Đồng nghĩa của novel

Alternative for novel


Đồng nghĩa: different, firsthand, fresh, new, original, unique, unusual,

Tính từ

Interestingly new or unusual
fresh new original unfamiliar different unusual innovative strange unconventional unorthodox unprecedented advanced avant-garde creative imaginative innovational innovatory inventive modern rare singular unique unknown futuristic groundbreaking newfangled pioneering revolutionary trailblazing uncommon exotic experimental neoteric new-fashioned originative surprising unaccustomed untested untried visionary atypical ingenious inspired inspiring refreshing special artistic contemporary disruptive distinctive funky modernistic odd offbeat peculiar recent seminal left-field state-of-the-art cutting-edge ground-breaking off-centre out of the ordinary unheard-of cutting edge far cry leading-edge ultra-modern just out out-of-the-box breaking new ground radical latest extraordinary alternative outlandish unexampled remarkable bizarre unexplored up-to-date brand-new obscure exceptional anomalous fashionable current alien forward-looking clever trendy present-day little known up-to-the-minute stylish modish hot curious unheard of unparalleled unequalled avant garde abnormal unmatched unrivalled incomparable unrivaled unequaled matchless unexpected fantastic newest unexcelled aberrant peerless in Promethean signal in vogue without equal out-of-the-way progressive phenomenal cool ultramodern designer amazing mod nifty now space-age red-hot beyond compare popular sui generis one of a kind happening new age with-it trendsetting individual unwonted resourceful individualistic foreign up to date dissimilar brand new distinct outstanding unimaginable up to the minute prodigious freakish flash in fashion striking snazzy all the rage chic record untypical freak remote uninvestigated recondite beyond your ken outré momentous marvellous hip outre marvelous idiosyncratic eccentric miraculous preternatural intriguing unhackneyed without parallel modern-day with it modernized first-time modernised latter-day high-tech faddish a la mode in a league of its own mould-breaking welcome quirky stimulating innovating spearheading fringe artful fertile transformational newborn variational demiurgic productive deviceful out of the common subversive afresh fundamental not just another this season's new-fangled in style drastic neat voguish underground smart quaint dewy recently discovered queer timely uncharted unrecognised unrecognized uncustomary uncanny weird inexplicable mysterious oddball game-changing world-shattering up-and-coming swinging previously unencountered outside one's experience newfound natty leading edge go-ahead kicking inconceivable kicky groovy far out modernist pathbreaking nontraditional way out tony fly hi-tech spiffy sassy uncharacteristic leading newly discovered contemporaneous updated au courant plugged-in nouvelle recently developed stylin' in-thing never-before-seen offensive extreme shocking outrageous unacceptable undiscovered unbelievable germinal strategic well-thought-out complex sophisticated multifaceted forward-thinking formative well-designed highly developed involved elaborate well-planned intricate well-built unthinkable unremarked disgraceful unsung unregarded preposterous gimmicky exclusive little-known unlikely undreamed of undreamed-of unrenowned nameless prevailing present-time concurrent coincident late concomitant contempo prevalent present today classic essential exemplary ultimate prototypical typical quintessential model ideal one-off standout irreplaceable inimitable de nos jours last word twenty- first century never before encountered extraordinaire unsurpassable unparagoned second to none unsurpassed quite recent far-out consummate archetypal superlative paramount superior supreme in a class by itself one and only best transcendent notable something else utmost nonpareil incredible unrepeatable noteworthy unrepeated all-time separate without precedent unordinary primo purpose-built once-in-a-lifetime one-of-a-kind exquisite perfect avant developed ahead of its time evolved forward improved breakthrough poetical front-line ahead of the times higher fanciful big technologically advanced whimsical gifted romantic dreamy extravagant future poetic genius vivid refined le dernier cri in thing swank causative teeming constructive adroit forgetive fruitful quixotic topical blue-sky way-out highly-developed science fiction far ahead high-end well along far along well ahead bang up to date established extant immediate perfected ongoing vanguard twenty-first century bleeding edge sharp high forefront surrealistic SOTA 21st-century landmark high-style hot off press twenty-first-century à la mode accomplished virtuoso talented masterly def swish snappy swell supercool hep downtown turned-on mature skilful skillful the newest high-level schmick swagger culty on fleek marginal expressive all the go enterprising peripheral unofficial nonmainstream desired sought-after fabulous off Broadway extremist fantastical unreal self-regulating robotic automatic in demand in favour latest thing mythical dreamlike fancy flighty insightful powerful automated artificially intelligent big thing ritzy absurd brilliant freaky illusory imaginary keen wild nonconformist ridiculous chimeric chimerical phantasmal crackpot phantasmic astute craze fad chi-chi capable of learning intelligent pie-in-the-sky high-flown utopian breaking ground brain wave inspirational fictive foremost on the cutting edge in the latest style dernier cri in favor latest fashion latest wrinkle latest fad in with it new look far-fetched prime ahead head in the clouds out of touch with reality complicated pre-eminent avantgardistic excellent precocious principal most recent

