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unconnected /'ʌnkə'nektid/
  • tính từ
    • không có quan hệ, không có liên quan
    • không mạch lạc, rời rạc
      • unconnected ideas: những ý kiến rời rạc

Tính từ

Lacking a coherent or logical sequence or connection
disconnected disjointed incoherent rambling wandering choppy diffuse disordered disorderly disorganised disorganized garbled haphazard jumbled meaningless muddled ununified aimless illogical irrelevant nonsensical scrambled uncoordinated mixed up confused inchoate incohesive unintelligible fitful discontinuous erratic irregular fragmented fragmentary scrappy patchy spasmodic incomprehensible irrational piecemeal inconsistent bitty loose unorganized unorganised interrupted broken desultory uneven distorted sketchy incomplete mixed-up ill-thought-out varying unsystematic variable random scattered mangled twisted corrupted misconstrued uncontinuous intermittent sporadic inarticulate unclear mumbled muttered wild episodic casual aperiodic unsteady catchy occasional spotty episodical spastic stuttering stuttered slurred stammering discursive stammered gaping alternate disrupted incongruous faltering breathless puzzling dumb discordant maundering on and off hard to follow disunited all over the place divided separated dislocated without unity displaced split directionless far-out jumpy spaced-out unattached jerky out-to-lunch out-of-it cool spacey fuzzy indistinct inaudible muffled vague untidy faint deficient chaotic messy woolly stumbling shambolic murmured low imperfect blurred obscure wooly poorly spoken defective halting hesitating cluttered orderless senseless unpolished anarchic unfathomable hesitant slovenly topsy-turvy out of order partial in disarray higgledy-piggledy in a muddle indecipherable mumbling hazy slipshod unmethodical fractional crude part unfinished rough inexplicit opaque inadequate ambiguous uncertain unkempt sloppy rudimentary all over the shop in a mess screwed up in disorder all over the lot all over the map in a shambles shuffled muddle-headed weak muddy muddleheaded like a bomb's hit it perfunctory superficial inane patchwork unarranged messed up mute voiceless speechless silly absurd vacuous unmeaning foolish thrown together tongue-tied fragmental discrete indiscernible cryptic fatuous insufficient reticent awkward unvocal clumsy impenetrable ungraspable enigmatic inscrutable half halfway wanting indiscriminate illegible ridiculous idle lacking inconclusive simple unskillful makeshift unexplicit equivocal unknowable Greek tenebrous incognizable fathomless systemless unsystematized basic in pieces discombobulated disarranged short unregulated slapdash undeveloped undone abridged shortened bleary unstructured all Greek to me rough and ready stirred up ruffled half-pie unaccomplished restricted qualified unexecuted indefinite misty blurry nebulous ill-defined haywire upset rumpled tangled out of place rude not total expurgated underdone unconsummated immature unwhole curtailed meager under construction not whole meagre not entire badly organized unfocused shadowy imprecise upside-down at sixes and sevens hit-or-miss undetermined gauzy dim murky muzzy pale undefined blear indistinguishable foggy inexact snarled like a dog's breakfast pell-mell like a dog's dinner hugger-mugger mussy littered every which way lacking definition out of focus unsure low resolution

Tính từ

Not connected with or relevant to something
confused disconnected illogical immaterial impertinent inapplicable unrelated irrelevant extraneous beside the point inappropriate inapposite not germane not pertinent neither here nor there off the subject irrelative peripheral inapt unimportant pointless extrinsic inconsequential foreign out of place wide of the mark nothing to do with it off the point tangential unassociated not to the point off the topic incidental unnecessary unconcerned inadmissible outside inessential inconsistent minor incongruous nonessential remote inappurtenant inapropos unessential trivial not pertaining to not connected with off base OT alien unsuitable unsuited different wrong misplaced garbage not worth worrying about not the issue nothing to do with the case not at issue another thing off-topic additional extra superfluous needless supplementary redundant adventitious unneeded intrusive not to the purpose incompatible inconsonant uncharacteristic heterogeneous unassimilable different from remote from disconnected from distant from insignificant negligible inconsequent detached superficial trifling independent unapt disparate dissociated separate of no moment of no matter not connected not applicable of no consequence not related nothing to do with of no importance of no account of little account out of order inconsiderable petty not important not significant meaningless inconsiderate beside the question nihil ad rem wide of the point no big deal all the same matter of indifference no never mind a matter of indifference makes no difference

