Đồng nghĩa của quirky

Alternative for quirky

  • tính từ
    • lắm mưu mô; giỏi ngụy biện
    • quirky lane : đường đi quanh co

Tính từ

Strange in a somewhat silly, awkward manner
strange weird bizarre eccentric odd unusual unconventional unorthodox peculiar queer curious offbeat outlandish freakish idiosyncratic wacky alternative Bohemian funny kooky oddball quaint singular whacky wild zany bizarro freaky funky kinky kookie queerish remarkable screwy cranky crazy erratic rum weirdo capricious fanciful individual outre unpredictable whimsical off the wall way-out far-out off-centre off-the-wall out of the ordinary far out off-kilter out-of-the-way out there spaced-out in left field abnormal uncommon extraordinary anomalous irregular unique aberrant atypical different unfamiliar deviant uncustomary freak wacko rare unnatural outré fantastic left-field exceptional way out original unexpected untypical absurd novel uncanny unwonted ridiculous mystifying unaccustomed mysterious droll nonconformist out of the way out in left field avant-garde puzzling perplexing incongruous ludicrous preternatural nutty flaky flakey baffling daggy off-center aberrated phenomenal exotic uncharacteristic divergent insane special especial isolated mad quizzical surreal characteristic inexplicable surprising distinctive inconceivable grotesque unaccountable unco alien unrepresentative madcap extraordinaire nonconforming exceeding preposterous fresh dotty nonstandard suspicious dubious dilly perverted unreal cockeyed off-key devious foreign deviate aberrational daft nuts innovative unheard of crackpot irrational amusing comical silly radical nonsensical bohemian warped fantastical outrageous monstrous eerie twisted questionable unprecedented perverse foolish scarce bent illogical distinct cuckoo spooky individualistic out of the common dippy farcical comic cracked experimental loony clownish extravagant goofy waggish incredible something else astonishing exclusive laughable balmy disparate humorous esoteric unthinkable infrequent particular incomprehensible heterodox hare-brained witty unknown creative deviating beat non-typical off the air fishy anomalistic creepy off the beaten track heteroclite off-base off-color groundbreaking out of line distinguishing new informal progressive risible senseless batty hilarious chucklesome diverting harebrained fatuous unceremonious light-hearted screwball looney lunatic daffy unhealthy specialized dreamlike random incoherent half-baked imaginative hippy inventive sick wayward unsound quixotic corrupt suspect old-fashioned wonderful boho unreasonable pervy unlike contrary supernatural jarring newsworthy avant garde sporadic rummy specific extreme mental psycho flighty digressive rogue slang chimerical unhinged demented unbalanced joshing camp campy sicko stupid transgressing unparalleled wandering distorted unheard-of inimitable specialised arbitrary unconforming few and far between one and only thin on the ground far-fetched offhand forward-looking oddish intriguing out of place advanced fringe maverick disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent wigged out schizoid schizo mischievous playful unordinary depraved typical out-there untraditional kookish eccentrical not tightly wrapped essential private representative excentrical weird and wonderful unintelligible non-standard distinguished rambling straying personal out of the box anarchistic unsavoury degenerated sadistic degenerate masochistic custom customized signature personalized unrecognized defective cockamamie doubtful conspicuous out of keeping incomparable shady arcane nondescript startling egregious few obscure unrecognised very unconventional seldom licentious deviative immoral varying heretical variant dubitable disputable disquieting debatable shaky doubtable equivocal dodgy off-beat off the rails bugged out crotchety problematical problematic untried touched occasional errant other interesting discordant noteworthy unharmonious one-off mercurial impracticable inane malformed inscrutable crinkly twisty unsavory dicey chancy uncertain wackadoodle bewildering shocking infantile imbecilic crazy-ass implausible pointless idiotic wackadoo cock-eyed unbelievable like nothing on earth diagnostic discriminating identifying diagnostical classic symptomatic disorderly limited unworkable imprudent puerile derisory foolhardy funny peculiar unnormal heteromorphic inept jerky fool brainless weak-minded witless simpleminded half-witted featherheaded asinine unwise tomfool lunkheaded bubbleheaded sappy barbarous awkward rad deep hippie