suppositious issuable indeterminate not backed up by evidence in doubt negotiable unacceptable unsafe unarguable undefendable refutable inadmissible empty unprovoked misinformed mootable open to debate open to suspicion subject to debate unauthorized unapt reasonless trumped up trumped-up chimerical illusory imaginary vulnerable not reliable not dependable up in the air under suspicion uncalled for not backed up causeless without substantiation without merit precarious exaggerated without justification without cause unauthorised without reason not kosher perilous outlandish without explanation fanciful misleading overblown presumed assumed not validated sensational embellished dishonest outrageous untruthful extravagant unpersuasive spectacular laughable bizarre hyperbolic farcical incoherent insubstantial poor unsatisfactory inadequate contradictory inconclusive lame undecided unresolved unprovable easily threatened easily destroyed easily broken apocryphal marginal undefined in dispute unrealistic mind-boggling unimaginable embroidered distorted histrionic unwarrantable disputed unsupportable irreconcilable puzzling ambiguous occult hypothetical cryptic enigmatic contingent beyond belief tall cock and bull hard to swallow blown up far out negligible in question sophistic pathetic airy fatuous nutty thin wacky slight reachy unreasoned unimpressive complicated out of the ordinary hard to believe unbacked casuistic under advisement not obvious under examination not definite open to discussion unspecific insignificant hazy inexcusable off the wall won't hold water unforgivable full of holes won't wash self-contradictory unpardonable inexpiable arbitrary bad

Phó từ

Well off from the mark, or far from the intended target

Trái nghĩa của wide of the mark

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