Tính từ

Consisting of many different elements
diverse different various differing disparate dissimilar distinct distinctive assorted contrasting discriminable distinguishable distinguishing diversified eclectic manifold miscellaneous mixed unique unlike unsimilar variant varied varying alternate alternative colourful colorful contrastive disproportionate indiscriminate irregular unassociated unrelated aberrant divergent exotic heterogeneous incongruous multifaceted omnifarious varicolored variegated non-identical unalike motley many and various not the same contrary contradictory conflicting inconsistent incompatible discrepant at variance irreconcilable mismatched poles apart separate incongruent discordant nonidentical uncoordinated uneven foreign at odds opposed inappropriate unsuitable clashing distant absurd unsuited extraneous improper unbecoming other inapt dissonant bizarre disconsonant incoherent inconsonant out of keeping alien unintelligible twisted shifting unbalanced unpredictable distorted lopsided fitful jumbled unavailing inapropos rambling fantastic illogical streets apart like night and day particular contrasted single opposite offbeat antithetic deviating paradoxical unequal contradistinctive contradistinct differentiable incomparable unmixable sundry altered otherwise like chalk and cheese individual specific as like as chalk and cheese another incommensurable unmistakable differential oppositional precise discrete detached disconnected sole wrong unattached separated odd jarring out of place strange disunited inept unhappy unapt untoward amiss incorrect unfit indecorous off-key infelicitous unseemly perverse malapropos inapposite graceless antithetical ironic sui generis like a fish out of water not in harmony sticking out a mile incongruitous in opposition standing out a mile polar opposing diametric converse incommensurate disagreeing reverse adverse antipodal antipodean diametrical cross obverse unequivalent competing hostile oppugnant inverse inimical reversed far cry independent contrapositive violative counter flip-side diametrically opposed remote unequal to incomparable to inconsistent with irrelevant to removed incompatible to immaterial to incongruent with unrelated to