Tính từ

Distinguished by a unique attribute
special unique distinct distinctive different distinguished characteristic custom customised customized distinguishing exclusive individual original particular personalised personalized signature specialised specialized peculiar rare uncommon unusual aberrant abnormal anomalous atypical bizarre contrary curious deviant disparate divergent eccentric exotic foreign freak freakish funny incomprehensible inconceivable incongruous irregular isolated jarring kookie kooky monstrous mysterious newsworthy odd oddball off the wall outlandish preternatural quaint queer quirky strange supernatural unaccustomed uncanny uncharacteristic uncustomary unfamiliar unlike unnatural unorthodox unreal unrepresentative unthinkable untypical unwonted way-out weird limited out of the ordinary out-of-the-way unconventional extraordinary offbeat unexpected singular exceptional surprising idiosyncratic far-out off-centre freaky remarkable left-field fresh alien something else unprecedented incredible infrequent phenomenal nonconformist unordinary Bohemian kinky new off-the-wall alternative out of the way way out especial aberrated noteworthy off-key conspicuous scarce unparalleled nonconforming unknown atypic avant-garde zany extreme wacky outré cranky out there unheard of extraordinaire unheard-of unconforming revolutionary inexplicable prodigious radical sporadic astonishing prominent outstanding awesome amazing significant memorable eminent refreshing rum outrageous whimsical awe-inspiring out of place fantastic exceeding inimitable heterodox nonstandard mystifying perverse wacko heteroclite erratic untried interesting crazy perplexing thin on the ground outre few and far between weird and wonderful one and only puzzling other specific discordant non-standard quizzical perverted unharmonious seldom seen alternate one-off skittish surreal fanciful errant awkward marginal anomalistic unrecognized unpredictable illogical irrational offhand unexplored newfangled astounding obscure unrecognised spooky wonderful nondescript startling egregious few arcane out of the common occasional seldom disconsonant inapropos irrelevant incongruent incoherent incomparable innovative whacky wild heretical random unintelligible funky queerish screwy bizarro dissenting out-there unceremonious heretic dissident nonorthodox iconoclastic dissentient maverick informal hippy weirdo diagnostic classic discriminating identifying symptomatic diagnostical improper unsuitable inappropriate illegal boho daggy bohemian spaced-out far out off-kilter off-center flakey beatnik flaky sectarian anarchic untraditional schismatic off the beaten path baffling ridiculous ludicrous unlikely unimaginable unbelievable dubious confusing befuddling preposterous unco eerie far-fetched unfathomable stupefying bewildering sensational stunning notable striking momentous miraculous improbable eye-catching unforgettable arresting unrealistic absurd spectacular stupendous nonsensical implausible serious eye-popping fantastical extravagant grandiose tremendous wondrous doubtful amazeballs insane foolish mad cockamamie comical flash off beaten path never to be forgotten gnarly heavy forby hare-brained make-believe out of this world suspicious questionable unforeseen flustering shattering dumfounding muddling disconcerting overwhelming unannounced nonplusing portentous unanticipated discomfiting dismaying upsetting confounding nonplussing jolting unaccountable out of line fishy creepy off-base inscrutable off-color like nothing on earth scanty subtile flimsy subtle towering tenuous thin sparse preeminent attenuate short light attenuated magnificent scattered deficient recherche standout rarefied unfrequent semioccasional