ultramodern contemporary groovy mod modern modernistic cool all your own irresponsible not normal dumb personalised customised short-sighted ill-conceived beyond all reason bird-brained out of all reason inappropriate entertaining eye-popping jocular expressive rollicking mirthful out of this world bonkers loopy barmy antic wry hysterical sportive killing comedic humoristic sidesplitting screaming tongue-in-cheek riotous uproarious hysteric engaging facetious romantic fabulous potty sparkling side-splitting rib-tickling dreamy brainsick deranged crackers crazed loco maniac wud maniacal bedlam scatty meshugge bughouse crackbrained psychotic fruity haywire bats gaga moonstruck whacko meshuga certifiable gelastic laffer crack-up riot inspired artistic mythical poetic fancy originative gonzo artful brilliant fertile ingenious illusory genius imaginary keen looney tunes loony tunes for grins gagged up non compos mentis innovational chimeric visionary vivid phantasmal revolutionary phantasmic astute unreasoning invalid inconsequential fallacious acting crazy illegitimate inconsequent nonrational weak head in the clouds out of touch with reality blue-sky Promethean contradictory loose full of hot air ill-tempered vacant inconsistent all wet bad-tempered stroppy thoughtless reasonless unreasoned wrong unearthly ghostly unfathomable amazing unimaginable marvellous marvelous unlikely dark impenetrable enigmatic prodigious confusing mystical mystic glamorous recondite cryptic insoluble secret glamourous other-worldly magical improbable abstruse murky outstanding eldritch scary occult paradoxical unexplainable miraculous unrealistic devilish frightening spookish remote haunting striking hair-raising spine-chilling befuddling ambiguous spectral otherworldly astounding unconvincing unknowable awful paranormal inexplainable external demoniac enigmatical chilling blood-curdling eery sinister ghastly extrinsic wildering terrifying awesome sensational ethereal confounding phantom hard to swallow extraneous inhuman unexplored macabre elliptical wondrous oracular awe-inspiring unexampled elliptic ghoulish intricate laboured hidden veiled opaque unsolvable demonic non-mortal animal subhuman non-human labored transcendental double-edged transcendent unclear not quite right ghostlike extraterrestrial disconcerting cabalistic memorable little known petrifying indecipherable scaring hard to understand secretive notable spiritual ironic fearful unexplained dreadful outside superhuman horrific stupefying staggering make-believe signal shonky stunning dumfounding cockamamy incredulous sublime momentous uncompelling pathetic ornate unconceivable mind-boggling difficult pioneering newfangled not kosher overwhelming strained one of a kind nebulous oblique ground-breaking beyond belief mind-blowing complex Delphic thin fuliginous vague haunted cock-and-bull hideous coded as clear as mud baroque indescribable undefinable involved shifty fascinating complicated eye-catching metaphysical beyond comprehension disreputable supernormal wraithlike concealed horrendous exciting convoluted colourful nightmarish appalling atypic significant prominent eminent refreshing beyond understanding unnerving shadowy sibylline unworldly difficult to understand horrifying heavenly bananas vampiric fitful beyond one barking horrible grandiose adventitious exogenetic alluring dumbfounding ominous beyond your ken wraithy estranged derisive arresting exterior colorful imported stupendous doolally unmatched unequalled unrivalled derisible disturbing exogenous delirious under suspicion spectacular unforeseen flustering muddling unrivaled numinous supermundane superior tremendous phony supervenient uninvestigated outward harrowing gruesome matchless unexcelled unequaled impractical direful barking mad heavy eye-opening portentous record peerless untoward farfetched jolting unannounced unanticipated subtle flimsy phoney out to lunch sphinxlike scarcely credible forced first-time off your head as daft as a brush shuddersome in a league of its own Delphian without equal won't wash beyond compare sui generis full of it morbid without parallel apocryphal covert evasive hard to take up the pole poignant very unique very unusual chance unhuman impressive fluky vagarious changeable teratoid elaborate loner misfit unseasonable skittish dissimilar underhand gothic Gothic Kafkaesque rococo simple pretend imitation concocted ersatz made-up staged giddy crooked meaningless breaking new ground iffy ape berserk dopey hard altered ready off insubstantial ironical deformed seldom seen potentially