Đồng nghĩa của chi chi

Tính từ

In the current style
in vogue fashionable modern modish stylish chic in fashion in style trendsetting ultra-modern voguish current desired hip popular prevalent smart sought-after trendy all the rage big cool happening in in demand in favor in favour latest thing up to date big thing flash last word natty nifty now ritzy snazzy swinging up to the minute avant-garde craze fad kicky le dernier cri mod swank tony with it dernier cri in thing latest fad latest fashion latest wrinkle new look a la mode in with it bang up to date in the latest style on the cutting edge latest hot contemporary fly up-to-the-minute new au courant sharp up-to-date spiffy designer newfangled chichi sassy fresh snappy dashing faddy kicking groovy red-hot elegant favored swish favoured classy supercool faddish swanky upscale all the go du jour exclusive in-thing on fleek swell funky schmick state-of-the-art popularized well-liked dapper rakish popularised crowd-pleasing culty with-it favorite favourite vogue trig posh de rigueur newest a go-go prevailing usual genteel new-fashioned dressy modernistic recent customary present-day ultramodern sophisticated pop high-class debonair swagger attractive space-age new age large glamorous advanced high-toned hep turned-on wanted def leading-edge leading edge tasteful well turned-out uptown progressive contemporaneous downtown massive cutting edge liked novel trim brand-new innovative neoteric approved celebrated desirable fancy cutting-edge present extant jazzy beautiful hot off press à la mode slick just out topical dressed to kill showy well liked sexy forward-looking expensive styleworthy high-tech leading hi-tech modern-day modernised modernized marketable latter-day updated nouvelle plugged-in flattering high-fashion understated spruce welcome the new polished good requested coveted well dressed down well turned out smartly dressed cosmopolitan stunning jaunty preferred appealing flashy well-groomed well-dressed dap gnarly fine sleek up in the mainstream ostentatious contempo abreast well received instant to die for as if one had just stepped out of a bandbox today existent well-heeled couturial youthful party young smartest nice finest formal Sunday nicest on trend gimmicky last-word impressive timely exciting bang up-to-date passing immediate clean legendary well-known ongoing present-time twenty-first-century shiny hottest urbane pretentious bling steezy dressed to the teeth fancy-pants quite recent unique well put together neat must-see fab dope spivvy dandy spiffing commercially successful successful widespread fashionably dressed sporty suave smooth spiff crisp glorious well loved super admired accepted well groomed lovely awake savvy knowledgeable perceptive familiar versed observant knowing alive informed apprehensive conscious aware gorgeous commercial dicty plush upmarket superior select stately refined courtly majestic plushy graceful handsome saleable agreeable excellent wantable enviable looked-for covetable valuable sought after pleasant pleasing eligible longed-for splashy pizazzy pizzazzy on to plugged in turned on tuned in up on in on switched on hep to wise to hip to colourful flamboyant gay bright loud colorful in the know lovable prominent beloved likable notorious sought trending fave famous concurrent coincident likeable synchronous coexistent go-ahead simultaneous coexisting coincidental coetaneous stylin' newly discovered ground-breaking groundbreaking innovatory pioneering recently developed never-before-seen coeval coterminous required synchronic coextensive merchantable vendible salable merchandisable like gold dust at a premium in great demand luxurious grand sumptuous deluxe cultivated exquisite lavish opulent cultured rich ornate glitzy dignified gracious luxury charming splendid civil aesthetic courteous well-bred artistic gentlemanly palatial civilized esthetic lush polite well bred well mannered elaborate grandiose discerning dainty luxuriant prim lavishly appointed palatian civilised decorous magnificent comely aristocratic costly chivalrous gallant ladylike well-presented clever distinguished ingenious luscious pretty Lucullan classic presentable besuited raffish casual snobbish extravagant cute saucy luxe discriminating decorative choice fastidious couth de luxe sensitive well-designed swankish delicate mannerly affable sublime well-turned-out noble seemly restrained fetching well-mannered perky bonny bonnie svelte handy in good taste futuristic clean-cut upper-class high lovesome pompous glittering tidy good-looking lux par excellence five-star pert gaudy ornamental fit for a queen well-appointed well appointed fit for a king proper groomed harmonious resplendent ornamented comfortable august poised overdone confident snooty affected superb precise creative quality becoming gentle first-class accomplished enhancing imposing aesthetically pleasing stuffy self-possessed obliging striking imaginative worldly glossy fit worldly-wise punctilious late marvelous radical divine knockout precious la-di-da sightly princely well-tailored experienced great marvellous wonderful heavenly revolutionary silken beauteous ravishing likely decent taking fair indulgent Babylonian drop-dead goodly up-market Lucullian intelligent regal dressed to the nines trailblazing media-savvy soigné immoderate nontraditional yuppie well-favored immaculate well-made peacocky high-quality coffee-table undercool wicked flippant snobby high-hat toffee-nosed potty snotty elitist persnickety streamlined fashion-conscious swaggy swishy arty soigne informal breezy distinctive well-off aerodynamic flowing palace self-assured ceremonious well produced with good taste wealthy-looking prosperous-looking dress respectable discriminative full-dress with style haute high fashion particular critical honorable honourable glib offbeat spick and span dolled up spiffed-up crucial devil-may-care looking sharp dressed up as if you had just stepped out of a bandbox diplomatic tactful correct nonchalant cheerful happy sprightly detached buoyant highbred preux lofty adulatory complimentary high-bred conventional studied spry snug nimble bandbox nobby doggy brisk avant airy close rigorous accurate evolved developed improved forward pinpoint spot-on higher mathematical in high feather spruced up forefront concomitant personable neat and tidy upper-crust affluent fitting dressed up to the nines turned out zooty highly developed SOTA balanced metropolitan bland dressed to nines dishy befitting high-minded high-brow flaunting glittery brazen moving emotional expressive fanciable ahead of its time twenty-first century haughty dazzling sensuous uncluttered simple quiet unobtrusive splendiferous pure chaste unaffected gratifying classical subdued de nos jours twenty- first century distingué hunky beautifying voluptuous comfy subtle well-chosen virile spunky patronizing hollow prudish straitlaced prissy condescending confined intolerant well-behaved discreet patronising artificial priggish abundant exuberant flawless delightful supreme splendorous very nice admirable zingy exceptional perfect nice-looking robust well-formed tasty well-proportioned athletic in the lap of luxury strong pulchritudinous drop-dead gorgeous good looking garish musical pictorial rhythmical stimulating ideal dramatic picturesque enlightened embellished proud stylistic impeccable bold lurid vibrant eye-catching vivid citified jet-set blasé inviting suitable orderly spotless adorable alluring hospitable welcoming mondaine mature erudite privileged aloof well-born flaring noisy brash razzle-dazzle brilliant beyond price rare sprauncy plummy larney world-weary recherche stylized worldly wise been around brightly coloured brilliantly coloured florid swashbuckling top-drawer sartorial innovational inspired unprecedented strange unheard-of unconventional unfamiliar unexplored visionary experimental unknown pathbreaking original inventive far out modernist different unaccustomed way out out-of-the-box unhackneyed unexampled peacockish flaming camp flaky outrageous flakey bombastic gassy peachy terrific quick keen superlative topflight prizewinning gone tip-top brave top top-notch capital fantabulous fantastic prize crackerjack first-rate fabulous sterling immense four-star stellar corking hype boss gilt-edge unsurpassed gangbuster banner mean sensational dynamite phat prime agile out-of-sight gangbusters jim-dandy brag topping bully awesome wizard blue-chip primo deft bang-up bumper boffo top-shelf cracking frontline righteous first-string A-OK blue-ribbon top-of-the-line gilt-edged supernal adroit apt skillful convenient skilful enjoyable number one peachy keen numero uno most recent

