Đồng nghĩa của glamourous

Alternative for glamourous

glamourous /'glæmərəs/ (glamourous) /'glæmərəs/
  • tính từ
    • đẹp say đắm, đẹp quyến r

Tính từ

Aesthetically pleasing to view or look at
pretty attractive lovely good-looking appealing beautiful fetching charming cute sweet nice pleasing bonny fair graceful handsome nice-looking prepossessing comely dainty darling delightful adorable agreeable arousing arresting beauteous beckoning beguiling bootylicious captivating charismatic desirable enchanting engaging enthralling enticing entrancing eye-catching fanciable gorgeous hot hunky interesting inviting irresistible likeable likable lovable luring luscious magnetic mesmeric nubile personable provocative ravishing seductive sensual sensuous sexy smashing spunky striking stunning sultry tantalising tantalizing tasty tempting pleasant winning winsome adorbs aesthetic alluring bewitching bonnie dear delicate elegant esthetic fine glamorous good goodly knockout seemly sightly taking well favoured bijou dishy dreamboat eyeful fit foxy likely lovesome pulchritudinous trim drop-dead gorgeous picture-perfect as pretty as a picture easy on the eye well-favored fascinating elfin intriguing mesmerizing magical mesmerising compelling dazzling spellbinding riveting hypnotic divine exciting delectable siren exquisite heavenly splendid superb resplendent radiant photogenic endearing engrossing dreamy drop-dead rapturous hypnotizing come-hither drawing hypnotising wonderful sublime affable marvelous congenial statuesque genial dollish gripping presentable amiable amusing disarming telegenic choice prettyish showstopping marvellous sirenic aesthetically pleasing aesthetically appealing fine-looking absorbing teasing orphic titillating on fleek specious attracting sexual lush beseeching magic cutesy angelic physically attractive grand witching phat drawing attention out of this world pulling shapely inveigling bodacious infatuating enamoring voluptuous beddable curvaceous classy symmetrical refined ideal well-formed Orphean enrapturing as nice as pie magnetising electrifying babelicious magnetizing full of personality strong in character influential larger than life transfixing compulsive thrilling consuming stimulating entertaining diverting willowy sheen flirtatious immersing involving mysterious exotic fashionable dapper camera-friendly debonair provoking unputdownable curious seducing thought-provoking very interesting immodest erotic suggestive shameless fantastic raunchy amorous come-to-bed coquettish slinky sexually exciting passionate sexually arousing steamy tarty colourful quixotic fantastical nostalgic chivalrous strange romantic adventurous outlandish colorful bizarro excellent exceptional satisfactory enjoyable positive great satisfying comforting mild enviable acceptable flashy exhilarating worthy pleasurable euphoric favorable comfortable valuable precious sound tasteful sunny joyous clear super cunning A1 cheery rad reputable neat welcome prime glossy honourable splashy snazzy ace flamboyant sterling admirable commendable zingy soothing blessed superior slick boss spanking intoxicating fun capital hospitable showy in order hunky-dory relief OK unspoilt not bad glad honorable elating splendorous paradisiacal deluxe super-eminent grateful copasetic first-rate passable delightsome shipshape first-class recreative supercalifragilisticexpialidocious gratifying paradisiac select gnarly ecstatic dulcet super-excellent copacetic paradisal relishable blest recherche stupendous paradisaical calming savory paradisaic irie savoury favourable jolly glorious stylish magnificent felicitous loveable picturesque delicious scenic fabulous breathtaking amazing persuasive idyllic palatable blissful happy smart sophisticated sexually attractive quaint friendly becoming chic majestic scrumptious cultivated chocolate-box cultured easy on the eyes cuddly sensational astonishing suave polished impressive refreshing cheerful fairy-tale ingratiating insinuating twee witty peachy artistic well-favoured cherubic discerning cordial cheering courtly opulent couthy urbane stately relaxing rewarding buxom blooming brilliant plush distinguished dashing spectacular rare fine and dandy memorable beaut incredible dramatic spiffy mouthwatering remarkable rousing very beautiful wondrous good-natured enchanted jaw-dropping miraculous funny out of the