illegal potentially dishonest thorny knotty taxing uncouth magic supernal flipped out supranormal unwholesome very different not prepared misshapen ugly eidolic apparitional wan pale holy divine cadaverous deathlike corpselike indistinct providential off your trolley unforgettable tenebrous ambitious misleading artificial labyrinthine not typical unsightly serious unholy ungodly out of one's mind suppositious hallucinatory illusive too good for this world very strange amazeballs psychic tall the utmost wonderworking supranatural unacceptable offensive undiscovered out of character ticklish worrying mind-bending not of this world flash gnarly forby misproportioned insolvable attractive foreign-looking God-awful unbelieveable nonplussing shattering discomfiting nonplusing dismaying upsetting faint slight undesirable teasing profound hermetic hermetical stumping clandestine stickling cabbalistic unsung disgraceful unremarked unregarded never to be forgotten mangled mutilated gnarled sepulchral funereal hyperphysical fiendish flabbergasting blindsiding funny-looking mysterious-looking strange-looking out of sight Byzantine spiny dishonest untrustworthy cock and bull less likely not likely outside chance off beaten path terrible enticing peregrine elusive bemusing menacing threatening impossible devastating unreliable unhandsome unbeautiful homely unpretty unappealing unattractive nameless unlovely unpleasing vile little-known ill-favored undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned uncomely extramural frightful irritating unsettling dramatic criminal accidental specious unpersuasive from elsewhere non-resident international non-native third-party from abroad riddling uninterpretable fugly huckery dire really hard very hard hairy jaw-dropping lame trifling feeble rich annoying priceless abstract over one's head all-time technical indecisive illegible uneasy charismatic captivating charming appealing unsatisfactory shallow ineffectual ponderous transparent inadequate unimagined nasty disgusting unpleasant clear as dishwater clear as mud Greek to me not easily understood flamboyant grody surrealistic gross ill-favoured never before encountered of doubtful honesty open to question rings untrue too much open to doubt a laugh a joke a bit much poor unimpressive difficult to believe hard to believe not convincing grievous unspeakable grim atrocious alarming fetching beguiling seductive OTT a bit thick over the top imcomprehensible insupposable out of the question reachy unsubstantial incogitable superstitious crawly unsuitable unsolved forbidding dread distressing fearsome intimidating abominable redoubtable formidable extremely implausible extremely unlikely extremely doubtful conflicting provocative riveting chivalrous nostalgic compelling adventurous not to be thought of beyond reason won't fly not in the least likely beyond the bounds of possibility extremely difficult to believe scanty subtile sparse preeminent magnificent towering tenuous attenuate short light attenuated deficient recherche semioccasional scattered standout rarefied unfrequent unsuited disturbed stealthy very bad lamentable terribly bad unstable frenzied improper distraught independent psychopathic distracted sectionable subjective cagey raving unbecoming frantic manic nutso abysmal grisly bad bloodcurdling lurid baleful buggy dissonant clashing incompatible inapt irreconcilable squirrelly nutsy unhappy amiss infelicitous malapropos unseemly incorrect unfit inapposite unapt indecorous graceless bushed porangi yarra liberated untrammelled free-spirited unconstrained egoistic unfettered freethinking at odds mentally ill nutty as a fruitcake not all there mad as a hatter have bats in the belfry round the bend foaming at the mouth out of one's head stark mad raving mad not together mad as a March hare round the twist not right in the head sick in the head not right upstairs not quite right in the head have kangaroos in the top paddock away with the fairies of unsound mind mentally unbalanced stark staring mad not the full shilling have a screw loose stark raving mad unrelated unconnected lopsided unavailing in opposition shifting jumbled not in harmony uncoordinated uneven incongruitous self-indulgent selfish egomaniacal self-serving self-interested self-centered self-loving megalomaniac egotistic stuck-up pompous conceited individualist self-absorbed egoistical vainglorious narcissistic egotistical egocentric self-reliant self-concerned untrammeled self-centred sticking out a mile standing out a mile like a fish out of water wrapped up in oneself