Tính từ

Causing laughter and providing entertainment
amusing diverting entertaining farcical comic comical delightful droll enjoyable facetious funny humorous interesting jocular laughable witty chucklesome light-hearted ludicrous mirthful rib-tickling waggish beguiling charming cheerful cheering engaging fun gladdening gratifying hilarious lively merry pleasant pleasing pleasurable rollicking whimsical agreeable boffo camp campy enchanting gut-busting jokey joshing priceless screaming sidesplitting side-splitting wacky cut up for grins too funny for words uproarious risible ridiculous riotous comedic hysterical humoristic hysteric jocose killing jolly antic playful absurd slapstick gay zany silly lighthearted good-humored good-humoured fascinating clever frivolous joking jovial absorbing hysterically funny sparkling blithe sportive tongue-in-cheek stimulating mischievous frolicsome exciting riveting compelling captivating jesting a scream high-spirited jocund gelastic intriguing appealing enthralling engrossing happy teasing gleeful joyous preposterous flippant killingly funny a hoot smart vivacious rich gripping cheery sunny ludic riot blithesome scream flip crazy odd goofy eccentric scintillating fun-filled festive recreational roguish entrancing ironic animated curious thrilling arresting provocative very funny compulsive bright mesmerizing consuming extremely amusing leisure immersing involving screamingly funny joyful unputdownable wisecracking mesmerising brilliant piquant laughing slaphappy quick-witted wry foolish relaxing light fantastic unusual derisory flaky spare time inane stirring glad flakey bewitching a laugh spellbinding enticing bizarre alluring tantalizing attractive exhilarating impish carefree prankish puckish clownish tantalising fanciful thought-provoking buoyant perky stupid arch noisy recreative bubbly jaunty daffy original quaint ingenious ebullient distracting bantering derisible effervescent nutty exhilarated quirky outrageous convivial satirical queer sharp-witted glib snappy dry dazzling gagged up unserious spirited in fun in jest striking impressive sharp quick off-the-wall derisive titillating affecting har-har mocking moving quizzical inspiring rousing seductive transfixing flighty tongue in cheek sprightly action-packed invigorating vibrant hypnotizing preoccupying charismatic not serious magnetic hypnotic hypnotising mesmeric magical inviting envigorating pulling one's leg putting one on racy nonserious madcap escapist fantasy boisterous rowdy lightweight irreverent custard-pie childish comedical grotesque cockamamie pathetic cockamamy upbeat ribald epigrammatic outrageously funny oddball chirpy genial untroubled happy-go-lucky ludicrous. laughable trivial trifling unsatisfactory inadequate embarrassing pitiful unimpressive too much laffer crack-up hearty knee-slapper joculous pixieish tricksy scampish pixie sly leprechaunish knavish wicked pixy rascally devilish elvish breezy bouncy optimistic easy-going positive insouciant clowning gamesome kittenish chipper loony jerky fool batty goofus dippy fool-headed gump dizzy screwy a barrel of laughs rip-roaring convulsive penetrating piercing intelligent keen nonsensical asinine a card a caution raucous fool around crazy shtick Mickey Mouse addictive coruscating capering in good spirits free and easy dramatic strange unreasonable irresistible nimble-witted glittering enrapturing monopolizing unlikely incongruous irritating daft highbrowed snazzy profound quick on the draw tactful smart-aleck smart-alecky cutting quick on the uptake glinting glimmering monopolising annoying fetching elfin peculiar luring tempting delectable ravishing glamourous glamorous laugh-a-minute off the wall weird a joke a bit much provoking winning seducing congenial nice freakish attention-grabbing OTT a bit thick over the top very interesting easy eloquent worth reading well-written easy to read satisfying worthwhile well written rewarding readable smooth singular meaty astonishing eventful worthy of note spectacular fresh memorable portentous trenchant marvellous galvanising topical fine unboring buzzworthy breathtaking wonderful unique newsy splashy relatable marvelous fabulous eye-opening amazing prepossessing remarkable vivid out of the ordinary exceptional newsworthy intoxicating noteworthy electrifying showy wondrous emphatic galvanizing electric refreshing arousing puzzling poignant gas restorative capricious unconventional outlandish offbeat idiosyncratic amused dotty fantastical crotchety freaky chimerical be a ball dicey imaginative random chancy uncertain kinky old-fashioned creative arbitrary gladsome laughter-filled euphoric elated in high spirits fun-loving larking

Danh từ

A fictitious prose narrative
story narrative tale book novelette prose allegory chronicle fantasy fiction narration novella yarn account adventure autobiography bestseller biography drama epic hardback legend memoir myth paperback parable piece report romance blockbuster chronology cliffhanger record work of fiction yellowback best-seller potboiler piece of fiction three-decker fictional account folk tale pot boiler short story cliff-hanger anecdote urban myth urban legend fable history saga relation spiel conte nonfiction poem play poetry thesis composition dissertation exposition verse manuscript literary work recital item version intelligence word commentary gen information commentaries info tidings news advices detail testimony sequel apologue tragedy beat comedy serial old saw long and short of it fabrication invention fancy falsehood concoction untruth improvisation fibs lie illusion lies porky sham figment nonsense phantasy storytelling imagination creativity bulldust hooey unrealism pork pie literature prevarication misrepresentation deceit fake news whopper trumped-up story clothesline crock smoke alternative fact fib creative writing fish story short stories made up story best seller figment of the imagination cock and bull story figment of imagination works of fiction tall story work of imagination terminological inexactitude description statement telling portrayal sketch recountal chronicling explanation rehearsal recounting detailing write-up blow by blow recitation relating describing communiqué review log voice-over annal lowdown analysis run-down play by play reading unfolding annals story telling study archive recapitulation memoirs recount portrait journal diary rendering opus plot prehistory public records sequence of events story line interpretation delineation rendition impression perspective side view take depiction make assessment critique the picture communication acclamation notice tribute the whole picture article evaluation judgement recognition criticism praise dispatch broadcast column note rundown treatise outline feature scoop brief summary message appreciation rating judgment crit declaration opinion bulletin précis résumé release proclamation announcement communique digest address picture pronouncement cable wire paper critical analysis handout telegram hot wire

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