Tính từ


Tính từ

Lacking sense or sound reasoning
illogical irrational invalid unreasonable absurd fallacious unsound faulty inconsistent incorrect meaningless senseless specious spurious unscientific untenable erroneous unjustifiable unjustified wrong flawed inconclusive impossible insane sophistical casuistic crazy foolish groundless idiotic illegitimate imbecilic implausible inane inconsequent inconsequential nonrational nonsensical preposterous ridiculous silly sophistic stupid unfounded unproved unreasoned unreasoning weak barmy beyond belief cockeyed contradictory daft false fatuous hollow incongruous irreconcilable irrelevant ludicrous mad nutty perverse screwy self-contradictory unsubstantial wacky off beam way out not following without basis without foundation beyond the bounds of possibility full of holes not making sense off the wall baseless untrue ill-founded ungrounded unsubstantiated misleading inaccurate unsupported flimsy reasonless mistaken off tenuous unwarranted misguided inexact questionable incoherent foundationless unconvincing phoney untruthful phony unreliable bogus deceptive iffy unsustainable shaky illusory delusory defective unproven idle imprecise vain uncorroborated dodgy off target way off inadequate delusive wide of the mark feeble indefensible arbitrary dubious unbelievable erratic incredible beguiling deluding deceiving fishy inconceivable unpersuasive out nonvalid unreal empty dicey uncalled-for misinformed in error not exact not accurate insupportable unmeaning unthinking unwise injudicious poor wild fictitious laughable mindless brainless suspect unsatisfactory demented kooky loony far-fetched capricious trivial off-the-wall trifling unbacked frivolous lame fraudulent paltry pathetic wrongly inferred fabricated controvertible unacceptable unverified unconfirmed superficial conjectural deceitful counterfactual wishful askew gratuitous bottomless abroad speculative contemptible assailable weakly off base all wet trumped up not working off-base trumped-up way off beam not backed up by evidence self-contradicting unwarrantable counterintuitive incomprehensible unintelligible amiss vague improbable inexcusable unforgivable unarguable undefendable refutable vacuous unpardonable inadmissible unlikely nebulous doubtful farfetched wrongly deduced untested unattested ill-conceived distorted awry unauthenticated inexpiable ill-thought-out illegal unsupportable obscure sketchy puzzling fantastic transparent insufficient made up unfitting wrong number all off improper flakey raving aberrant unstable freaky cockamamie disconnected distraught delirious disjointed airy thin slight reachy unimpressive problematic shallow not well thought out bad mendacious flaky unprovoked bad-tempered stroppy thoughtless loose quirky vacant won't hold water won't wash inept puerile not trustworthy off-beam way off-beam non-sequiturial ill-tempered unauthorized fallible logically fallacious chimerical imaginary uncalled for not backed up causeless plausible full of hot air without justification without cause unauthorised without reason credible probable apparent sophisticated ostensible seeming flattering ostentatious pretentious meretricious presumptive likely captious colorable nugatory sham insincere presumable without explanation unimportant negligible casual light insignificant small minor shoestring inconsiderable petty minute seemingly correct lacking substance plausible but wrong apparently right mythical erring fluffed unprovable astray wide off-target misfigured goofed misconstrued mishandled miscalculated not precise at fault traditional out of line out of commission on the wrong track superstitious freety apprehensive fearful imperfect invented concocted fake illusive falsified imagined apocryphal truthless fanciful discrepant counterfeit off the mark delusional forged dishonest impaired misrepresentative colored untrustworthy fabulous mythological illusionary coloured inappropriate cooked-up adrift chancy risky rocky disreputable not true fictional confused undependable uncertain unfit off track sick pseudo economical with the truth open to question open to doubt deluded dissembling indefinite cold unassured unsure wanting chimeric lying wrong-headed unread mocking getting cold off course unfactual nonfactual contrary to fact without substantiation without merit terminologically inexact not the case unfaithful careless hallucinatory garbled way-out way-off not right fancied non-existent in the wrong doesn't wash wrongly identified labouring under a misapprehension wide of mark barking up wrong tree barking up the wrong tree notional untoward unsuitable Barmecidal supposititious whimsical semblant suppositious ideal visionary Barmecide fictive float rotten blue sky pipe dream inapposite unhappy unapt indecorous infelicitous malapropos graceless inapt unbecoming unseemly crooked unfair foul unlawful haywire mock feigned glitched up out of order artificial simulated faked debased rank unretentive adulterated lemon frail malformed injured tainted blamable broken-down warped marred botched blemished incomplete cracked leaky deficient maimed factitious contrived ersatz below par

Tính từ

Isolated and lonely
alone abandoned lonely deserted forsaken isolated solitary desolate apart companionless estranged forlorn friendless insulated segregated separate destitute detached hermitic introverted lonesome sequestered unsociable withdrawn all alone to one side by itself by oneself lone sole one only unique special singular one-off single sui generis particular exclusive unaccompanied individual solo reclusive one and only unattended onliest unrepeatable antisocial specific unsocial definite alienated retired outcast rejected empty unbefriended cut off lorn unused remaining distinct only possible odd certain discrete respective original immune limited-edition never-to-be-repeated once-in-a-lifetime insular disaffected indifferent deliberate nonce especial once in a lifetime one shot one of a kind precise peculiar secluded specified fixed purposeful clear-cut uncommon uncherished looking in on the outside unshared renounced left comfortless troglodytic down godforsaken homeless disconsolate express ace private cloistered shunned only one unattached retiring spare surplus unpaired extra unpopular unwanted hermitical unloved spurned uncared-for ostracized leftover without friends adrift marooned distant reserved independent stag eremetic misanthropic offish out-of-the-way standoffish self-sufficient uncompanionable aloof self-contained unmatched unitary uneven separated ostracised without ties with no ties on its own left alone orra vacant all by one's self with no one to turn to uninhabited without a friend in the world unoccupied derelict vacated barren void disused bare neglected idle unpeopled hermit removed on one's own single-handed unescorted unchaperoned solus partnerless unguarded unwatched loner isolate without an escort a cappella traveling light by yourself on your own

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