Tính từ

Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood, thinking or behavior
capricious variable fickle impulsive mercurial unpredictable erratic inconsistent inconstant changeable temperamental volatile arbitrary fitful freakish unstable whimsical vacillating changeful flighty irregular faddish fluctuating fluid mutable skittish uncertain ungovernable unsettled unsteady wild chance flaky flakey haphazard random vagarious wayward bipolar crotchety flickery unreliable up and down blowing hot and cold wavering undependable varying shifting ever-changing changing protean labile uneven kaleidoscopic quicksilver excitable mobile moody desultory movable spasmodic up in the air fluctuant hit-or-miss aimless up-and-down giddy indiscriminate irrepressible yo-yo irrational active elastic unmethodical casual intermittent sporadic chameleonic unfixed unsystematic oscillating turbulent unequal frivolous chameleon-like irresponsible irresolute untrustworthy offhand scattered faithless helter-skelter waffling full of ups and downs patchy floating episodic scattershot discretionary unreasonable fluky disconnected discontinuous subjective stray swaying directionless episodical optional personal variational occasional flexible peaky unfocused everchanging fanciful chaotic approximate injudicious superficial unaccountable supercilious unscientific dynamic heedless wanton unthinking orderless blind lost reckless careless ever-shifting without purpose unjustifiable unsupported unjustified uninformed groundless unreasoned alterable untrue disreputable unexpected purposeless choppy aperiodic incidental nonuniform illogical spotty jerky chancy spastic catch-as-catch-can slapdash disorganized roving vagrant adaptable catchy shifty unforeseeable tempestuous rambling restless undirected moving wandering iffy flickering unguided not conscientious alternating deviating disorganised thoughtless without goal without direction off and on willful judgemental continuously changing unbalanced judgmental always changing ephemeral transitory highly strung inexact broken momentary transient impermanent fleeting baseless unwarranted unfounded not constant unequable disturbed slippery contradictory constantly changing disrupted shot-in-the-dark ambiguous dubious unsound suspect weaving doubtful adjustable indefinite without a goal altering short-lived paradoxical explosive knife-edge developing growing interrupted incompatible contrary conflicting self-contradictory versatile not fixed subject to change likely to change undulating discordant incongruous irreconcilable incoherent loose sketchy vicissitudinous discrepant periodic warring lubricious dissonant incongruent undreamed-of surprise unanticipated transitional variant revocable commutative transformable agitated reversible indecisive on-again-off-again herky-jerky on and off at odds fiery impassioned in conflict two-faced at variance emotional intense passionate out of step fortuitous coincidental accidental unknowable from left field incalculable serendipitous inadvertent ad hoc goalless pointless drifting lucky motiveless unmotivated hot-tempered unforeseen adventitious out of the blue wilful discretional driftless objectless quick-tempered spot contingent shaky infrequent eccentric designless fragmentary unpunctual unconsidered on-and-off off-and-on non-periodic jumbled muddled disjointed disorderly confused all over the place unorganized unorganised in fits and starts entropic slipshod fractal periodical non-linear disordered unconnected convulsive uncoordinated on again and off again all over the map recurrent recurring uncontrolled odd isolated rough sloppy bitty messy alternate scrambled cyclical seasonal paroxysmal mixed up unplanned uncontrollable abrupt inchoate incohesive undisciplined twitching unpremeditated sudden all over the shop non-uniform fragmented scrappy broken up violent evolving systemless checkered chequered hit and miss indeterminate incomplete spurtive shambolic lax progressive unintelligible piecemeal unsystematized frenzied promiscuous stochastic aleatory adaptive garbled unsteadfast gaping freelance outsourced outside in disarray intervallic in bits and pieces mixed-up ill-thought-out meandering part-time dicey nomadic inelegant in a state of change uncontinuous all over the lot hit-and-miss rugged higgledy-piggledy punctuated cyclic continual unconcerned spontaneous unselective willy-nilly devil-may-care fluke unconscious stop-go isochronal epochal stop-and-go iterative discontinuing isochronous rhythmic checked rhythmical arrested metrical iterant serial twitchy perfunctory hit or miss cursory remiss lackadaisical any which way any old way every other here and there now and then shaking bumpy tremulous by bits and pieces slap-happy jumpy bouncy jolting trial and error juddering shuddering