ordinary panoramic easygoing dreamlike simpatico sympathique polite sympatisch humorous dignified welcoming droll fairylike comical luxurious chucklesome sumptuous Elysian innocent hilarious dinky merry lively cherubical wholesome gladdening extraordinary perfect side-splitting gay priceless fragile suitable swanky mind-blowing kawaii fab terrific stirring affecting ambrosial light-hearted appetizing vivid moving piquant inspiring soft heartwarming swank astounding ethereal dandy well-dressed pleasureful schmick strong swell to one's liking staggering emphatic appetising eye-popping invigorating portentous envigorating powerful pretty-pretty startling eye-opening clean-cut noteworthy well favored pretty as a picture unique a ten sympathetic illecebrous extremely attractive celestial picture-postcard sweet-natured preferable poised cherished warm-hearted affectionate devastating studly goodlooking cherishable extremely enjoyable extremely pleasant flattering childlike perky toothsome nurturable appreciatable prizable civilized warm snug suited eligible convivial balmy superlunary seraphic empyrean worldly a sight for sore eyes top transporting readable civilised adapted appropriate jovial heady canny with good taste well bred worldly-wise entranced charmed bewitched enhancing heartening festive mouth-watering well suited groovy mooi lekker glitzy silvery golden sweetheart aces sociable okay gregarious white-hat good-humoured good-humored glam fiendish conjuring gladsome celebratory petite slight encouraging open ritzy well dressed doll face well-chosen joyful bright slim attention-grabbing trendy righteous prestigious nifty peach ready pussycat placating pacifying mollifying conciliatory to your liking to one's taste to your taste too good to be true airy subtle nuanced meaty preoccupying buzzworthy racy newsworthy electric eventful worthy of note fresh trenchant galvanising topical unboring vibrant newsy relatable action-packed galvanizing indomitable uncontainable overriding ineluctable invincible unconquerable inevitable good egg all right all heart pacific peacemaking placatory conciliating appeasing propitiatory ducky brill cool heart-warming bonzer champion corking topping wizard ripping cracking spiffing frabjous beezer ineffable yummy looking like a million farcical lacy tender diaphanous light well-made deft frail thin feeble very pleasant awesome propitiating top-hole very agreeable very attractive greatly to one's liking very pleasurable classic modish comic awe-inspiring facetious laughable jocular discriminating idealized halcyon silky convincing silken insinuative saccharine deferential ingratiatory fastidious harmonious ludicrous waggish rib-tickling mirthful noble decorous like a dream come true mind-boggling special unheard-of mind-bending heart-stopping prodigious enlightening fairytale-like unbelievable far-out unimaginable sensorial far out enlivening empyreal fabled tremendous dream-filled peaceful pastoral rustic ornamented genteel affected fancy ornate ostentatious groomed photographic pictographic novel whimsical rollicking restrained high-class overdone august aristocratic stylized pictorial unsoiled symbolic decorative fitting sensitive joshing wacky jokey gut-busting sidesplitting camp screaming campy boffo poignant riot restorative scream clever fun-filled gas well-designed hip dressy a la mode rural Utopian unspoiled bucolic utopian arcadian well-bred quiet posh rich unobtrusive in good taste splendiferous uptown pure chaste unaffected classical precise subdued cut up for grins sylvan Arcadian be a ball spick and span sleek dressed to the teeth snappy well-turned-out dolled up well-tailored spiffed-up besuited dressed to kill trig fly fashionably dressed natty as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox well-presented with it well-groomed soigné spruce too funny for words restful calm serene out-of-this-world idealised tranquil noticeable conspicuous obvious marked evident prominent distinct manifest salient unmistakable notable clear-cut visible distinctive outstanding kenspeckle noisy pronounced bold significant surprising grabby uncommon commanding catchy gee-whizz appreciable forcible observable phenomenal perceptible telling jazzy lofty dynamite signal forceful singular unusual cogent arrestive confounding bizarre

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