Tính từ

Elegant or stylishly luxurious
posh upmarket elegant ritzy exclusive classy chic fancy upscale swanky swish fashionable plush swank select smart stylish luxurious deluxe trendy expensive sumptuous grand ornate plushy ostentatious showy snazzy modish rich tony lavish flash dicty swell luxury opulent chichi larney plummy schmick sprauncy swagger high-class high-toned up-market fancy-pants la-di-da top-drawer upper-class glamorous flashy elite high-end glitzy sophisticated prestigious splashy sharp swankish special a la mode superior tasteful five-star snappy aristocratic flamboyant prestige limited high-quality intricate au courant decorated with-it baroque ornamented decorative embellished elaborate cliquish private adorned voguish fussy in cool busy florid rococo cliquey genteel exquisite yuppie formal peacocky pretentious agreeable prominent notable par excellence high esteemed important nice pleasant happening supercool hip fresh respectable snobby famous distinguished reputable eminent renowned leafy detailed extravagant cosmopolitan premier choice salubrious swishy haute garnished skillful skilful stately refined courtly majestic graceful fine handsome mod uptown dashing wedding-cake snobbish with all the extras over-elaborate with all the options with bells and whistles clannish high class upper-crust on fleek in vogue upper crust A-grade privileged ornamental gaudy rarefied favored resplendent spiffy quality towering extreme devilish favoured entitled elect honoured honored prime fanciful jazzy froufrou frilly fancible unusual cushy highfalutin custom beautifying indulged advantaged fortunate selected noble lucky OTT over the top restricted

Danh từ

A decorative detail or feature
frill embellishment decoration adornment ornamentation ornament trimming trim garnish garnishment garniture embellisher beautifier caparison doodad garnishing edging setoff finery gilding gingerbread ostentation frippery flashiness gewgaw fandangle gimcrack foppery fanciness folderol frilliness accompaniment chichi excess fallalery gimmick jazziness lace bells and whistles icing on the cake cherry on top fringe beautification border festoon flounce edge hem frills enhancement accessory rickrack furbelow enrichment embroidery valance accessories trimmings piping drapery board trappings purfling jazz pelmet elaboration bauble trinket supplement knick-knack complement doodah thing dingbat ruffle falderal tinsel braid fuss prettification bedecking festooning flourish design extra improvement purl tassel tassels purfle adorn covering floss ornateness finishing touch enrichments enhancements fringes passementerie frou-frou bibelot falbalas fimbriations passement fringing tchotchke doobry dingle-dangle whatnot objet designing illumination beautifying bedizenment redecorating extras showiness pretentiousness handbag flower kickshaw tsatske bijou whim-wham accompaniments tawdriness fussiness gaudiness luxury jewel honour treasure pride varnishing decorating Christmas decoration shoes hat gloves belt jewelry jewellery figurine art leading light pattern honor knickknack embellishing emblazoning glitz glitziness meretriciousness trumpery piece of bric-a-brac froufrou floridity aggrandizement aggrandisement enlargement fashion detail paraphernalia ornaments objet d'art frou frou knick knack addition spangle appurtenances accoutrements adjunct appendage companion accouterments trapping extension scroll arabesque appurtenance attribute augmentation attachment auxiliary cartouche curlicue appliqué side dish filigree garland beading carving garbage color colour parquetry fretwork tooling feature extravagance plaque sequin inlay gewgaws gimcracks gilt

Trái nghĩa của chi chi

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