Tính từ

Requiring great skill or finesse in handling or treatment
tricky difficult sensitive delicate problematic sticky thorny ticklish complicated knotty risky touchy hairy awkward precarious touch-and-go complex involved uncertain catchy convoluted dicey dodgy embarrassing nasty prickly problematical spiny tough tricksy vexed gnarly critical fiddly intricate perplexing rocky undependable unstable troublesome hard baffling puzzling controversial trying taxing elaborate sophisticated vexatious uncomfortable chancy tangled dangerous challenging irksome bothersome iffy unpleasant confusing distressing upsetting worrying unfathomable disturbing hazardous perilous bewildering concerning tortuous impenetrable labyrinthine involute detailed unpredictable involuted enigmatic worrisome mystifying obscure byzantine abstruse questionable uneasy rough dubious grievous disagreeable undecipherable humiliating dark arduous formidable compromising confused labyrinthian fancy Byzantine incommodious unsafe disconcerting Gordian serpentine contentious entangled cringeworthy recondite discomfiting inscrutable cringey painful cryptic parlous interlaced emotive flustering nettlesome suspect cringe-making high-risk volatile bitter unsettled baroque inconvenient daedal cumbersome troubled fraught with danger impossible ambiguous incomprehensible confounding advanced tight dire bleak Daedalian full of twists and turns onerous forbidding grim difficult to understand unchancy treacherous awful punishing shameful tense debatable demeaning degrading barro briery pointed unsound annoying unfriendly spartan hostile profound discomposing discountenancing agitating unnerving problem capricious equivocal paradoxical shaky insoluble moot complicate mazy scratchy operose strenuous toe-curling unanswerable subtle excruciating exasperating messy deep circuitous serious demanding fraught ravelled jumbled mixed dense knotted mind-bending open to doubt raveled hi-tech full of problems mixed up Daedalean beset by problems finicky loaded chaotic tender harassing intractable severe echinated stimulating provocative vulnerable heated discomforting divisive scandalous searching penetrating like herding cats shaming mortifying scary unhealthy wicked jeopardous erratic fluctuant stressful heavy laborious rugged insolvable threatening grave eventful incalculable insecure indivisible inseparable bemusing frustrating daunting hair-trigger kid-glove state-of-the-art elite nice kittle ignominious unsteady lively fiendish devilish disgraceful discreditable dishonouring blush-making temperamental mercurial changeable inconstant fickle variable disputed winding sinuous twisted high-level higher-level ornate unpropitious discommodious distracting discommoding dishonoring inopportune troubling rattling unseemly charged rococo heterogeneous multifaceted multifarious variegated nuanced muddled devil of a very devil of a high-tech long-drawn-out can of worms maze-like drawn-out bristly barbed top-level debated contested tickly galling torturous roundabout indirect indissoluble inextricable impossible to separate briary thistly brambly irritating dolorous bumpy afflicted unclear unintelligible abstract doubtful embarrassed radical extensive undecided undetermined unresolved unconcluded mind-boggling inexplicable itchy confronting distressed afflictive wearisome untimely sharp spiculate pronged bristled spiniferous spicular spiky aculeate spinous spiked trouble vexing rambling esoteric mysterious mystical thought-provoking fathomless in contention ongoing at issue in dispute causing discomfort ill-fitting dubitable disputable hard to solve hard to explain beyond comprehension beyond one's grasp opaque misleading unstraightforward nervous anxious setaceous jaggy muricate pointy barbellate spinose enigmatical hazy over one's head above one's head unsolvable open to question open to debate hot-button suspicious shady fishy queer doubtable verbose lengthy overlong devious deceptive nerve-racking restless unsettling creepy disquieting nail-biting distressful nerve-wracking up in the air yet to be decided much debated fractious drastic perverse cunning indecisive open arguable complete sweeping thorough extreme revolutionary uphill terrible ramified reticular effortful difficult to follow uptight apprehensive major emotionally charged up for grabs unhandy unwieldy clunky cumbrous cranky impractical clumsy bunglesome ungainly ponderous unmanageable burdensome lumbersome a devil hard to use

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